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What do you give an author for Christmas? Dollars and Sense Show #32

Do you have a writer or budding author on your Christmas list? Carol Topp, host of the Dollars and Sense Show podcast has some gift ideas for the writer on your shopping list. Books for Writers: Business Tips and Taxes for Writers by yours truly, Carol Topp, CPA Writing and Publishing by Felice Gerwitz APE: […]

Politics Athesists and Christmas

Politics, Atheists and Christmas

Never miss another episode of Current Issues & the Constitution.  Follow us on iTunes or RSS feed, right here! Listen to this podcast and here is additional show notes for you on the topic of Politics, Atheists and Christmas – by Professor Woody Wilson and Moderator: Felice Gerwitz Show Notes: Politics, Athesists and Christmas – […]

MBFLP – Talking To Your Kids About Sex

It’s a difficult thing for most parents – gathering the courage to have “The Talk” with our children. Why can’t we just wait until they’re more grown up? Can’t we shield them from the sexualized culture so they can stay innocent until they’re adults? How in the world do we even start the conversation? This […]


Tricia Goyer – Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s Night Out with Special Guest, Tricia Goyer. Felice Gerwitz is your host as she interviews Tricia Goyer, a mom of six, married for 25 years and an author of the novelization of the movie “Mom’s Night Out.” Tricia shares how she juggles a busy schedule as well as how she prays before big projects. […]

Holiday Parties with Kids

Parties with Kids

Tips To Enjoy the Holiday No Matter Your Child’s Age Planning or attending parties can be difficult enough, however planning parties for kids — little kids, can be unnerving for some. Well, not for Felice who has had over thirty-five years of hosting parties with little ones underfoot! Her inspiration was her mother, who always […]

MBFLP Meet a Young Author

MBFLP – Hope Auer Interview

This episode our guest is Hope Auer. She’s the author of the award-winning novel A Cry From Egypt which she began when she was just a 13-year-old homeschool student. Now in her early twenties, Hope has already won Book of the Year for her first novel, which has been selected as part of three curriculum […]


I Love Homeschooling But I Am Totally Disorganized – HIRL Episode 32

So you love the idea of homeschooling, but you are totally disorganized? Is this a deal killer? Should you pack up your kids and send them off to the local school house where they will be kept on track by rigid teaching plans that maintain scope and sequence? It’s time for us all to get […]


Communication in Marriage

Brook and Israel Wayne of Family Renewal discuss how to move beyond conflict to healthy communication in your marriage. www.FamilyRenewal.org

tissue salts and benefits part one

Tissue Salts for Healthy Living

Podcast number 5 and Tissue Salts for Healthy Living – Part One with Sue Meyer What are tissue salts? How are they important? How can tissue salts be a benefit to your body and your overall well being? Tune into part one of this episode with Sue Meyer as she explains the wonderful health benefits. Sue […]


Living in Faith Everyday

Living in Faith Everyday – L.I.F.E. I really value my privacy. I know silly, right? Especially from the person who hosts not one, but three podcasts on this network. My family life is important to me. It is where I spend the majority of my time. I don’t keep details about my kids, every nuance […]

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