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Happy Fourth Birthday

Happy Fourth Birthday to The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network with Felice Gerwitz Happy fourth birthday to the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network! As we are celebrating we have a fun week of activities planned for our listeners. Who are the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network podcasters? They are homeschool parents, just like you – some are still […]

Best of Homeschooling IRL: I Love Homeschooling, But I Hate Teaching Writing

This week on the Best of Homeschooling IRL:  Do you struggle with teaching writing to your homeschool kids? This is the episode for you. As homeschool parents, some of us were not given great tools for writing in our own education, so when it comes to teaching the subject, we already feel ill-prepared. Others of […]

Raising Tiny Entrepreneurs

Want to incorporate training in life skills, business acumen, character, and people skills into your homeschool curriculum? Listen in as Richele and Lindsey talk about how the prospect of starting a small family business can create new and exciting learning opportunities for everyone. Free Tiny Entrepreneurs Guide to Getting Started: Free Tiny Entrepreneurs: Build […]

15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions

15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions & Alternatives Episode 226 When I started to look at my favorite recipes I was shocked to see that most of them contained “bad-for-you” items.  I found 15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions after I began looking and testing alternative substitutes. I had two goals and one was health and the second is that […]

Family Personality Snapshot Reveals All

Ashley Logsdon takes a closer look at what a family snapshot really looks like on Episode #146 of Roadschool Moms.. The replay is recorded live by the Roadschool Moms team from the road. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families,  broadcasts from her location in Las Vegas, NV. Across the country, Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip […]

Bringing out the Master Chef in Your Child – with Samantha Barnes of Raddish

I remember walking by this super cute booth at a homeschool conference and wondering what in the world they were selling. At first glance I noticed measuring cups, colorful picture cards and other cooking utensils. I decided to stop and take a closer look and quickly began chatting with the exhibitor at the booth. The […]

Preschool Essentials

What is it that preschoolers really need to experience to help their brains work at peak capacity when they start formal schooling?  That question has puzzled professionals in the educational field for years.  From a neurodevelopmental perspective, preschool preparation has nothing much to do with books you find at teacher supply stores, Sam’s or Cosco […]

We changed leaders: Who do we notify?

Carol Topp, the homeschool CPA explains what government agencies you need to notify when you change your address or change leaders. She explains the forms and organizations you need to notify.                               FEATURED PRODUCT from HomeschoolCPA:       Homeschool Organization Board […]

Life Interrupted? Get Back on Track!

Life Interrupted? Get Back on Track! Podcast #35 Has your life been interrupted? Things not going as planned? No worries! We are here to help. Join  Florida Parent Educators Association’s (FPEA) Chairwoman, Suzanne Nunn for ways to get back on track. Tips and advice on planning your year to avoid getting off track, or how […]

FAFSA 12 Best kept secrets

FAFSA – 12 Best Kept Secrets Application Tips with Jean Burk Episode 62 Here are the FAFSA 12 Best Kept Secrets. Did you know that 80-90% of families make mistakes on the FAFSA that cost them tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money? This information is timely before October 1 – so please listen […]

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