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Informer Podcast Barnier2

The Informer Podcast with Carol Barnier

On today’s show, join our host Tara Bentley as she talks with Carol Barnier. Barnier is the author of many home education books such as Engaging Today’s Prodigal, The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles, and she is the brains behind the popular website for families with special learners, SizzleBop.com. Carol is also a […]


MBFLP – Dealing With The Prodigal Child

It’s a Christian parent’s nightmare – the child who walks away from the family and the faith they were taught. Is there anything we can do but wait and pray? Carol Barnier, author of Reaching Today’s Prodigal, was that child herself, and in this riveting interview she shares what brought her back to Christ and […]


How Do I Make Homeschooling Fun? – HIRL Episode 36

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! We love to surprise our listeners with fun stuff! We are super excited to announce that Homeschooling In Real Life has become a WEEKLY podcast. That’s right! Each and every week we plan on releasing a brand new show for you. But here’s the deal: great content and interviews take a lot of time and we are […]


Yearly Homeschool Evaluations – Middle of the Year Check Up

Let’s Talk About Your Yearly Homeschool Evaluation with A Middle of the Year Check-Up We go to the doctor’s office for yearly evaluation, but never consider looking at your yearly homeschool evaluations at the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now! One year I was so upset that my […]

Cell Salts and Teeth Health

Mouth and Teeth Health

Mouth and Teeth Health Did you know that your mouth and teeth are so important to your health? In this session of homeopathy for mommies, Sue Meyer explores the importance of oral health and and the impact on your body.  


The State of the World

The State of Our World – What is the state of our world in early 2015? What about the ramifications happening now that will impact us for years? Here is a birds eye view of some of the topics we discuss today. Be sure to get out a copy of your US Constitution – it […]

FLOURISH_final cover

How to Set Goals that Outlast New Year’s Resolutions – FAH episode 11

Think you’re too busy to set goals? The truth is that the busier you are, the MORE you need to set goals and create a plan for meeting them! In this episode of the “Flourish at Home” show, I share how setting goals helped me move from the chaos of flying by the seat of my […]


Mommy Jammies Night – You Can Do It! When Life Throws You Curve Balls

  Show Notes: Link to Handout: Handout_FeliceGerwitz_YouCANDOIt When life throws you a curve ball! You can do more than survive you can THRIVE – In this episode of Mommy Jammies Night, Felice Gerwitz shares her struggles over the last year and how she learned that she could do it and You Can Do It too! She […]

MBFLP-2015-01-19 Teaching Kids Respect and Obedience

MBFLP – Teaching Kids Respect and Obedience

It’s one of our “frequently asked questions” – How in the world can I get my kids to obey? How do you teach them respect? And it’s not just because obedient kids are agreeable – we know it’s important for their safety, and it’s Biblical. This episode, we talk about how to teach these important […]

Getting Published

Getting Published – Publishing 101 What You Need to Know

Let’s Talk about Getting Published – Publishing 101 – What You Need To Know with your host Felice Gerwitz Today we discuss the next step after you write a manuscript. Publishing 101 – what you need to get started. How do you get a book in print? When is it ready? How do you sell it? These […]

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