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Why You May Not Need to Do More

Are you a homeschool mom stressed and struggling because you think you have to do more?  I hope to put your mind at ease today. So You’re Not Wonder Woman Teaching Tip of the Week AllinOneHomeschool.com The Organized Homeschool Challenge of the Week The Christmas Shopping Challenge Links Why I’m No Homeschool Superstar Periscope Viewer’s Tips @JaneGirl  manyhandsmom.wordpress.com […]

MBFLP 106 – Teaching Gratefulness

This Thanksgiving-week episode looks at the mandate to be grateful – it’s an expectation and a command in the Bible to be thankful people, people who aren’t marked by discontentment, grumbling, and strife. We’ve probably read and memorized lots of verses about that … but how can we teach it to our family? How can […]

Stress-Free Holidays With Children

Let’s Talk About Stress-Free Holidays with Children ~ Felice Gerwitz What do you do when you have a party planned that you are hosting or attending and you have children? Felice shares some tried and true ways to have fun during the holidays, at parties and with your kids. Show notes: Be prepared Help your […]

Devotions For The Real Family – HIRL Episode 78

We are talking about Family Devotions for the Real Family on this podcast. You know REAL family devotions. The families with the toddler hijacking the deep discussion, and the teens are daydreaming, and mom is falling asleep because it’s been a long, long homeschooling day. Can you relate to family worship that looks like this? Family worship […]

Count Your Blessings

How do you count your blessings? Speaking and exhibiting at conventions is very hard work. I’ve done this since 1994 and after taking a few years off to regroup, and follow the Lord’s leading in starting this podcast network, I’m back! I attended the FPEA conference in Orlando this past weekend and was blessed beyond […]

Are Smart Phones Good For Your Kids

Let’s Talk to Jean Burke — Are Smart Phones Good For Your Kids Podcast #21 Do Smart Phones Dumb our Kids Down? Jean Burke shares the surprising statistics of smart phone use and our kids. Not only are smart phones not good for your kids, but continued use can cause a host of problems. Jean Burke […]

More of Starting a Micro Business. Episode #55

There’s lots to learn about starting a running a micro business, so join author and accountant Carol Topp in this podcast. She shares information on creating a mini business plan and pitfalls to avoid to help you launch successfully. Carol also took time to answer questions from the audience on taxes. Learn more about starting […]

Why Should We Read? 12 Benefits of Reading – FAH 23

Why should we read? You probably already know some of the benefits, such as education and entertainment, but there are many more. This is part 1 of a series on why, what, how, and when to read and why and how to build a home library. Why am I doing a series about reading on […]

Homeschool Motivation When You Need It

Today’s show  is Homeschool Motivation on Demand. Save it to your phone for those rough days!   Be sure to subscribe on iTunes. Want the full transcript? Get it HERE.   Be sure to get your FREE Funny Winter Writing Prompts. Teaching Tip of the Week A Gracious Space by Julie Bogart Periscope handle: @BraveWriter  Links Chalene Johnson’s […]

Roadschool Moms Instant Pot Thanksgiving

If you love the Instant Pot, then don’t wait another minute to click play on this show!  Laura Pazzaglia of Hip Pressure Cooking joins Kimberly and Mary Beth in this special episode.  Tips for maximizing your Instant Pot abound and Laura also shares her 3 zone cooking advice! This show comes with it’s own free […]

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