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what I wish I had known before I began homeschooling

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Began Homeschooling

Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz have years of homeschool experience and in this podcast they share some of the things they wish someone had told them when they started their homeschool journey. Today’s Topic: What I Wish I Had Known Before I Began Homeschooling Listen in as they share some much needed information. Meredith Curtis co-hosts the […]

MBFLP - Homeschooling as Discipleship

MBFLP – Homeschooling As Discipleship

Homeschoolers think about academic excellence a great deal – it’s one of the most common reasons people undertake home education at all! But are we losing a Biblical balance when we make schoolwork our focus? What if Scripture gave a different priority for our educational efforts? This episode we open up the concept of homeschooling […]

Informer Podcast RFRA

The Informer – What is the RFRA?

You’ve seen the all media hype. In March of 2015, Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), joining 31 other states in offering religious freedom protections. It’s a complicated subject and it can be very difficult to sort through all the noise. But one thing is clear, Indiana families involved in homeschool leadership need […]

MBFLP – Teaching Writing with David Vogel

The written word gives us to power to reach across distances and even through time, to hear from writers long departed and to speak to unborn generations! Yet writing well is a skill that many of us struggle to learn, or give up as something for professionals and teachers. Say it isn’t so! This episode, […]


Homeschooling After Public School

Let’s Talk About – Homeschooling After Public School Transitioning to Homeschool  Show Notes: 1. A little about yourself and why (briefly) you decided to bring your child home for school. 2. Biggest obstacle that you overcame. 3. Getting kids to quit comparing you to their teacher – how do you deal with this? 4. Family […]

Free homeschool podcast about homeschooling with special needs children.

Homeschooling With Special Needs – HIRL Episode 49

Homeschooling your special needs child can be tricky and challenging. It can also be one of the biggest hidden blessings in your family. Are you homeschooling a child who has special needs? Guess what? So are Fletch and Kendra. Join us on they episode as we get on the phone with Wendy Hilton of Hip Homeschool […]

Woman looking confused at her laptop

Finding the Resources you need on the Road

Do you get frustrated by finding quality service and sales resources while you’re on the road? Life on the road can be a bit exhausting and dealing with the same everyday challenges of our Sticks and Bricks counterparts can be complicated when you’re always in a new area. How can you find reputable resources when […]


Can Changing Your Perspective Really Change Your Life?

Are you in a funk?  Feeling low?  Need a pick me up?  Looking externally for your happiness?  Then click play now on this “must listen” episode of Roadschool Moms. Cindy Nolte, best selling author and talk show host on Fresh Look on Life, joins Mary Beth and Kimberly with insightful advice on how to make […]

Woman with open sign

Can you be both a Homeschool Mom and a Small Business Owner?

In this episode, Homeschool Moms and Business Owners, Kimberly Travaglino (of Fulltime Families) and Mary Beth Goff (The Road Trip Teacher) chat with Carol Parks to talk about the ins, outs and pitfalls of business ownership for homeschooling / roadschooling moms. Carol is the proud founder and CEO of ForHomeschoolMomsOnly.com, the leading newsletter and website […]


Perfectly Incorrect – Common Core

Author Spotlight – Perfectly Incorrect – Common Core Author – Terry Marselle When teacher Terry Marselle realized that Common Core could ruin his profession and the children he is teaching it was time to take action. In this telling book Terry explains the problems with common core from an educators perspective. He is the author […]

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