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Exercise Equals Weight Loss

Let’s Talk About Exercise Equals Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz – Podcast #181 The question? Does exercise equal weight loss? Well, there is good news and there is bad news. Let’s start with the good. How good exercise if for you? Exercise has tremendous health both physical and mental health Benefits. Visit our special sponsor […]

4 Things that Steal Your Joy in Homeschooling

Things that Steal Your Joy in Homeschooling, Episode 2 Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Let’s talk about four things that threaten to steal your joy in homeschooling. Lindsey and Richele will share how overscheduling ourselves, comparing our homeschools, a lack of discipline in our homes, and ridiculous expectations can lead to dissatisfaction and stomp […]

Meet The Real Kathy Lee

Meet The Real Kathy Lee – a special interview of Kathy Lee with Ashley Smoot Episode #1 On this episode, you get to learn all about me through an interview with my dear friend Ashley (lovingly referred to as ASH A LEE from here on out). We talk about my background as a Child Development […]

A Day at the Capitol with FPEA

A Day at the Capitol with FPEA Podcast #21 In this episode,  Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) Chairwoman, Suzanne Nunn discussed FPEA’s Day at the Capitol and looks at learning about government and getting involved.   Also, MEMBERS – Download your free Day at the Capitol Unit Study Bundle HERE Please join us as we […]

Making Math Easier

Making Math Easier with Dr. Jan Bedell  Podcast #18 Be sure to download the handout below As homeschoolers we tend to teach the way we were taught or at the very least we are influenced by how we experienced school ourselves.  In this episode, Jan Bedell, the Little Giant Steps Brain Coach, challenges the standard […]

Step 2 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner

Podcast #18 Get ready for Step 2 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner.  If you missed Step 1 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner, check out Podcast #3 on the Mr. D Math and More Channel.  What do we want most for our children to get out of their education?  The answer is we want them to […]

What Homeschool Leaders Don’t Know About NonProfit Status

What Homeschool Leaders Don’t Know About NonProfit Status Carol Topp, CPA, the HomeschoolCPA will share tips on important issues that homeschool leaders may not know about. This episode will focus on helping homeschool leaders understand nonprofit status for their groups. What does it take to be a nonprofit? Only two things! Did you know that […]

HSHSP Ep 47: Using Movies as Curriculum

HSHSP Ep 47: Using Movies as Curriculum Is it a requirement that highschool curriculum be boring? That’s what some teens feel. How about adding a little inspirational fun to your homeschool highschool curriculum? Join Sabrina for an interview with her homeschool-graduate son, Sam. Sam studied filmmaking in college (and highschool). They have a lively conversation about […]

Homeschooling and Adoption – HIRL Episode 139

Since the very beginning of the Homeschooling in Real Life podcast, our listeners have been requesting that we do an episode on homeschooling and adoption. Why did it take us so long? Because just the right person to address the topic came along and we feel we couldn’t have given you anyone better! Guest Tricia […]

How to Help Your Child with Low Frustration Tolerance

If your child is easily frustrated and you’re frustrated in knowing how to handle it, this episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show will be of help. I’ll share six tips for teaching frustration management. Want to read this article in a blog post? READ HERE or SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES or ON STITCHER LINKS Get your […]

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