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Activities That Teach

At some point in your homeschool career, you may find one or more children, dragging their feet, with little shoulders slumped and heads hung. School just isn’t fun. Just think about it. If you were struggling to learn new material how fun would it be? Not much. Especially for a child who has some learning […]

Special Needs Homeschooling 101

Special Featured Author Dr. Jan Bedell Do you have a child with special learning needs?  While every child is unique and needs specialized attention, some seem to require more. They struggle to progress through typical milestones and traditional curriculum and approaches don’t help them.   That was my dilemma with my first born, Jenee’.  When she […]

Homeschooling with the Principle Approach, an Overview

Homeschooling with the Principle Approach an Overview I’ve been homeschooling my four children since 1997. My youngest child will graduate next year. Over the years I’ve seen many homeschooling methods rise. Homeschoolers are smart cookies and tend to seek the best for their families. A little of my story… My oldest child had been in […]

Using Movies to Teach

Using Movies to Teach Going to the movies as a family today is hard. Before you even get to the issues of time, money, and motivation, you have to discern what’s appropriate for a family to see together. Not easy.  We’re bombarded with so many messages that are contrary to family and faith when we walk […]

Family Friendly Staycation Ideas for Homeschoolers

Family friendly staycation ideas for homeschoolers Wouldn’t it be fun to play a vacation that didn’t involve 20 hours in the car? It’d be great to save money, too! Summer is right around the corner and vacation planning starts now. Here are some fun ideas you can do as a family that children of all […]

Move Past the Juggling Act and Learn to Flourish

Moving past the juggling and learn to flourish Are you paralyzed by such a long to-do list that you don’t know where to start? Do you drag through the day exhausted, thinking only of how much longer it is before you can finally collapse into bed . . . just to get up and start […]

Homeschool Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

Homeschool Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss What is a podcast? If you’re new to podcasts, it might help to begin with explaining what a podcast is!  “Simply put, a Podcast is a series of audio or video recordings, that you can subscribe to and listen to whenever you like.” – The Podcast Host. This […]

The Benefits of Read Alouds in Your Homeschool

I wasn’t homeschooled, but I can remember loving library time in elementary school. It wasn’t just the books or the break away from the regular classroom. It was sitting on the big round rug listening to the librarian read aloud. The Benefits of Read Alouds in Your Homeschool There are studies that demonstrate that read […]

Struggling Learner? Homeschool Success!

Homeschool Success with Your Struggling Learner Educating a child that is struggling academically, emotionally or behaviorally can be a real challenge. Sometimes when you are out there, seemingly alone as a homeschool mom you can even start to doubt yourself and if you are equipped for the job.  After all, the educators may have told […]

Future Flying Saucers?

What are future flying saucers? A better question is who is the lady behind Future Flying Saucers? Meet Anne Marie Gosnell.  Anne Marie is the founder of Future Flying Saucers where she shares creative, engaging resources so parents and teachers can share Jesus without fear. And she’ll be joining us for Mommy Jammies Night March 14th. […]

Words Do Matter

What’s in a Word? Words Do Matter. Words do matter, the ability to communicate makes us human. Words connect us to each other, they spark our imagination and give us hope. On the other side, words can be divisive, it can be considered hate language and incite riots. We as parents and homeschoolers should take […]

Real Womanhood

We need strong women – we really do! Women who can make up their own minds. Would the “real” woman please stand up? Our present culture believes with enough spin it can tell us how to act, what to think and what it means to be authentically a real woman.  To really understand what authentic […]

Mommy Jammies Night 2017 Preview

Mommy Jammies Night 2017 Preview I’m so excited about Mommy Jammies Night this year! You’ll see some new faces and some old favorites and lots of exciting topics! I’m going to introduce you to our guests for this year and share a little about each one so you can get to know them! In January […]

Encouraging words for the homeschool mom

Encouraging words for the homeschool mom Where do you for for encouraging words as a homeschool mom? We can go to our friends. We can sometimes go to our family. Can I suggest we go first to God’s Word? Encouraging words from the Bible The Bible has over 780,000 words so sitting down with Bible […]

Encouragement for the exhausted homeschool mom

Encouragement for the exhausted homeschool mom Can you really provide encouragement for the exhausted homeschool mom? Can you really know just how tired I am? Do you understand what it’s like to be too tired for date nights with my husband? Does anyone really understand the loneliness of a homeschool mom? Yes, I can. I’ve […]

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

I heard it for the first time, “This is what democracy looks like, this is what democracy, this is what democracy looks like…”  It was a much as chant as a war cry. I was at the BWI airport and I’m sure the same thing was being replayed at the Ronald Regan and Washington Dulles […]

Elephant Learning Math Matters

Math Matters with Elephant Learning Early Learning Learning begins at an early age. We are bombarded with early learning programs for our children and as homeschool parents, we are rightly very wary of the predicted results. In college I majored in Education and “Early Childhood Education” was an extra certification to my degree. I loved […]

Gain More Time

Gain More Time In Your Day Want to gain more time in your day – don’t we all? It seems like the number one reason we struggle is that we don’t have enough time in the to get things completed. There isn’t enough time to get the household chores done, homeschooling, spending time with your […]

Back To School After The Holidays

Back To School After The Holidays First, Happy New Year! I pray a wonderful and blessed 2017 for all of you! The most wonderful time of the year for many people are the celebrations during the Christmas and New Year – however, with the holidays fast behind us it is time to take a look […]

Gifts You Can’t Unwrap

Recently I’ve been blessed with many gifts that you can’t unwrap, but mean so much to me! They are priceless and have more of an impact than anything you can buy in a store. Really. Here is the short list. I still have many drawings my kids created when they were little – they are […]

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