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FW_016_Jerusalem News

FW Radio – Jerusalem News

Travel back in time with us to the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! If Jerusalem had the internet, television news programs, and investigative reporters it would sound a little like this.


Holiday Planning: Decorating

Let’s Talk About : Holiday Planning and Decorating Ideas & Crafts with your host Felice Gerwitz I love to decorate for the holidays. During the fall I have fall leaves up in decorations on the mantle, with tiny white lights and in many small wall hangings (even in the bathrooms!). I love to celebrate the leaves changing […]

jonathan toomey

Enjoy Fun, Food, Fellowship and SERVICE with a Holiday Co-op!

With the holidays often comes a time of stress and commercialization and we often end up dreading, rather than enjoying one of the most important holidays of the year for Christians!  Why not plan a holiday co-op so that your family can join along with others to celebrate while serving this year?  If you begin […]


I Love Homeschooling But I Hate Teaching Math – HIRL Episode 31

And I hate teaching science. And writing. Or . . . Let’s get real homeschoolers, most of us have at least one subject we don’t enjoy teaching. What? That is difficult to justify when we are the ones in charge of teaching all the subjects. So what is a homeschooling parent supposed to do when there are core subjects that must be covered […]


Easy Fundraisers for Homeschool Groups. Dollars and Sense Show # 30

Does your homeschool organization need some ideas for raising money? Carol Topp, the Homeschool CPA, shares ideas for easy fundraising in this episode of the Dollars And Sense Show. Easy fundraisers show notes: Coupon and reward programs Box Tops. Need 501c3 status Shopping reward like Kroger Plus program E Scrip Food as a fundraiser Pizza […]

Old and New Congress

Old Congress New Congress

Old Congress and New Congress – What Can We the People Expect? Be Sure to Visit the Show Notes after the live session – Nov. 19th at 1:00 EDT We will have a quick election summary and then look at Article 1 Section 4 ; Amendment XX Section 1 and 2 ; The Issues Facing Congress; […]

Attitude Adjustment

It’s Time for an Attitude Adjustment – FAH Episode 9

Homeschooling moms are sometimes so busy training our children that we can forget to examine our own hearts. Do you ever struggle with guilt or fear? Are you paralyzed by perfectionism? Are you ever tempted to complain  about your own life or to envy someone else’s? On this episode of the Flourish at Home show, […]

MBFLP - Getting Along with Extended Family at the Holidays

MBFLP – Getting Along With Extended Family At The Holidays

We all have them – people we love too much to ignore, but can really make a holiday gathering awkward. The ones who ask your homeschooled kids wouldn’t they rather ride the nice yellow school bus, or the ones who poke the new father in the ribs and ask “Don’t you know what causes that?”, […]


Holiday Planning and Baking Ahead

Let’s Talk About Holiday Planning: Bake Ahead! with your host Felice Gerwitz Let’s get going and plan ahead with baking. So, what is your menu? When will you begin? Will you prepare side dishes ahead? Listen to this audio as Felice shares her baking tips with you! Felice typically hosts between 15-35+ people for the holidays […]


Ace the SAT!

It’s time to ACE THE SAT! Download the notes at: www.collegeprepgenius.com/acethesatradio and follow along as we unveil top secret strategies that have helped so many students earn free college and relieve themselves of the worry and confusion in this test! So much information is available at your fingertips and all your ears need to do is give a […]

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