How To Ace The ACT

How to Ace the ACTHow to Ace the ACT

Podcast 63

Did you know that College Prep Genius teaches you how to ace the ACT? Truthfully, test anxiety is half the battle. Changing your mindset is important. In this podcast, Jean Burk discusses information about the ACT and how to ace this important college entrance test to gain valuable college scholarships and minimize college debt!

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Show Notes: How to Ace the ACT

  1. What does ACT stand for? American College Test
    1. ACT says it is not like the SAT but it is not true.
    2. 20 years ago it made a difference about what test you took.
    3. ACT – practice tests and prep guide only use official questions!
    4. Do not get books prior to 2015 – do not get old tests.
  2. Which college takes the ACT?
    1. However now 100% of colleges take either one.
    2. If a school prefers one over the other – they use a conversion score.
    3. Ask the school, they will tell you.
    4. One more point on an ACT can convert to 20K
  3. Differences/Similarities with SAT and ways to Ace the ACT
    1. Both standardized test
    2. Assess critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    3. Both tests questions objective.
    4. SAT – 2 Math 1 Reading 1 Writing | ACT 1 Math 1 Science 1 Reading and 1 Writing (Listen to the audio for the specifics.)
    5. Both objectives can a student do well under pressure?
    6. SAT is an unlimited number of attempts – ACT up to 12 attempts
      1. You are not hindering anything taking it more time.
      2. You will see patterns in the test, or you are more familiar with it.
  • You can use a Super Score… the highest scores from each test.
  1. SAT – 1600 and the ACT – 36
  1. Is the ACT more content-based than the SAT?
    1. The big myth is that the ACT has more content
    2. The ACT has spent money in promoting it measures your high school ability. However different schools teach different things so that is impossible.
    3. Not true, they are both logic tests – how well a student can think through a question in about 1 minute and then move on.
  2. What is the TIR?
    1. Recommended to order this service. Test Information Release for the ACT –it gives them a test back. Shows the areas you had trouble in. You have results given.
    2. Highly recommend, you take the ACT test Dec, April, and June
  3. Where to find the right way to practice?
    1. Learning test-taking strategies is key.
    2. Wrong answers are very tricky! Answers you are more than likely going to pick if you don’t understand the logic behind the questions in the answer.
    3. Need to change your approach to the test.
    4. You can answer the questions in 30 seconds or less.
    5. Be sure the test book is 2016 or later.
  4. Do I need to be really good in science to do well on the ACT?
    1. This is not a science test. More about knowing and reading and finding the info that restates what is in the passage. All the info is right in front of you.
    2. Circle keywords are important.
    3. Science sections have 5 types of questions, overall, questions about chart or graph, numbers or inferences, double facts, and it is knowing where the information is found.
  5. How long do you get per question?
    1. Timing – less time on the ACT
    2. Knowing test-taking strategies is so important. There are not several minutes to
    3. English – 75 questions 45 min –36 seconds per question
    4. Math –60 questions 60 min – 1 seconds per questions
    5. Reading –40 questions 35 min – 52 seconds per questions
    6. Science –40 and 55 min –1+ min per question
    7. Essay Time: 40 minutes for a prompt question – generally have to do with high school life. (Optional)
  6. Let me know about the secret chance to take the ACT …and how to ace the ACT
    1. 23 Secrets to Standardized Test – links here
    2. Residual ACT –offered 6 times a year nationally. You can take it in nonconventional times during the year. Given on many campuses several times a year. Take it on your time. It will only apply to that school.
    3. Get your results very quickly.
    4. You can avoid the late fees and deadlines by paying at the college itself.
  7. What other pertinent links can you share?
    1. Which colleges will super score the SAT
    2. Essay – college requires it or not
    4. What score converts – Some schools will give more money on one test over the other. A similar score is higher and more money is offered for it!


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FAFSA 12 Best kept secrets

FAFSA 12 Best kept secretsFAFSA – 12 Best Kept Secrets Application Tips with Jean Burk

Episode 62

Here are the FAFSA 12 Best Kept Secrets. Did you know that 80-90% of families make mistakes on the FAFSA that cost them tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money? This information is timely before October 1 – so please listen and share this show with your friends with college-bound students.

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Show Notes: FAFSA 12 Best Kept Secrets

Did you know that many times students do not complete the FAFSA application completely? You must complete the FAFSA all the way through. It is an application for low-interest student loans and grants. If you don’t complete it you can lose out on thousands of dollars.

You can do this ahead of time to be prepared on filling out the FAFSA application. Pre-work – download the PDF from the website.

FAFSA 12 Best Kept Secrets:

  1. Scams: Be aware of scam copies – A company purchased this website àcom they will charge you for the FAFSA – it is a FREE application.
  2. ID: Get you FAFSA ID ahead of time. You get a username and a password. If you are considered a dependent student, you need your separate ID. It can take a few weeks to get your ID. There can be a backlog at the last minute. Do not share your ID with others. This information you are putting on your FAFSA is sensitive information. Store it in (you can get a free account) or a paid account is $20 per year and it keeps you ID safe.
  3. Date October 1 on your senior year. Many states will run out of money early. You can put in ten colleges when you are filling out your FAFSA. You use your prior-prior taxes or two years before you apply for the loan. You need pull that out and bring out the information. If you have had a decrease in income from 2015 to now – that can be adjusted as well – addendum needs to be filled out with each college.
  4. Deadlines: To maximize your scholarship opportunities fill it out by October 1 – Each school and state will set their deadlines. October 1 is the FIRST day you can apply – deadlines are months later, but why wait?
  5. Which ID? Do not use your ID (parents) when you start our your FAFSA – they will give you an option to enter the student information. USE the student ID – it will automatically add your personal information.
  6. Knowing the lingo on the FAFSA helps – certain questions that you automatically know, but you may make mistakes –
    1. Legal guardianship – Students will answer yes here. You are not considered a legal guardian of yourself! So the answer is NO
  7. NUMBER: The number of family household members – specific definition. Many students put the wrong number down. It has no bearing on who claims the parents in a divorce situation. How many are in your household – that is in your entire family. Siblings. Read instructions carefully.
    1. The number of family members who are in college and private school. If you are thinking about just your siblings. Don’t forget to include yourself. You are also going to college.
  8. Common Mistakes:
    • If it says You or YOUR – it means the student.
    • Put in your full name as it appears on your social security card – no nicknames. It will bring you delays if you are not accurate.
    • Double check your social security number.’
  9. Income Information: 
    • How much income tax – not your AGI (adjusted gross income) – IRS data retrieval tool that will tell you how to fill it out.
    • Be sure to see if they are asking for your income vs. your parent’s income. Do not get them confused.
  10. Parent section is color coded – you can fill out the parent information. (Even if you live on your own. It still can help you.)
  11. Add More Colleges: Students may only be considering only one or two colleges. You have up to ten schools you can list. Take advantage of this tool and the other colleges cannot see the schools you are sending this to. You can always remove and add more schools.
  12. Sign It! Don’t forget to sign your FAFSA this will cause an incomplete FAFSA. You sign it with your ID number. You can mail a signature page if you want. It is not necessary. You can check the status of your application at any time.


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FAFSA Equals Free Money

FAFSA Equals MoneyFAFSA Equals Free Money with Jean Burk

Episode 61


Did you know that FAFSA equals free money to students? Now is the time, especially if you are a rising senior –it is crucial to pay attention to apply to you right now! Don’t fall for those places that say they will help you fill this out if you pay – it is totally free. Just listen to podcast 61 and 62 for more information!

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Show Notes: FAFSA Equals Free Money

***Please note – there was an update and change to the FAFSA website – please use the 2016 tax return for this school year Oct. 1 2017- 2018 … check out the fafsa website for details.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid –

Did you know that FAFSA is way more than somewhere to apply for student loans? It is for current and prospective college students who are looking at the high cost of college and what their family is expected contribution. Every year you reapply for the FAFSA –

Quick Notes: Every year you must reapply for the FAFSA – even in post-graduate school, You the STUDENT fill it out.

Keep in mind the name FAFSA is FREE Application for Federal student aid. There is a parent section that is color-coded. 80-90% fill out the FAFSA wrong and lose eligibility.

This is need-based, grant-based and offers entitlements. IT lets you calculate how much you should be able to pay for college. This does not affect merit based scholarships. Not being prepared is the biggest mistakes.

It is very hard to fix once submitted. Don’t rush it. Take your time.

You should prepare for it correctly before you fill it out online. Do not just start filling it out. You can download PDF, fill it out, and then when you fill out the actual form you have your information prepared.

Both parents need a FAFSA ID – need to fill it out. Use your student’s ID – not the parents. The parent should only help the children not doing the work for them – other

You can send a FAFSA to ten different schools right off the bat.

Seniors – the first day you can fill it out is October 1 your senior year. Most families wait for months. By that time all the free money is gone!  That is why we are doing this October reminder to gather these things NOW before October.

They changed the entire criteria for income tax – 2015 tax information. Prior/ Prior income tax. You are behind by two years. If there has been a huge decrease you need to let the colleges know. You can transfer the information over the FAFSCA right away.

This does not mean you are poor. Everyone fills it out – the earliest time is October 1.

It is completely FREE – no charge to apply. Scholarships, grants, financial aid. You need info from income tax. Social security number, W-2 forms, dependents, etc.

*If you do not have a senior a junior or younger. You want to get an idea of where you are – you can set up your ID anytime – FAFSA ID number in search and find it

Common Mistakes:

  1. Too little
    1. Forget to include other students in private schools or colleges – don’t leave out that information!
  2. Too much
    1. It is meant for the student to fill out – most parents include their home equity as part of assets. 99% percent of colleges do NOT require your home equity. You are worth more than you are – you are just a student
  3. Too late
    1. Most people wait too long – after the October 1st You have a few weeks (at the time of this broadcast) – plan ahead

Nonfederal financial – CSS Profile

College board websites – Financial aid profile early acceptance college.

Keep limited funds in your banking or savings account as a student.

You can get a precise EFC Calculator – college board website …gives you an idea of your worth and ability to (Estimated Family Contribution) – this is what we see that your family can contribute.

Secret Formula that Colleges use:

COA – EFC = Need

Cost of Attendance minus Estimated Family Contribution

The most expensive schools have the most money to give.

Need a good SAT score and low income it can yield free college – preparing early and knowing these things make a difference. 400 colleges will meet need.

Ebook – 15 secrets – sign up for Jean’s email at

Last words from Jean Burk: How much do they give out for need based and how much is for merit based? This is calculated but if you apply early (October 1st) your chances are better. When you are prepared you don’t have to worry about college debt. This gives your kids an advantage. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow. Who are going to be the lawyers, doctors, engineers, and leaders of tomorrow? We want our children in those positions. We can begin with teaching our children honesty and integrity and we don’t blur the lines that are gray. We want our children in leadership positions!

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PSAT Crash Course

PSAT Crash Course List

PSAT Crash Course with Jean Burk

Episode #60

Are you ready for a PSAT crash course? Are you a junior? Now is the time to get ready to take the PSAT – it is given in the middle of October. In many places, you need to sign up in person (call school first). It can be the school in which your child would attend if in high school. Check your local school board. If your student is a 9th-10th grader or younger you have plenty of time to prepare.

Sign up for the test at the start of the school year.

The SAT test is given in October the first week

The PSAT is given in the middle of October

A younger student has time on your side and in this way you can work on weaknesses and build the framework for a success

  • Check the dates on the site

Show Notes: PSAT Crash Course

General Overview of the Test:

  1. Reading – details given in the podcast
  2. Writing section- details given in the podcast
  3. Math – details given in the podcast
  4. Math – details given in the podcast

Number One Strategy:

Questions are not in order of difficulty – they are all worth the same amount of points. Look it a question – 10-15 seconds – can I answer this quickly – if you can answer it and move on. If you cannot answer it don’t waste your time on it – put a star and move on. Then come back to these questions … the subconscious works on the problems in your head. You may be able to answer the questions that take more thought.

College Prep Tests For free

  2. free PSAT tests online —

Rising Junior is the year to really take the tests –

  1. Take the SAT in November and December as well.
  2. Most colleges will super score – you can combine your scores from different tests you’ve taken.
  3. This saves you from studying all over again and practicing.
  4. This allows you to not take the tests as a senior unless you want to.

Important: Box 22 on the test – it indicates you are a homeschooler. It will send the test booklet back to your home instead of to the school. This is important otherwise it will not come back to you. Something that is new this year. You get your scores back in Nov. and the booklet in December.

It is a great resource and gives you an extra practice. You can make a copy and use it again as a test.

It is an amazing test for Juniors – if you don’t get the desired top score, you can still get amazing full rides on your SAT. (gives you the score you need for your state) The scores are based on how many students are taking the test and how well the are doing. /PSATscores – official booklet – percentiles mean according to the scores

Schools that seek national merit scholars /NationalMeritSchools – minimum number of students that the school will take.

Other options for younger students:

PSAT 8/9 for practice

PSAT 10 for practice

 **Alternative Secret for Taking SAT

Contact National Merit association let them know why – you will be given alternative locations –convert the SAT to the PSAT. You must call them! They will give you a specific number to use.

At this time, they will do the conversion:

November, December, March or June test = they will take the highest score

Upcoming college fair (November 2017) – a mock SAT that will be administered by Jean – and it will be scored.


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Secrets Uncovered SAT and ACT

Secrets Uncovered SAT and ACTSecrets Uncovered SAT and ACT with Jean Burk

Podcast #59

Did you know some deep down, low and dirty secrets to the SAT and ACT that the test makers don’t want you to know? In this episode, Jean Burk continues to reveal information that will help you gain a higher score on the tests used for college entrance. This is the last podcast in the series of secrets uncovered. To obtain all twenty-three, listen to podcast one here and podcast two here, and three in the series, here.

Visit our sponsor – College Prep Genius

Show Notes: Secrets Uncovered for the SAT and ACT

The number one complaint is Nobody told me, or they told me the wrong information! There are so many missed amazing opportunities because of the wrong information that was given – use accurate sources – find out the truth …when it comes to your student.

ACT is the American college test

SAT use to mean – Scholastic Aptitude Test – now it just means SAT

  1. The SAT partnered with two big companies – first of all the college board needed to stay relevant – partnered with Kahn academy – online education site to offer free press prep to college students. Collegeboard claim all you need to do well study high school information (not true) – also combat the misconception that only the rich can afford college prep programs. Therefore, they did the partnership. Since they are standardized tests. You will not learn short cuts and strategies to ace the tests. Kahn academy is great for various subject matters.

ACT teamed up with Kaplan for 8-11th graders – some students can qualify for fee waivers. It is full of ads for Kaplan programs – introduces core concepts to ACT – encourage social interaction with social media – take your weak points to your counsellor for advice. Not going to help students raise their scores.

  1. New college entrance test emerged that is a game changer – CLT – Classic Learning Test – Jeremy Tate – Jean met with him – this test is an alternative. This test is taken at a proctored environment on the student’s own device – same date results. The richness of the western intellectual traditions. Not aligned with Common Core standards. Every week more colleges adopt this test. They would like 10% of the market. Sept, Nov, Feb, May –scholarship money is attached to the test
    1. Math
    2. Reading
    3. Writing

120 questions – one minute per question. You can move back and forth among sections! You can start with the section you are good on and spend more time on other sections not your best area. Partnered with College Prep Genius – they commit to moral reasoning and intellectual purist — clt9 or clt10 – similar to PSAT – recommendations is only College Prep Genius – CPG – Jean Burk!!

  1. Don’t be fooled by test optional labeled schools – SAT and ACT dropped from college entrance equation. However, these articles failed to mention or writer’s left out these schools that are not requiring SAT or ACT are specialized schools. They have their own entrance exams. If a student is looking to get scholarship money – still need to turn in an ACT or SAT for money.

US news and world report – Princeton or Havard –

Three dirty little secrets test prep companies don’t want you to know…

  1. Some companies use pre-diagnostic test – they will create their own tests. These tests are very hard. Once the student does horrible – they take the program and then take a much easier test is given and they do well. They think they’ve improved. The test is irrelevant test and it is not a fair assessment. And it will not help the students on the actual tests.

Standardized logic tests with recurring patterns – once you learned how to read the questions carefully with – use actual SAT and ACT tests  – you can not take a “made up” company test to do well.

  1. Test prep market is competitive. Prices can vary from hundreds to thousands to five-digits – testimonials are powerful. They can be the determining factor. Finding reliable testimonials. You can buy sophomore PSAT scores – you can take the list and find students who scored high. Give them free tests. The company will brag that they students did well because they took the program. Some kids are good test taking naturally and would have done well anyway. Be careful of testimonials. If you are really helping kids who need the help offer test free to those who scored low –


  1. There are arrangements in some schools that only offer and endorse a particular program, they get a kickback in exchange for students who enroll in their class. This financial relationship is unethical. If someone only promotes one program it is a red flag. Sam Walton of test prep – on the Jim Bohannon Show


College Prep Genius is a very affordable class. Never raised prices high to make it unreachable.



Six Secrets Hidden By SAT & ACT Test Makers

six-secrets-hidden-by-sat-act-test-makersSix Secrets Hidden By SAT and ACT Test Makers by Jean Burk

Podcast #58

Do you want to know six secrets that the test makers don’t want you to know? In this episode, Jean Burk shares her insights after years of successful teaching the SAT and ACT test prep to thousands of students. Her techniques successfully raise scores as much as 600 points! This is part three of an ongoing series on a total of twenty-three insider’s tips and hidden secrets that test makers hope you won’t learn.  Listen to podcast one here and podcast two in the series here.

Visit our sponsor – College Prep Genius

Show Notes: Six Secrets Hidden By SAT & ACT Test Makers

  1. You really need to know how to interpret the percentiles of the SAT score – what does that mean – where does that fall? Students can find out the percentiles – official chart from the National Merit Corporation – pages 6-9

If you don’t know your starting point you don’t know where to begin or how to improve.

  1. Your state can miss out on a scholarship opportunity. Some states only promote the ACT they don’t promote the SAT – which means the PSAT which is designed by the SAT When they redesigned the new SAT – 1600 ACT – 36

Depending on what state you live in and how student’s do will determine the percentile for your particular state – – you can find the predicted scores for every state that will give you ranking sin your state.

  1. You may not want to take so many standardized tests but taking both tests can pay dividends! If you take both the SAT and the ACT – you may have an advantage scoring well on both formats – can mean better opportunities – can elevate your chances of admittance as well as scholarship money. If you get high scores on both – they may give more money on the SAT or more money on the ACT

Give you the idea of the scoring for both – there is an optimal rate

There are 13 opportunities 6 times for ACT and 7 times for the SAT

Overview of the tests – Knowledge Based are on

  1. Little known secrets – SAT essay judge confesses he spends 20 seconds grading the essays – papers are scanned and sent to judges all over the nation – they only have time to 5-6 key points they are looking for … they are going to skim it in 20-30 seconds. They have a college degree and have taught reading. They use an objective grading system that is standardized. Some read 3 per minute – it is a matter of how well you can answer questions under pressure. has a proven template the students can use – this new analytical essay from the SAT –not asking for opinion – you have to take their info and put it back on the paper and find concrete points to use in your essay. THREE examples – look for numbers – survey or statistic or report with a date –


  1. If you are in the know there is another secret chance to take a test – the residual ACT – a secret chance to take the test in non-conventional time s in the year. Most SAT are taken on a Saturday – so it can be a hindrance. It is given on the campus of most colleges it is offered weekly or monthly. These include the ability to pay at the college, you can receive your score back quickly – a day or a week. It can only be used for that school. These are official ACT – advantage, just one point on ACT – increase you another 20K in some campuses.


  1. Removed the guessing penalty – ACT and SAT are both the same. You may want to reconsider advice from companies if you are not sure about an answer, just guess. Look at this logically – SAT has 4 options – ACT has 5 options. SAT 75% wrong or ACT – 80% wrong. Don’t be quick to guess on a question. Learn how to answer the questions correctly. Time is not their friend. Most students take too long on the questions, can’t get through the test. – strategy go through 2-3 times. Key is if you come across a question and you can’t answer it quickly – skip – star and move on… get to as many as you can and come back to the ones that you skipped. Your subconscious is working on it so you can see the answer later. You will have answered way more questions than you could ever have answered. You saved so much time now you can spend a couple of minutes on the questions you don’t know.


Six SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed

six SAT ACT Secrets RevealedSix SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed Episode # 57 with Jean Burk

Here we go another fast-paced series. When completed there will be 23 total. Be sure to

We have an insider’s perspective to the truth about the SAT and ACT, popular belief is that it tests what you know. However, Jean Burk debunks this and shares with you the information you know.

Visit our Sponsor:

Visit our sponsor – College Prep Genius

Show Notes: Six SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed

  1. Score choice – super score
  • Score choice – you get to pick the scores you want to send to the colleges – the scores will sit there until you send them into a college
  • Super score – most colleges take the highest scores from separate tests
  • Score choice – what Math great score time one time – and Reading another time
  • Start taking the test early in middle school  — need to practice  to figure out what they need
  • Colleges do not care how many times you take the SAT or ACT – colleges get their rankings based on scores – should never been a one shot deal – with your scores can massively increase your chance to receive college. Colleges want your overall highest scores





  1. ACT – no big deal made to changes with ACT
  • Subtle ACT change that flew under the radar that can benefit the students. Sept 2016 changed ACT – changed allotted time for essay – 40min long –  adopted a new grading system that mimics the SAT scoring perfect 12 – persuasive essay before it is written before the test date

Great info on ACT Essay changes on the test.

  1. Every college takes ACT or SAT – why that is important to know – there is pushback that sometimes you are told that one college takes one or the only. Twenty years ago that was the truth, but no longer. Now there is no difference, they have a formula they use. If the college prefers one over the other they will convert the score
  • Certain areas promote only one test over the other – PSAT – is so important for scholarships as well

Good easy overview of both tests

Knowledge Based –

  1. Why you should always write the SAT essay even though it is optional… why even do it? There are 5 reasons why
  • When you write the essay you submit a more complete profile –since most people don’t take it. Can open more doors
  • There are colleges that will exempt a student from writing classes if they write the essay and do well.
  • Admissions counselor will use the essay on the positive deciding factor – you have written the essay and the other student has not – your essay counts in your favor
  • When you sign up for the SAT online – you can opt out of the essay – IF a college requires the essay you have to sit for the entire SAT again – you can still opt in for the essay – if they have enough room you can still write the essay –
  • SAT essay is standardized – proven template to get a perfect score 25 minutes


Write you essay in a short time – you have time left over, I can leave early you get a zero for working out early. You must stay the entire time.


  1. The ACT essay is also optional – for the same reasons you should write
  • The ACT essay is a separate cost
  • One for ACT and one for the essay


  1. Colleges are looking to brag about you – you make the colleges look good and they can
  • To improve their reputations
  • Look into merit scholarship awards. Important PSAT – Preliminary SAT (page 20-22)

Minimum number of National Merit scholars they are looking for – gives you the opportunity to talk to them. They list the kids who do well in their brochure.

Make sure you check reputable sources – well-meaning friends, you get the wrong information. If they give you the wrong advice.



5 Secret Revealed – SAT and ACT

5 Secrets Revealed SAT ACT5 Insider’s Top Secret Tips About the SAT and ACT

College Prep – #56 with Jean Burk

Are you ready for a series of podcasts that crack wide open the SAT and ACT myth. No, these tests do not evaluate what you know, they are standardized LOGIC tests. Do you understand what to look for? Can you answer some sections in less then one minute a question? In this series, podcast 56, 57, 58 and 59 Jean shares the information you need to crack open the code and score well. This information is something the test makers do not want you to know!

Visit our sponsor – College Prep Genius

Show Notes: 5 Secrets Revealed SAT – ACT

  1. Redesigned SAT is designed by ACT writers

One third rule – did better on ACT one better to SAT and one third do equally well on both.

The difference in the tests have been changed.

Some students didn’t like to sit longer – or on some tests they couldn’t switch their brain fast enough or found it more difficult

SAT changing began with – David Colman – he was the architect of common core – he was put in charge of testing and he decided he didn’t like the fact that more student s were taking the ACT over the SAT – the difference was close approx. 1.8 million vs. 1..7 million

David Colman hired the best ACT writer’s to improve the SAT and they did – they set up– patterns similar on both tests almost 99 percent the same

4-long sections on both test – students of any age common strategies now – on both tests

12 states including Texas – pulled out of Common Core – private and homeschoolers have not adopted CC – college board isn’t going to get sued…

influences and philosophies – testing reading, writing and math …. More on the podcast.

  1. There is now an August SAT – rising Junior – extra practice before PSAT before it counts for national merit scholar –26

College board – profile – links –College Board


  1. SAT – costs six figures to write – that alone tells you that when the college board writes this test – they have to follow the same rules all the time. Once you learn the patterns you can study those.

Change had to do with money – they wanted more people to take the SAT –

XYZ company got sued by college board – this particular company got caught cheating had the real tests and used those tests to teach their students

This is a beatable test – learning the patterns is the key –– cost to write each SAT – 625K for one test…


  1. SAT and ACT makers use similar misleading remarks – it is so discouraging and wrong advice… these tests do use high school content – these are filled with logic, and reasoning… but that alone is not enough. You have to approach it with a critical eye.

You can not study for the content –but you can study for how the questions are written. The only fair way to compare is with a standardized tests…


  1. You can get your SAT and ACT detailed scores back – you can determine your weaknesses and how to combat these

There are 3 times a year you can get your test back for a small fee – clean test booklet…

Gives you very specific results –



Test Taking Encouragement

test taking encouragementTest Taking Encouragement with Jean Burk

What is the best news? A great score on a test! In this podcast Jean discusses test taking encouragement that YOU can do it! Success is around the corner and with Jean’s tips your student will benefit tremendously.

Episode 55

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Jean Burk is a Fox News Contributor – she was recently a guest on Fox and Family with Lisa Brady!

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  • This course teaches itself, if the parent did not go to college it will not affect their ability to teach the college readiness program to their student
  • 2 day boot-camp hosts have their child attend free!
  • Boot-camp costs 249 (at the time of this podcast) to attend with a FREE online course included
  • Material is eligible for 6th graders to 12th graders, earlier is better!
  • Average increase is 200, the higher percent is 600 points
  • Have the student take the SAT or ACT first before the class to see the improvement

Must Know College Checklist

must know college checklistMust Know College Checklist with Jean Burk

When you are ready to visit a college do you know what to look for?  Here is the must know college checklist of important information to find the very best college for your child.

Celebrate with us! Jean Burk is a Fox News Contributor – she was recently a guest on Fox and Family with Lisa Brady!

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Podcast #54


Must Know College Checklist Show Notes

  • Visit top two schools,
  • Ask yourself questions; Am I comfortable walking around? Can I be friends with these people?
  • Make a checklist to compare colleges
  • Apply to 5-6 schools, safe schools, reach schools, and dream schools

Links we disucssed:


  • Remember there is no perfect college
  1. Check the school website for visit dates
  2. Contact admissions counselor for personal date
  3. Go on a weekday to get a feel for the campus
  4. Try to schedule an interview while you are there
  5. Ask if the school offers reimbursement for travel fees
  6. Make travel arrangements as soon as you can
  7. Arrange for an excused absence to take college visits
  8. Try to talk to the dean or professors
  9. Sit in on one or more classes
  10. Take a tour of the campus
  11. Visit the bookstore student center or library
  12. Spend the night in a dorm to get a feel for the housing
  13. Eat in the cafeteria to see if you like it
  14. Meet with the admissions counselor face to face
  15. Wander around the campus by yourself
  16. Talk to students at the college and ask about their experience
  17. Visit around the school to get a feel of the area

Questions to Ask Academic Advisor –

  1. What is the average class size for the freshman
  2. How many of those students returned the following year
  3. What makes this college program special
  4. How easy is it to switch majors
  5. How does the school help the student adjust to college life
  6. Is there Greek life or social groups at this school
  7. Is the Greek System important to this school
  8. What organizations are the school partnered with
  9. What does the tuition cover
  10. Are there hidden fees
  11. Work study jobs
  12. How safe is the campus
  13. What does the housing scene look life
  14. Are freshman allowed to live off campus
  15. Are freshman allowed to have their own car
  16. Campus parking situation
  17. Does the school offer campus wide tutoring
  18. How big is the average class size

Things to ask the students at the college

  1. Thing they like most about the college
  2. The worst thing about this college
  3. Why did they pick this college
  4. Would you pick this school again if you had the chance
  5. If I need help how acceptable are the professors here
  6. Are the professors down to earth
  7. What do you like about your department
  8. Do you like the professors
  9. Are the professors teaching the classes themselves or is it done by a TA
  10. How diverse is the student body
  11. How is the cafeteria
  12. What do you do for fun here
  13. How close are the shopping center
  14. How are the dorms
  15. Which dorm is best
  16. Are the dorms nice
  17. What is the one thing you wish you knew ahead of time



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