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HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool

This week on HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool. HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool There are tens of thousands of homeschooling highschool in the US today. Many of them are just starting the homeschool adventure at grade 9. We get lots of questions from those parents who are […]

Worried About Gaps in Your Homeschool Education?

Hey homeschoolers! I’m happy to be with you this week, talking about a topic that causes many of us anxiety: gaps in our children’s education. We worry that if we fail to teach them something, they will struggle in college, work, or even if they later return to a traditional school. Read the blog post […]

Feel Better 4 Life

Feel Better 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Nate Kievman Podcast #217 Are you tired of feeling tired and sick? Do supplements work? It is time to feel better and I want to introduce you to 4 Life. It is hard to believe that about four years ago I was often so sick […]

Cut the Stress and Mess Out of Your Life this Homeschool Year

Do you consistently find yourself failing in the area of time management? Lindsey has tried every planner and planning method out there to no avail for keeping track of her homeschool and staying on top of all the housework. She needs the accountability but simultaneously craves flexibility for her everchanging schedule. Join Lindsey as she […]

Schooling Out of the Box with Holly Giles

What happens when life throws you a curve ball and you suspect that you need to throw out your entire school plan? Holly Giles knows what happens, you throw the plan out the window.  If you have ever considered schooling out of the box, you will not want to miss this episode. Holly shares openly […]

Changes in Homeschooling

This episode is an excerpt from a homeschool leaders retreat held in Indiana. Carol Topp discusses the changes she sees in homeschooling. The lines between homeschool groups and small micro schools is blurring. And more people are homeschooling but for different reasons than in the past. How will your group face these changes?   Visit […]

Answered Prayer – A Mother’s Answer For Her Struggling Child

Have you ever felt like there was a glass ceiling above your head and prayers just weren’t being heard?  Have you ever experienced God’s divine intervention where you just knew it was Him and there were results to prove it?  Come, listen, and be inspired by a God that moves mountains for moms. On this […]

Color and Sound Homeopathic Remedies

In this podcast episode, Sue answers a listener’s question about the color and sound kit that she has available in her store.  This is a very popular little kit for the serious Alternative Medicine Buff. Each remedy represents one of the Colors from the Rainbow Spectrum or Sounds from the Note Scale.  Sue personally loves […]

REPLAY: How to Speak Your Child’s Learning Style

  REPLAY:  How to Speak to Your Child’s Learning Style! For the next few weeks, Mr. D is replaying some of his earlier podcasts for new listeners.  Here is Podcast #4 — Enjoy! Discover what kind of learner your child is and how to interact with them based on their unique learning style. Knowing what […]

HSHSP Ep 72: Newbie Homeschool Highschool Moms: Nuts and Bolts to Get Started

This week on HSHSP Ep 72: Newbie Homeschool Highschool Moms: Nuts and Bolts to Get Started.   HSHSP Ep 72: Newbie Homeschool Highschool Moms: Nuts and Bolts to Get Started In Episode 71, Sabrina, Vicki and Kym discussed the many things newbie moms will need to think about as they start to homeschool highschool with their […]

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