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Normal Family

What is a normal family? Is your family normal in an abnormal world? Join Meredith and Felice as they share the NEW normal is not the OLD normal.

MBFLP - Celebrating the Fourth When You are Worried

MBFLP – Celebrating The Fourth When You’re Worried About The Country

It’s been a dramatic – and troubling – week in the news. with controversies flowing from the very center of our governmental processes. We are seeing Christians in dismay, worried that our freedoms are under attack from the very people we expect to secure them. Yet there are reasons to hope, and yes, reasons to […]


FW Radio – Families Can Finish Well

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what has gone before. If you had a great start, keep it up! If you had a rough one, remember the Lord can do a new thing! It is never too late for families to finish well. Teens are part of families. Their own families and families in […]

Writing Great Fiction

Writing Great Fiction

This week – with Felice Gerwitz  Let’s Talk About Writing Great Fiction! Recorded. Join me as I share a presentation at a homeschool conference – in real life! This seminar is about writing great fiction. Do you know the difference between a good fiction and a GREAT fiction? Do you know the elements necessary to hold a story […]

Free homeschool podcast discussing how to launch your high schooler into life.

Launching Your High Schooler Into Life – HIRL Episode 57

Back in Episode 25, we talked about launching your kid into college. During that discussion, we explained how we have chosen to launch our kids during their senior year of high school, which allows them the freedom to begin making life decisions before they even leave our home. One of our listeners wrote in and asked if […]


Mini-Vacations & Day Trips

 Mini-Vacations and Day Trips What is the most fun you can have in a summer? Anything that makes a memory! Family vacations, short day-trips and other activities that cost little or no money are the most fun when we are with our families and those we love.   Show Notes – Mini Vacations and Day Trips […]

Free homeschool podcast discussing the quiet fight between women with Angie Tolpin.

The Quiet Fight Between Women – HIRL Episode 56

There is a quiet fight going on under the surface in homeschooling for a long time. “Let’s face it. The quiet fight between women in homeschooling often comes down to pride.” – Angie Tolpin We dive back into familiar waters on this episode and tackle the issue of competition and pride that we see generally among […]


SAT Myths! Episode 11

SAT Myths Many times what people think about the SAT will surprise you – like, “The SAT is an old test, no colleges take it any more.” or “SAT is not as good as the ACT” … what do you think about the SAT? Join Jean Burk the author of College Prep Genius as she […]

Start a business this summer! Part 2 Episode 44

Summertime is a great time to start a business, especially if you’re a teenager. Host, Carol Topp, author of Micro Business for Teens, is joined by Rachel Coker, a teenager who has 4 micro businesses of her own. They discuss how to get started and pitfalls to avoid. This is Part 2 of a two-part […]

Health Insurance Show Button

Health Care on the Road

Recently on Roadschool Moms Radio, we tackled the subject of Health Insurance on the Road. If you are living in an RV or some other fashion on the road, health insurance is a common challenge in one form or another. With the recent changes in the health insurance laws, Affordable Care Act (ACA), the tangled […]

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