200th Episode – Best Kept Organization Secrets

best organization tipsBest Kept Organization Secrets with Felice Gerwitz

Welcome to the 200th Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcast! Today I host several guests who will stop by to say, “hi” to all of you, my listeners and share some of their organization secrets with you! I can’t believe I began podcasting on Vintage Homeschool Moms, in October of 2013 and now there are 200 episodes to keep you busy – and hopefully supplied with great resources and information for your homeschool. A few of my guests are the podcasters from The Highschool Homeschool Podcast, Talking Mom 2 Mom, Mommy Jammies Night, Homeschool Sanity, Making Biblical Family Life Practical, and the Finish Well Podcast.


Homeopathy for Bugs, Bites and Stings – Part 1

How to prevent and treat Bug Bites and Stings with homeopathyIt’s summertime and now is the time when all those creepy crawly things come out! Mosquitoes, Certain Flies, Fleas, Bedbugs, Gnats, Midges, Spiders, Ticks, and Chiggers … all are a concern this time of year as we get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather after a long winter.  All these insects have the chance of carrying diseases that can be transmitted to humans or animals.  Tune in as Sue Meyer talks about homeopathic remedies to use to protect ourselves and our families from these insects and what to do if you get stung in this two-part series.

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Student Led Portfolio Presentations Are Making Moms Proud

Podcast 29


Mr. D has been working with students on their end of year evaluations using student led learning portfolio presentations.  Students have been leading their own evaluations.  It has been amazing.  from 10 year olds to 17 year old, moms listening in and watching the presentations have been brought to tears seeing how great the young people have been.  Find out more about how it works and get Mr. D’s Portfolio and Presentation Guide sent to you as well.  Students are finding this experience to be rewarding and a much better way to end their year than with a standardized test.

Find out more about Mr. D here!

HSHSP Ep 60: Essay Writing: What, When, How!

HSHSP Ep 60: Essay Writing: What, When, How!

HSHSP Ep 60: Essay Writing: What, When, How!

When will I ever use this in real life?

Has your teen ever asked that question? Our teens have asked it about writing essays!

When will they ever use essay writing in real life? LOTS of times. Here’s a few:

  • College application essays
  • College papers and assignments
  • College entrance testing like SAT and ACT
  • Some job applications
  • Missions trips write ups for church
  • ETC!

Essay writing doesn’t have to be miserable or overwhelming. Your teens can rock them! Join Sabrina, Vicki and Marilyn for lots of practical and encouraging information about the WHAT, WHEN and HOW of essay writing in homeschool highschool!






Essay Writing for Reluctant High School Writers

Have Fun Writing High School Essays

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How to Make Digital Curriculum Work for You

There are a number of problems homeschoolers have in using digital curriculum. I’ve had them myself! But now that I have the solutions, I’m excited about using digital curriculum again. I can’t wait to share the solutions I’ve discovered.

How to make digital curriculum work for your homeschool


Read the blog post or watch on YouTube


print mission manuals for Grammar Galaxy

I interviewed Beth Napoli about cool webtools for students

The BIGGEST Homeschool Sale of the Year - ends 5/30/17


The printer I recommend

instructions for opening a PDFs on a tablet.

the free Adobe Reader app


how to use Dropbox

how to use Google Drive


the database I’ve already created for you

I’ll show you step by step what to do in this video.

Join me on Facebook on Tuesday, May 23rd at 4E/3C/2M/1P for a review and giveaway of Build Your Bundle digital curriculum.

Building or Re-Building – To Become A Better Husband – MBFLP 170

Our sons face particular pressures on their way to becoming husbands – and fathers face some of the same issues as they live out their own vows! In the second part of Hal’s presentation to a recent men’s conference, he’s talking about the reality of both the temptation and the grace to resist it or if necessary, to repent and recover from a fall. It’s another look about being intentional about preparing our sons to be effective and godly husbands!

Want to know more about our new book, Love, Honor, and Virtue, and how it can help you teach your son about Biblical sexuality and equip him to walk with integrity? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE! 

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Roadschool Record Keeping Made Easy

The pencils are sharpened and planner options appear everywhere on the table! The Roadschool Moms duo is sorting it all out. Moreover, with 30 years of Mom-experience, these two fulltime RVing mamas share affiliate links for products used in their own rolling homeschools. Episode four is all about homeschool record keeping for a successful roadschool year!

Record keeping requirements vary depending on the state. But, everyone agrees a record of family learning activities is important. Even unschoolers might record attendance, activities and projects in case of a domicile change. Being prepared helps families stay cool under pressure! As with any system, the best one is the one you will use.

In their usual quest for all the answers, the Roadschool Moms team talks with record keeping expert, Dave, from Homeschool Tracker, on the show. Hit the replay to reveal all the details about this comprehensive and easy-to-use online program from this feature interview:

  • Program for all levels of detailed record keeping
  • Includes grading option and other report features
  • High school transcripts a snap
  • Student access for assignments and more
  • Manages up to 20 students
  • Training webinars and video user guides

Live listeners earn the chance to win an entire year of Homeschool Tracker. Listen in for more details. Those who catch the replay still have a chance to take advantage of a free trial offer.

If a curriculum with integrated record keeping is in your sights, look no further than Time4Learning. This customized, self-paced K-12 program is a great fit for many roadschoolers. The log-in history for each child creates reports and an attendance record. As a result, homeschool portfolios and transcripts come together in a snap. For a free trial, use “roadschooler” to give it a test drive for the next successful roadschool adventure.

Some homeschoolers prefer a paper style record keeping system.  Most noteworthy, Roadschool Moms Sarah James sends her glowing recommendation for A Plan in Place. This site has it all with planners for kids at different age levels or even mom and dad! Shopper options include customized hard-copy planners as well as digital products. This site offers a straightforward way to stay organized.

If you are looking for a roadmap for your next learning adventure, scroll through the RSM library on iTunes to find more than 120 podcast replays.

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the creator of Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time across America’s backyard.

Implementing & Maintaining Family Devotions

Do you implement consistent family devotions in your home? Join these two moms as they talk about how to start family devotions and keep God’s Word in your conversation as you “walk by the way” with your children. Whether you have younger children or older, a husband who is involved and desiring to lead or you are doing it on your own, children who want to participate or some who rebel against the Word of God, Richele and Lindsey have something in this episode for you. As they share from personal experience, how they implement family devotions in their own homes, they will also share tips on how to fit family devotions into your own schedule and system in a way that works for you.


Helpful Links:
A Catechism for Boys and Girls: http://www.reformedreader.org/ccc/acbg.htm

The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New Devotional Book for Families: http://amzn.to/2qBH0wF (affiliate link)

The ABC’s for Godly Children Bible Curriculum: https://www.talkingmom2mom.com/product/abcs-godly-children-bible-curriculum-bundle


Talking Mom2Mom Links:

Talking Mom2Mom


Curriculum On The Cheap

curriculum on the cheap Let’s Talk About Curriculum Ideas On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Special Guest, Gina Glenn

Podcast 199

Do you know the best place to buy curriculum on the cheap? In this podcast, Felice and Gina discuss the basic ideas behind curriculum and how to find wonderful ways to purchase great curriculum without breaking the bank.

Please share our show with your friends! And rate us on iTunes, GooglePlay or your favorite podcast app.

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How to choose homeschool curriculum

Using movies as curriculum

How do you choose good books?

Living Books

Living Books Library

Show Notes: Curriculum Ideas On The Cheap

  1. What is your homeschool philosophy? If you don’t know, how can you purchase curriculum?
  2. Join your favorite curriculum companies newsletter. Often you will receive first-hand knowledge of upcoming sales or discounts.
  3. Do your homework. What works for your best friend may not work for you.
  4. Used bookstores or homeschool consignment stores
  5. Library Sales
  6. Living books from original sources – library or book trade
  7. Start your own trading library of resources
  8. Unit studies – you can use these over multi-grades for multi-years.
  9. Project Gutenberg, Google Books
  10. Audios books – library or online
  11. Loyal Books
  12. Lists of great books: AmblesideOnline.org

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Little Ones CAN (and SHOULD) Do It!

Little Ones CAN (and Should) Do it! Jan Smith is a rock star when it comes to parenting and homeschooling! She is a mother, grandmother, homeschooling advocate, businesswoman, jazz band member and mentor to many! I first met Jan after she heard one of my talks and invited me to speak at the Louisiana State Homeschool conference a few years ago. I immediately fell in love with Jan (and Roger) and you will too after this episode.

In this episode Jan and I talk about the benefits of letting (encouraging) little ones to get involved in home life. We share how this builds confidence, work ethic, and a willingness to take risks, all great things for our children as they grow and mature. Jan shares some personal stories that will inspire you to let go and get your little ones involoved. They CAN do it!






Jan and Roger Smith

Watch this video on the benefits of little ones doing chores, it is powerful!

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