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DIY Crafts For Kids

do it yourself crafts for children Do It Yourself Crafts With Kids  – Felice Gerwitz

Are you a do-it-yourself type of person? Or are you looking for DIY crafts for kids? This podcast features some great ideas to get even those who dislike crafts into the swing of things! Felice loves doing crafts with kids and she shares some of her most successful endeavors.

Podcast #206

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Show Notes: DIY Crafts For Kids:

Top Tips:

Use recycleables as much as possible


  • Practical and Useful
  • Mason Jars
  • Wall Decorations or Art
  • Gifts


  • Practical and Useful
    • Bookmarks (Valentine’s day) or special occassions
    • Pencil holders
    • Embrodery, Knitting
    • Clay – Trays
    • Throw rug – Example here
  • Mason Jars
    • Sippy cups – birthday or holidays
    • Layered sand, salt or rice – colored (then use as vases) Use colored chalk
    • Color salt,
  • Wall Decoration and Art
    • frame old keys
    • Use a wood block – stain and add big paper clip
    • Wreaths
  • Gifts






Summer Activities For Kids

summer activities for kidsSummer Activities For Kids with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #206

Summer is here and these summer activities are for kids no matter what the time of the year – with these ideas and suggestions you can enjoy hours of fun, create memories and best of all learn. (What else would a homeschool mom say?) Enjoy!

Show Notes: Summer Activites For Kids


  • Teach children basic cooking skills
  • Eat food from different countries
  • Make homemade ice-cream or yogurt
  • Make homemade smoothies
  • Homemade pizza – start with bagels or English Muffins
  • Popsicles with fruit juice and paper cups
  • Smore’s


  • Start collections, shells from the beach, rocks, bugs, etc.
  • Drawing – use paper and crayons to make crayon relief drawing
  • Take pictures and make a digital photo album – label photos
  • Canoeing, Kyakking
  • Swimming or

Learn to swim

Arts and Crafts

  • Outdoor crafts that are messy!
  • Sculpture with soap, or sand
  • Use recyclable items
  • Create a mural – hang a large sheet of paper and do a group art project


Backyard Parties or Festivals

  • Campfire Party
  • Set up a circus
  • Fourth of July Party
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Seafood Festival
  • Renaissance Festival
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Make up your own festival – ice-cream festival with candy toppings and games
  • Scavenger Hunts (I love these for birthday parties)



  • Learn how to play a new sport
  • Set up mini-golf in your yard or a friend’s yard
  • Play badminton or yard tennis
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Roller skating, skate boarding
  • Handball,


Fun Activities

  • Water sports – slip and slide
  • Water balloons
  • Lemonade stand
  • Game night – once a week
  • De-junk room – yard sale – or give to charity
  • Study the night sky! Learn the summer constellations and identify specific stars (you may need to go to a local park with less light)
  • Camp in the backyard


Exercise Apps That Work

 exercise apps that workLet’s Talk About Exercise Apps That Work – with Felice Gerwitz and Sue Gross

Podcast 205

Do you use an exercise app? Do you want to know which exercise apps work? In this episode, we discuss exercise apps and exercise equipment that helps you stay on track with your health and keep off the weight.

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Sue Gross:   – Sue talks about this wristband app: World Global Wellness – Fitness Band

Show Notes: Exercise Apps That Work and Help You Keep Off The Weight

With all the new exercise and tracking apps available how do you know what works? What do you invest your money in? If you listen to the typical commercials everything takes minutes and you are fit for life? But nothing is fast – it takes work in reality.

  1. Various Apps – look at what you want in your app
  2. Latest tracking wristbands that track your help
  3. Block negative rays (Sue Gross addresses this)
  4. Stationary bikes/
  5. Helio – Wellness Band World Global Wellness Fitness Band – as shared by Sue
    1. heart rate
    2. breath rate
    3. blood pressure
    4. steps
    5. moods, energy level
    6. EKG and ECG
    7. Quality of sleep patterns
    8. Titanium Plates -helps improve blood circulation

Bored kids

bored kids Let’s Talk About Bored Kids with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #204

Are your kids bored? Do they say…Mom, I’m bored! The word “bored” is on my “banned word list,” and my kids know it. But, what about kids who need some direction? In this podcast, Felice tackles the question head on with ideas and solutions.

Show Notes: Bored Kids

Here is a fast track solution for the “I’m Bored” syndrome:

  1. For the little ones, have things to do already planned. Rotate your toys. If you have everything out they get bored playing with them. If you take out some toys for a few weeks and change them out – watch the fun begin.
  2. Use a schedule. If you have a routine each day – there isn’t time to be bored. Typically a child becomes bored when we are busy or they are not used to finding things to do on their own. Giving a child a schedule (with pictures to begin with and words when they read, it will give them a routine and they will know what to expect next – it also gives them a sense of security.
  3. Older kids – have them help create a schedule
  4. Kids home for the summer (college) I have them create a schedule for the day. Yes they can have time to read, go see friends, to the gym (I have athletes) etc. They also have jobs – both work for me. So, they set their schedule with my approval, when they are working and when they will be on their own time.


Summer activities for kids to do: make a list with the kids help.

Check this out for a short list of ideas to combat bordeom:

Younger Kids

  1. Bubbles – give kids different size bubble makers and watch them go!
  2. Slip and slide or similar type of water activity in the yard. Little ones love sprinklers – weather permitting.
  3. Sand box/ water table
  4. “Retro toys” – jump rope, hoola hoop,
  5. Make tent indoors with sheets, blankets and towels
  6. Puppet show / hand puppets
  7. Impromptu plays

Middle school kids

  1. Reading
  2. Tag – freeze tags
  3. Water balloons
  4. Slip and Slides with a tarp (my son’s addition)
  5. Flying kites – making kites
  6. Bikes/ scooters/ skate boards
  7. Basketball/ soccer/ baseball
  8. Arts and Crafts – tie die
  9. Rubik cube

Park –kayaking/canoeing  – fishing – ice skating, archery, airsoft , paintball, trampoline parks *use to have one until our insurance provider made us take it down.

High school kids

  1. My kids said if you have not figured out what to do at this point in your life you need to work with them on
  2. SAT prep – look into college – career search

Photo Credit – 2017 Copyright -Natasha Fedorova




Weddings On The Cheap

weddings on the cheap Let’s Talk About Weddings On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis


Summertime Exercise & Weight Loss

exercise and weight lossExercise and Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz

It isn’t every day that I’m excited to report my exercise and weight loss progress but today I am so excited! I hit a personal goal and my personal best – in fact, it was exceeded! And now I’ll share some ways you too can focus on the beauty of the summertime and not backslide gaining weight you’ve previously lost. While on vacation I knew I would eat, and eat, and eat. The big excuse is we are Italian and we “live to eat,” or so, that was my mother’s fame to claim. There is some truth in enjoying food yet this podcast is about how I could enjoy foods, while keep from gaining the ten pounds I lost, beforehand. Join me for the fun.

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media angels membership

Show Hosts Notes: Exercise and Weight Loss

  1. Plan – If you have a plan – on how you will maintain your walking/exercise routine it will help you lose weight, keep the weight off or maintain your weight. Prepare for the times you know you may over eat and either increase your exercise regime or plan to cut back on future meals. It’s okay to cheat if you have a plan on how you will overcome the setback.
  2. Focus – By keeping a focus on what you want to do and havign a plan you can keep that summertime promise! Focus on your goals: Is it to lose weight, is it to continue to exercies, or is it to do both? At times I would diet without exercising and it took ay longer than diet and exercise. If you lose weight exercise will keep that weight off.
  3. Accountabilty: you are my accountablity! Having this podcast and sharing my success and failure means that I have someone to report to! Who is your accountablity partner?
  4. Routine: Keep doing what you are doing. And be sure that you get back to your routine and if you get off the schedule. Ask your accountablity partner for help. If needed, start small and rebuild your routine untill you reach your desired outcome. Keep that plan in mind… and let’s do this together!


Family Celebrations

family celebrationsFamily Celebrations on The Cheap  with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 201

It is time to have a family celebration! Whether it is Veterans’ Day – Memorial Day – or the 4th of July there is always time to enjoy parties with the family on the cheap! In this episode, I’ll discuss including academics, the history of the celebration, planning fun activities for the kids as well as decorations and food.

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Show Notes: Family Celebrations on the CHEAP

Fun Kid Activities

  1. Historical significance of the holiday
  2. Memorial Day historical significance
  3. Veteran’s Day historical significance
  4. July Fourth historical significance
  5. Balloons – water balloons, punching balloons, helium balloons
  6. Craft ideas

Decorations – Include the Kids

  1. Themed decorations with holiday in mind
  2. DIY crafts – red, white and blue

Food – Plan Ahead

  1. Do as much as you can ahead and freeze
  2. Pulled chicken, pulled pork – BBQ
  3. Baked ziti
  4. Fresh vegetables and fruit
  5. Carved melon



200th Episode – Best Kept Organization Secrets

best organization tipsBest Kept Organization Secrets with Felice Gerwitz

Welcome to the 200th Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcast! Today I host several guests who will stop by to say, “hi” to all of you, my listeners and share some of their organization secrets with you! I can’t believe I began podcasting on Vintage Homeschool Moms, in October of 2013 and now there are 200 episodes to keep you busy – and hopefully supplied with great resources and information for your homeschool. A few of my guests are the podcasters from The Highschool Homeschool Podcast, Talking Mom 2 Mom, Mommy Jammies Night, Homeschool Sanity, Making Biblical Family Life Practical, and the Finish Well Podcast.


Curriculum On The Cheap

curriculum on the cheap Let’s Talk About Curriculum Ideas On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Special Guest, Gina Glenn

Podcast 199

Do you know the best place to buy curriculum on the cheap? In this podcast, Felice and Gina discuss the basic ideas behind curriculum and how to find wonderful ways to purchase great curriculum without breaking the bank.

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How to choose homeschool curriculum

Using movies as curriculum

How do you choose good books?

Living Books

Living Books Library

Show Notes: Curriculum Ideas On The Cheap

  1. What is your homeschool philosophy? If you don’t know, how can you purchase curriculum?
  2. Join your favorite curriculum companies newsletter. Often you will receive first-hand knowledge of upcoming sales or discounts.
  3. Do your homework. What works for your best friend may not work for you.
  4. Used bookstores or homeschool consignment stores
  5. Library Sales
  6. Living books from original sources – library or book trade
  7. Start your own trading library of resources
  8. Unit studies – you can use these over multi-grades for multi-years.
  9. Project Gutenberg, Google Books
  10. Audios books – library or online
  11. Loyal Books
  12. Lists of great books:


Best Things Meet Richele and Lindsey

BEST THINGS MEET RICHELE AND LINDSEYBest Things Meet Richele and Lindsey with your host, Felice Gerwitz

What are the best things in your life. In my travels, as a homeschool mom, and entrepreneur I’ve met some amazing friends–and here I will introduce you to two very special people. Both of these ladies are wives, mothers, homeschool moms, and work-at-home mothers. They are also podcasters on this network – at Talking Mom 2 Mom Podcast that airs every Saturday. In this episode, I ask both questions such as, “If there was one thing you’d do over as a homeschool mom – what would that be?”, and “What is one homeschool victory?”
Visit Richele and Lindsey at their podcast here and their website here.
Richele McFarlin: 
Richele McFarlin is a homeschooling mom of 4 children ranging in age from 8 to 19 who doesn’t even own a globe. She has perfectly polished nails or hair perfectly in place but never both. Navigating through mountains of laundry and scaling piles of notebooks, she finds her office (favorite chair in the living room) and creates lessons and unit studies. Her obsession with fonts and dreams of hex colors led her to create Ruby Ink Design.

In her many years of homeschooling, Richele has experimented with different educational methods, curriculum brands, and experienced the challenges of Dyslexia with three of her girls. She has used a virtual school, sent two children to school, removed one from school, and sent one off to college. Richele has a collegiate background in educational psychology. She is an experienced curriculum reviewer and an Orton-Gillingham tutor.

Lindsey Stomberg:
Lindsey Stomberg is a stay at home, work from home mom to six children eight years and younger. She homeschools and enjoys large family living. When Lindsey is not changing diapers, cleaning house and cooking meals, she enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix with her husband … because let’s get real, who has energy after 8PMwhen you have this many kids?

As her husband would say, Lindsey is a chronic hobbyist. She is always learning a new skill whether that be graphic design, sewing cloth diapers, or streamlining a start-up business with her 8-year-old daughter. Lindsey likes to DIY her way around the home, explore natural remedies, and create new and exciting recipes in her Instant Pot during her downtime.

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