DIY Travel On The Cheap

DIY Travel On The CheapHow about DIY travel on the cheap with your hosts, Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis? Many people would like to travel but feel they can’t afford the cost. That’s exactly right, but in this podcast, we share some top secret tips!

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Episode 274 with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis

Research for DIY Travel on the cheap!

  • Where do you want to go?
    • Must see vs. I’d like to see if we have time
  • Look online, DK Travel Guides
  • Keep a folder on Pinterest

Look For Deals

  • TravelZoo
  • Goupon
  • Living Social
  • SkyScanner

What do you want to see?

  • List of must-sees
  • List of  what you’d like to see, but only if time

Saving money can be done with little know tips such as packing snacks, renting condos or homes outside of bigger cities or famous attractions, and being prepared to fly instead of drive if the airfare is cheaper — yes, it often is… I can fly from Fort Myers to BWI (Baltimore/ Maryland) for less than $100 round trip! Gas to get there is more, as well as wear-and-tear on the car! Look for deals for DIY travel on the cheap tips.

Where will you stay?

  • Hotels
  • Rental homes
  • Rental condos
  • With a friend

Where will you eat?

  • Restaurants
  • Bring food, nonperishables
  • Take water on the plane if you fly (must buy it after security point) or bring an empty water bottle and fill it at the airport for free
  • Roadside kiosks (depending on where you visit, this may be an inexpensive option).
  • Buy food to cook.


  • Plan your itinerary. Where will you go first?
  • Plan transportation if you are taking the bus or train
  • Costs – be sure to account for the cost of travel

Check the Weather

  • When you have a travel date look at the weather
  • Plan indoor activities if the weather is bad
  • Layer clothing, it is better than taking big, bulky clothing




Are you a Work At Home Homeschool Mom? (Giveaway)

Are you a work from home homeschool mom?Have you desired to work from home but don’t know where to start? As a homeschool mom, I could not imagine fitting one more thing into my already bursting schedule. But then the invitations to speak at homeschool meetings, then conferences began–soon, I was writing books. I’ve worked from home as an author since 1992 when I wrote my first book but it was several years later before I launched my Media Angels brand, and a few years later that I incorporated my business, and register trademarked the name. Whew! This was all in the pre-Internet and pre-Facebook days. How I wish I had an amazing podcast for work at home, homeschool moms that I’m about to share with you!

Let’s fast forward and look at what we have today.

Social media is a way of life for many. Even if you are not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest you have an Internet connection and email, or you would not be reading this! The online world gave a platform to stay-at-home, SAM, and work-at-home moms, WAHM! And… drum roll please, I am so happy to introduce Heather Bowen to you and her new podcast the Homeschool Blogging Podcast. Heather is a long time online friend that I finally met in person at a blogging convention. Heather. Heather is the poster child for work at home homeschool mom! She began homeschooling while she still worked full time as a nurse. The Lord put that on her heart.

Do You Want To Be A Work At Home Homeschool Mom?

She shares her story in her new podcast, and first episode here.

Take a look at Heather’s Podcast

She is a blogger at Life of A Homeschool Mom where she shares information about homeschooling, saving money and so much more. In addition, she is the proud and fairly new owner of Homeschool Blogging. It was designed many years ago as the place to find information about homeschooling and blogging and balancing life in the process. She has given the website a facelift and it is absolutely gorgeous! It promises to be a wonderful place for work at home homeschool mom information!

As homeschool moms, our kid’s education and well being are so important. Relationships with our spouse, finding time for meal planning and household is important as well. So now, we are adding a business on top of our already busy schedule! What’s a mom to do? Listen in weekly to the Homeschool Blogging Podcast where Heather Bowen will share her insider’s tips with all of you. Heather is a successful blogger and runs five blogs (don’t try this at home — just kidding!). She is an expert and she is here to help.

Let’s give Heather an Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network welcome! Please post your welcoming comments here and listen to Heather’s podcast. And, you could end up a winner! One person will be blessed, we are selecting one of you to win the ultimate homeschool mom gift — curriculum! One Premium Media Angels Membership Bundle will be the prize. The number will be selected at random by our Media Angels team! The contest ends on May 28th!

Welcome, Heather Bowen and may you be blessed by the love and support from all of our podcasters on this network as well as those who listen in!

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Best Experiential Gifts

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best experiential gifts everThe Best Experiential Gifts

Episode 273


What are the best experiential gifts you can give? The ones that last a lifetime in memories!  Whether the gift is for graduation, birthdays for that hard to buy for person in your life. While opening presents can be fun, the glamor soon wears off and the gift is forgotten. In fact, how many times can you remember wanting a gift, only to receive it and see that it wasn’t worth the wait! In this episode, I explore various trips, and events to create lasting memories with your teens or even for the adults in your life who have “everything,” or want “nothing!”

Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels Membership. For your curriculum needs on a budget visit the website to learn how to receive all the books and classes I’ve created to give your children a Christian worldview!

The Best Experiential Gifts 

  1. A trip – giving an experiential gift and making a lasting memory on a trip can be the most rewarding with some planning. As a caution, I am not a fan of allowing your teens to travel to far-off places alone, especially trips to the Islands, where cheap flights and hotels lure many unsuspecting tourists. However, visiting as a family is recommended:
    1. Hiking
      • Plan ahead.
      • Check the weather
      • Know the trails you will hike
      • Bring neem spray or bug repellent
      • Wear comfortable clothing
      • Bring food
      • Take lots of pictures
    2. Camping
      • Plan ahead
      • Off the beaten trail
      • At the beach
    3. Beach
      • One day trip
      • House rental
    4. Extreme Sports
      1. Cave exploration
      2. Water Rafting
      3. Mountain Climbing
      4. Sky Diving/ Para Sailing
      5. Sailing
      6. Water Skiing
    5. States Exploration
      • Planning Trips State Side
      • State Fairs
      • Rodeo
      • Williamsburg
      • Visit New York
      • Yosemite Park
      • San Antonio Texas
      • Grand Canyon
      • Theme Parks
    6. Europe
    7. A staycation event
      1. Party
      2. Family Camp Out
      3. Town Events
    8. Lessons
      1. Art Classes
      2. Cooking Classes
      3. Tennis Lessons
      4. Sports Training
      5. Flying Lessons
      6. Parachuting

Packing Tips

packing tipsPacking Tips

with Felice Gerwitz and her special guest, Kim Kautzer

Do you need some great packing tips? In this episode, veteran homeschool mom and world traveler, Kim Kautzer shares her packing tips! When we both showed up for a week-long mastermind retreat, me with my larger bags, extra carry on, purse, computer bag, etc. etc and saw Kim’s one backpack and overhead compartment roll-on suitcase, I just knew we needed this podcast! And, Kim shared her best secret, it’s okay to wear the same thing twice. Gasp! Kim travels in all seasons and for many reasons, personal or business.

Kim lives in California yet travels all over the US and into Europe as well. She travels alone, with her husband or with her grandkids. She has learned to pack this way whether driving or flying. She even attended her son’s wedding in England, a two-week vacation tied in, adding one carry on dress bag! She encourages us to travel light and in this session, she details her steps.

Kim is the owner of Write Shop and the sponsor of today’s episode. Visit for all your writing needs.

Show Notes: Smart Packing Tips —

Handout of close up photos of packing by Kim Kautzer. All Rights Reserved. PackingTips-WriteShop.comSponsor

Rolling Bag:

  • Use rolling bags that fit in the overhead bin
  • Everyone has their own bag
  • A personal piece should be a backpack – you can fit a small purse
  • Be sure not to overload the expander or it won’t fit in overhead compartments

What to Pack:

  • Clothes, it’s okay to wear clothes more than one time.
  • Mix and match as many pieces as you can.
  • Don’t bring one use pieces.
  • Tops that can go both ways, layers or stand alone
  • Layers work in winter and summer
  • Double duty — dress up or dress down
  • Enough underwear and tops for one week
  • 3 bottoms: capri – cropped pants, jeans skirt or 2 different jeans and dress pants
  • Wear bulky clothing on the plane
    • Wear boots or tennis shoes on the plane
    • Jacket
    • Scarf and a pashmina, which is larger scarf can be used as a wrap comes in solid colors, roll up as a pillow, use as a shawl or wrap.
    • Socks in the backpack
  • Pack a vest which can be worn over a long sleeve shirt for a totally different look.
  • Sleeveless shirts, tank tops or short sleeves wear long sleeves over top to layer
  • One or two long sleeve shirts — use alone or to layer
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Roll clothes to fit the cubes
  • Layout bags — cubes, modular and arrange however it best fits

Cube System:

Cubes are separate, contained and you can keep them organized and separate and a wonderful time saver. For children instead of packing cubes, you may want to use various sized clear baggie.

  • Use cube system to pack clothes, fits better
  • Different sizes, buy online or in discount stores
  • Largest length fits entire length of the suitcase, shoes go on either side
    • Roll slacks and jeans into 3/4 — put them in like envelopes
    • Pack hoody with jeans
    • 1 pair of Pj’s maybe two tops
  • Medium width – 1/2 size of the large
    • All the tops
    • Fold in thirds and then roll up
    • 7 to 8 tops
  • 1 small cubes
    • lingerie, scarves
    • socks
    • 2 pairs of earrings, one post and 1 dangly
    • 1-2 necklaces
    • Dressier items
  • Second small cubes
    • travel iron (Kim recommends BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium travel dryer –not a sponsor, we get nothing for the plug!)
    • travel straightening iron (Kim recommends BaBylissPro Nano Titanium mini straightening iron)
  • Quart Size: 3 oz. maximum
    • Liquid or jells
    • Shampoo and conditioner
    • Liquid makeup or foundation
  • Small makeup bag:
    • no liquid — powder
    • put in suitcase



Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts aka “What Mom Really Wants” is the topic for today’s podcast. As a long time mom – my first child was born in 1980 – I’ve had some experience *WINK* celebrating Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day has been a time of joy and truthfully a time of hardship! We moms want to be grateful with whatever we have, right? While this is true and I am grateful I’ve also struggled. Listen, as I share some tips for the best Mother’s Day gifts ever, and, be sure to subscribe to the Vintage Homeschool Moms podcast!

Mother’s Day Gifts – What Mom Really Wants

Episode 271

I’m including something personal at the end — so stay tuned for Mother’s Day Gifts that I now learn to except and enjoy!

I’ve had some exhausting Mother’s Days! When my children were little I was sleep deprived, and I just don’t do well with little sleep. I’m not one of those people that thrives on four hours or less and feels so productive. No, I’m the crash and burn Mom who would fall asleep while nursing my baby in the middle of the day. When baby number two came along, baby number one was a wild-man two-year-old and he kept me awake in the day, so no worries about falling asleep! At least baby number one was sleeping through the night and two, well let’s just say she finally slept all night long at age four!

Then came number three, four and five. A larger home and guess what? Our home turned into party-central. All of the family came for Mother’s Day dinner, and somehow my day turned into a frustration for all. The kids and my husband had to help clean up, I had to cook and everything had to be perfect when the first mom came! I finally became wise and learned that with these easy tips, I could reclaim my Mother’s Day! First of all, I had to think about what I really wanted to do. Did I want to go out to a costly meal? Did I want a gift that we couldn’t really afford? Did I want to stress my husband and kids wondering, “What does mom really want for Mother’s Day?

Truthfully the best Mother’s Day gift is to be appreciated, and loved.

Those precious hand written cards with “Mommy I love you!” are the ultimate, best!

Mother’s Day gift selection for me from my family was not working! After years of costly presents, presents that didn’t fit, household items I didn’t want, and the worse, costly flower bouquets ordered and delivered by the florist–have you seen how much they cost?! I said enough! We needed to cut back financially and it was getting so out of hand. It all came to a head, after the following event.

One Mother’s Day, after church and breakfast, my husband decided to take the younger three children fishing. Our subdivision has many small ponds and drainage streams/ ditches where fish abound. He was doing this to give me “alone time.” As I sat with my feet propped up, enjoying my day, my older son came home and looked smug. I knew something was up! Later I learned from the little kids–you’ve gotta love them, they just can’t keep a secret–“Dad called up Neal and asked him to buy and bring us flowers — your Mother’s Day gift — to us– at the pond! Isn’t that great mom?” So much for secrets. I certainly gave flower delivery an entirely different spin!

Yes, as my husband walked in to hand me flowers! A gift. And, I was grateful, especially for the smaller price tag, but I decided that day…it’s now or never time to take charge of my own Mother’s Day gift!


First my sanity tips for Mom and next my ideas for the best gifts ever — or ones I’d enjoy!

Here are my Mother’s Day Sanity tips:
1. If you are cooking make an easy meal: Baked Ham, store-bought scalloped or mashed potatoes, frozen or canned veggies, and prepared salads.
2. Do a potluck. Everyone loves to show off a special recipe. Assign different entrees or sides and deserts to those attending and let everyone else help with the meal.
3. Use paper products. The trees will survive another day.
4. Flowers. Buy yourself some. You can get them locally at a discount. Make your own arrangements. Hint: Use all of one color and baby’s breath for filler. You can not mess up. I promise!
5. Do something for you. Is it a 15-minute uninterrupted shower or soak in the tub? Is it a manicure? Is it a book that you want to read?
What I’ve learned from the thirty-eight years of being a mom… many times your family wants you to have the perfect day because they really do love and appreciate you, they just need help! Being proactive goes a long way to making your day wonderful!
My favorite Mother’s Day gift was going to church then out to the beach, and one of our favorite casual restaurants. There is a pizza restaurant that has an extensive sandwich, salad menu as well. Here we can sit with an amazing view and enjoy each other’s company. The food is delicious and then, we can go to the beach and enjoy a few hours before it gets too hot! When we get home, the kids help clean out the car, it gets vacuumed, while I shower. Then, prep for an evening meal handled by my now grown up teens and husband! Things have changed but then, I had to ask for the change something we moms don’t want to do!

Suggestions for Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. Gift Subscriptions – sometimes there are subscriptions I just won’t buy for myself and I really want. This is my top list. DO you have any you would add?
  • Audible
  • Kindle Unlimited or other eReader subscriptions
  • Streaming movie channels – like Hallmark *wink
  • Streaming radio channels
2. Coupons from kids
  • I love you mommy notes!
  • Neck messages
  • “Chore upgrade” coupons
  • Car wash
3. Flower bushes
  • Rose bushes
  • Flowers planted
  • Mulch
  • Tree planted
4. Household
  • Trash emptied each day!
  • House cleaned
  • Floors cleaned
5. Devices
  • Sleeve for laptop
  • New phone case
  • eReader
  • Battery charger
Relax. Have Fun. Enjoy Your Day.


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DIY European Travel on the Cheap

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DIY European Travel on the Cheap!DIY European Travel On The Cheap

Episode 270 with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz

Did you know that DIY European travel on the cheap is possible? Is traveling to Europe a far-off dream due to finances, time, or both? In this podcast, Meredith shares how her entire family went to Italy and how they did it on a shoestring budget! If you’ve ever wanted to take a European vacation, this podcast provides helpful and money-saving tips!

Thanks to our sponsors, Media Angels Membership and Power Line Productions.

Show Notes: DIY European Travel on the Cheap

1.Research: Where do you begin? With research of course. Sometimes group travel companies can provide deals but many times DIY deals are better. Compare and contrast.

  • Do I want to be with a group or just my family? This is where DIY travel on the cheap comes in, do your research and you may find amazing deals.
  • Do I want to explore “off the beaten track places,” or tried and true?
  • What is the must-see list?
  • What is the secondary list, would be nice but only if we have the time or the funds.
  • Talk to other people, what do they say about traveling?
  • Use guides such as those recommended by Meredith: DK Travel Guides
  • Watch travel videos
  • Keep a Pinterest travel board
  1. Tours:
  • What are the benefits to your family?
  • Cost vs. convenience?
  • Benefits of both.
  • Find cheap tours on Groupon, Travelzoo, Gate One Travel, Tour Radar
  • Tours provide guide who speaks the language
  1. Foreign Country Concerns:
  • Know the rules and regulations.  Here is a great podcast on Travel and First Aid Tips
  • Churches: must have arms covered for women and no short-shorts
  • Currency
  • Transportation
  • Speaking the language
  1. Travel and Transportations
  • Planes:
    • Keep hydrated
    • Wear comfortable clothing/ shoes
    • Bring headphones
    • Earplugs for altitude changes
    • Chew gum, or let little ones drink when taking off or landing
  • Trains
    • Foreign currency or buy a ticket for all trains (metro cards)
    • Schedules and timelines
    • Rush (don’t get caught separated – it happens!) Stay together.
  • Rental Cars:
    • Only if you have experience driving in foreign country!
    • Rules are different (suggestions in some!)
    • European cars tend to be small
  • Buses:
    • Foreign currency or buy a ticket to ride all
    • Schedules
    • Less expensive
    • Some drive very fast!
  1. Packing
  • Suitcases
    • Rolling clothes to save space
    • Pack for comfort
    • No valuables
    • Small containers – toiletries
    • Disposables
    • Leave room for souvenirs
  1. Souvenirs:
  • Keeps sakes
  • Magnets
  • Keychains



CLT Standardized Test

CLT Standardized TestCLT Standardized Test ~~ Lookout SAT/ACT-New Test in Town

The CLT Standardized Test is a new test that is taking on the SAT and ACT Tests. CLT stands for Classic Learning Test. A Harvard graduate wrote the test, standardized – get results right away. They will know the comparison of the other tests. Dave Wagner and Jeremy Tate

Visit our sponsor – College Prep Genius

Show Notes: CLT Standardized Test

What is the CLT?

  1. CLT – Classic Learning Test
  2. Been around a couple of years
  3. Jeremy Tate the co-founder of the CLT
  4. The new standard, deals with the complaints of the SAT and ACT – the values of Western Civilization
  5. Offered 5 x a year, a modern testing format, the student bring their laptop or tablet, they would get their scores immediately
  6. Very similar to SAT and ACT
  7. Overall goal is to have a better test and a better standard. CS Lewis passages or Charles Dickens
  8. They are accepted in 100 colleges
  1. What sections are on the test?
    1. Same as SAT and ACT – similar in how
    2. Verbal Reasoning 40
    3. Grammar 40
    4. Quantitative Reasoning 40
    5. The most you can get on the 120 and there is a conversion ; the highest score is a 117
    6. com
    7. Average ACT is 21 — Average SAT 1060 — Average CLT is 65
    8. Practice tests online
    9. Student guide as baseline score
    10. 2 Hours long without an essay
    11. You can take it unlimited times
  2. What is the format?
    1. Based on 120 minutes or 2-hour time limits
    2. 40 on reading 45 on grammar and 45 on math section
    3. Students will have their device, the timer goes off, and then you move on to the next section…
    4. Given about a minute per question and less than a minute
    5. Gives a predictability of the student’s college readiness
    6. com
    7. You can become a format
    8. Parents can proctor it for you
  3. What are the differences from the SAT/ACT
    1. Contemporary literature content is one of the big differences, western thought and tradition
    2. Based on thought provoking changes
    3. Analogies on the CLT that use to be on the SAT that are no longer on the test
    4. No essay
  4. What colleges accept the CLT?
    1. Reach out to the college
    2. Listed on the website
    3. About 100 colleges take this test
    4. Liberty, Bryan, etc.
  5. Does it have a PSAT equivalent contest?
    1. They have a CLT – 10 offered for a similar contest like the PSAT
    2. It is free, you can take the CLT and taken at the home, proctored by the parent
    3. Honor system
    4. Partnered NAS – National Association Scolars
    5. 108 or above on CLT – SAT 1480 and a 32 on ACT
    6. Take it 10th grade in April of 10th grade and gives
  6. What good news do you have about the CLT and College Prep Genius?
    1. Partnering with College Prep Genius, and the only program they recommend.
    2. Jean gets inside information
    3. Jean is working on a solutions guide
    4. Retired CLT test so that Jean can create a class for this test
    5. Very similar strategies SAT and ACT
  7. What is College Prep Genius doing with CLT?
    1. Students can purchase their student guide and solution guide to strategize how they can do better
    2. A module will be created by College Prep Genius
    3. Being on the ground floor
    4. com – only recommends Jean Burk, College Prep Genius
  8. What special code can you give to students?
    1. com – practice test – CPG18
      1. Contest for Apple watch!
      2. Cut the tuition down to $25 for the test


Professor at Weaton gave a great review of this test. CLT is growing strongly.




Creation Matters

creation mattersDoes Creation Matter? Why does the discussion on how God created the world matter? Did God really create the world in six days and rest on the seventh? Does anyone really care? These questions and many more including teaching tips and great resources are presented in the Creation Science Podcast, my name is Felice Gerwitz and it is my pleasure and honor to be your host.

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media angels membership

This podcast was an original work of the Creation Science Expo that I had the pleasure of hosting some years back, it is my pleasure to re-release it to you and share the importance of caring about our origins.

Many times I’ve discussed the purpose of having a creationist perspective, and people would say, “Why do you care?” The reason I care is that I want my children to grow up with a Christian worldview and share that with their children, someday. In the writing of my Truth Seekers Mystery Series book, I had a “God-incident” that I share in this episode.

In a nutshell, I was rushed during the Christmas season and wanted nothing to do with the rereading of the draft copy of one of the novels. You see, as a novelist, and co-novelist at the (along with my then, college-aged daughter, Christina), I was the one in charge of final proofreading and I kept finding mistakes. I was frustrated. I threw up a heavenward prayer, “God are you sure you have the right person doing this job?” And, I wasn’t talking about the job of editing, I was talking about the job of being the “hands and feet” of God – spreading the word about the fallacies of evolutionary claims. Which these novels demonstrate in a fun-easy to read and mystery adventure. More about the here.

Heading to a store to do last minute shopping, I happened upon a calling card placed in a nativity scene I was about to purchase. (The audio includes details about this, but here is the visual — a copy of the card:

Listen to the podcast for the rest of the story!

creation matterscreation matters

Be sure and check out our blog, HomeforLearning where you’ll find helpful science posts:

Do I Really Need to Teach Science in My Homeschool?

Teaching Science | Unit Study 

How and What to Teach with Science


and visit our Creation Science Podcast page.

Running Your Family Like A CEO

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Running Your Family like a ceoRunning Your Family Like A CEO

Podcast 269

Can you imagine running your family like a CEO? In this podcast, we explore that and much more. Did you know that a CEO is a leader (mom or dad), is responsible for day-to-day management decisions (mom), and for implementing the goals long and short-term (mom and dad). The CEO communicates and is a liaison between a board of directors (kids and spouse). And, yes, there are many more similarities!

Thanks to our sponsor: Like Arrows – a movie that examines family values and bringing up kids!

My husband is the head of his company, and often during the day he will call me, say hi, quickly and then launch into something he needs. Or, he calls and expects me to take notes to remind him to do something later. My official title is “secretary-treasurer” of the company, however, with kids at home and homeschooling, it sometimes becomes very hectic for me but not him! He gets lots done, he is efficient, he is a delegator, he knows how to bring things in under budget and with a profit.

This gave me an idea! What if we ran our family lives like we ran a company? Would we be wasteful? Would I allow inferior quality work (school work or chores) to continue? Would I keep an employee (child) in a job that didn’t match their qualifications? More importantly, would I give an employee a job and not explain how to do it? Hmm…

Helpful Tips In Family Dynamics:

  1. Relationship with God. If your relationship with God is “off” we will transfer that to our spouse or our children.
  2. Relationship: in families relationships are the most important and how we treat each other shows what’s in our hearts! Think about it.
  3. Job description: how can we do a job well

So, a CEO –

  1. Leader
    • As parents, we lead by example. If we aren’t doing our part our kids will see this.
    • Sloppy parenting. Do what I say, but not what I do.
    • Ineffective leadership.
      • Plans fall through all the time
      • Promises not kept
      • Never around
  2. Determines strategic direction
    • Family goals — are we following the Lord as a family?
    • Praying together, worshipping
    • Spending time together
    • Focus on strengths
  3. Organization and delegation:
    • Oversee what are your family needs
      • Follow through on delegation
      • Clean home, focus on particular character quality
  4. Responsible for day-to-day management / accountability
    • Teaching children responsibility
    • Educational needs of each child
    • Working on character
      • Job descriptions and follow through
      • “Hires and fires” — if a job is done ineffectively course of action
      • Delegate jobs and explanation of how you want them done
      • Accountability – are jobs done daily/ weekly – how are they accomplished?
      • Ineffective job completion – do it again until it is right or
      • Fired from the job and given another job more suited (not necessarily a punishment, this could be a demotion!)
      • Hiring for a supervisor job – but be sure there isn’t a sibling abuse of power!
  5. Communication: Identifying needs and remedies
    • Time spent with God — the importance of relationships — A Few Minutes with God Podcast
    • Time spent with your spouse – importance of relationships
    • Time spent with children!
  6. Resources: Focused and centered on family dynamics
    • Family resources – time, time, time
    • Planning family outings

DIY Diets

DIY DietsDIY Diets

I wanted to find great DIY diets and there are so many out there – and so I set out on a search! With so many of the fad diets on the market since, well – I was young, it is a miracle we aren’t all super thin. Diets are one of the most researched, and over promised and underachieved results, in my opinion. There are many facets to dieting that we will take a look at this podcast as well as ways to make a DIY diet work for you!

Please share this podcast with a friend, here’s how – use this link, copy it and email, text or share it on FB! Thanks so much for your help in getting out the word about this show!

Alright—DIY diets, the idea of any do it yourself project is obviously to save money. Yes, there are a ton of packaged plans out there and we’ll discuss some of those later on but I wanted to diet on my own.

In these previous episodes, “Why Your Diet Fails,” and “Eating Well and Losing Weight,” and “Healthy Substitutes That Work,” the main focus in all is that if you don’t follow through it will not work.

I feel I was a pioneer of diets in my teens. I’d eat sparingly during the week disliking the cafeteria food in college and lived mostly on salads and proteins. I did love my melba toast and cheese. I absolutely love cheese and sometimes find myself craving it—which I read could be a calcium deficiency but living in Florida I get plenty of Vitamin D from the sun.

On the weekend when I went home –home was only thirty minutes away, I’d enter my Dad’s Italian restaurant and almost gain 5lbs on the spot. It was not hard to do with the wonderful foods he served. When I went back to school the pendulum would swing the other way and soon I was down 5lbs. I’d fluctuate 5-7-10 lbs and it was easy to lose back then! I could skip a meal and lose 5lbs.

Let’s look at the reasons you may want to lose weight:

  1. Health reasons
  2. Clothes are too tight
  3. You’ve gained weight through the years and those 5lbs a year (on average what most adults gain slowly over time) have piled up.

I will admit that the do it yourself (DIY diets) can have some pitfalls, but we can learn from those with storefronts and prepackaged meals. The main thing they do well is pair you up with a coach.

Here is a quick list of what you need in a diet partner or diet coach (who can be a spouse, a good friend or a professional you hire):

  1. No judging – you don’t need to hear, “You look fine, you don’t need to lose weight!”
  2. A cheerleader – someone who is encouraging.
  3. A helper – someone you can call if you feel led to cheat.
  4. No tempting – someone who will help you stay on your diet.
  5. Accountability—set goals with you and let them monitor you.

Five Good Tips About DIY Diets:

  1. Diets work best when you are consistent and follow-through. You, can’t give up if you do, you will slide back into your bad habits!
  2. Diets work best if they fit into your lifestyle. If you can’t make shakes at lunch with fruits and veggies using a blender switch to powder mixes. I like the 4-Life protein shakes here. Meal replacement shakes here. My daughter eats these on her way to school as a meal replacement for breakfast when she is on the run and doesn’t have time to eat. Invest in a good shaker bottle.
  3. Diets that taste good keep you on track.
  4. Diets that fill you up keep you on track – if you are hungry it won’t work!
  5. Diets that have results work! If you are not losing weight it is hard to stick to your diet!

Use these guidelines to help you in healthy food decisions. 

Don’t think you can commit to a diet right now? That’s okay! Use these guidelines to inform health food decisions:

  1. When it comes to losing weight and eating healthy, success starts in the kitchen. Throw out highly-processed foods and invest in a protein powder that you like. Be careful when looking at how much protein comes in a bucket and how big the scoop is, which factors into the servings per container.
  2. Top rated protein shake brands include— and Isagenix.
  3. Detox is a good way to begin. For me, I use a simple detox. I’ll drink the 4-Life Detox tea (if you have issues with detoxing—use a weaker form, 1 teabag to 2 x the water and drink only half).
  4. Don’t eat sugar or carbs. No fruits! No sugars for about 40+ days helped clear up my inflamed gums! No mint in toothpaste (visit for more info on homeopathic remedies) and her store here.
  5. Hydration is the body’s strongest defense to ward off hunger. Try increasing how much water you drink and you’ll not only feel better but you’ll find yourself not as hungry in between meals!
  6. The Keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb diet. The low carb part re-programs your metabolism to burn fat for fuel, rather than glycogen stored in your muscles.
  7. Exercise Apps that work – Podcast Link hereManual link here – a restrictive diet that works, I’ve lost 15-20 lbs in a month and kept it off! Helped to jump start my 5lbs that I recently lost. If you don’t have body fat it does not work

Choose a diet that works for you and your life. 

For those interested in packaged foods.

  1. The major selling point of the pre-packaged diets is that it takes the guesswork out of the process, as well as the temptation. But isn’t fighting temptations part of the process to healthy eating?
  2. So many of the packaged diets out there that are not DIY but are great for moms on the go, looking to lose a few inches off their waist. But, it comes at a price. Who has an extra $300/month just sitting around, especially when feeding an entire family, and not just you?! Even though it’s delivered straight to your door, the downside is you eat a lot of frozen foods, not fresh. It also encourages small meals throughout the day, which can be healthy but also dangerous.
  3. Use a grocery checklist to bring with you with approved and unapproved foods as well as possible substitutions if you are following a set diet.

Don’t think you can commit to a diet right now? That’s okay! Use these guidelines to inform health food decisions:

  1. Keep sugar intake low
  2. Increase fiber and protein intake to stay full or replace meals
  3. Limit dairy and carbs
  4. Increase water consumption
  5. Stick to healthy fats
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