Overcome Christmas Stress

It happens every year – we try to overcome Christmas stress! No matter how hard you plan or try to stay ahead, there is always one more thing to do, one more item on the to-do list, one more project to complete…all before Christmas. How about trying something different? Enjoy the season! Yes, it can be done and I promise not to tell you to plan ahead or do more than you can handle. I know you might find it difficult to believe me, and even I thought it wasn’t possible until I gave it a try.

Overcome Christmas stress helps with planning.

Here is what I did. I made a list of what I wanted the days leading up to Christmas to look like in a “perfect world.” You know the picture-perfect, Norman Rockwell type of painting where everyone is smiling, the house is spotless and perfectly decorated, mom is holding a turkey and all the kids look happy. And, I soon realized it was unattainable. Why is it that we set out expectations so high that it is impossible? I think we have so many expectations that we fall short and then we are stressed! Stress is something we all live with however it is what we do with the stress that counts.

overcome Christmas stress

For me, the first thing was identifying the issue. Why was I stressed during the holidays and what was the *one* thing I would avoid if I could. I usually detest lists, yes — I am one of those, and yet I learned that if I made a list it helped, tremendously. So I divided things into categories.

My List to overcome Christmas stress:

To do list that could not be avoided:

  1. shopping for gifts
  2. shopping for food
  3. decorating
  4. Christmas cards
  5. Christmas photos
  6. Christmas letter
  7. baking/cooking
  8. wrapping presents

To do list that could be avoided:

  1. baking
  2. cooking everything
  3. Christmas cards + letter + photos

The one (or more) things I would avoid if I could:

  1. Christmas card letter
  2. Christmas card

Can you do it? Can you avoid the one thing (or more) that makes your Christmas stressful?

Your list may look different, but the one thing that gave me the most stress was writing the Christmas letter. It literally took me days to write, and then another few days to lay out on purchased, Christmas stationary…then years later with a Christmas graphics border on a word processing program. As my family got older and the number of children I had climbed the list seemed more and more daunting until I dreaded it. Yet, I felt guilted into it, you know…all the relatives up north are counting on receiving an update on the family happenings. However, I decided to let it go. I refused to be held under this self-imposed pressure or guilt, and I sent out cards with photos from the year as well as the most current. This year, at Thanksgiving even with my entire immediate family here, I forgot to take pictures! Again, I will let it go–even further this time! I decided that this was the perfect year to send out beautiful, Christmas cards without a family photo. Gulp!

But, I’m doing it. I’m sending out cards to the immediate family. The remaining relatives up north, my siblings, my sister-in-laws, nieces and nephews, my married daughter and family…and that is it! What a freeing thought! I won’t even let those early cards, you know the ones that show up Thanksgiving weekend ruin my peace. I will live my life as I can, for the glory of God and let all this other “stuff” that gets in the way go!

Years ago I baked for weeks giving away homemade breads, sweet rolls, pound cakes, and delicious cookies to friends and my husband’s employees. No more. I do bake but only for the family, and give homemade cookie baskets to those who arrive at our home for meals. Another hurdle overcome.

So, in a nutshell this is what I did to avoid Christmas stress:

  1. shopping for gifts
    • Most gifts I shop for online, and guess what? The deals are even better than in person.
  2. shopping for food
    • I still shop for food in person, but many swear by online services such as Amazon, or Publix (our local chain) has a website and you can pay for delivery. I’ve used this service a few times when I’ve received a coupon and it works great!
  3. decorating
    • The kids all help and we set up everything inside in one day! Score! We also add lighting timers, and remotes to turn on and off all the lights. Another score.
  4. Christmas cards
    • no picture, no letter, only a card to the immediate and extended family.
  5. Christmas photos
    • taken on Christmas eve before Mass outside of the Church
  6. Christmas letter
    • avoided!
  7. baking/cooking
    • family can bring over a side or dessert, and I only bake for the family
  8. wrapping presents
    • gift bags go a long way to ease the burden!

Check out my podcast on the topic of stress free holidays here.

Prepare Your Child for Success

Prepare your child for success

Prepare Your Child For Success

We all want our children to grow up to have joyful, successful lives. We educate our children at home to give them the best we can give and pray that they will walk in God’s blessings. Is there more we can do to set them up for a successful life?


DG: The Secret To Success is a message I share with teens and adults on a regular basis. It’s so simple and yet so many people miss it.

What is DG?

DG is Delayed Gratification. Yikes! It doesn’t sound that interesting or fun! But, it can turn everything around. In my podcast I talk about how delayed gratification sets us up for success in our finances, relationships, career, education, and walk with the Lord.

We do the hard work first and save the fun for last.

It sounds to simple, but in a day and age where we want instant gratification and to buy now and pay later, it is hard to resist our flesh and postpone what we want.

How Does DG Work?

If we work hard, save up money, tithe, and live on a budget, we will have money to do some of the things we long for, but not right away. We will have to forego some things to wait to do others, but we will experience the joy of financial freedom (no debt!). Don can’t wait and gets whatever he wants right away. His house is filled with computers, tablets, speakers, screens, and video games, but his credit card is maxed. His wife wishes he would practice DG.

If we wait to be married for romantic pleasures and wait on God to bring a mate who shares our love for Jesus, we will set our marriage up for success.

If we work and finish schoolwork first instead of playing hours of video games (or other distractions) and then getting it done, we will be able to reward ourselves with fun after the job is done!

Unfortunately, many teens and adults that I talk to have already build patterns and habits that are hard to break into their lives. They have to retrain themselves and I share ways to strengthen the DG muscle in my podcast: http://ultimateradioshow.com/dg-the-secret-to-success/

However, what a blessing if we can acquire the habit of DG in our young years, so that we walk in delaying gratification as a habit.

How Can I Help My Children Walk in DG?

Of course, we can model it for our children because more is caught than taught.

We can also set up our daily schedule to practice delayed gratification.

Rachel decided that she would start teaching her children to delay gratification. She moved their schedule around purposefully. “Here’s the agenda for the day (chores and schoolwork). If we finish everything with excellence (not mediocrity!), then we will treat ourselves to …. (playing a game, making cookies, doing a messy art project together, watching a short video).”

If the work isn’t finished, there is no reward. This ties hard work and waiting (delaying gratification) to a reward. Her children didn’t like the idea of first that if they didn’t finish their schoolwork, they couldn’t watch a video (their favorite thing!), but Rachel held fast and after a week, the grumbling stopped.

Sally and her kids wanted to go to the Creation Museum, so they figured out how much money it would cost. They got a big jar out and started filling it with money they earned doing extra jobs, having a garage sale, and money gifts from grandparents. When they had enough money, they planned the trip. This strategy built DG into the whole family. They were working hard and waiting for a reward. Now, Sally could have just put it on the credit card, but her kids would have missed out on an important lesson.

Of course, we don’t need to reward all hard work and we don’t need to earn every fun thing, but purposefully structuring our children’s lives in the early years to work first and play later will build that DG muscle and make it easier in the years ahead.

Setting our children up for success isn’t that hard. We just need to be purpose and proactive in teaching them to delay gratification.

God Bless You!

Meredith Curtis

Finish Well Radio at the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network


Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Veteran Homeschool Mom

Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Veteran Homeschool Mom

Do you have questions you’ve always wanted to ask a veteran homeschool mom?

I’ve been homeschooling and homeschool mentoring long enough I think I’ve heard every question that can be asked. Maybe.

Here’s some I’ve gleaned from around social media along with my opinion answers.

Q: What is the best form of homeschooling?

A: Whatever brings your children home. Seriously. For Christians, providing a Christian education for our children isn’t an option or even a calling. It’s a mandate given by God throughout Scripture. That being said, you want a method of education that does several things. One thing would be to uphold the authority of Scripture. Another would be to allow you to disciple your kids. If you get these two things done, you’ve done a lot. I personally used the Principle Approach method.

Q: How did you trust that in the end your child would be smarter, better off, and not held back?

A: It was really a journey. So much was riding on the oldest doing well. I mean, everyone was watching and waiting for me to mess up or throw in the towel. I had to place faith in the fact that I was doing what the Lord wanted me to do (conviction), and that my method supported that. After that, what good is comparing? Each child’s an individual anyway and God had a plan and purpose for each of them- regardless.

Q: How do you balance housework, meals, laundry…etc, when your kids are young and need more direct instruction and attention?

A: Honestly? Sometimes, barely. Things like a laundromat, crockpot, and tidying as we went along helped. But, we had a lot of cereal for dinner (my husband worked nights), and held sock-mating parties for fun. You do the best you can do. Ask for help if it’s available. I promise it passes.

Q: How did you handle the high school years to make sure they would be accepted into a college?

A: By keeping on track in middle school. We looked at what they thought they wanted to do and what college they wanted to attend (if they wanted to attend college) and had a gap year to focus on any academic weak areas.

Q: What would you do differently if you had to do it all over again?

A: If do-overs were a real thing, I’d not listen to what other people thought so much and focus on a strong understanding of the application of Scriptural principles. I’d have tackled more philosophy. Mainly, I’d have spent less time on things that distracted me. And I didn’t have social media to intrude! I’d pointed them to Jesus a lot more!

Q: How do you stay motivated?

A: One day at a time. Write out your philosophy of education, you’re “why” you homeschool. Remind yourself of the blessings.

Q: How do you know if you are doing too much or not enough? In kindergarten when they are starting to learn the foundation of everything how do you know you are teaching enough?

A: The best meter I’ve found for knowing this is by monitoring the stress level in the home. I had one child that hid from me when I brought out the phonograms. Turns out she had a vision issue. If I’d have insisted on her doing them, we may have harmed her love of learning.

Also, gaining consent from the child to be taught. If you have this (through relationship building), you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more schooling. This will also cover the motivation of the child.

Q: How do you shut up your negative thoughts, mommy guilt during these rough high school years?

A: Give yourself grace. Pray. Ask forgiveness when necessary. Don’t give up. God is a parent and look at Adam. It’ll be okay.

Q: How do you plan your homeschool?

A: Pinterest. Just kidding. Kinda. Seriously, though- plan with the end in mind. Think big picture to particulars. Whole to part. There are a bazillion planners for just getting the what you do on what day down. Beyond that- I always journaled my planning.

Q: What about socialization?

A: Fooled ya! You know I’m not going to answer that one!

I hope this has proven helpful to you. If you have a question I’ve not answered, drop me a comment and I’ll try to help!


Gina Glenn is a veteran homeschool mom to four {nearly all} grown children and author of the Principle Approach Primer. You can find Gina at GinaGlenn.com

Why Homeschool?

why homeschool

Why Homeschool?

By Christina Gerwitz Moss

Author, Public Speaker, Homeschool graduate and now Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling for me has always been a way of life.

I was homeschooled from K through 12th grade and loved the experience. I decided to pursue higher education and graduated from college in three years with honors. It wasn’t just the opportunities I had but the loving surroundings in which I was able to grow and flourish with love, stability and Christian spirituality. I attribute my homeschool experience as a wonderful springboard for my life and events that took me well into adulthood with fond memories.

My brother and I were not concerned about how other students would treat us as we learned.

My brother was “disabled” in the sense of the world, but I didn’t think it was odd that I, two years his junior was on the same grade level. We were free to learn at our own pace, gleaning information on topics that interested us (it seemed) at every turn during school hours or not. I later learned that my mother planned our year ahead of time and often switched topics as our interests became fine-tuned to a particular subject. It appeared to us as if the world was our school and many days we were excited to begin.

We were free to learn at our own pace

Testing was a form of a game where mom asked us questions and we bunny-hopped, jumped, or skipped to the end signifying completion. When testing became more formalized it still was a contest where we tried to beat last time’s score or asked for special “extra credit” answers that would bring us over the 100 mark. Mom was always sure to comply. My mom didn’t like testing us, but I enjoyed the tests.

Homeschooling my own children was an easy choice to make

Homeschooling my own children was an easy choice to make, especially since I have the loving support of my husband, who was not homeschooled, but had cousins who were through high school. We both want to offer our children a great education both academically as well as with the foundation of Christianity. Homeschooling we both agree will accomplish that desire for our family. I am excited knowing my children will experience the same things that I had growing up, the freedom to talk and discuss deep religious truths, question when those teenaged years come up and know that my parents never discounted our questions as childish or rude, but listened and directed with love and concern. I also love having a flexible schedule with the exception of offering my young children a little more structure than my mom gave to us. Mom is almost perfect in the proverbial “Mary Poppins” sense, is an icon of the homeschool movement, and well loved…but I can’t do everything just like her! In fact, I learned that from her. She told me to think for myself, stand my ground, and always cheered me on when confronted with tough decisions and whatever live-crisis crops up in life.

Just beginning my own homeschool journey

Several years ago, I began my journey with my young children, the oldest turned eleven in January. With almost six years of schooling completed, I have come to realize what a great undertaking homeschooling can be for the entire family. We have had the most incredible year in terms of growth, enjoyment of each other’s company, and of course the element my mom used, “fun.” We have learned much and had a few ups and downs along the way. Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment and dedication. It takes a totally unselfish love for your children that supersedes what the world says is “normal” in regard to traditional schooling.

I remember a story recounted by my mom.

She had us in a high-end preschool where academics were stressed thinking that was important for my speech-delayed brother. I went along for the ride, so to speak, and made friends easily as did my mother. When it came time for school, mom decided to homeschool my brother and of course, I followed suit. She received a call from a friend one morning (I was too young to remember), who felt “sorry” for my mother. You see, she had rushed through the morning, deposited her child on the school bus, and harried was sitting down to a wrecked kitchen and a cup of coffee before she tackled the day. She told my mom how sorry she felt that she was not getting a “break.” My mom recounts, “I told her that I was sitting in bed, with my second cup of coffee, still in pj’s with two kids flanked on either side, pillows fluffed, and reading. We had completed our religion books, Bible, and history. Breakfast was long done, washed and put away, and we would soon dress, do a few more chores before we headed upstairs to our school room to tackle some math, writing and other activities.” This friend didn’t call again feeling sorry for my mom. In fact, we felt sorry for ourselves if we did not complete school by noon so we had the day to explore our world!

For the success of a lifetime homeschooler, I believe it is a decision, not something to revisit every year.

I think it is similar to reviewing your marriage and deciding yearly if it is working out for you! Marriage is a commitment and for my family so is homeschooling. We will give it our all we don’t micro-analyze it looking for an out, looking at what they are “missing” in terms of the school bazaar, fund-raisers, track and field events or the like. We feel it is ordained by the Word of God, and we know, by His grace we will continue the tradition of raising a mighty people who love and will serve Him in thought, word and deed! If you are considering homeschooling I ask you to prayerfully consider what the Lord wants for you, for your life, for your family. Do not look left or right, look straight ahead. If the Lord ordains it He will give you the blessings and grace to continue. Don’t take my word for it, take His.

Christiana is daughter of Felice Gerwitz, Vintage Homeschool Moms and owner of Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

Happy Fourth Birthday

Happy Fourth Birthday to The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

with Felice Gerwitz

Happy fourth birthday to the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network! As we are celebrating we have a fun week of activities planned for our listeners. Who are the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network podcasters? They are homeschool parents, just like you – some are still homeschooling others are “graduated” homeschool parents with grown-up children. All of us love homeschooling and coming alongside you each week.

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College Preparation

college preparation College Preparation Time

Do you know the deadline dates for college preparation? If you are a college-bound high school student there are many dates you should be aware of – and some right around the corner. If you are a 9th or 10th grader you have some time, but the clock is ticking for you 11th and 12th graders. In a series of podcasts with college-test-taking expert, Jean Burk she shared those dates and important information you should know.

The great thing is being homeschooled. I gave my kids study-hall credit and allowed them time each day to prep for the SAT. This allowed them to do timed practice tests, study areas where they had weaknesses and truthfully, it helped tremendously.

College Preparation – PSAT and SAT

  1. For 11th grade – this is the year to take the PSAT – why? The PSAT is a test that is used to select National Merit Scholars. This could mean a full ride and free college to many universities. In order to take the PSAT, you must sign up with an area high school (or check your state or local homeschool group) or even the school board in your area. You must do this in advance. But, if you miss this important test there is a little-known secret – listen to podcast 60 here to learn more.
  2. For the 11th grader now is the time to take the SAT in October, November, and December. If you put time into studying, you are ready to take the test. If you take the test at different times, you have to study all over again. You do not have to show anyone your test results until you are ready. (See super score in number 3 below)
  3. For the 12th grader, you can take the SAT  in October, November, and December if you want to increase your score. Most colleges allow for a “super score,” which means that the scores are taken from different sections of the test. So, if you scored better in math in December and better in the reading portion in October you can use those test results as one.

FAFSA – Free Application Federal Student Aid 

I always thought that this meant student loans and it was not a necessary part of the process for college since my children really did not want loans or debt. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Jean in her podcasts – FAFSA Equals Free Money and the FAFSA Top 12 Best Kept Secrets that this is just a small portion of what FAFSA provides.

Why is it important to sign up for FAFSA?

  1. High school students can find grant money they didn’t know they qualified for.
  2. The student fills out the form (first download the PDF so you are prepared) and lists their own assets (not parents)
  3. You give your tax information for two years prior – so when filing date comes around Oct. 1st there is no need to delay.
  4. You can qualify for other available scholarships.

You don’t know unless you try. Right? Didn’t your mother always tell you this? Just be sure to avoid the top mistakes people make when filling out the FAFSA application and you can be one of those families who can be debt free after college!


Kids Cooking

Kids Cooking ~ A look at Raddish Kids

by Felice Gerwitz

*Raddish Kids is an Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Sponsor

Who doesn’t love to get mail and especially when that mail is a fun box with recipes. When I was first married I belonged to a recipe club and loved getting those packages as well. Some of those recipes became family favorites that I use to this day. How I wish I received recipes as a kid! That’s what Raddish Kids provides. Great recipes that children if children can read they can make on their own!  Learning to cook is a skill that is so valuable no matter what your age.

Learning to cook is a skill that is so valuable no matter what your age. It opens an entire world of good nutrition and healthy living. It can teach children to eat foods they would not try before as well encourage them to participate in planning and selecting a menu. Involving your children has never been easier. Raddish Kids kits provides all the information a parent (or grandparent!) needs to successfully cook with your children.

cooking with kids | kids cooking

Raddish kits come monthly and you can try one,  six or twelve months. In each kit comes a set of recipes, as well as a shopping list. It also has fun items such as a patch, discussion questions and a cooking technique or two. There are table topics to discuss as a family. More fun! One of my favorite items was the spatula that came with the kit. I loved it! (Not sure my kids will get that one.)

Listen to any of the Vintage Homeschool Moms podcast, here, here and here for a coupon offer from Raddish.

Here are some tips to make cooking time fun:

  1. Be sure you have time. Cooking with little ones can be a slow process
  2. Lunch or cooking on weekends – may be the best time for cooking
  3. Age appropriate activities
  4. Safety consideration – sharp knives, hot stove, etc.
  5. Simpler dishes (Raddish kits offer kid-friendly foods)

The benefits of cooking with kids: 

  • Hands-on experience, children learn best by doing
  • Cleanliness – teaching children to wash their hands before cooking
    • Washing utensils, not touch raw chicken etc.
  • Kitchen safety.
    • Using knives safely
    • Safety with stovetops and heat sources
    • Safely removing items from the microwave
  • Use recipes as “copy work,” that the children can use to read
  • Reading and following directions.
  • Math skills
    • Learning about the correct temperature to cook
    • Measuring
    • Calculating
    • Fractions
    • Dividing recipes or adding to increase
  • Agriculture
    • How food is grown
    • Farming techniques
  • Geography
    • Places where food is grown
    • Learning about different cuisines
  • Good nutrition
    • How food works to make your body strong
    • Food that is good for you
    • Food that is not good for you
  • Cooking skills
    • Cutting techniques (and safety!)
    • Whisking
    • Folding
    • Whipping
  • Shopping for foods
    • Creating a grocery list
    • Planning
    • Shopping

Remember, in order to make cooking memorable as well as successful select a time when the children won’t be tired or too hungry! Doing some prep ahead of time is always helpful. Giving a child who can read the recipe to read aloud, giving the little children who can’t help something to play with such as pots and a wooden spoon and having a happy attitude will go a long way. Some of our best times as a family is time spent in the kitchen. All of my children cook and well! And that comes from practice and no fear in trying.

What are your cooking successes?


Cooking with kids can provide skills that can be taught across the homeschool curriculum. Including math, copywork, agriculture, and kitchen safety. | kids cooking


Homeschool Memories and Giveaway

Homeschool Memories and Giveaway

Homeschool Memories and Giveaway

I was thinking back over the 20 years I’ve been homeschooling a lot lately. So much has changed! One of the best things to have come along is homeschool blogs.

Back in the day, I’d wait for my envelope full of homeschool offers on those 4 x 6 cards and shuffle through them. Anyone remember the one about colon cleansing? True story.

Or, I’d wait for my The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and read every article. Now even TOS is digital! Instead of gathering online, we gathered in support groups and state conventions. And, to be honest- I miss that.

But, homeschooling has changed and grown. I have more homeschooling friends than I’ve ever had, most I’ve never met IRL. Facebook groups have taken the place of yahoo email groups and email forwards. Truly, my world has broadened and I’m thankful for that.

Surely God in his Providence knew there’d be a time when our strength would need to be in numbers and support would come from the four corners. And I’m glad!

We’ve shared the loss of children, parents, and spouses. We’ve cried over prodigals and been the prodigal an online-sister called home. Experiencing the loss of fellow homeschool moms and bloggers keeps life real. The online part dissipates a bit.

So, this year- sharing a back-to-school party and giveaway is reminder of all the sweet ladies who put their heart into what they offer, the way only a homeschool mama can. Please stop by each of the sites in the giveaway (you get kudos if you do!) and let them know how much they mean to you!

They mean a lot to me!

Don’t miss the giveaway – and thanks to Encouraging Moms at Home for the Back to School Party!

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  14. 9 Easy Steps to Homeschooling ebook $4.95
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  16. Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue ebook $15
  17. Lads and Ladies of Wisdom $15
  18. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas (Volume 1) $21.99
  19. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas (Volume 2) $16.99
  20. 5 Minute Devotions for Homeschooling Moms $5.50
  21. Homeschooling: What to do When You Want to Quit $15.99
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Solar Eclipse

solar eclipseSolar Eclipse Shows The Glory of God

The solar eclipse has been talked about in anticipation for years and not just by scientists. Many people are planning to watch, some on the optimal path to witness this event, first-hand and others virtually.

I remember watching the lunar eclipse as a child. My dad was an astronomy buff. He loved the ocean – he was a sailor as a young man, but he equally loved the sky. “In the sea, you sometimes see the fury of God, but in the stars, you see His glory,” he’d say. He took us to see the Apollo 11, the spaceship that had a lunar rover that landed on the moon. We’d get up early in the morning to watch the spot in the sky which was the rocket(s) take off — depending on which Apollo spacecraft we could see from our house. We lived in the middle of the state of Florida, yet visited the Kennedy Space Center many times. The space center is even hosting a viewing of the solar eclipse.

However, even with the science behind it, and the excitement in anticipation of the event, what really comes to my mind when I consider this event is Almighty God. The glory of God to be exact. In the vastness of the night sky, we realize how small we are–just a dot on the planet.

Psalm 19: 1 summarizes it beautifully – “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” 

God created lunar and solar eclipses – they are a handiwork of His wonderful creation. We see the vastness of the earth dwarfed by the sun – that allows our earth flourish. Think about this; the sun is in the perfect place, not too far away and not too close. The same with the moon. The solar eclipse demonstrates how far away the sun is, in comparison to our planet.

For me, the idea of witnessing the eclipse safely is important. Even if I had the safety, approved glasses I would not look at the sun during this eclipse. My eyesight is too precious – as well as that of my family. This is how I recommend watching the solar eclipse:

  1. Nasa Live streaming:  Nasa live streaming
  2. See how the solar eclipse will look in your area – add your zip code to learn more
  3. If you still want to see the eclipse here are instructions from a trusted source, NASA

Thanks to the wonderful universe that God created, we can witness these types of miraculous occurrences. Observer them safely!

How and Why to Find a Mentor and Back to School Giveaway

How and why to find a mentor

As a homeschooler, have you struggled with any of these questions?

  1. What are my state requirements?
  2. How do I get started?
  3. What do I teach and when?
  4. What methodology is best for my family?
  5. What do I say to critics?
  6. How do I schedule our day?
  7. How do I motivate my kids to do lessons?
  8. What curriculum do I choose?
  9. What about learning and teaching styles?
  10. How do I handle special needs?
  11. How can I homeschool frugally?
  12. Do I need to worry about Common Core?
  13. Where did I put my coffee?

Well, ok. That last one is probably just me.

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a few years into it, chances are you’ve looked for a homeschooling mentor of some kind. Homeschooling is a challenge and it is such an important undertaking! It only makes sense to find homeschoolers who have “been there, done that” to come alongside us and help navigate the sometimes murky waters.

Finding A Mentor

Benefits and Limitations

As with any mentors, homeschooling mentors have limits. Nobody knows you, your family, and your child as well as God does. Not even you. Going to Him first with every concern is far wiser and more effective than relying on any mentor. Checking anything your mentors say against God’s Word and His leading in your life is also critical.
No book, site, or individual is going to perfectly encompass all the needs and goals of your family. To simply follow what someone else does because they appear to be doing well is not a good choice. However, it is worth the time and effort to find that handful of mentors and reliable resources that fit your needs relatively well and can help you navigate the plethora of homeschooling issues and information.

Face-to-Face Mentors

Face-to-face mentors are hard to find. It’s sad, but true. I once asked a leader in the large homeschool support group I joined a few years ago if they had some sort of mentorship program or if she could connect me with another mom to help me get started. She said no! They had tried, but the more experienced moms ended up being too busy and the relationships never lasted.
Even so, it can happen! I think they are worth the effort (and the vulnerability that comes with it) to keep looking for those mentors. I have recently refreshed my search for one or two for myself.
Here are a few things to keep in mind on your own search:
  • Observe – If possible, find other homeschool moms that you’d like to learn from. Look for some with kids one or two levels above yours, and some who are nearing the home stretch. Perhaps they have a strong Charlotte Mason flair you’re interested in. Maybe they seem to keep things moving with 6 kids, or they’re just pleasant and easy to talk to. Local support groups are a great way to find homeschoolers and scout for mentors!
  • Approach – The best mentors develop naturally. Instead of saying “hey, can you mentor me?” try asking if you can buy them a coffee and pick their brain about homeschooling, or come to their house and be a fly on the wall for a few hours. Email them asking some resource recommendations or what their homeschool day looks like.
  • Be Considerate – Homeschool moms are busy. Be considerate of their time and make sure you aren’t using them as a crutch or your only source of information! I find that asking general questions (“what is your homeschool day like?”) or troubleshooting (“how do I deal with letter reversal in handwriting?”) are the best ways to learn from them without sapping their energy.

Online/Book Mentors

Of course, there is a vast sea of blogs, sites, and books all about homeschooling that are meant to mentor and support you. Ask around and find out what the favorites are. In the past few years, I’ve figured out what my favorite go-to sources are for troubleshooting homeschool problems or general ideas and inspiration.
Just remember that it’s much better to have 5 or so books and resources you rely on instead of allowing input from hundreds a day to reach your ears. Who has the time and brain capacity for that? Not me! I know, because I’ve tried. Keep in mind that we are looking for “mentors,” not seeking to gather all possible opinions.
Here is my short list for online sites, books and blogs I follow loosely for information and encouragement. Yours will look different, and that’s ok!
  • Doorposts – This is more of a parenting and discipleship resource, but we all know how integrated those are with homeschooling! This is our favorite biblical parenting resource, hands down.
  • Educating WholeHearted Child (and other materials by the Clarksons) – I read and enjoy many homeschooling books, but this is the one I always come back to. It is packed full of good helps, information, guidance and encouragement!
How about you? What are you looking for in a mentor? What are your favorite “mentors” online or in books?
TaunaMTauna loves her family and loves God. She is a homeschooling mama that has been married for 8 years and has 4 young children. She writes at Proverbial Homemaker.com, so named because, as she says, “me becoming a wife, mom, and homemaker proves that anything is possible with God.”



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