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Losing Religion, Finding Grace – MBFLP 161

  What happens when you do everything right and it turns out terribly, awfully wrong? Do you doubt God’s love? Does it shake your faith? Or does it drive you to a closer walk with your Lord and Savior? This episode, we talk with Kendra Fletcher, the author of the new book, Lost & Found: […]

Meet Richele and Lindsey

Talking Mom 2 Mom – Meet Richele and Lindsey Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin Show Notes:   Meet Lindsey and Richele, the hosts of the new podcast on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, Talking Mom2Mom. Lindsey and Richele are two moms on different sides of the same coin. Lindsey is just beginning her homeschool […]

Put a Little Love in your Roadschool

On this episode, Mary Beth Goff, The Roadtrip Teacher, shares her tips and curricula for adding some love to your Roadschool! Click play and start put some extra love in your day today!

Checklist For College – Car and Personal

Checklist Before College – Car and Personal with Jean Burk Do you need a check list for college prep? Have you considered what you need for your car or personal items that are necessary to make your life easier away from home? This is a great broadcast for teens and parents approaching those college years. […]

True Womanhood

True Womanhood with host Gina Glenn & Guest Speaker Felice Gerwitz What is true womanhood? Being a woman means so much more than the movies and the celebrity media tells us. In this presentation, Felice Gerwitz shares the truth about womanhood that will set you free. What is true womanhood? Is it marching for a […]

Making Reading Easier

Making Reading Easier by Dr. Jan Bedell   A prerequisite to reading using the phonics approach is a good auditory processing ability (auditory short term memory).  If processing is not well developed, reading with phonics past three letter words can be next to impossible.  Don’t go buy another phonics program!  It isn’t the phonics program […]

Mother-in-Law Bread

Mother in Law Bread by Sue Meyer Sue Tells the story of baking bread with her dad as she was growing up and why she felt that this was one of her most important memories. Join Sue for this heart-warming story. Visit Sue’s website Homeopathy For Mommies here Find the recipe here: Mother-in-Law Bread…You can do […]

Introducing Mr. D Math – HIRL Episode 138

Should homeschooling parents attempt to teach higher level math around the kitchen table? Most homeschooling parents don’t like to have their teaching abilities challenged. It sounds like the perfect place for the Homeschooling IRL team to dig in and ask tough questions. Join us as we talk with Dennis DiNoia about his online math program and debate the […]

Play the 10% Game

Podcast #17 Why does 10% seem to be such a commonly used percent?  What does percent mean anyway?  Can you find 10% 0f 24 in your head?  What about 15% of 24 quickly and in your head?  If you want to find out more about playing the 10% game and how to do percents quickly, […]

The podcast to help homeschool leaders is back!

The Podcast to Help Homeschool Leaders is Back! Carol Topp, CPA, the HomeschoolCPA took a break from podcasting, but now she’s back with a different format. The podcast will be focused on helping homeschool leaders and businesses run their programs legally and successfully. The podcast episodes will be shorter–15 or 20 minutes max and will […]

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