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HSHSP Ep 23: What’s Included in Career Exploration?

HSHSP Ep 23: What’s Included in Career Exploration? Career Exploration is a necessary life preparation course in highschool! (It may not be mandatory, but it certainly is important!) Teens don’t need to know everything about the future when they graduate homeschool highschool- but they will be off to a MUCH better start if they have […]

Keeping Your Homeschool Commitment with Julie Bogart

What gets in the way of motivation to homeschool? This is what Julie Bogart and I discuss on this episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show. You’ll want to take notes so the next time you’re dreaming of a yellow school bus, you can review them and keep your homeschool commitment. Listen on ITUNES LINKS A […]

Your Childs’ Profession of Faith – MBFLP 140

Christian parents all hope and pray for their children to trust Christ, but how do you know when they’ve really been saved? Can’t we take a little child at his word if he’s prayed “the prayer”? Is there any reason to hesitate because of the age, or situation, or just on principle? And what’s the […]

Memorization Works

Let’s Talk About Why Memorization Works with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 149 Don’t tell me – you have some preconceived ideas of what this podcast is all about – truthfully, I hated the idea of memorization and never required my children to do any memorization. But, memorization works! The first two children did plenty of hands-on […]

This is How We Roadschool

Are you curious about the curriculum we use on the road.  How we teach math, science, social studies, art, etc? Wondering how we store our records?  And what records we need to store? How we organize our Roadschool Supplies?  What we use books for and what we teach in the real world? Then click play […]

Talking Sex With Sheila Gregoire – HIRL Episode 117

DISCLAIMER: WE DEAL WITH MATURE TOPICS ON THIS EPISODE; DECIDE IF YOUR LITTLE ONES SHOULD LISTEN ALONG. In Episode 115, we answered a listener’s email and discussed sex education for parents with Barrett and Jenifer Johnson.  Your emails and comments started pouring in. We are realizing that there are many couples out there who just don’t know […]

HSHSP Ep 22: 5 Ways to Earn History Credit

HSHSP Ep 22: 5 Ways to Earn History Credit There are so many different kinds of homeschool highschoolers, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s more than one way to homeschool highschool history! History can be interesting, inspiring, meaningful and challenging when you find the right-fit history for your teen. Ready to try something new? […]

How to Get Your Joy Back

If something has has been stealing your homeschool joy, you’ll learn six steps for getting it back in this episode. Listen on ITUNES Links Psychowith6 on Instagram Psychowith6.com/save The Meal Planning Challenge Mpow Cheetah bluetooth headphones Feelin’ Good Spotify playlist homeschoolscopes.tv. Homeschooling in Real Life on depression Grammar Galaxy Have a happy homeschool week!

The Giles Frontier; A Roadschool Moms Approved Curriculum

Mary Beth and Kimberly discovered The Giles Frontier at this year’s FPEA Homeschool Convention and they are both excited to add Blaze New Trails to the Roadschool this year. Special Guest, Holly Giles, Creator and Author of this “ground breaking” K – 8 Family Guide and nature study course that includes science, literature and history, […]

Discipline Success

Let’s Talk About Discipline Success with Felice Gerwitz Do your children know what you expect? Do you have discipline success in your home? Do your children know how to answer and when to come? Having children who are obedient and follow your lead is very important, but following these seven simple steps can be very […]

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