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Launching Your Kid to College – HIRL Episode 25

Do you have a student whose dream is to head to college? How do you know if she’s ready? Have you imparted everything you wanted to teach him before he heads off to work on a degree, live on campus, and make all of his own choices? Join Fletch and Kendra on this episode as […]


Making the Sale. Tips for your Micro Business. Dollars and Sense Show #24

Show #24 Making the Sale. Tips for your Micro Business. In this podcast, Carol Topp offers tips to micro business owners on how to complete a sale with a customer.

This information is covered in more detail in Carol Topp’s book  Running a Micro Business Many sales are lost because the sales person never […]

Educando en Casa Hijos de Varios Edades

Katie les comparte sus tips, consejos y experiencias en educar en casa a varios edades. Katie tiene ahora mismo 3 hijos tomando clases y dos bebes. Escucha para saber como lo hace.

Resolving Conflict in Marriage, Part 2

Israel and Brook Wayne again tackle the difficult issue of conflict in marriage, offering thoughts when the conflict goes beyond just “a disagreement.”  Be sure to listen to Part 1.

Can Math Actually Be Fun? An interview with Life of Fred author, Stanley Schmidt.

Can Math Actually Be Fun?

Ever since we started using the Life of Fred math curriculum nine years ago, I’ve wished I could talk to the author of this creative and fun material. So when I started the Homeschool Sanity Show podcast last fall, I knew I would ask Stanley Schmidt to be a guest. I was thrilled when he […]

MBFLP - Staying Christian in College

MBFLP – Staying Christian In College

    Christian students often find themselves led to secular colleges and universities because of their desired major studies, or for financial aid, or for other reasons. If that’s where they’re going, how can they prepare for the challenges of the classroom and campus life? Where can they find Christian fellowship, encouragement and support? What […]

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Setting the Foundation for a Great Roadschool Year

In our 2nd episode of season 3, the Roadschool Moms discuss the 6 steps for laying a strong foundation for a rock solid Roadschool Year. Whether your new to roadschooling, a brand new homeschool mom with an adventurous soul, or a veteran educator, tune in for insightful information that will help you set the tone […]


Vintage HS Moms – Dual Enrollment

Let’s Talk About Dual Enrollment for Homeschoolers  with special guest Marie-Claire Moreau & your host, Felice Gerwitz What is dual enrollment? Is it something that can benefit our family? Join Felice and her special guest, Marie-Claire to learn more! About our guest: Marie-Claire Moreau is a long-time homeschooler and recognized advisor, coach, and mentor to homeschooling families across the Country. […]


Learning to Speak Life™ Podcast – Episode 8: Serving Others Through Difficult Times

Do you find it difficult to serve others when you are facing hard times? If so, we want to encourage you tonight and talk about how serving others through difficult times help prepare us for God’s blessing. We pray that the podcast will bless you and that you will be encouraged. Don’t forget to download […]

Taking a Break on August 19

Just want to let everyone know that there won’t be a new episode of the “Flourish at Home” show on August 19. I’m in the midst of helping my oldest son move to his first apartment and transfer from community college to a university for his junior year, and that has to take priority this […]

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