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A Revolution in the Sanctuary

Children in Church? Guest Post By Sandra Allen Lovelace Sandra was a featured guest on Mommy Jammies Night – Where Is God in the Everyday? Worship with a Toddler The room stilled as the congregation paused for silent prayer. That was the moment my toddler reached for her doll and bumped her head. The clunk […]

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A Day in the Life of an Editor

By Mandy V. Robinson I am an editor. Everywhere I go I see grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Some are slight, while others are not so slight. Every time I see a mistake, I think to myself, “This means I will always have a job.” Some gems I’ve found recently: A T-shirt for sale at a […]

being a mom

Being a Mom

Every wonder what’s it like to be a mom? Probably not – because you already are one. As a homeschooler – by definition – you have a child you school. Or in the case of a lady I met recently, a niece and nephew she homeschools. Being a mom is something that comes naturally for […]

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Super Bowl In Your Life

Super Bowl: The super bowl evokes all types of emotions – for me it symbolizes the day I fell in love. I never was a big football fan, I know *gasp* right? But, when Mr. Right asked me to spend the evening watching the game of course I said, yes! We talked, we laughed, we […]


Do Moms Need A Night Out?

Long, long ago when I was a young, whippersnapper, homeschool mom – I learned about this great thing called, “Mom’s Night Out”, and I was soooo excited! Wow, really? One night out with my friends? You mean I could talk to an adult, uninterrupted? No one asking for something to drink, or a diaper that […]


Frugal Days of Christmas

How fun! I’m participating in a a 25 Frugal Days of Christmas and hope you will enjoy some of these other blog posts!   Are you seeking a meaningful Christmas season that doesn’t break the bank? If so, look no further! The 25 Frugal Days of Christmas are here! Join us as 25 top bloggers […]


Yummy Dipped Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

I love chocolate and find that these chocolate butter and peanut butter candies are perfect when the cravings hit. I make them tiny so as not to overdo the indulgence and they are so rich a little bit goes a long way. I love the Ghiradelli brand for chocolate or another favorite from Costco is […]

candy cane cookies

Candy Cane Cookie Recipe

  This cookie takes a bit more work but it is worth the efforts. If you don’t like using food dye this recipe is not for you, or you can make it without the dye. They are yummy and my original recipe called for crushed peppermint candy. Only the little kids enjoyed the crunch. The […]


Gingerbread Cookies

  This post contains affiliate links. See full disclosure policy here. In order to understand my love of cookies it is easy. It falls perfectly into my “love language” which is giving. There is nothing that says I love you than a batch of fresh cookies out of the oven. I know, you don’t have […]


Turkey Hand Wreaths

  I love doing crafts! At one time I though I wanted to be an art major. That is before I took one art course in college (and survived, with an “A”, thank-you very much) but I realized it wasn’t for me…to do professionally anyway! So, happily I married, had children that loved to do […]


We are ONE Year Old!

The amazing things about birthdays is that a celebration accompanies most, and this network is no different. Our birthday celebration includes giveaways – we are: ***Giving away an iPad Mini (we gave away one for our show launch as well). Giveway is over – but please sign up for our ezine and you will never miss […]


I Am Your Voice

So many times we sit miles away, listening to the news and we feel helpless when hear about families torn apart by war. Well, no longer. I heard about a group of bloggers banning together in order to bring the plight of the people suffering to LIGHT. The attrocities are currently taking place in parts of […]

Stop Motion Animation - Step by Step Guide Downloadable PDF with everything you need to know. #lego

Stop Motion Video & Homeschooling & Time

Time. It is something we don’t have, right? Wrong. Part of the reason I homeschool is to give my children a chance to seek their passion, explore their interests and find things to do that are creative, educational or just plain fun. I give them TIME…for details on how I do this listen to my […]

attitude is everything

Attitude is Everything

Who would have thougth that recording a podcast for my Vintage Homeschool Moms show, on having the right attitude would be so difficult. It wasn’t so much the praying, the planning or the scripting out my key points… it wasn’t the handout or even the recording that was the issue. It was the playback that caused […]


When God Sends Us Surprises

This year we were not planning a vacation, far from it! This was my daughter’s year to try-out for the All-Star Softball Team. Both of her brothers had been selected in years past, the youngest Michael for five years running. This was Anne’s year. So, she practiced, played games and tried out. She soon learned […]


It’s All About Ewe

“So, to review,” said my doctor at an annual check-up, “you’ve had a death in the family, your husband was out of work for four months, you’ve moved to a new town, and you had major surgery. All in one year. You’ve had a lot of stress in your life.” I looked at her with […]

Build Your Own Bundle

I can finally tell you some of the great offers in this set because the long-awaited day is finally here! I am happy to offer you some of our special products at this reduced rate.  Each book is typically $18.95 and the classes – six weeks chock full of lessons taught by me on audio […]


Creation Camp – Learning God’s Truth at Home

There are many reasons to have a camp at home with your children – anytime, not just during the hot summer months. It brings unity among the parents and children, it is entertaining and most of all it teaches using my favorite–hands on activities. What I enjoy about this particular unit is teaching about the […]


Build Your Bundle – Win $100

I feel a bit late to the parade at this point. You may or may not know there is a mega sale upcoming – and everyone is excited to know more. It has been filtering in groups around the Internet and I’ve been knee deep in dejunking my school room, this summer -but, I had […]


Emotional Manipulation Facebook Style

I’m angry. Not because I didn’t already know the fact that just using the internet means we give up many of our privacy rights. I know our data is mined by search engines. And, websites use cookies to track if we are new users or old. Don’t let me get started on the times I’ve […]

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