Replay: How to Think and Talk Math

How to Think and Talk Math

REPLAY: How to Think and Talk Math with Mr. D

For the next few weeks, Mr. D is replaying some of his earlier podcasts for new listeners. Here is Podcast #1 — enjoy!

What if math was its own language?  Learn to speak math similar to the way you learn to speak other new languages.   This podcast will give you the basic foundation for how to teach your young person to “Think and Talk Math.” Listeners will be able to receive a common math language that can be used at any grade level.




Dennis DiNoia created Mr. D Math which is an online curriculum that includes live online classes!
Find out more about Mr. D here!

Emergency Mode is NOT a Lifestyle!

The unexpected happens and you are suddenly living in emergency mode. Things are a blur. At this point you are not even sure you what you made for breakfast. Your body can’t keep up with that type of stress for long. Your family won’t be healthy and happy living in emergency mode.

This is not a lifestyle!

It’s time to make some changes!

One of my most sought after workshops is ‘Peace in an INTENSE home’. I hear you friends. Life is rough and with special needs in the house things can get out of control fast. Let me help you get your breath and find a way to make positive changes in your home to create a peace-filled home.

First step is to start on your knees in prayer. With God on your side let’s explore the other ways you can help yourself get out of emergency mode. Also, we will be talking about how to help others help us. Creating a strong support system to help you and your family in times of trouble.


Emergency Mode is NOT a Lifestyle! ~Victory over Adversity


Join me today in talking emergency mode and stressed living. Whether this is an acute or chronic issue its time to adjust and bring peace to our families.

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HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One

This week on the HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One.

HSHSP Ep 69 Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts

HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One

Until you’ve started your own homeschool highschool co-ops you might have NO idea all the details that go into it!

Co-ops are lots of fun but lots of work. They work much more smoothly if you handle the details up front during your planning. What are the many things you need to think about?

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Marilyn for an amusing chat (and “we’re ditzes” bloopers). We we’re discussing the nuts and bolts for starting a homeschool highschool co-op such as:

  • How to do signups
  • How to decide fees
  • How to organize age groups
  • How to handle who teaches what and when
  • How to handle weekly setup
  • How to organize cleanups
  • How to handle absences and sicknesses
  • How to arrange for substitute teachers
  • How to use syllabii
  • How to adapt for teens with disabilities
  • How to handle bad-weather days
  • How to plan for special events
  • How to handle grading

Help your homeschool highschoolers have a great educational year, make some great friends and have lots of fun by planning for the details as you set up your co-op!

Homeschool Co-op: How to Use College Application Essay Writing Guide

7 Engaging Activities for Financial Literacy in Homeschool Co-op

And when you or your teen need some wise guidance for the next steps in life, visit Vicki’s life and career coaching site for great information and personal coaching.

3 Top Priorities for Success in College




HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One

Best Shows Replay: How to Homeschool the Uncooperative Child

Homeschooling the Uncooperative Child The Homeschool Sanity Show Podcast
This month while Dr. Melanie Wilson is taking a podcasting break, we’re replaying some of her best shows!    Listen to this interview with Rebecca Spooner about Homeschooling the Uncooperative Child.

He never fails to groan when you announce it’s time for school. It takes her forever to finish her work. Or worse yet, you get outright rebellion. What to do? Rebecca Spooner of Hip Hoomeschooling shares her tips as a homeschool graduate and homeschooling mother of five on this episode of the podcast.

Listen on iTunes



7 Sisters Homeschool

Homeschooling the Uncooperative Child on Hip Homeschooling Blog

Rebecca on Periscope, Facebook, and Pinterest


Important Stuff We Forget To Teach – MBFLP 175

We all start homeschooling knowing that we’ll have to teach reading, spelling, math … all the traditional classroom subjects. But we quickly realized there were some things that “just happened” in school, and now that we’re the school, we need to make plans for them. Unfortunately, we meet a lot of homeschool families who are missing out on some important topics that don’t normally show on a transcript – but are critical for their kids’ future! You don’t want to miss this episode …

Some Resources We Mentioned: 

Internet safety with Covenant Eyes filtering/monitoring/accountability software
(this affiliate link helps support our ministry!)

Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Re-Gaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality

Boot Camp 9-12 (live sessions starting August 10!)

HIRL Episode 156: The Goodbye Show

All good things must come to an end, and as such, this is the final episode of the Homeschooling In Real Life podcast. Thank you for hanging in there with us through 155 episodes. It was a great run and we even slipped a final episode in last week before saying goodbye!

Celebrate with us as we say thank you to everyone who has impacted this ministry, from guests to tech help to our in-house babysitters to you, our faithful HIRLers. We’ll also leave you with the four things we think made up the heart and soul of our podcast for 155 episodes. Can you guess what they are?

Of course we couldn’t end without some good old fashioned fluff and a lot of fun. Listen along and discover how Fletch does not really know the words to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” And for those of you wondering what we’ve been hinting about, we finally break the suspense and tell you what’s next for Fletch and Kendra and the Homeschooling in Real Life crew.



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Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from for the HomeschoolingIRL podcast every week as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades.


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Cure For Bragging Kids

CURE FOR BRAGGING Cure For BraggKids by Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #211

Bragging. It is one of those things parents often find alarming. There is a cure for bragging kids, but the solutions are not always easy. Kids can say the darndest things and when they are little we may laugh and think it is cute. Fast forward a few years and when we hear those “cute” things, our kids are no longer…well, cute! Bragging. Something we can help our kids overcome.

a time.

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media angels membership












Show Notes: Cure For Bragging Kids

Humility is the antidote to pride, which C. S. Lewis said was the “greatest sin,” the vice that leads to every other vice. “There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which we are more unconscious of in ourselves.”

Learning How to Budget Your Time

Learning to Budget Your TimeTake control of the time God has given you to have a more productive homeschool year and to cultivate a more peaceful environment at home.  Join Lindsey this week on this podcast from Talking Mom 2 Mom.

Helpful Link from the Talking Mom 2 Mom Podcast’s Blog:

5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule: Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive 



Other Talking Mom2Mom Links:

Talking Mom2Mom Website

Facebook Page 





5 Secret Revealed – SAT and ACT

5 Secrets Revealed SAT ACT5 Insider’s Top Secret Tips About the SAT and ACT

College Prep – #56 with Jean Burk

Are you ready for a series of podcasts that crack wide open the SAT and ACT myth. No, these tests do not evaluate what you know, they are standardized LOGIC tests. Do you understand what to look for? Can you answer some sections in less then one minute a question? In this series, podcast 56, 57, 58 and 59 Jean shares the information you need to crack open the code and score well. This information is something the test makers do not want you to know!

Visit our sponsor – College Prep Genius

Show Notes: 5 Secrets Revealed SAT – ACT

  1. Redesigned SAT is designed by ACT writers

One third rule – did better on ACT one better to SAT and one third do equally well on both.

The difference in the tests have been changed.

Some students didn’t like to sit longer – or on some tests they couldn’t switch their brain fast enough or found it more difficult

SAT changing began with – David Colman – he was the architect of common core – he was put in charge of testing and he decided he didn’t like the fact that more student s were taking the ACT over the SAT – the difference was close approx. 1.8 million vs. 1..7 million

David Colman hired the best ACT writer’s to improve the SAT and they did – they set up– patterns similar on both tests almost 99 percent the same

4-long sections on both test – students of any age common strategies now – on both tests

12 states including Texas – pulled out of Common Core – private and homeschoolers have not adopted CC – college board isn’t going to get sued…

influences and philosophies – testing reading, writing and math …. More on the podcast.

  1. There is now an August SAT – rising Junior – extra practice before PSAT before it counts for national merit scholar –26

College board – profile – links –College Board


  1. SAT – costs six figures to write – that alone tells you that when the college board writes this test – they have to follow the same rules all the time. Once you learn the patterns you can study those.

Change had to do with money – they wanted more people to take the SAT –

XYZ company got sued by college board – this particular company got caught cheating had the real tests and used those tests to teach their students

This is a beatable test – learning the patterns is the key –– cost to write each SAT – 625K for one test…


  1. SAT and ACT makers use similar misleading remarks – it is so discouraging and wrong advice… these tests do use high school content – these are filled with logic, and reasoning… but that alone is not enough. You have to approach it with a critical eye.

You can not study for the content –but you can study for how the questions are written. The only fair way to compare is with a standardized tests…


  1. You can get your SAT and ACT detailed scores back – you can determine your weaknesses and how to combat these

There are 3 times a year you can get your test back for a small fee – clean test booklet…

Gives you very specific results –



Morning in the Mud with Keri Vasek

Morning in the Mud with Keri Vasek and The Real Kathy LeeWhat a morning! Once a month, my sweet friend Keri Vasek opens her home up to mommas in the Houston area for a morning of togetherness and MUD! Yes, MUD! I wanted to see this event first hand so before I headed to the THSC conference in The Woodlands, I made a stop at Keri’s house to be a part of this epic event. It did not disappoint. I arrived as moms and kids were unloading out of their SUV’s and skipping into Keri’s house.

Once inside I smell lovely essential oils diffusing throughout her charming house and notice this inviting sign that offered clear directions to the necessities!

Coffee was the first thing on my agenda after an early flight from Atlanta. Sweet Keri had just the cup for me… A YOU’VE got this mug. The mud was ready and several children jumped right in. However, some children chose to participate in the many other activities Keri had to offer. Fly Guts, Instant Snow, Water Beads, Herbal Play Dough, and the many fun toys in the playroom. There was something for everyone and that was also true for the moms. There was coffee and PIE! There were quiet areas for nursing moms, a massage therapist available, and plenty of spaces to meet a new momma friend or catch up with an old one.

To add to the fun of this special day, I asked several of my friends to donate items for a giveaway! I have the BEST friends. Keri and I combined, had enough giveaways for every mom to go home with something! Thank you, thank you to the following:


Alesha at Lakeshore Learning

Jeff Preston at Discount School Supply

Holly at The Giles Frontier

Sam and Josiah at SD Smith – The Green Ember Series

Samantha at Raddish Kids

Classical Academic Press Purpose Coffee

Keri and DoTerra Oils

Michael and Jessica Somerville  with Tapestry of Grace

The Homegrown Preschooler

Kenyatta and Co.


So many great products given away to enhance the lives of little ones in Houston, TX!!!

Also, one of Keri’s dear friends (and mine too) brought her husband along to record an episode for their YouTube Channel. Check them out at Better Together Life on YouTube.

Keri, you are an inspiration! I pray that moms all over the world will grab on to this idea and invite others over for some Dirty, Messy, Noisy Work! Yes, there will be mud and a mess! More importantly, there will be memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

What a good day, a very good day!

Morning in the Mud with Keri Vasek and The Real Kathy Lee  



Find a way to #sayyes today.

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