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Dealing with Nay Sayers and Negative Nellies

If you have ever dared to dream and shared it with someone, chances are GREAT that you’ve needed to deal with Nay Sayers and Negative Nellies. This mini show is a must listen to, no matter what dream you’re embarking on.  Don’t let naysayers steal your courage.  Click play and be armed with the Top […]

MBFLP - Planning For The New School Year

MBFLP – Planning For The New School Year

  The new school year is coming … do you have your plans together yet? Or do you shudder at the thought? This episode, we talk about the need to have a plan, but not to obsess over it. You’ll find this episode both challenging and encouraging as Melanie explains her calm, positive approach to […]

College Sports

My Kid Wants to Play College Sports

Let’s Talk About….Sports! My Kid Wants to Play College Sports! So, your kid wants to play college sports – wow, now what? Did you know there are great opportunities out there to be recognized? I didn’t and so I went about it the hard way. I learned that the people who I thought would be the most […]

Free podcast about organizing your homeschool.

Organizing Your Homeschool – HIRL Episode 61

As we head into another homeschool year, it is so easy for many of us to get behind before we even get started. If we are not careful, we can get buried in the details and never get our heads above water. On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, we dive into the discussion about organizing your homeschool. You know that […]

skin and good health

Skin and Good Health Part One

Let’s Talk About Skin & Good Health What role does our skin plays in good health? Did you realize the two are tied closely together? Sue Meyer shares some of her own little stories and explains some of the dos and don’ts when rash or injury occurs.                   […]

my kids play sports

Help My Kid Wants To Play Sports!

Let’s Talk About….Playing Sports… Help My Kid Wants to Play Sports So, your kid wants to play sports — no problem right? You sign them up at the local Little League field and they play. End of story. Well… that is just the beginning of the story. I went from a reluctant sports mom to […]

Free podcast dealing with the issue of depression and homeschooling moms

Depression and the Homeschooling Mom – HIRL Episode 60

As homeschooling moms, some subjects are very difficult to talk about, especially if we are feeling pressure to put on a facade that our lives are polished and life at home is picture-perfect. Struggling with depression in the homeschooling community can very quickly lead to shame and loneliness. Let’s face it folks, the pressure to have everything all […]

psat testing myths

PSAT Test Myths – Episode 12

Test Taking Myths – Episode 12 PSAT Test Myths: PSAT The Life Changing Test Taking the PSAT is optional right? Not if you want free college! I know, you don’t think you are smart, or maybe you’ve been told that YOU as a parent didn’t receive the National Merit Scholarship – so don’t waste your […]


How to Teach Teenagers and Recent Grads About Money. Episode 46

In episode 46 of the Dollars and Sense Show, host Carol Topp continues her presentation on how to teach kids about managing money. She explains the important lessons to teach high school students and young adults. This is part 2 of a two-part presentation. Listen to Part 1 . This Handout lists helpful resources for […]

delightful planning

Delightful Planning

Delightful Planning with special guest Marcy Crabtree Delightful Planning For the Young and Young At Heart! Dorothy Parker said, “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There’s no cure for curiosity.” Marcy Crabtree believes that the key to successful homeschooling begins with using the curiosity of a child as the jumping off point, preventing boredom and encouraging a […]

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