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Preparing Your Teens for More – MBFLP 205

“You think this is hard – just wait till they’re teenagers!” the stranger told Melanie as she pushed our four young children through the Atlanta zoo. But that’s a cultural expectation, not a foregone conclusion. Why can’t the teen years be productive years of growth, maturity, and deeper fellowship between parent and son or daughter? […]

1,001 Homeschool Days at the Beach

In “Homeschool at the Beach,” Episode #067, Meredith Curtis & Laura Nolette take you back in time to 1,001 homeschooling days spent at the beach and share what they explored and discovered about sand, ocean, marine life, tide pools, crabs, shells, tides, sunburns, swimming, and water safety.  So, next time, you decide to homeschool at […]

Summertime Favorites – Girls, Again

Summertime Favorites – this month replaying some of Homeschooling IRL’s best episodes for the summer! Enjoy! —-This is not the first time we have tackled the topic of girls on the podcast. On Episode 10, we talked about many of the common pitfalls we have observed in homeschool families raising daughters. From restrictive environments to preventing […]

Homeopathy for X-Rays (and Exposure to Radiation)

In this episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer ND CCH shares about the homeopathic remedy X-Ray.  The remedy X-Ray was proven back in the 1800’s and is very good to use when exposed to lower forms of radiation. Some symptoms from the homeopathic proving included: Lesions Disorganized blood diseases loss of physical and mental […]

Summertime Healthy Snacks

Top Summertime Healthy Snacks Episode 281 Summertime Healthy snacks do not have to taste like cardboard or break the bank. In this episode, of Vintage Homeschool Moms, I will share some yummy snacks with you that are crowd pleasers and even the kids will love them–promise! Thanks to our sponsor…The Well Planned Gal and her amazing […]

Thoughts from the Road – Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, I wanted to take time to celebrate the men that make such a difference in our children’s lives. Since we are at the GHC conference in California, I decided to walk around and chat with some of the men that are here and get their thoughts on Fatherhood. You are going […]

Summertime Favorites – Boys, Again

Back in Episode 9, we sat down with our friends and fellow podcasters, Hal and Melanie Young from Making Biblical Family Life Practical, to discuss the topic of boys. We talked about how these rambunctious little piles of energy can completely undo the unprepared homeschool mom. From peeing on the carpet to falling from the […]

Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared for Severe Weather in the RV

Severe weather in the RV can be scary! Don’t be scared, be prepared! The Roadschool Moms discuss in depth, more than 20 precautions to take during severe weather seasons in Episode #181 of Roadschool Moms Radio.  The replay is a live recording by the Roadschool Moms team from the back porch and behind the wheel. […]

No Parental Involvement. Is That a Good Thing?

A homeschool curriculum touted the benefit of their program to be “No parental involvement needed.” Is that a good feature or not? Listen as Carol Topp, CPA warns homeschool leaders of the trap they can fall into if they don’t include parents in their homeschool program. Visit Carol’s website here!           […]

When DAD Is The Teacher – MBFLP 204

Surveys and studies have shown that over 90% of the time, Mom is the primary teacher in a homeschooling family. But that doesn’t account for everyone, and sometimes Dad is the teacher, not Mom. How does that change the homeschooling dynamic? What is it like being a Dad at a support group meeting full of […]

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