Why Every Mom Should Say Yes

why every mom should say yesWhy Every Mom Should Say Yes
Episode #3

And, why saying YES is a MUST … in this episode I will take you on a trip down memory lane. You should probably grab a box of tissues before pushing play! My goal is for every child to have a childhood full of beautiful memories and that starts with us saying YES! Childhood is dirty, messy, noisy work! You’ve got this!

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Stop Overreacting! It’s Not That Loud!

#20_StopOverreactingItsNotThatLoud_handoutStop Overreacting Its Not That LoudStop Overreacting! It’s Not That Loud!

Episode #20

Stop Overreacting! It’s Not That Loud!

Have you ever been really frustrated with your child’s reaction to sound?  Have you been troubled by his ability to understand what you are saying?  Has it crossed your mind that you might need to get her hearing checked?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this podcast is for you.

There really is a reason why children do the things they do.  They are all looking to meet a need. In the case of the previous questions, it is a need to protect themselves from the overstimulation to the auditory sensory system.  Covering ears, displaying fears and phobias, having trouble sleeping and many other strange behaviors could be reactions to hypersensitivity to sound.  One’s sensory system can tolerate a certain amount of stimulation and then it becomes painful.  Yes, I said painful.

Real pain is experienced when the sensory system is on overload.  In this episode, Jan Bedell, Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach, will discuss with guest Ruth Young the challenges experienced when the brain hears too much.  They will also discuss tonal processing issues. These issues often manifest themselves in situations like when children think you said one thing, but you really said something different.  Imagine how hard it is to navigate through a world that at times sounds like a foreign language.

Strategies will be discussed to reduce or eliminate the sensory overload and distortions often found in children diagnosed with Autism or Sensory Integration Disorder.  In the coming weeks, Jan will also bring to the podcast solutions for sensory issues like hypersensitivity to touch and visual hypersensitivity.



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New Trend To Unfriend

new trend to unfriendThe New Trend Is To Unfriend with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz

Episode #183

Show Notes: New Trend To Unfriend: Have you noticed the epidemic of “unfriending” people on Facebook? I’ve talked to many friends who have decided it is easier to unfriend than to discuss differences with people who opposite in opinion. And while this is very true it is still sad that we can’t seem to discuss things rationally with each other. How can we teach our children to discuss differences of opinion in a logical manner without losing their faith? In this episode, Meredith and Felice discuss personal situations and ways to combat the trend and make a difference and an impact in people’s lives.

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Show Notes: New Trend To Unfriend:

  1. If you disagree with a friend and they are attacking you or one of your friends on your wall, reach out to them in private.
  2. Explain your grievances with love and kindness.
  3. Remember, God loves the sinner but hates the sin. Pray for that person
  4. Teach your children through role playing.
  5. Reach out to others using common ground.
  6. Discuss history and things that took place that explain recurring mistakes today.



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Words Do Matter

words do matter

What’s in a Word? Words Do Matter.

Words do matter, the ability to communicate makes us human. Words connect us to each other, they spark our imagination and give us hope. On the other side, words can be divisive, it can be considered hate language and incite riots. We as parents and homeschoolers should take note and not let this teaching moment go unchecked.

How do we teach our children that words matter? How do we explain that what they utter can impact those around them? The best way is by our example. We are the frontline for our children and the way we respond is the way we get a good response back from those we love.

Words do matter – especially when we say things that are uplifting and encouraging. Words also matter when they are hurtful and condemning. We often talk, out of anger without thinking–and then we pick up the pieces. We have plenty of reasons, for speaking angrily, but truthfully they are excuses.

Words matter like…

~ I love you

~ I’m getting married.

~ I’m going to have a baby

~ “It’s a boy,” or “It’s a girl.”

Life’s progression is beautiful and we are given an amazing capacity to communicate wisely, especially to those we love the most. And here is the problem…it is often those we love the most that we hurt with our words. We are kind to strangers and friends.  What about at home? What about with those we are around most of the time?

I know, kids can try your patience. I have five of them. Yet, I had many excuses for speaking unkindly.”I am Italian.” ,  “I speak my mind.” ,  “What you see is what you get.” ,  “There is no need to pretend.” ,  “Kids are resilient.”  Maybe you’ve used one or more of these excuses, or maybe some I haven’t thought about. We can fool ourselves into believing a lie – and that is a belief that words don’t hurt.

Words hurt.

They do and many adults walk around with old wounds that have not healed. And that is the issue at heart. While we’ll agree that words do matter, we need to prepare to speak love and truth, but in a way that avoids becoming angry and losing your temper. It also has much to do with the way we phrase our words. “Get that for me,” can become, “Would you please bring that here?”

With a little preparation, we can arm ourselves with caution, prepare for future incidents, and teach our children valuable lessons as well. You can practice good conversation or appropriate answers. Recently when I called my oldest son, he answered the phone, “What?”  I said, let me hang up and call you back again because that is not an acceptable way to answer your mom.” I called back, he said, “Hello?” and I said, “Much better.” He then apologized that something had happened right before I called and he was irritated. Typical right – of all of us!

I recall a conversation my daughter had with my then four-year-old granddaughter. The conversation went something like this:

Samantha: “Mommy did you bring my sippy cup?”

Mom: “No, I’m sorry I didn’t.”

Samantha: “Well, that’s not thinking of others!”

The exchange is hilarious because her parent’s modeled behavior was given back. How many times had her mother said, “You are not thinking of others?” This became a natural way for this four-year-old to respond to her own mother. She spoke the truth and we adults were careful not to laugh outright! But what struck me is the child’s ability to articulate her thoughts, no temper tantrum, no tears, just facts. Her mother was quick to remind her of the responsibility to gather belongings before leaving home. By analyzing the times you, your children, or your spouse speak harshly, you can avoid adverse situations.

We’ve recently been bombarded with words in politics, mostly sound bytes that are irritating and annoying used on social media and in the news. Most have reacted angrily and this has caused an epidemic of “unfriending” on Facebook. How can this be avoided? Speak with truth and agree to disagree if necessary. Speaking in anger does not win arguments or make friends–it has the reverse effect.

I think one of the most chilling use of words is to cloak evil as good, such as in the discussion over abortion. “Pro-Choice” is a term used to spin the idea of abortion into a favorable light. Who would not like choice? So, the proponents of anti-abortion say, “Pro-Life” to explain their position clearly. And, what about the recent “March for Women’s Rights” … sure, I want rights for women. They were chanting, “This is what democracy looks like.” Sure. I want democracy. However, I couldn’t sign their statement of beliefs. However, I successfully managed to discuss my differences with them here. Yep, words matter. Use them wisely my friends.

How do you use words in a positive sense?


Husbands And Homeschooling

husbands and homeschoolingHusbands And Homeschooling with Hosts: Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin

Podcast #3

Show Notes – Husbands and Homeschooling

Join Lindsey and Richele as they look at homeschooling through the lens of homeschooling dads and discuss what potential role a husband can play in the homeschool room. Many husbands are skeptical of homeschooling the children, others are hands-on in their approach, and some take a backseat altogether. Homeschooling can be stressful on a marriage, but it doesn’t need to be. As moms, we want what is best for our children, and our husbands’ goals are no different. We will be sharing specific talking points that should be asked regularly throughout the year between a homeschooling couple to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Does your husband want to help but just isn’t sure how to begin? Are you unsure how to motivate the unmotivated homeschooling dad? Listen in as we answer these questions and more about a husband’s role in the homeschool room.


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Rediscovering The Joy In Motherhood

Rediscovering the Joy in MotherhoodRediscovering the Joy in Motherhood with Kathy Lee

On this episode, I have the pleasure of talking with one of my favorite homeschooling moms on the planet. Keri Vasek is the mother of three muddlings and opens up to share her journey of losing her joy (and rediscovering it). You will see in this episode just why I call my show The REAL Kathy Lee and often refer to myself as a hot mess!

Rediscovering the Joy in Motherhood

On this show Keri mentioned hearing me speak at the Great Homeschool Conventions is Fort Worth, TX. To learn more about this homeschooling conference, check out greathomeschoolconventions.com.


Neuroplasticity – Rewiring The Brain

neuroplasticity rewiring the brain

Neuroplasticity – Rewiring The Brain with Dr. Jan Bedell

Podcast #19

Neuroplasticity, hmm? Do we really have to use such an unfamiliar word?  Yes, to describe the amazing gift that God has given us we can start with a big word and break it down.  It really is quite simple – “neuro” is having to do with the brain and “plasticity” is the ability to change.  Our brains are changing all the time. This is really good news when you have a struggling learner or a child with a label like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or autism.  The key is knowing how to fuel the brain with the right kind of stimulation so it builds new pathways.  From these new pathways, the brain can receive, organize, process and store information well enough to bring it out and use it in everyday life.  With the right kind of stimulation, your brain can take little developmental steps to achieve giant strides in academics and overall function.  That is what happens when you use the products and services of Little Giant Steps.

In this episode, you will hear the experience of a teacher that had taught first grade for 17 years before using The NeuroDevelopmental Approach in her classroom in year 18.  It made a huge difference for her students and can make a difference for you and your family as well.  Applying just a little information can make all the difference in your child’s future.  We shouldn’t leave out the adults either!  It is never too late to change the brain.  Two ladies in their 50’s, one a reading tutor and the other a Montessori teacher who had always struggled with reading comprehension, raised their reading comprehension score by 3 ½ years in only four months’ time.   And guess what? They didn’t do any specific reading program.  All it took was organization and specific stimulation to the brain and their abilities radically changed.


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Homeschool Help 101

homeschooling help 101Let’s Talk About Homeschool Help 101 with Felice Gerwitz

Do you need homeschooling help? What about homeschooling help 101 – the nuts of bolts of what to do when you don’t know what to do? Some people decide to tackle homeschooling on a whim, or for others, it may take days of research, weeks or even years considering the different options only to fall short when they finally take the plunge! In this podcast we’ll discuss ways to find help on many different homeschool topics.

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math equals success - elephant learning

Show Notes – Homeschooling Help 101

  1. Know the homeschooling legal requirements in your state
  2. HSLDA.org – state laws here
  3. Join a homeschool support group – find activities in your area.
  4. Explore different ways to homeschool – different homeschool methods
  5. Attend homeschool local conferences

Homeschooling Help – Links from our podcasters

  1. Starting Point
  2. Raising Real Men – Starting Point and Three Simple Goals and Field Guide to Curriculum
  3. Homeschool Transcripts



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Real Womanhood

Would The Real Woman Stand UpWe need strong women – we really do! Women who can make up their own minds. Would the “real” woman please stand up?

Our present culture believes with enough spin it can tell us how to act, what to think and what it means to be authentically a real woman.  To really understand what authentic womanhood is you have to search deeper than your television screen. And from all appearances in today’s media, authentic woman are those who side with a cause, are angry, are card-carrying-NOW members, scared or need a “safe place.”

Women, or the ones I know and call my friends, are not drama queens.

We don’t have time. We are busy people. Contrary to popular belief most stay-at-home moms would earn six figures if they were paid for all the things they do. Just think if you hired a full-time chauffeur, housekeeper, cook, personal shopper, tutor or private teacher (in the case of homeschoolers), etc. If you are a working mom, you can pile all of the previous on your plate, and then add work- okay, maybe back out the schooling part. Now we may understand why working women are overwhelmed. Six figures would not cover the costs of what moms gladly do for their families – for free -full time…but that isn’t what defines womanhood it isn’t what you are or what you do – it is the essence of who you are. Think about it.

I grew up in a family of boys. First, my male cousins who were my best friends. When we moved from New York to Canada, I was in third grade and my companions became my younger brothers. I had two best friends, one was my neighbor and the other a friend down the road both girls, but I had friends at school who were boys. My dad and mom worked alongside each other most of their lives. My dad and mom were both seamstresses. My dad was equally as good with a sewing machine as my mom. Both were in high demand and worked as personal dressmakers for the rich clientele in Canada, and then as co-owners of an Italian Restaurant in Winter Haven, Florida.

I didn’t think I was better or lesser because of my chromosomes. My dad sewed, my dad cooked and my dad was very, very successful in business.

I am truthfully fearful — not so much for you  – but for our children and grandchildren.

Gender Identity is currently in confusion.

  1. Our identity is being formed by the media in sound bites of misinformation
  2. Our children are learning about their identity by those who are loudly protesting or gender neutral restrooms in stores or if your children attend schools in some school districts
  3. In the information overload world in which we live we are being told how to act, what to think and if we – *gasp* disagree with status quo we are maligned, marginalized and called all kinds of hateful names – usually with the added suffix FOB

Consider this:

  1. Can you be truly feminine without being a feminist?
  2. Do you have to be a VICTIM or a REVOLUTIONARY?

I believe there are so many things that happen in our lives and shape who we are … but REAL womanhood is and should NOT be shaped by our culture – because it is ordained by God.

Is it too late? Is it too late to talk about authentic womanhood or has our culture shut us out and we must remain a minority? I don’t believe it is, but I do believe it begins with you. When you witness anger, hostility and horrible negative comments, and truthfully confusion about what it means to be a woman, don’t let it get you down.

If you don’t’ know who you are and your place in society as a woman, it is time to get on your knees and seek the ONE who knows. Do you know enough about WHO you are AS A WOMAN to pass it down to your children? Who are you? What is true womanhood? Obviously, this question must be answered.

There is darkness in this world. There is confusion …We now hear about gender confusion all the time. Friends how did our world go so quickly down the tubes. Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right.

The enemy does not want us to be authentically woman – the enemy wants to confuse and break up marriages – break up families.

I am holding a worn napkin I received from a friend that says – BE THE KIND OF WOMAN THAT WHEN OUR FEET HIT THE FLOOR EACH MORNING THE DEVIL SAYS, “OH CRAP, SHE’S UP.” I want to be that kind of woman– and we can only be that woman in Christ.

True womanhood is not defined by the time period in which we live. It is not defined by your education, the car you drive, the jewelry you own, where you live… true womanhood is not defined by the man you married or what he does for a living. True womanhood is not defined by the job you hold or if you are a stay at home mom – or ladies, by the number of children you have. Our womanhood is a gift from God – being open to life is authentic womanhood but even a good thing can come off as bad when we use it to elevate ourselves. As I go through what true womanhood is I realize there is an exception to the “rule” … there have been stay at home moms who hated being at home or hated being mothers – sad, but true. And, their children suffered for it – maybe you are one of those children.

Ladies that is not the norm – that Is not how God ordained it.

To be clear I am saying that our womanhood is not defined by what we do but WHO we are – there is a distinction here. Can you be a woman who works outside the home and be an authentic woman? Yes. But don’t use that as an excuse to not be fully woman especially if you are married and have children.

No one at the end of their life says, “Oh, I am so sorry I did not get that job promotion or missed that big deal…” what they do regret is time wasted or lost with their children or family.”

I made a statement earlier … authentic womanhood is a gift from the Almighty God – something that NO one can take away from YOU – because YOU have been entrusted with a very special gift – and now I want to share that gift.

  1. True womanhood is closely connected to love, it gives life it is balance. To love is to be a woman
  2. True womanhood remembers the gift of our feminine genius – this is the charism that the Holy Spirit gives to women – all of our victories, our faith, hope and charity is thanks to this gift.
  3. True womanhood understands we have our dignity – due to the very fact that we are women – genetically our DNA is female– no matter what a person does or how they act this fact cannot be changed—we are given the dignity and rights as a HUMAN person, a woman by Almighty God
  4. True womanhood isn’t an either or – it isn’t an revolution it is a gift given to us as good by our very nature, the fabric of our womanhood was knit in our mother’s womb… it was formed when two people loved enough to form a child, an outgrowth of love. True womanhood is found in Motherhood – God has given us and only us the gift of motherhood the ability to shelter a child in the womb which is a unique and joyful experience that is not given to any other but US. If you are an adoptive mother – God bless you for taking a child into your home – as women we have that gift of being able to guide our children in life – we are there for all the firsts in our child’s life. In addition real womanhood cooperates with men –ladies without a man there is not baby – Gen 1:28 “Fill the earth and subdue it” [Given to both men and women.] For single women – there is “spirtual motherhood,” the ability to mother in the form of ministry.
  5. We are the only ones who are called daughter – mother – wife – no other. We are gifted with intuition, sensitivity generosity and self-giving. We are gifted with loyalty… women are fiercely loyal.
  6. Authentic woman is knowing who you are despite being marginalized by society or the circumstances in your life whether it is an abusive home or abusive marriage – authentic womanhood is seeking help and leaving an abusive situation.
  7. Authentic womanhood gains its strength from an infilling of the Holy Spirit – from an acknowledgement that it is no accident that you were born a woman – it is no accident that God knew you before you were born and held you in the palm of His hand and will love you with a love that surpasses all understanding.
  8. True womanhood is the courage to take this gift we’ve been given and pass it on as a legacy to our children – to share this with our friends to explain the value of being a woman in the true sense of the word.
  9. True womanhood is the gift of being an equal partner (not better or worse than) with our male counterpart – to understand that womanhood compliments manhood and allow our husband to be real men – to be our protectors to open the door or provide for us and it is not a detrimental thing. Genesis 2:20 “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him” [The help is not one sided but mutual—womanhood expresses the “human” as much as manhood does but in a different way.]
  10. True womanhood remembers the greatest example in history and that is the mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and that is Mary. She exemplifies all that is good and holy in motherhood, Mary’s yes … let it “… be done to me according to thy Word,” gave us the perfect example. If we want a happy life if we want to be fully woman we must surrender to the Lord and understand HIS holy will for our life

So, ladies – stand up and be that true woman God wants you to be!

Exercise Equals Weight Loss

exercise equals weight lossLet’s Talk About Exercise Equals Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz – Podcast #181

The question? Does exercise equal weight loss? Well, there is good news and there is bad news. Let’s start with the good. How good exercise if for you? Exercise has tremendous health both physical and mental health Benefits.

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math equals success - elephant learningShow Notes: Exercise Equals Weight Loss

  1. Exercise helps our mood
  2. Brain cell growth
  3. Controls diabetes
  4. Lowers the risk for heart disease and cancer
  5. Prevents against osteoporosis
  6. Better endurance
  7. Increase Strength
  8. Exercised does have a correlation to weight, critical to keeping off

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association followed the exercise

This research supports the findings of the National Weight Control Registry, which reports that 90 percent of people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off exercise on average for an hour a day.

Here is what the experts I’ve read have to say about exercising.

  1. Look at what you are eating – make a list and cut down on the carbs – removing it would be best – but if you can’t cut way down. It will help you burn fat if you are not constantly replenishing that fat. Now I say this to you, as we are to meet my inlaws at a burger shake place for dinner – the only good news in that is I will order an unsweet ice tea and split the burger with my SIL Janice who is visiting. So – while this sounds like I’m failing in my efforts to lose weight I am reporting I’m doing one cardinal rule of dieting and that is to eat less of everything. I figure half a burger is less.
  2. Exercise regularly but if you can do intensity for a short time and then decrease and then increase. There is something about getting your heart to speed up while giving it time to rest is a good thing. It has fat burning benefits – yay! We all want that right.
  3. Understand that the reason we are exercising – I’m saying we in the hopes you are doing this with me – is that we are maintaining any gains we make – it may not transform us to two sizes smaller but it will help keep off any weight we’ve shed.


Weight Loss Supplements

Simple Math equal easy weight loss

Start Exercising 


Photo Credit – DepositPhoto.com All Rights Reserved 2017. @janpietruska

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