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Common Core – Fact or Fiction?

Part One – Common Core Fact or Fiction? Common Core is something that has been in the works for a long time but just crossed my radar about a year ago. I received a lengthy letter from a well-meaning homeschool mom asking if my curriculum was alligned or not. Deer in the headlight time. I […]

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Move Past the Juggling Act and Learn to Flourish

Are you paralyzed by such a long to-do list that you don’t know where to start? Do you drag through the day exhausted, thinking only of how much longer it is before you can finally collapse into bed . . . just to get up and start all over the next day? Is your life […]


How to teach teenagers about managing money (when you’re not doing so great yourself)

  It’s tough to teach teenagers about managing money, especially if you’re not doing so great yourself! But we all know that money management is an important skill that your teenagers will use every day of their adult life. They may never use Algebra II again, but money skills are vital. I have an episode […]

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Organizing Made Easy for Do-It-All Moms

Do you have more curriculum than you can possibly use? Are you always running? Do you struggle to find time to clean? If so, you and I can relate. Maybe you can relate to this aspect of me, too: I try to do it all myself. We don’t have time for a lengthy psychoanalysis of […]

MBFLP Raising Real Men

Raising Real Men on Making Biblical Family Life Practical

Do you have boys? If so, you are not alone! We have boys, too! Six of them, counting the ones that have grown up …and we’ve felt like pulling our hair out somedays, too. Is there a way to teach those stinky (well, if they’re teens), sassy (sometimes), and bickering (it happens here, too!) sons […]


Is Homeschooling the Hardest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

If we’re being completely honest, most of us will say that homeschooling is the hardest thing we’ve ever done. There are exceptions, of course: a mom of an only child recently told me she thought homeschooling her son from kindergarten through 8th grade was pretty easy, and I just smiled, thankful that she was able […]


A Very Bad Day

Today was a very bad not very good day. In fact there have been several of those the last few weeks. Either I’m sick, the kids are sick, someone forgot to complete an assignment, dinner time is around the corner and I forgot to remove something from the freezer, etc., etc., etc. Can you relate? […]


Coming to a Convention Near You!

Do you recognize these people? I bet you’d recognize their voices if you listened to these popular shows on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Our show hosts had a fun time meeting in “real” life at the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Nashville, and taking this picture for all of us to enjoy! What is […]

25-Tips to Save Money on Your Electricity

I almost wanted to title this post, “Save money so your husband can take you out to dinner.” But, I’m getting ahead of myself. My husband, Jeff is a home inspector as well as a builder and he often shares all types of money saving tips with me. He is very, very frugal. He turns […]

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Lemonade from Lemons

Lemonade from Lemons Mommy Style We’ve all done it – you know, made a bad situation better. We pull out our “Mommy Capes” and race head-long into trouble with a prayer that the Lord will help us figure it out, and quick! The one incident that comes immediately to mind is the time we planned […]

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Home For Learning

I’ve just officially named my blog and while Learning at Home sounds better than Home for Learning you can’t be picky when choosing a domain name these days! The word “blog” had to go – and my on-again-off-again blogging schedule is going as well! It’s not that I didn’t write blog posts, I just never […]


Marriage & Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often associated with love, but not necessarily marital love. At least not in the commercial sense. Each year I try to read a book that will strengthen my marriage, but I have been lax the last few years. I rarely can finish the ones I begin. Their advice seems silly, or even […]


Help From My Friends

The song from the Beatles runs through my mind, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” and that sums up these fabulous ladies who share a retreat with me yearly and a place in my heart. Years ago, the details are a bit muddy, Maggie Hogan approached me to ask if I’d […]


Mommy Jammies Night

Gifts come in different shapes and sizes and I often marvel at the amazing group of talented people the Lord has brought into my life. It began with my co-author, Jill Whitlock, she and I spent many hours together in the writing of our books, the Creation Science Study Guides. Jill was a homeschool mom […]

New Years Gift to Jesus

Your New Year Gift to Jesus

I know, I know, the holidays are over. For some there is a sigh of relief, and for others there is sadness. I’m somewhere in between. Happy to see the gift-wrapping, baking, and card-sending over, but not happy to see the end of the get-togethers, meals shared, smiles and gladness that simple pleasures bring. It isn’t the […]


Last Minute Details

Sure, I know, you’ve said this before: “Next year I will not wait for the last minute.” However, we all know that life gets in the way. Some things cannot wait, such as laundry, eating, or sleeping—even if you’re a little short on all of those. Something has to give, and I promise you that it will […]

Why are you here

Why are You Here?

We’ve all been made for a purpose, right? But what is that purpose? What if we are very unhappy with that purpose? Let’s face it, sometimes we are discontent. I want to discuss that, but first let’s look at a few questions. These aren’t easy, and for some it takes a lifetime to discern and […]

Putting on the Spirit by Katie Hornor

Treat Yourself to the Word this Holiday Season

Christmas, though it is my favorite time of the year, is also one of the busiest times of the year. Often, in my business I wish I had the time to sit for hours with my cup of coffee (or tea) and drink in the Scriptures. The fact is that in this season of the […]

Ron Paul

Ron Paul thinks Homeschooling is the Answer

Ron Paul is known as a congressman and an outspoken libertarian, but did you know he is a homeschool advocate? Who would have known? I recently read his latest book, “The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System.” It touted homeschooling as the answer to the failed educational system. I couldn’t agree […]

Jesus is the reason

Is Jesus the Reason for the Season

What is the reason for your season? I can think of so many words that sum up this time of year, see if you can relate to any of these: Stress Harried Busy Rushed Overwhelmed Exhausted Over-commited Can you relate? Most of us are wives, mothers as well as homeschoolers and these days something has […]

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