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Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out

This podcast covers tips to starting a homeschool co-op from Carol Topp, CPA the author of Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out. Carol covers the 4 W’s and 2 Cs that leaders need to answer in launching a new co-op: What, Where, When and Who and Cost and Curriculum […]

Carol Topp

Featured Speaker, Author and Podcast Host of Dollars and Sense Show – Carol Topp When you think about the Homeschool CPA you think about Carol Topp. Carol’s story is an amazing one. As a homeschool mom she decided on a second career – becoming a Certified Public Accountant. It was the perfect fit for her, […]

Homeopathic Potency Explained

Homeopathic Potency Explained by Sue Meyer Podcast Episode #22 Sue Meyer listens to the emails she receives! In this podcast, Sue Meyer speaks again about potency of homeopathic remedies. Here you go – “Just one more time please,” homeopathic potency explained. What is an x potency, what is a c potency; what do I use when? This podcast […]

Just Say No to Interruptions, part 1 – FAH episode 21

It’s hard  to get anything done when you’re constantly being interrupted. You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? You’re desperately trying to accomplish some task, and the phone rings. The dryer buzzes. The baby cries. You hear a mysterious crash from the kitchen. The doorbell rings. Calgon can’t even take you away because […]

Homeschool High School? Yes You Can!

  Are you worried you won’t be able to homeschool high school even though you’d really like to? This episode will give you the courage you need. Teaching Tip of the Week How to Discover & Develop Your Child’s 1st 100 Hours of Talent E-Course The Organized Homeschool Challenge of the Week The Hospitality Challenge […]

MBFLP – Author Danika Cooley and Her New Luther Biography

This episode we talk with Danika Cooley, author of the Bible Roadtrip curriculum and the upcoming (November 1) biography of Martin Luther, When Lightning Struck. This historical novel aimed at young adult readers relates the story of a young man searching for peace with God, and by his courageous stand for the truth of the […]

Killing Christians

Killing Christians – What Would You Do? with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis   Felice and Meredith tackle the hard topic of the recent killing of Christians here, in American and abroad. The targeting of a specific nationality or faith is nothing new – but each time it becomes more and more horrific. As we […]

Homeschooling With Dyslexia – HIRL Episode 71

Do you think you are homeschooling a child with dyslexia? Join Fletch and Kendra as they interview Maryann Sunderland. Maryann is the author of Dyslexia 101 and an expert at the subject of homeschooling with dyslexia. She is a homeschool mom of 7 kids (and 6 of them have been diagnosed with dyslexia).  This is a great discussion […]

Andy and Kendra Fletcher HomeschoolingIRL

Birthday Celebration ~ Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Featured Show Hosts ~ Andy and Kendra Fletcher HomeschoolingIRL Please share this! We want to honor Andy and Kendra Fletcher HomeschoolingIRL & 2 Years on this network! by Felice Gerwitz ~ Founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Do you like to laugh? Do you like to find humor in […]

Hailey Woerner

Let’s Talk to Novelist & Homeschooler ~ Hailey Woerner with Felice Gerwitz “Jaded The Silent Whisperer” by Hailey Woerner Many people are authors, but it is rare to see an author in her teens. Well, today we get a chance to talk to Hailey Woerner who is currently in the 10th grade, and is fifteen years […]

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