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Why Travel

Why Travel Podcast #43 In this episode, Suzanne will talk about some of the reasons travel is important. Both for you and your children. Traveling is a great addition to your homeschool program. Please join us as we travel along this journey on our podcast adventure. Let’s get connected! Learn more about the Florida Parent […]

HSHSP Ep 98: Assigning Grades for Homeschool Highschool Transcripts

This week on HSHSP Ep 98: Assigning Grades for Homeschool Highschool Transcripts. HSHSP Ep 98: Assigning Grades for Homeschool Highschool Transcripts Many of us homeschooling moms never assigned grades in elementary or middle school. We wanted our kids to learn to love education and not be pressured by grades. But in homeschool highschool, we need […]

Interest-Led Learning: Homeschooling, The First Year

Hey, homeschoolers! I want to thank AFFIRM Films and Sony Pictures Animation for their sponsorship of this podcast. The Star is now available on Blue-ray, DVD and Digital – this is a great movie for the entire family. For this episode I got to catch up with our new homeschoolers. What was intended to be […]

Roadschool: No RV Needed!

The Roadschool Moms team hits the ground running in episode #166. Roadschooling with no RV needed? You bet! Mary Beth begins the broadcast with news that after 165 hours of Roadschool Mom fun & fellowship, KT is stepping away from the podcast. Kimberly and her family are being led on a new adventure in full-time […]

A Hero For All Times

In “A Hero For All Times?” Episode #059, Meredith Curtis introduces you to a brave war hero, gallant gentleman, devout Christian, and enthusiastic farmer. George Washington is a hero for all times with his unwavering faith, kindness, and humility. God spared his life so he could be at the helm in the early days of […]

Talking With Kids About Tragedy – Special Replay

Tragedy. In terms of media and social media, tragedy has become a staple of our daily diet. The world seems to be going crazy and the news is full of stories that are difficult for kids to process and understand. How do we talk to our children about race issues, murder, terrorism, and other tragic current events?  […]

Capturing Your Child’s Heart

Capturing Your Child’s Heart Episode 255 Capturing your child’s heart a life-long relationship is forged. Do you realize that most of the time a little child does something for you out of love? What happens to that love as the child grows, and why do children often grow up and become distant an sullen? In […]

Showing LOVE after Valentine’s Day is OVER!

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for me as a mom. I so enjoy getting up early to write my kids love notes, set the table with candles and red, sparkly runners and cook a special breakfast. I want my children to know on this day that they are loved! Once Valentine’s Day was over, […]

Special Replay: Any tax breaks for homeschoolers?

  Are there any tax breaks for homeschoolers? Carol Topp, CPA answered this question originally back in 2014, but the answer is still the same-even with the new tax laws passed in 2017. Additionally, Carol gives some details on college expenses that are tax deductible and tax advantaged college savings plans. In the podcast Carol […]

HSHSP Ep 97: Having Hard Conversations with Your Homeschool Teen

This week on HSHSP Ep 97: Having Hard Conversations with Your Homeschool Teen. HSHSP Ep 97: Having Hard Conversations with Your Homeschool Teen Teens these days hear about things that many of us moms never even knew existed when we were teens. There are so many tough topics out there. It’s hard having hard conversations […]

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