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Introduction to Homeoprophylaxis

Introduction to Homeoprophylaxis with Sue Meyer In this audio introduction of our upcoming online Homeoprophylaxis Course, Sue gives you a taste of the new training she is launching in mid-December with Session 1: Introducing Homoeprophylaxis.  In the full course, we are going to discuss World Disease, look at the options for vaccination, and study Homeopathic Nosodes made from […]

Would You Rather Pay 80% or Get a 20% Discount?

Would You Rather Pay 80% or Get a 20% Discount? Podcast #10 Seems like a trick question.  Would You Rather Pay 80% or Get a 20% Discount? Perhaps it is.  Have you ever tried to teach your young person how to find a discounted price.  What if there was a quick and easy to figure […]

HSHSP Ep 37: Creative Credits at Christmas

HSHSP Ep 37: Creative Credits at Christmas Merry Christmas! There’s so much to prepare for and enjoy during the Advent season! If you’ve got homeschool highschoolers who want to take time to enjoy the season, you need a little creativity for getting the educational hours done. Join Vicki, Sabrina and Kym for a fun discussion […]

Christian Persecution

Christian Persecution with Israel and Brook Wayne Listen to this podcast with Israel and Brook. Israel and Brook Wayne are authors of the books: Pitchin’ A Fit Overcoming Angry and Stressed out Parenting, and Full-Time Parenting: A Guide to Family-Based Discipleship.

6 Christmas Stress Mistakes to Avoid

Are you already beginning to experience stress this season? The busyness can get to us. But we can make things better by avoiding the six mistakes I’ll discuss in this episode. [box] Want to read this episode as a blog post? READ HERE or SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES or ON STITCHER[/box]   Links Homeschool Sanity Facebook Page try […]

Gift’s You Can’t Unwrap

Gifts You Can’t Unwrap – Preparing Your Heart For Christmas with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Everyone loves gifts purchasing and opening them, but the most precious gifts are the ones you can’t unwrap. When I was presented with a wonderful gift from an unselfish friend, it recalled the thought that the gifts I cherish […]

Hosting the Holidays – MBFLP 152

What do you do for your family’s Christmas celebration? In particular, how do you handle it if your extended family has traditions you no longer follow? Or maybe you’ve added some traditions as well as dropping a few? This episode we talk about some of the traditions we’ve adopted, and the value of becoming the […]

Experiencing Christ at Christmas

Experiencing Christ at Christmas   In the hustle-bustle, it’s hard to find time to enjoy the Birthday King. Meredith Curtis will share ways to draw apart this Christmas and spend time with Jesus, growing in Him and experiencing His Presence. After all, Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Give Jesus the gift He is looking […]

Lesson Planning for the Holidays

This time of year can be hectic no matter what kind of lifestyle you enjoy. Many families on the road take time off to travel back home for the holidays or simply enjoy their surroundings for the season. No matter what your holiday schedule, the Roadschool Moms team encourages you to Roadschool through the Holidays. […]

Rebroadcast – SexEd For Parents – HIRL Episode 129

Hey HIRLers! While we are on our season hiatus, we wanted to share our Top-5 Most Downloaded Shows from 2016. We are starting with #5. This week listen in again as we spend time with Barrett and Jenifer Johnson from INFO for Families as we talk about Sex Ed for Parents! SHOW NOTES: Recommended Resources: Episode 115 – […]

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