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Erin Odom Author

Erin Odom AuthorErin Odom, Author an interview with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #221

Today Felice Gerwitz interviews Erin Odom, author, and homeschool mom. She shares her family’s personal struggle.  Erin brings a unique message to bring hope to financially frustrated families in her new book.

Erin Odom, author of Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated, published by Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian! She blogs at Erin blogs about motherhood, homemaking, healthy living and family finances.

Show Notes: More Than Just Making It with Erin Odom, Author

Erin and her family were struggling, even though she and her husband had college degrees and both were earning good salaries, one was a spender and one a saver. They found themselves without jobs and lost their home. Their story is one that resonates with many hit financially during the downturn in the housing market. Jobless and with little children, they turned to God for help and found it at church and with a financial planner. Erin turned to writing and soon created a blog that became successful. Thankfully, she shares her success with all in her new book. Newly published author Erin, Odom!

  1. About Erin and her family.
  2. Homeschooling using the university model
  3. The one thing that impacted Erin to make a change.
  4. About Erin’s blog
  5. Root cause – income problem or a spending problem?
  6. Create income – one chapter in the book delves into this topic…passion, skill set, God given’s gifts.
  7. Contentment and gratitude of each day.




Refreshment For Moms

refreshment for momsRefreshment For Moms with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz

Refreshment for Moms? Is that possible? If you are you a mom-this show is for you! In this episode, Meredith and Felice discuss their take on refreshments for moms. Each shares several points on how to live a balanced life, to look at each crisis as it comes along and deal with each with prayer and discernment. For any mom, especially homeschool moms these daily events can take your breath away. Veteran moms give great help and advice for you!

Podcast #220

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Meredith Curtis –


Meredith Curtis – Refreshment For Moms

  1. Fix your eyes on Jesus –the person of Jesus
  2. Relax and fix our eyes on Jesus
  3. Normal Christian Life – book recommendation
  4. Jesus loves and is with me – He has over come
  5. Realistic expectations
  6. Here in this life we will have trouble
  7. Things don’t work the way we expect
  8. Worship in your homeschool


Felice Gerwitz –  Refreshment For Moms

  1. Be quiet before the Lord – A Few Minutes with God Podcast
  2. What is He asking
  3. Are we following His will
  4. Are we swimming with or against the stream?
  5. Like minded friends and families
  6. Learn to say NO – without guilt


Authority, Discipline and Respect

authority, discipline and respectAuthority, Discipline, and Respect

Podcast #219

Do you have authority to discipline your children and earn their respect? How can we successfully parent when our kids are not respectful and won’t follow our directions? That is a struggle many families confront no matter what time of the year. In this podcast episode, Felice Gerwitz tackles this problem with experience from a long-time mom and homeschool mom with practical and insightful suggestions.

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Show Notes:  Authority, Discipline, and Respect.

Sadly, many of you may not get along with your own parents, perhaps there are some hurts or unforgiveness of past wrongs. Unfortunately for many, the way they regard their parents is the way they regard God – especially a Father figure. The Bible talks about a loving father – and if your maternal father was not loving there is not much to go on …


  1. Authority is the ability or power to give orders, command, control, or rule – it sounds harsh!
  2. Parental authority is the power to give instruction to your children
  3. It allows us to in essence shape and form their behavior
  4. Basically – authority gives us the “right” by sheer power of birth to parent our children.


  1. This is the enforcement of our parental rights of authority
  2. Setting up the rules
  3. Teaching our children to obey the rules
  4. Teaching our children self-restraint and self-control (model this and it will work beautifully)
  5. Allows for punishment and correction (pray for solution – it works!)


  1. Esteem regarding another person
  2. We admire or look up to them
  3. We respect them – honor them

How do we earn our children’s respect? How do we discipline with the authority of God in a way that is successful? After this quick commercial break…


  1. Be consistent
  2. Be firm – do not back down
  3. Do not expect your child to parent others
  4. Take parenting books and suggestions with a grain of salt. What works for one child does not work for all
  5. Around 2 – explain rules. You will wear a seat belt in the car, you will hold my hand when we get out of the car. You will sit in the cart when we get into the store.
  6. Use a wall chart when practicing new rules
  7. Play act – practice – them coming


  1. Discipline wrong behavior – “bad” isn’t a good term – I’m not trying to be politically correct here, but telling a kid they are bad doesn’t tell them what they did wrong. Explain.
  2. Punishment fits the crime (chips)
  4. Clever solutions – pray
  5. Practice – if needed


  1. Creative solutions – taking away electronic devices, privileges
  2. Be careful of intent. Knowing your child’s reason for disobedience here is the key to future issues – why is there a disruption in trust or authority? What has been done to break that bond of trust?
  3. Puppy analysis – especially for homeschool kids. Who are your kids bonding with? Friends? Kids at church? On the sports field?
  4. Listen – important – spend time in discussing and talking to your children. Listen to what is on their hearts
  5. Night time – unlocking the key to their hearts

Scripture verses:

Psalms 103:13 

“He is like a father to us, tender and sympathetic to those who reverence him”

Proverbs 3:12

“For whom the Lord loves He reproves, even as a father the son in whom he delights”

Matthew 7:11

“And if you hard-hearted, sinful men know how to give good gifts to your children, won’t your Father in heaven even more certainly give good gifts to those who ask him for them?”


Wellness Products 4 Life

wellness products 4 lifeWellness Products 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and interview with special guest, Nate Kievman

Episode #218

I dislike taking any medication. Until I was introduced to wellness products from 4 Life. I feel great, energetic, and my health has never been better. In this episode we discuss protein shakes that are great for before and after exercise. If you are interested in taking your exercise up a few notches these products may be something you want to add to your regime.

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Show Notes: Wellness Products For Life

Recently I learned one of my homeschool friend’s father was ill and her brother, a board certified doctor had recommended the 4Life products for her father’s health. What an additional confirmation that the products are helpful and that even a doctor recommends them!

  1. Wellness aspect – we can’t eat everything we need for good nutrition. However a healthy diet is important.
  2. My journey to wellness has been a few years in the process.
  3. Protein powders and exercise.
  4. Favorite protein shakes. Shakes for breakfast.
  5. Family wellness – focus.
  6. Exercise, eating right and adding the right supplements.

Feel Better 4 Life

feel better 4 lifeFeel Better 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Nate Kievman

Podcast #217

Are you tired of feeling tired and sick? Do supplements work? It is time to feel better and I want to introduce you to 4 Life. It is hard to believe that about four years ago I was often so sick I had to stay in bed all day. Whether it was a migraine or stomach cramps, either one ruined whatever plans I had for the day. As a busy homeschool mom, there were no built in sick days in my schedule. Life had to go on with or without me. Fast forward and now with addition of natural supplements and essential oils I’m feeling great! In this episode I want to introduce you to a long time friend of mine, Nate Kievman. Nate and his wife homeschooled for a season and have been interested in wellness and fitness forever! Nate introduced me to this wonderful product and it has ramped up my health to new limits. I’m so excited to share this information with my Vintage Homeschool Moms Family.

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Show Notes: Feel Better 4 Life

This show is a little different for me. In this episode I interview the first every man – gasp! – on Vintage Homeschool Moms. Nate is like a son to me and has helped me, unselfishly with my business through the years. When he introduced me to 4Life I was … I will admit, concerned to hear yet another get-well-info-product. Yet the research and scientific information caught my eye. No surprise, you know how science is important to me. So, I decided to try it and I feel SO great that I had to share it with you. Because he (Nate) is better at explaining the products, he’s used them so long with his family, I felt it was a better option to have him on the show to explain. I hope to do another show with Nate – “Wellness for Life” on Vintage Homeschool Moms.

Here is a synopsis of this podcast:

  1. Meeting Nate almost ten years ago in a business venture.
  2. Nate’s helpful advice through the years
  3. 4 Life and wellness – and 4 Life transfer factor
  4. Personal stories of the benefits of 4 Life for Nate, his family and his sister
  5. Personal benefits of 4 Life for myself, my husband and kids
  6. 4 Life benefits for the immune system (587%) and how they work

Begin Your Homeschool With A Bang

begin your homeschool year with a bangBegin Your Homeschool Year with A Bang! with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #216

It appears that as parents we have competition with the back to school crowd, you know your kids may have friends who are shopping for new clothes, back packs, lunch boxes and school supplies that their schools require. I know I’ve been asked to donate to the back to school funds for needy kids – teachers association and the like.

So what is a homeschool parent to do?! Let me share my back to school routine with my kids and how exciting it was each and every year! Even in the high school years!

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Show Notes – Episode

  • Create a party atmosphere – why not? Lead up to the day with some hints and some hidden surprises. I’ll share some of these surprises later on…
  • Create a banner –super easy to do on the computer AND as a bonus – I’ve added one to this post –podcast – look under VHM or PODCAST # and I’ve added several. One you can have the children color and one if you want to splurge with a colored printer. I always added the children’s pictures to the banner –and their grade.
  • Hand out the new books – each child gets their books (or you may have a family book pile) … go through them, introduce the topic and make it sound exciting! “This year we will learn about the stars and the oceans! How fun!”
  • Hand out new supplies. Crayons, markers, art books, pencils, pencil sharpeners, etc.
  • Have a fun project ready to go – either a craft… like decorating a box where they will keep their school supplies, even if it is a plastic see-through case, you can purchase fun stickers for the kids to use to make it their own…or a fun science activity. Something spectacular is fun… see my podcast on fun science activities –Summer activities for Kids.
  • Remember to get some work done the first day. It might be an open ended story the kids need to finish (younger kids can dictate it or you can write it on a marker board or large sheet of paper to use as copy work.)
  • Be careful of the reproducible monsters. Too many worksheets – it is a disaster to grade or to keep track of…
  • Use photos to keep track of the year – make Friday night pizza or (whatever night) and
  • Give a year end notebook. This is the place where you will put work samples to keep track of progress in the year. The children can label the dividers, decorate the notebook or label it in some way.

Essential Oils For Fitness

essential oils for fitnessEssential Oils for Fitness with Felice Gerwitz

Episode #215

Essential oils are important for fitness results. I am a perfect example, because of the increased benefits I’ve received. While exercise is a new addition on my to-do list, essential oils have enhanced my life and well-being for several years. It is amazing to think of a life without the benefits, now that I use them daily. Wellness and exercise include a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and exercising go hand in hand, and now with the benefits of essential oils you will see a vast improvement.

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Show Notes: Essential Oils For Fitness

  1. For centuries many cultures used essential oils for wellness and fitness
  2. Athletes use essential oils in their training regiment
  3. Essential oil benefits are backed by research
  4. Peppermint oils help with cardiovascular performance in athletes
  5. Lemongrass oils help with energy and weight
  6. Lemongrass helps to burn more calories
  7. Lemongrass with basil, clary sage and coconut oil
  8. Eucalyptus helps mood and energy (this can be added to a spray bottle with other oils)
  9. Add geranium, peppermint, bergamont (my favorite) to spray bottle 4oz water with Eucalyptus
  10. Lemon oil – my favorite in bottled water. Promotes immune system support, lymphatic drainage and fat loss
  11. Lemon drops in water, help with hydration, encourages you to drink more
  12. Deep Blue – is great for sore or stiff muscles – brings immediate relief.
  13. Fennel – a great benefit, add to lavender and use for calmness
  14. Fennel – sweet flavor, helps fight sweet tooth

Additional and suggested resources: Essential Oils For Fitness

Felice Gerwitz (disclosure) my DoTerra Account. Order at a discount by signing up! Here is more information.

Pinterest – Lists of essential oils and their benefits here

Essential oils: Pinterest list here


Best Homeschool Planning Tips

best homeschool planning tipsBest Homeschool Planning Tips Episode #214

The best homeschool planning tips are the ones we often forget. With this simple outline your year will begin with a great start! Often, what we do is we get laser focused on school and forget we have a life. We are so excited we have our books – our schedule laid out and then when the afternoon rolls around we are FREAKED OUT we don’t have anything planned for dinner. In this episode I cover three simple guidelines.

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Show Notes: The Best Homeschool Planning Tips

  1. The best advice I can give you about planning your school year is don’t forget about the REST of your life.
  • God
  • Spouse
  • School
  • Meals
  • Laundry
  • Meals
  • Doctors
  • Field Trips
  1. Do take time to plan your entire year – yes, your year
  • Do you seasonal themes especially if you school younger children – older children love this too.
  • Do plan breaks and save days for field trips as they come up
  • Do plan time for family chores
  • Do plan time for meal prep – mega cooking and FREEZE or can
  • Utilize cooking in your schedule –


3. Think through things once and forget it!

Just like the crock pot recipe commercials would say the set it and forget it – the same thing with your planning.

  1. School Schedule. Times!
    1. Break fail – after lunch very hard to get back to work
      1. Finish math – or writing projects
      2. Science experiments
      3. Read
    2. Year End Notebook
      1. Keep work samples for each subject ALL YEAR LONG
      2. Put in pocket sheets and clear vinyl slip sheets to keep things like pictures, samples of math, writing, history, and science papers. Art projects etc.
  • Tests and progress
  1. Go out bag. Put in all the things you will need. Pick it up and go. If you have older kids put a laminated card on the outside and someone can double check the bag to be sure nothing wandered out or was not replaced. (Tell forgetting diaper bag – had the baby!)
    1. One for field trips
    2. One for the park
    3. One for church
  2. Chore chart –
  3. Meals
  4. Laundry Day




Best Last Minute Summer DIY Tips

Best Last Minute Summer DIY TipsThe Absolute BEST Last Minute Summer DIY Tips with Felice Gerwitz

What are the best last minute summer DIY Tips? In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice Gerwitz shares her passion for all things DIY and some quick gift ideas to make for the holidays that are just around the corner. Use recyclables you have on hand or with a minimum of cost, create beautiful items you will treasure. The best thing? The kids can help!

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Show Notes: The Best Last Minute Summer DIY Tips

  1. Get Organized.
    • Now is the time to just relax – for me that means doing something creative. If you or your children love to create crafts for gifts make a list of some people on your list.
    • Look around the house. From the podcast I created on getting organized fast here,  you may have things you were going to throw away that you can recycle. What about an old frame, some mason jars or a plastic bin that can be recovered or painted?
    • Trash day. My kids use to ride bikes up and down the road to see what neighbors were throwing away and sometimes came home with treasures. The awesome wrought iron and wood bench (my son refinished with new wood) that sits in front of my pond is one of those treasures. Look around on trash day.
  2. Gift Making
    • Useful items. Picture frames with a treasured memory, hand painted to match any decor specifically for a family member.
    • Tool holders: kitchen utensils, pencils, crayons, etc.
    • Shelves. Floating shelves are all the rage. Ask dad, mom, grandpa or even grandma (not me–but some of my friends are really handy!) to help. Here are some directions on how to make floating shelves.
    • Mixes. A great help for when you begin homeschooling again. Make muffin mixes, sour dough, cookie mix, biscuit mix from healthy alternatives. Use organic ingredients, make them vegan or gluten free. There are many great recipes.
    • Painted pots. Hanging pots with an inexpensive fern or recycled wood look great.
  3. The Best DIY Ideas For Families
    • Gift Cards. My favorite ideas revolve around hand rubs, neck rubs, car washes, etc. When kids were younger it was “watch the baby” for 30 minutes, etc. Give in a homemade envelope or box.
    • Create Job Calendar: These involve paper and clothes pin. Listen to the podcast for specific directions.
    • Meal Schedule
    • Vacation planning
    • Pizza night
    • Last minute getaways or field trip ideas


Exercise and Joy

exercise joyExercise and Joy with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #212

What does exercise have to do with joy? Being joyful is a result of exercise and can help our mood and stamina. In this episode, Felice explains her findings – what has worked for her and what she still struggles with in her exercise routine. Many of you are now motivated to exercise. And, for that I am grateful. Now I need motivation from all of you. Post your exercise stories in the comment section below.

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