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How the IRS Sees Homeschool Co-ops Episode #42

Who’s afraid of the IRS? You? In this episode of the Dollars and Sense Show, host Carol Topp continues her discussion how the IRS sees homeschool organizations and homeschool co-ops in particular. Listen to the first part of this presentation where Carol discussed homeschool support groups and IRS 501(c)(7) tax exempt status as a Social […]


Organization – FREEDOM Tools part 5 – FAH episode 18

How do you respond to the word organization? Does it make you cringe? Do you feel guilty because you’re hopelessly disorganized and wish you could be more organized? Does it make you smile, with a happy sigh that all’s right with the world? Do you think a certain amount of clutter is a sign of a […]

knowledge is power 2

Knowledge to College Admissions Part Two : Episode 9

College Prep Genius – Knowledge to College Admissions –  Part Two with Moderator Felice Gerwitz and Show Host – Jean Burke A new format! Felice moderates this session with international speaker, Jean Burke the author of the award winning program College Prep Genius. In this episode the keys to exploring the right study resources as well as additional […]

Gifts Graduates Really Want

Best Graduation Gifts

Let’s Talk About The Best Graduation Gifts that Teens Really Want! With five children and a group of friends with many children I’ve participated in my fair share of graduation celebrations in recent years. However, it was after really thinking about my own graduation and those of my children that I realized what children really desire […]

Free homeschool podcast celebrating 50 Episodes of Homeschooling In Real Life

Celebrating 50 Episodes – HIRL Episode 51

Whether it’s burnout or lack of content, the average “brand new” podcast will not survive beyond 7 episodes. At Homeschooling In Real Life, we are NOT average. That is why we are celebrating the past 50 episodes of our podcast with you! You have to join us for this fast paced run down memory lane. […]

build your bundle, build your own bundle sale, build your bundle

Ways To Save Money On Homeschool Curriculum

While most children are hustling to finish their school year, many homeschool families are already done. Not me, mind you — but many of the people I know, like my own daughter, who is a homeschool mom. Want coupon codes now? – They are here. One of the reasons for the early year-end is because many moms […]

political climate, current political issues, what homeschoolers should know about politics

Political Climate – Episode 41

  Let’s Discuss the Political Climate & Current Issues Are people really disillusioned by the current state of politics, not matter the party? I believe they are and in this broadcast you’ll learn what to do about it as well as how to listen to the candidates declaring political aspirations with an open and educated […]


Let It Go

Let’s Talk … Let it Go! Joanne Calderwood! Let it go is the refraining theme of Joanne’s life as she has experienced the ups and downs of devastating life experiences — and now shares her triumphs, and what the Lord continues to teach! From a married homeschool mom to now, a single mom of eight, […]

IAHE F.A.Q.s for New Homeschool Families – Part Two

New homeschool parents are full of questions! We’re back for a second episode featuring some of the IAHE’s most Frequently Asked Questions. Special Guest Stacy Hanaway is a homeschool mom and IAHE volunteer. Stacy is part of a volunteer team of moms across the state of Indiana that answer phone calls to help new parents find […]

Helping Siblings Love Each Other

MBFLP – Helping Siblings Love Each Other

Is sibling rivalry an issue at your house? The Bible often speaks of love among brothers – it’s used as an example of how we should get along in the church, for instance. Yet that image doesn’t have much meaning if our relationship with our earthly brothers is marked by anger, resentment, and hurt feelings, […]

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