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Calculators – To Use or Not To Use!

Calculators – To Use or Not To Use! Podcast #5 Should you allow your child to use a calculator? If so, when? If so, why? If so, how? Mr. D will take you through the answers to each of the questions above! Discover how calculators can be used as a teaching tool and not a […]

HSHSP Ep 31: Leadership and Followership Skills

HSHSP Ep 31: Leadership and Followership Skills Every teen needs to develop the ability to lead- it will happen at times even to introverts. Every teen needs to develop the ability to follow- that happens at times even to extroverts! Being ready for both isn’t that difficult! The skills are similar for being both leadership […]

Working with Professionals as Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers frequently ask me for advice about seek professional help with testing, mental health, or medical services.  In this episode, I share six of my top tips for working with professionals as a homeschooler. [box] SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES or ON STITCHER[/box]         Show Notes Read this podcast as a blog post Melanie Wilson’s […]

What Time Is Curfew? – MBFLP 147

  Several people have asked us “What time is curfew at your house? When do you require your kids to be home? Is it different for teens and twenties?”  Our answer usually surprises them — because we really don’t have one! That doesn’t mean our kids run rampant, smashing mailboxes at 3 a.m. and hanging out in […]

Homeless Homeschooling – HIRL Episode 124

Homeless homeschoolers? Sorry for the bait and switch, but this family is anything but homeless! This is a family who decided to take the kids AND the homeschool on the road! Join us and our special guests Megan and Mike Knorpp from KnorppandSouth.com. The Knorpps are homeschooling parents of 9 and cross-country travelers extraordinaire. We discuss the logistics of […]

What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling

What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling What I wish I had known about homeschooling would fill a book! There are so many misconceptions I held and so many mistakes I made through the year – sometimes my bank account suffered, I spent so much money on the “right” curriculum or the “right” […]

New SAT – Writing and the Essay

New SAT All About The Writing Section and The Essay with Jean Burk  What are the thirteen most common grammar errors? What are the patterns and how can you find the correct answers? In this episode of College Prep Genius Podcast the New SAT writing portion and essay are discussed along with tips to ace […]

NeuroDevelopmental Approach

The Foundation of Learning – The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life with Jan Bedell  PhD, M ND What is the Neuro-Developmental Approach? To be most productive, each individual’s brain must have a good foundation. This foundation consists of a certain level of organization and the ability to receive and process as well as store information efficiently before it can […]

How Homeopathy Heals

How Homeopathy Heals with Sue Meyer   In this episode, Sue Meyer talks about how homeopathy works to heal by describing Hering’s Process of Cure.  Learn how to tell if the remedy you have chosen is working by recognizing the signs of a curing process taking place.  Sue discusses the fact that our bodies are always […]

How to Speak to Your Child’s Learning Style

  How to Speak to Your Child’s Learning Style! Podcast #4 Discover what kind of learner your child is and how to interact with them based on their unique learning style. Knowing what their style is one thing but knowing how to talk to that learning style is the key to success! Learning styles have […]

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