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5 Warnings Against Frugal Homeschooling

Frugal homeschool can be dangerous to your child’s education! My guest, Cindy West of Our Journey Westward blog and Shining Dawn books warns homeschool parents against using too many free materials in homeschooling. What could be wrong with using free materials? Listen to the podcast for Cindy’s insights. Cindy’s blog post Homeschooling Frugally: A Cautionary […]


74- Encouraging Your Child’s Great Idea

Let’s Talk about Encouraging Your Child with Felice Gerwitz Encouraging Your Child – it begins with positive words and a surprise element … Let me ask, does your child become excited when talking about an invention or figuring out how to repair a tool for the first time? What about the child who wants to take everything […]

Top 10 Lessons From TV Dads

Top 10 Lessons From TV Dads, Part 1 – HIRL Episode 44

Top 10 lessons from TV dads? What could we possibly learn from a bunch of characters on television? Join Fletch as he takes a trip into television history and shares his top 10 lessons he has learned from the TV dads he was raised with. This episode was recorded straight from the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in […]


America’s Christian Foundations & Current Events

Let’s Talk about – America’s Christian Foundations & Current Events We discuss many topics in this episode – and will hit upon America’s Christian Foundations – what do you think? Is America’s Christian Foundations evident? Did the freedom from religious persecution help form our constitution? Here are the topics we discussed as well as a […]


Educate – FREEDOM Tools part 2 – FAH episode 15

In the previous episode, we began talking about my FREEDOM toolbox–7 tools for making the most of our time so that we can live balanced, peaceful lives. These are the tools: Focus Reflect Educate Eliminate Discipline Organize Multitask Today we’ll look at the third tool: Educate. It’s easy for homeschooling moms to get so caught […]


FW Radio – Surprise! Economics is Fun!

Meet real teens who are taking economics this year. Worried about the work load, these students were pleasantly surprised at how much fun hard work can be. Studying economics has changed the way they live and their plans for the future. Listen to these teens tell their stories about making budgets, playing the stock market game, […]

Informer Podcast WPG

the Informer – with Rebecca Keliher, the Well Planned Gal

On this episode of the Informer podcast, host Tara Bentley interviews Rebecca Keliher, homeschool mom, creator of The Well Planned Day, and founder of Home Educating Family Association {HEDUA}. Rebecca shares her testimony, her personal homeschooling journey, information on her daughter’s new publication for young women called Dear Magazine, and she shares about how The Well Planned […]

MBFLP – Teaching A Christian World View

Are you satisfied with a Christianity that stays safe and unthreatening in its Sunday box, or do you believe Jesus is even Lord of math and science, politics and history, philosophy and ethics too? Your framework and lens for understanding things around you forms the basis of your worldview, and it’s important not only to […]


73 – Five Great Homeschooling Ideas

Let’s Talk about Five Great Homeschooling Ideas! with your host Felice Gerwitz After homeschooling for many years there are some things that work great – and others, well…not so great. I know that many of you have great ideas as well! Hope you will share it with all of us as well! These are five great homeschool […]


I Love Homeschooling, But I Hate Homeschool Conventions – HIRL Episode 43

What comes to mind when you think of homeschool conventions? Most people either love them or hate them! In the span of a few days at a homeschooling convention, you can easily get overwhelmed by the huge vender halls and rows upon rows of curriculum choices. The workshops span topics all over the homeschooling spectrum, not to […]