How to Multiply 37 x 5 in Your Head and More with Mr.D

Podcast 25

Have you ever had to multiply something quickly in your head and wished there was an easy way to do it? Or you saw someone else multiply something quickly and wondered, “How did they do that?” Now you will be able to learn a secret for mental math multiplication. You will learn how to do any 2 digit by 1 multiplication during this podcast.  Mr. D has a free video for you if you want more practice too.  You will also be able to work with money by the end of the podcast multiplying things like
5 x $9.99 in your head. This is a great skill to practice with the whole family!

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The 5 Secrets of Success with Mr. D

Podcast 24

Secrets of Success? Really, there are secrets? And there are only 5? Join Mr. D this week as he shares his own research on the secrets of success.  Mr. D has interviewed very successful people and has taken that info along with his own success formula to come up with his 5 secrets to success.  These can be applied to everything from being a great athlete or artist, to buying a car, to entering college, to starting a business or even to have your family dinner be one that is full of conversation for what your young people are up to in their lives!

Mr. D says “Fire – Aim – Ready” find out why during this podcast!

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Distance Learning: Unleash Your Inner Explorer – Laptop Required

Podcast 23

Remember the game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? During this podcast you will find out “Where in the World is Mr. D and his family!” You will also get an inside look at what distance learning is, how it works and how it applies to you as a homeschooling family. Homeschoolers are distance learners already but what if you could take that a step further. Using online education at it’s highest level and doing so from anywhere in the world. Mr. D has spent the last 10 years developing his web based programs so that his family could be anywhere in the world while he is working as well as making his programs cutting edge for what’s possible in online education. He also travels extensively, so he has a different view of the word home in “home”schooling. Find out what Mr. D means by “have laptop, will travel!”

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Time Management is a Special Occasion

Podcast 22

What if you had an extra 10-15 hours in your week and you didn’t know it?
Stop laughing please! 

Mr. D is going to take you through an amazing exercise to see if you can or can’t find that extra 10-15 hours in your week. This is something to do with the entire family. Time management is one of those things that every homeschooling family will confront along their journey. Students (and parents) often ask, “Mr. D, how do you get everything done?” There is actually a really great answer for that and now it is available for everyone during this podcast. Join Mr. D as he guides you through an amazing strategy for having time management be something that is easy to manage! The entire family can use this simple yet eye opening method making any occasion be a special occasion. Finding that extra 10-15 hours in your week will be a welcomed bonus and relief too!

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Math is Only for Busy People! The First Ever Mr. D Rant!!!

Podcast 21

Mr. D on a rant?  Yes, well at least he thinks he is.  Mr. D confronts and tackles the thing that gets to him from time to time.  People are busy. People are out to accomplish great things.  Those same busy people who are out to accomplish have to deal with this at some point in their lives. “I am so busy, I don’t have time for math.”  Are you up to something big in life and already a busy person? Are you someone who has a young person or are that young person who going to college and will make a difference in the world?  If yes, you will have to confront the unconfrontable!  This podcast is for anyone who has ever said that out loud or even had the thought.  Find out why, if you’re already someone who is busy, which you likely are, there is a way to include math and have the time to get the math done.

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Math was Easier When it Was Just Letters!

Podcast #20

Math was Easier When it Was Just Letters? What does that mean? Mr. D has lost it again! Or has he? Mr. D sees it the other way around. Math was easier when it was just letters, then someone added numbers.  What if students understood the concept and then did examples.  Think of how many times have you or a young person wondered; “What does π equal?” While most people say 3.14, that is only approximately what π is equal to. During this podcast Mr. D will give you a great math experiment you can do at home and discover exactly what π is equal to.  By the end of this podcast you will also be able to solve this problem.  “A rectangle has a perimeter of P.  What is the length L if the rectangle if the width is W?” You will see why letters in math teach concepts of math, while numbers provide practice sometimes leaving out the concept!

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Is The Mean Really Mean?

Podcast #19

The Mean is Mean?  What does that Mean?  Oh my, 3 times the word “Mean” is used and each has a different definition.  What in the world is Mr. D thinking this week.  Get ready for a guided tour into the world of statistics and measures of central tendency.  Discover what the “mean” means and whether or not is really is a meanie!  You will be surprised on a dry subject like measures of central tendency can come to life all in a podcast!  You will also learn about 2 kinds of means, the median and the mode.  If you are giving your young a person a grade for a course, Mr. D will guide you through which one to use and why! Find out more about…Tune in now!!!

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Step 2 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner

Podcast #18

Get ready for Step 2 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner.  If you missed Step 1 to Creating a Self-Directed Learner, check out Podcast #3 on the Mr. D Math and More Channel.  What do we want most for our children to get out of their education?  The answer is we want them to be self-directed learners.  Step 2 shows parents and young people how to create “The Plan.”  Not just “A Plan”, but “The Plan.”  Mr. D uses this process in his own life, with his children as well as students taking his Life Skills 4 Teens courses. Mr. D’s background in psychology and child development especially in the Teen and Tween years gives you insight into how to make your young person a self-directed learner!

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Play the 10% Game

Podcast #17

Why does 10% seem to be such a commonly used percent?  What does percent mean anyway?  Can you find 10% 0f 24 in your head?  What about 15% of 24 quickly and in your head?  If you want to find out more about playing the 10% game and how to do percents quickly, easily and in your head, the next 15 minutes of listening pleasure is just for you! Join Mr. D as he gives you the step by step instruction on how to answer the questions already asked and much more.  Mental math at it’s finest!

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Choosing a Standardized Test!

Podcast #16

It is that time of year again.  Which test will your young person be taking?  Do you wonder if you have a choice?  Do you wonder why students have to take tests?  Does every institution or state want the same test given?  Join Mr. D as he tackles these questions and much more.  He will guide you through why tests are given and how to determine what test is best for your family.  Mr. D himself is a test preparation expert!

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