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Life Hacks Home and School

Life Hacks Home and SchoolLife Hacks Home and School

Episode 249

Are you ready for some life hacks for home and school? Life hacks are those little bits of advice that make your life go so much smoother. Some are little known and others are tried and true. In this episode Felice Gerwitz shares some life hacks she has found useful for her family, home, homeschool, traveling and first aid.

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Life Hacks for Home and School

Home Life Hacks:

  1. Reduction of clutter – keep things simple and neat. It is amazing that when you keep things clean it is easier to find and put away.
  2.  Daily to-do lists. Keep laundry to one day, shopping and errands on another and lessons for another day, or stack these “away” events to one day.
  3. Work as a team and as a family — enlist the help of your husband and kids. Or trade with a friend and watch each other’s kids.
  4. Multi-task or bundle activities. Clean while listening to CD’s or stream a podcast, watch an educational program while folding laundry.
  5. Troubleshoot what robs you of time – things such as running errands can take up so much time. Plan to run your errands on one day by hitting several places on the way.
  6. Overplanning can be a way to experience burn out. Try not to over plan. Try one event per day as a way to avoid burn out.
  7. Do you have carpet in your house? If you do in the main areas you will find the best way to keep your carpets clean is the no-shoe policy. Kids wearing socks is another way to avoid dirty floors.
  8. Clean up as you go — and teach your children to clean up as well. Keep towels off the floor, take plates off the table, rinse and place in the dishwasher. Clean up the sink in the bathroom after brushing your teeth, or make beds the first thing. Do little tasks as you go all day, this helps tremendously!
  9. Tired of folding all your clothes? Do you have closet space? Hang clothes on hangers to keep from folding them, if you lack space use thin hangers.
  10. Take a poll and ask your children what they’d like to do —you may be surprised at the chores your children select. And, the bonus is kids who do chores without complaining.

Life Hacks For Home and School:

Life Hacks for School:

  1. Plan your year ahead of time. Being organized helps you for all those times that life unexpectedly happens. Especially after a holiday break or an illness in the family.
  2. What robs your time? Social media is number one. As much as possible avoid social media.
  3. Routines work. Keep things organized. Return your papers, pencils, and books to their right place each day.
  4. Check off lists work! Especially for your kids. You can accomplish much each day, especially if you can see where you need to catch up or makeup work. Each evening for accountability show dad.
  5. Time to think — allow your children time to spend to “think” — to develop hobbies, read or discover something they are passionate about. Little ones need help and you can do this by providing toys for exploration.
  6. Teach your children something new each day and have your older children to teach the younger ones.

Planning For The New Year

planning for the new yearPlanning for the New Year

Episode 248

Each new year we plan so many things and most are undoable. Yes, we over plan or think we can do more than we can accomplish and therefore often feel a letdown or disappointment when things don’t turn out as we plan. So, for this new year, I’ve brought back a method that works for someone as imperfect as me…and that is my four-square method. If you are on our mailing list you’ve received a link to this year’s planner. It includes the four-square printable.

In this episode, learn how I use the four square method to make my life simpler and allow homeschool and home life to go as smoothly as possible. It does take a little advanced planning but it is so worth it.

Read homeschool life hacks here.

Sample of Four Square Method – Four Square Planning – Sample

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Show Notes:

Four Square Method – Planning for the New Year


Pray daily

Bible reading

Time to listen to God


Listen to A Few Minutes with God Podcast



Spiritual / Character

Specific Academic Goals

Assign Chores


Subjects for the weeks

Reading/ Writing / Assignments


Special Events/ Field Trips


Weekly Menu

Grocery Shopping

Cleaning Schedule


Washing / Folding Clothes/ Schedule

Special Christmas Show: TRUE Love of Christ for Mom


HSMtale2 Merry Christmas from Vintage Homeschool Moms!  Back in 2013, Felice Gerwitz shared a story she wrote especially for you, the busy and weary mom. Felice writes a tale of a woman you can probably identify with at some point of your journey as a wife and mother. She writes about the transformation that takes place when this woman places herself totally into the hands of Christ.

We hope you enjoy this special story – and share it with your friends!



Sattler College Affordable For Homeschoolers

Sattler College Affordable For HomeschoolersSattler College Affordable For Homeschoolers an Interview with Dr. Finny Kuruvilla

College is so expensive! Not any longer. Sattler College is affordable for homeschoolers or anyone who wants a Christian education. What makes Sattler unique? Join Felice Gerwitz and her special guest, founder Dr. Finny Kuruvilla. Dr. Kuruvilla has created an amazing environment with faith as the focal point of higher education. For a limited time, Sattler tuition is waived for the first year. Hurry – the offer expires on January 15, 2018.


Show Notes:

  1. Dr. Kuruvilla’s involvement in academia began with his own college experience. He realized that college education costs were prohibitive and he was determined to create change.
  2. Dr. Finny Kuruvilla shares information about his time at Harvard and the trends he noticed among his students that concerned him.
  3. Students are not necessarily better off after four years of traditional college, so Dr. Kuruvilla has some ideas that are innovative at Sattler.

Sattler College Affordable For Homeschoolers:

Other questions covered in the interview:

  • What makes Sattler different than other education options out there?
  • How is Sattler revolutionizing higher education?
  • Can you explain Sattler’s three “C’s”?
  • Why do you feel it’s important for students to take these core classes?
  • What specific skills are you hoping to instill in students?
  • How will Sattler prepare students for the professional world?
  • Tell us about how Sattler will invest in the students’ spiritual lives?
  • How are students matched with their mentor?
  • What will student life be like? Will any activities or clubs be offered for students?
  • Why are traditional universities so expensive?
  • How has Sattler managed to provide a quality education for a low price?
  • Why is Sattler a great fit for homeschooling families?
  • How do you feel homeschooling better prepares students for college?
  • What qualities are you looking for in applicants?
  • Why did you decide to establish Sattler in downtown Boston?
  • How can students apply?

Special Thanks to our Sponsor, Sattler College!

 Sattler College is a four-year Christian college granting the bachelor’s degree in the following majors: biblical studies, business, computer science, history and human biology.  At Sattler College, our vision is to train graduates to  be a city on a hill: a shining light in greater Boston and the nations.  Because the city of Boston is one of the most important global cities for world-changing movements and institutions, pursuing higher education in Boston provides students with the opportunity to train for a lifetime of impact for Jesus and His church.

For a limited time, Sattler tuition is waived for the first year. Hurry – the offer expires on January 15, 2018.  Click Here to apply!


Finding Jesus At Christmas

finding Jesus at ChristmasFinding Jesus At Christmas

Holiday Traditions

Episode 246

Finding Jesus at Christmas seems to be the obvious choice, right? That is the entire reason for the season. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. However, so many traditions vie for attention. Reading the Christmas carols, singing Christmas songs (not all that are religious), and opening presents take center stage on Christmas morning. In this episode we discuss finding Jesus, putting the focal point back on the real reason for Christmas.

Finding Jesus at Christmas can be an intellectual, spiritual or even an activity that you can do that will help your family focus on the real meaning. Jesus coming as an infant touches our hearts. When we look at a nativity scene or watch a Christmas production at church many of us can’t remain dried eyes – tears flow! Why? Because we understand the importance of that first Christmas and the ultimate sacrifice on Good Friday. How do we encourage our children to celebrate Jesus?

Here are some tips for finding Jesus at Christmas:

  1. Start the month of December with an Advent calendar. The children can count down to the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.
  2. Celebrate Advent with an advent wreath. Light a candle each evening (or at dinner), one for each week before Christmas, read a Scripture verse from the Bible or use a book (here is one we have used for years: The Season of Light Daily Prayer )
  3. Have the children participate in a Christmas play. Typically these events take weeks to practice and that does take time, however, the results are the children knowing the story of the birth of Jesus. Be sure to read the Bible story and discuss with your children.
  4. Recite the Christmas story. Take turns telling a few lines of the story, each family member adds more and more until the entire story of the Christmas birth is told.
  5. Set up a nativity set at home. My children always had small sets they placed in their own rooms. It was a wonderful reminder of the reason for the season.
  6. Christmas morning attending church. We attend on Christmas Eve and celebrate Christmas morning with prayers, lighting of our Advent wreath, thanking Jesus for His birth, and when the children were little we would hide baby Jesus for them to find before they opened presents.

Raising Successful Children

Raising Successful ChildrenRaising Successful Children Marlin and Laurie Detweiler ~ Veritas Founders   

What makes a successful child? Raising successful children is a dream for any parent. Join our special guests Marlin and Laurie Detweiler who are co-founders of Veritas Press. I personally used much of their curriculum in my own homeschool for years, and I am excited to share their heart for homeschoolers. If you are interested in classical education or raising successful children you do not want to miss this episode. Want more information about Veritas Press visit the website or call 1-800-922-5082.

Raising Successful Children Show Notes:

What is a successful child

  1. Embrace the Christian faith – to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christian
  2. Successful in their relationships with their spouses and children
  3. A good citizen
  4. A good neighbor
  5. Successful in their endeavors
  6. Independence
  7. Children we enjoy being together
  8. Extended family get together

Early Years of Child Education

God’s given our children wonder and awe – our job is to allow children to

Tools for learning

  1. Letting children explore and provide them places to do that.
  2. Museums, science, and art, etc.
  3. Reading Aloud
  4. God gives an inquisitive nature and wonder in children

Importance of Reading to Preschoolers

  1. Open their eyes up to the wonders of a story
  2. Learn to sit and pay attention – teaches study skills
  3. Hear language roll off your tongue
  4. Helps them understand language
  5. Many times children who are read to become early readers
  6. Develop a life-long love of reading and learning
  7. Providing opportunities and tools for children to read

Grammar Age:

  1. If you have a child who is not reading do not get uptight
  2. So many times, parents don’t know benchmarks
  3. If your child is falling behind do not forget to ask questions
    • Another way to get through to the child
    • Or if there is a learning disability seek help

Set Goals as a Homeschooler

  1. Set goals for your child
  2. Need to reach them, daily or weekly basis

Education they receive is right for them

  1. Some kids are wired differently
  2. Find what works for that child
  3. Classical education works for all children
  4. May need to tweak for individual child
  5. Homeschoolers don’t have to go the same pace

Homeschooling is better for this generation coming up. As an educator, Laurie feels she is qualified to teach yet there are so many opportunities today for our children. Today there are so many options. Know what your limitations are and look for other options if you can’t do it yourself. It is an important responsibility for your child’s education. You still need to be involved if you are doing an online school.

Advice for Kids:

Explain to them:

  1. What can you do to make things more fun?
  2. What is the purpose behind what you are doing it?
  3. You can take children outdoors and bounce the ball – practicing but finishing your work is important.

Some parents bounce around with curriculum. It is better to learn a child’s learning styles. Not necessarily

Latin for kids at an early age

  1. We are not learning Latin instead of Spanish, or German or French or something else
  2. Latin is a tool for mastering our own language
  3. Helps with English grammar

Classical Education in the Homeschool

  1. Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric
  2. Teach children how to argue well
  3. Teach them how to be articulate
  4. Respects the changing nature of a child as they mature

Teaching children how to argue well – how do we teach rhetoric. We taught the five canons of rhetoric, they learn about it, but they are not learning how to be effective communicators. Rhetoric textbooks, released in 2018, answers the question on how we argue in a way that is respectful to others.

Allowing Children Freedom

The raising of children is eighteen years and you are done. It is not ongoing, we want to see them handle responsibility and freedom well. Gradually reducing the restrictions.

  1. Motivational process that is balancing freedom and responsibility
  2. Parent goes first – leading
  3. Self discipline
  4. As they show self-discipline we give them more freedom and motivate them that way.


Veritas Press Curriculum provides different angles to get to every child.

The Detweiler’s recommend the Seven Laws of Teaching from the 19th century – that they give away – go to their website and sign up for their email. Practical and sturdy advice on how to teach. It will give homeschool parents great information.

 Check our Veritas Press:

Marlin and Laurie Detweiler are co-founders of Veritas Press, an organization committed to creating and developing curriculum based on the classical education model with the purpose of preparing children for life. The Detweilers have been involved in many aspects of classical education for more than 20 years, though their involvement began as a direct correlation to obtaining the best possible education for their own children. After a poor experience at a local school, they sought out different options and were introduced to classical education. Unable to find a local school that taught with the classical model, the Detweilers decided they would found their own. While starting the school, the Detweilers had a difficult time finding curriculum to fit the classical education model, especially a grammar school curriculum that taught history in a timeline from a Christian perspective. With no foreseeable options, the Detweilers created a proprietary history curriculum, and thus was born Veritas Press.

Today, the mission of Veritas seeks to influence the next generation to wholly follow after Christ by instilling the truths of God’s Word into their hearts and minds. To accomplish this, Veritas produces academically sound and technologically advanced curriculum and courses that are fun and engaging for children with the purpose of preparing them holistically for their next steps in life. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017.

Marlin is that father of four boys with Laurie and has has spoken in dozens of cities on classical Christian education. Additionally, he was a founding board member of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS), where he served as its intial chairman and as a permanent board member for 22 years. He led the formation of two ACCS charter member schools, Veritas Academy, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1996) and The Geneva School, Orlando, Florida (1992).

Laurie is a curriculum writer, former school administrator, curriculum coordinator, head of school, and co-authored the History and Bible Curriculum with Marlin for Veritas. She led the creation of the award-winning Phonics Museum, on which the Veritas Phonics Museum app, released in 2017, is based.

The Detweilers have four adult children and live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Special Thanks to our Network Sponsor, Veritas Press!

We’d like to thank our sponsor, Veritas Press and their app, The Phonics Museum!

The Phonics Museum is the only complete reading app that will teach your child to read in record speed. Taking a “tools of learning” approach, the app helps establish a strong foundation of reading for children through a complete commitment to a phonics approach.

Vintage Homeschool Moms is excited to be able to offer you the chance to try The Phonics Museum for two weeks FREE. To redeem this exclusive offer, click here to get your first two weeks free!


Ten Dollar DIY Great Gift Ideas

DIY Great Gift Ideas Ten DollarsTen Dollar DIY Great Gift Ideas

Episode 244

Here are Ten Dollar (or less) DIY Great Gift Ideas! Can you really make great gifts that are inexpensive? I have done this for years and you can as well. And guess one, some of these ideas can be made in an hour or less, others take a little more planning, and some of these gift ideas do take talent, but now is the best time to learn. Remember to recruit your friend or your kids and what a fun way to spend the day.

I did this with my grandchildren a few days ago, in about two hours we painted two acrylic paintings. I showed them on a separate piece of paper (and yes, when they asked I “fixed” or adjusted, or demonstrated on their canvas) ways to paint a particular thing. My ten-year-old granddaughter even used a pallet knife and gel with acrylics to give texture to her mountains. What fun we had and this falls into our DIY great gift ideas for under ten dollars.

Arts and Crafts: Ten Dollar or less DIY Great Gift Ideas

  1. Prints you can frame. Purchase the print cheaply, and frames on sale. I like those dimensional frames that have plastic black rims, they made a clean line on the walls and have a “borderless” look.
  2. Paint a picture. Yes, this can be done. Use youtube for tutorials or take a class! Listen to the podcast on gifts kids can make that you actually want to keep for some easy painting ideas.
  3. Hand paint t-shirts with a design or an initial. You can use fabric markers, they work very well.
  4. Create a silk flower arrangement. I love doing this especially in mason jars, or awesome vases you can recycle – use that glue at the bottom that hardens and is transparent. It comes out really nicely. I just purchased gorgeous silk flowers that are white poinsettias, with glitter, and pine cones, a nice sized bunch for $5 at a store and I’m using a vase I no longer want. It came out beautifully.

Jewelry for Ten Dollar or less DIY Great Gift Ideas:

  1. Necklaces: You can buy all sorts of gorgeous beads at the craft store, and they have plenty of knowledgeable staff or instruction manuals.
  2. Bracelets: My daughter made me a black beaded bracelet that had “gold” (fake) spacers. I have a real black onyx necklace that I never wear because I didn’t have a matching bracelet. It looks real! And, I get lots of compliments from it – amazing.

Recipe Books for Ten Dollar or less DIY Great Gift Ideas:

Recipe books are a favorite of mine, in fact, up until recent years, this was my go-to gift and something I loved getting from my children. One year my thoughtful son purchased a non-fiction account of a man searching Europe for the “best” food. I loved it! While it was out of the question to go on a European vacation I was able to enjoy the food and the discussion vicariously through this author. I’m Italian so the best food selection was a hit with me. Can you guess? If you said, “Mediterranian,” then you are right! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift that I treasured and he bought it on sale for $5!

  1. Compile treasured family recipes, handwrite cards and insert into a decorated card holder
  2. Use family recipes and create an online cookbook to have printed. Buy in bulk and save even more.
  3. Purchase a photo album and create recipe memories. Use pictures of actual food and write the recipe in the book.
  4. Use laminated sheets to hold the recipe cards, handwrite or type on the computer and print out.

Homemade Foods for DIY Great Gift Ideas Ten Dollars:

I’ve baked for family and friends for years. If you are a long-time listener of my podcasts and previously my Ultimate Homeschool Expo, you know that baking is my “stress release” – you can typically find me in the kitchen at least once or twice a weak baking my family a treat. So, it is no wonder this is high on my gift giving list. I’ve cut way back on my giving, however –listen to my podcast on overcoming holiday stress here.

  1. Cookie trays
  2. Homemade breads
  3. Homemade cinnamon rolls
  4. Homemade Pumpkin, Banana Nut, Cranberry loaf, etc.

Gift Cards for DIY Great Gift Ideas Ten Dollars:

  1. Offer to babysit for a busy mom.
  2. Car washing
  3. Dinner of your choice ticket
  4. Get off of dish day

Bath and Body for DIY Great Gift Ideas Ten Dollars:

  1. Homemade soaps
  2. Bath salts
  3. Essential oil mix – or roll-ons

Overcome Holiday Stress

overcome holiday stressOvercome Holiday Stress

Episode 243

Overcome Holiday Stress? Who are you kidding? The holidays are meant to be stressful, disorganized overspending and gluttonous, right? Whether it is Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, or all the celebrations in between there is always room for improvement. Whether stress often appears to be the harsh reality there is a way to overcome all of the typical holiday struggles and stresses. In this episode Felice explains that even while hosting, sometimes upwards of 35 guests of all ages she can enjoy the holidays.

Six Stress Busters For The Holiday

Stress free celebrations here

Overcome Holiday Stress with these quick tips:

  1. Delegate
  2. Shortcuts
  3. Let some traditions (if stressful) go
  4. Identify the holiday stress in  your life
  5. What is on your list that you can avoid?

More great tips to overcome holiday stress.

  1. Gift shopping – online, deals or sales in the summer. Make gifts if possible to cut back on the money.
  2. Food shopping use online sources or look at batch shopping or buying in bulk. Utilize family to help out and minimize as much as possible.
  3. Sending cards – do you or don’t you like sending them out? If you don’t be sure to cut your list way back and only send to family.
  4. Photos – do or don’t? We are taking pictures this year however on Christmas Eve before we attend church. It won’t be in our card this year, the first time ever! However, with kids in college, the timing just didn’t work out this year. Change is not always a bad thing, being adaptable and making the appropriate changes helps.
  5. Letter – do or don’t? This year I won’t add a family letter. It has been a long time tradition in my family to write letters. However most of our elderly relatives who counted on an update and news are gone, now we connect with family and friends online.
  6. Baking/ cooking/ preparing ahead: I still do this and it is so freeing to have a wonderful, stress-free day with the bulk of the food (except the meats) cooked and ready for heat up.
  7. Presents – to wrap or bag? I mix up the wrapping. One year I went full steam with the bags, but now I do about fifty-percent of each.

What are your best tips for cutting back on stress?

Gifts Kids Can Make

Christmas Gifts Kids Can MakeChristmas Gifts Kids Can Make (and you actually want to keep!

Episode 242

Do your kids want to make gifts? There are plenty of Christmas gifts kids can make that you will actually want to keep – really! I know, we’ve all received those wonderful heartfelt gifts that our children make, but they sit in a drawer or on a shelf gathering dust.

Now your craft loving kids can create gifts and have fun doing it. That is a winning combination for all…especially when you can direct the kids and they can add their own ideas. Remember all of those recyclable items you keep all year? Now is the time to pull them out,  and take inventory. Start with making a list of the people your children want to make gifts for – then think about the types of crafts the children enjoy. Do your kids like to sew, cut out and glue?

In this episode I share some tried and true Gifts Kids Can Make that won’t break the budget, and best of all — you actually want to keep them! In addition, these gifts will become treasures.

If you are trying to save money using and repurposing household “trash” or recyclables is a great way to stretch your budget and turn that trash into a wonderful gift.

Complete guest blog post with details on Heather Bowen’s blog, Life of a Homeschool Mom



Favorite Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make:

  • Pillows: do you have pillows you no longer use? Use the stuffing to make other pillows.
  • The kids can use fabric paint to decorate the pillow
  • Paint a letter of a first name, a saying or Scripture verse
  • Mason jars – where do I begin? I love mason jars, and they are so versatile for gifts.
  • Fill mason jars with candy or homemade trail mix.
  • Use stickers to decorate the outside of the jar with themes (like horses, or shells, etc.) and use as pencil holders.
  • Create luminaries, use battery-powered candles
  • Use the jars as flower containers. Decorate with ribbon.
  • Fill with sewing items, first aid items, and label.
  • Fill with homemade bath salts. Easy gifts for kids to make.
  • Inkblot art – looks great. Fold the paper in half and drizzle paint on the paper fold. Use different color paints, one or three — allow the paint to smear. Open and lie flat. Use frames (old ones) to frame the art.
  • Bookmarks: Use photos and glue to make personalized bookmarks.
  • Clay art: Create a handprint dish, write a verse on it, the child’s name and date.
  • Broken crayon art – Broken crayons can be used to outline letters of names. Frame the art.
  • Decorated mugs, use permanent markers and allow the children to decorate. You can use unused mugs, or cups to repurpose.
  • Repurpose other people’s trash. My son fixed a bench that the neighbors threw out. The brass on each end was repainted and he replaced the worn wooden boards with new ones. It now resides by our pond, and I love it!

Use these ideas as a springboard for creating your own, handmade gifts. These are truly Christmas presents kids can make that you will want to keep.


Special Thanks to our Network Sponsor, Kiwi Crate!


We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor, Kiwi Crate!

KiwiCo has monthly subscriptions of hands-on projects that make learning fun! Their core offering is projects that make learning about STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art, and math — accessible and are designed to spark creativity, tinkering, and learning. Some recent favorite crates are the Slime Lab, Physics Carnival, and Paper Circuits.

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Creating Lasting Holiday Memories

Creating Lasting Holiday MemoriesCreating Lasting Holiday Memories

Episode 241

Creating lasting holiday memories is easier than you think. Do you want to create that Norman Rockwell feeling when you think about Christmas? You know, everyone sitting around the table, smiling – clean and thankful. The children properly groomed and amazingly quiet, and the feeling that all is well in your life. Reality is a far cry from the picture-perfect holiday whether it is Christmas, the New Year, Easter, or Thanksgiving – plus all the celebrations in between. So, how does a parent do it without losing your mind? In this episode Felice shares some fun, tried and true ways to get into the true meaning of the holiday and leaving the rest behind.

To have a wonderful celebration it begins with preparing kids for what to expect and having realistic expectations yourself. Many times we expect perfection and often real life falls short. Here is my short list to make things go so much better when planning to attend a holiday event.

  1. Leave perfectionism behind
  2. Tell the children what to expect
  3. Have their clothes ready
  4. Don’t schedule too much at one time
  5. Be sure naptimes are not missed (if possible)
  6. Cut down on sugar
  7. Don’t worry about what others think
  8. Expect the unexpected
  9. Have control of your children, wild behavior is not permitted
  10. Pick up after your kids – if they make a mess, take care of it

To create memories demonstrate these for your family:

  1. Be thankful. Here is a podcast on teaching  children to be thankful
  2. Realize kids are kids – letting them know what to expect will make the occasion joyful.
  3. Focus on the celebration. Looking at what is missing, or what does or doesn’t happen never works well. Focus on the day, the event and let everything else go.
  4. Family traditions: What does that look like for you? Is there a special food, a special activity, or a special idea that works well for you and your children.
  5. Joy is a choice – be joyful
  6. Celebrate – enjoy the moment.


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