8 Essential Steps to Start a Successful Blog

8 Essential Steps to Start a Successful Blog- HomeschoolBlogging PodcastOne of the top questions that I’m asked is “How do I start a blog?”. In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you what I consider to be the 8 most essential steps to starting a successful blog. These are the steps that I use myself when I launch a new blog and they are the steps that I coach others through when I am assisting them to start a new blog.

Note- this episode is an overview of these eight essential steps. In future episodes, I will expand on each of these steps.

  1. Define your purpose. Think long term. Will you be a hobby blogger or a professional blogger?
  2. Determine the mission and vision for your blog. Are you passionate about the subject? What do you do if there are already hundreds of blogs on this subject? How can you provide a different angle to set yourself apart?
  3. Brainstorm post ideas before purchasing a domain. Have a brain dump where you list out potential post topics. Are you stuck at 20 posts? Time to go back to the drawing board.
  4. Decide site name and purchase domain and hosting. Your answer to question #1 determines the path you will take at this step.
  5. Design a professional looking logo/header for your site. You can hire a professional designer or you can find tools to design it yourself. Again, your answer to question #1 will influence this decision.
  6. Establish a social media presence and begin engaging with potential readers before you launch your blog. Secure your handle/username on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.
  7. Launch your site with no less than ten quality posts published.
  8. Recognize and embrace the importance of networking with other bloggers. This is key to your success.

As mentioned in this episode, I have a Blogging Basics Bootcamp course which is a nine week course designed to help you launch a successful blog from the very beginning. We cover everything from developing your idea for your blog to blog design to content creation to developing a social media strategy and building an email list to networking with bloggers to monetization and making money from your blog. It is a self-paced, very hands-on course that ensures that you get your blog off the ground and helps you develop a plan to make it successful! Listeners of the Homeschool Blogging podcast can save $25 by using coupon code: PODCAST at checkout! Click here to learn more about the course!

Stay tuned next week as I cover another frequently asked question “How do you balance running a successful blog while being an effective homeschool parent/spouse/friend/and all of the other hats we wear! I’ll share with you my top tips and the secret to being successful and effective!

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Meet Heather: How I Reluctantly Entered the Blogging World

Welcome to the Homeschool Blogging Podcast! In order for me to properly introduce you to the podcast and why I feel there is a great need for the Homeschool Blogging Podcast, you must get to know the real Heather Bowen and know the story behind my blogging journey which involves me being “forcefully coerced” into starting a blog. LOL- keep listening, you’ll see what I mean!

Meet Heather Bowen: How I Reluctantly Entered the Blogging World {and how it has changed my life}

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The unexpected way that I found myself in the blogging world
  • Why I didn’t want to be a blogger to begin with
  • How I transitioned working full-time as a nurse to becoming a full-time professional blogger
  • The way our family dynamic has changed since entering the blogging world
  • The importance of faith and obedience {even when you have NO clue what God is doing}
  • Why one of my blogs failed miserably
  • How I battled blog identity crises to become successful
  • How I found a new passion
  • What HomeschoolBlogging.com is all about
  • Why homeschooling bloggers are TOTALLY different than other bloggers

Topics we will cover in future Homeschool Blogging Podcast episodes include:

  • Encouragement for the days when you just want to quit
  • Tips and Tricks for all things blogging, business, and social media
  • Latest blogging/social media trends
  • Proven methods for blogging/online business success
  • Hard lessons that I’ve had to learn along the way
  • How to effectively use email marketing
  • Ideas for product and content creation
  • How to best network as a blogger/online entrepreneur
  • Essential time management skills that you must have in order to be a successful blogger AND an effective homeschooling parent.

I’ve seen all sides of the blogging world. I know the highs and the lows. I know the challenges involved in running a six-figure blog while struggling to stay afloat in maintaining a home and homeschooling my children. Join me each week, as I cover these topics and more with honesty, humility, and a bit of humor {we all have to laugh at ourselves!}.

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