Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations - in this podcast, Kathy Lee talks with Keri Vasek about the unrealistic expectations we as moms put on ourselves.

Unrealistic Expecations with The Real Kathy Lee

Episode #5

I had a great time talking with Keri Vasek about the unrealistic expectations we as moms put on ourselves. You might remember Keri from Episode 2 where we talked about Losing Your Joy in Motherhood. Keri is the mother of three “muddlings” and enjoys encouraging other moms to let their children PLAY.

On this episode, Keri and I get real about the expectations that haunt mothers. As mothers, we often feel the need to keep a spotless house, present perfect children, and always be dressed and ready to host an event. Well, this is UNREALISTIC. Moms with little ones often have chaos, unruly children, and can be found in yoga pants and a messy bun. Keri and I share some of the unrealistic expectations we had early on as moms and agree that keeping it simple is best.


I loved Keri’s 3 REALISTIC expectations for each day.

1.  Find time to read aloud.

2.  Invite your children to play.

3.  Be intentional about loving one another.

Let’s EXPECT good things from our kids and from ourselves. My goal is that my children grow up to know they are loved, so that they feel free to give love to others.

You’ve got this,


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Even Second Generation Homeschoolers Make Mistakes

Even Second Generation Homeschoolers Make Mistakes

Even Second Generation Homeschoolers Make Mistakes

Episode #4

As I travel across the country, I am fortunate to meet some amazing people. Two of those I have met along the way are Mike and Jessica Somerville with Tapestry of Grace. Recently, I met up with Mike and Jessica at the Great Homeschool Conventions in Fort Worth, TX. Mike and Jessica Somerville are homeschool graduates that are now homeschooling their three beautiful daughters. If you are like me, you assume that they must be the PERFECT homeschooling family. However, in this podcast they share some lessons they have already learned from mistakes already made. You don’t want to miss this our time together.


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Why Every Mom Should Say Yes

why every mom should say yesWhy Every Mom Should Say Yes
Episode #3

And, why saying YES is a MUST … in this episode I will take you on a trip down memory lane. You should probably grab a box of tissues before pushing play! My goal is for every child to have a childhood full of beautiful memories and that starts with us saying YES! Childhood is dirty, messy, noisy work! You’ve got this!

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Rediscovering The Joy In Motherhood

Rediscovering the Joy in MotherhoodRediscovering the Joy in Motherhood with Kathy Lee

On this episode, I have the pleasure of talking with one of my favorite homeschooling moms on the planet. Keri Vasek is the mother of three muddlings and opens up to share her journey of losing her joy (and rediscovering it). You will see in this episode just why I call my show The REAL Kathy Lee and often refer to myself as a hot mess!

Rediscovering the Joy in Motherhood

On this show Keri mentioned hearing me speak at the Great Homeschool Conventions is Fort Worth, TX. To learn more about this homeschooling conference, check out greathomeschoolconventions.com.


Meet The Real Kathy Lee

meet the real Kathy LeeMeet The Real Kathy Lee – a special interview of Kathy Lee with Ashley Smoot Episode #1

On this episode, you get to learn all about me through an interview with my dear friend Ashley (lovingly referred to as ASH A LEE from here on out). We talk about my background as a Child Development Specialist, how many children I actually have, how long I have been homeschooling and why in the world I wanted to jump into this exciting world of podcasting. Bottom line is… If this hot mess can rock motherhood, so can YOU!

Ashley mentioned A Year of Playing Skillfully in this episode. You can learn more about that curriculum at The Homegrown PreSchooler All Real Kathy Lee listeners will receive a 10% discount by typing in the code THEREALKATHYLEE at checkout.

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