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HSHSP Ep 89: A NOVEL Approach with Highschool Literature!

This week on HSHSP Ep 89: A NOVEL Approach with Highschool Literature!

HSHSP Ep 89: A NOVEL Approach with Highschool Literature!

HSHSP Ep 89: A NOVEL Approach with Highschool Literature!

Moldy, ancient novels: that’s what highschool Literature is, right?

Boring, meaningless lessons based on the old novel is highschool Literature, right?

Wrong on both counts!

Why read just because they are required to? Why not look at *novel* ideas for types of Literature? Teens can:

  • Read for connection (to the author, to life, to culture, etc)
  • Read to understand the author’s why?
  • Read to find their own why?

AND Literature is more than dusty novels. Lots of things can count as Literature!

Sabrina, Vicki and Kym have some NOVEL ideas for some lively, meaningful and fun ideas for homeschool highschool Literature. They share the thought provoking questions:


What can count as literature? Can it be something other than old novels? Here are some types of Literature that they have covered with their homeschool highschoolers:

  • Poetry (reading, interacting with it, memorizing it, writing it)
  • Short stories
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Plays (try some Readers Theatre)
  • Movies

Listen and find out the answer to the BURNING question: Why did Shakespeare write in iambic pentameter.

In the meantime, check out these useful links for new ways to look at highschool Literature.

Cinema Studies for Literature Learning in your High School Homeschool Co-op

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 14: Readers Theater Party- It’s COOL!

God is a Poet – Introducing Poetry to High School Homeschool Students


Vicki’s Pinterest Poetry Board (lots of famous people reading poetry…so cool!)

HSHSP Ep 89: A NOVEL Approach with Highschool Literature!


HSHSP Ep 84: Moms Finding Friends in Homeschool Highschool

This week on HSHSP Ep 84: Moms Finding Friends in Homeschool Highschool.

HSHSP Ep 84: Moms Finding Friends in Homeschool Highschool

HSHSP Ep 84: Moms Finding Friends in Homeschool Highschool

You don’t need to go it alone as a homeschooling mom!

We humans are created for community and we women, especially, to support one another. Some moms are extraverted and need lots of friends most of the time. Some moms are introverted and love alone time, but still need prayer support and a few trusted friends.

How do homeschool mom friends find friends?

Join Sabrina, Kym, and Quella the seeing eye puppy for an honest, heartwarming discussion about finding friends as homeschooling moms.

  • God’s intervention: They will share how, in dark times in their lives, God supplied their friendship with each other, then with the other moms who became
  • Prayer: Before seeing the intervention with God’s gift of friendship, Kym shares her story about praying for a friend.
  • Involvement: They share about being involved in their homeschool community had already made them acquainted with each other.
  • Serving: They share about seeing a need and being willing to help, which opened the door for friendship.

Homeschool moms, you don’t need to go it alone in homeschooling high school! God created us for community. If He created us for community, He will provide. Join us for this encouraging episode and look for God’s work in your life!

In the meantime, enjoy these encouraging posts and resources:

Confidence-Building Skills for Meeting New People

Click here for this free download.

The Importance of Homeschool Friends for MOM

Here’s a freebie download on how to truly help a friend during difficult times.

HSHSP Ep 84: Moms Finding Friends in Homeschool Highschool

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We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor Sony and their new movie, The Star, the Story of the First Christmas – Coming in Theaters November 17th!

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Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #52, Here Have All the Heroes Gone?Where Have All the Heroes Gone? with Meredith Curtis, podcast #052 looks at the fascination with Super-Heroes in today’s culture, how they’ve changed, and why we love Heroes. Meredith discusses Christian heroes, how they can impact our personal lives, and how they can inspire us to greatness. As a special bonus, six Super-Heroes drop in to tell their story. You will meet Pope Gregory, Lady Jane Grey, Lottie Moon, Brother Andrew, Elisabeth Eliot, and Nicky Cruz. We will end with instructions to host your own Heroes for Jesus Party.





Today’s sponsor is Powerline Productions. Powerline Productions wants to equip you to be a world changer and raise world changers. They offer curriculum, unit studies, high school courses, Bible studies, cookbooks, and How-to-Homeschool books. Find them at

High School Curriculum by Powerline ProductionsGod's Girls Books by Powerline Productions, Inc. Real Men Books by Powerline Productions, Inc.








Show Notes

There are so many super-hero movies out now. I have to stop and wonder what makes them so popular.

There are so many familiar heroes from my childhood, but boy; have they changed.

Different in values, morals, humility, respect for authority.

Relating to broken heroes and why we need heroes.

We are broken, but fixed by the One True Super-Hero.

Who are Christian heroes from the past?

How can they impact us?

How can they inspire us to greatness?

Let the Heroes Speak: Pope Gregory, Lady Jane Grey, Lottie Moon, Brother Andrew, Elisabeth Eliot, and Nicky Cruz.

One way that we learn about heroes is by having a Heroes for Jesus Party.

How to have a Heroes for Jesus Party: monologues, costumes, and games/activities.


Celebrate Our Christian Heroes by Meredith CurtisCelebrate Our Christian Heroes explains how and why to celebrate Christian heroes, as well as discussing reasons the author’s family stopped celebrating Halloween. Step-by-step instructions are given for planning and hosting your own Heroes For Jesus Party with monologues, costume ideas, and game/activity ideas for over 40 Christian Super-Heroes. A special bonus resource is the instructions and template to make your own Paul’s Journey to Rome Board Game! Enjoy!


Another resource is The Forgotten Podcast, a collection of hero stories that will inspire you!

HSHSP Ep 78: What are Colleges Looking for in Incoming Freshmen

This week on HSHSP Ep 78: What are Colleges Looking for in Incoming Freshmen.

HSHSP Ep 78: What are Colleges Looking for in Incoming Freshmen

Photo Credit: Murray State University

HSHSP Ep 78: What are Colleges Looking for in Incoming Freshmen

College-bound highschoolers want to know: What are colleges looking for in incoming freshmen? What will help the gain admission to college?

You and your teens need good information about what colleges are looking for when they look at the thousands of applications they receive each year. Your teens also need ideas for skills to learn in highschool that will help them succeed in college.

Join Vicki for an eye-opening interview with Dr. Renae Duncan, Associate Provost of Undergraduate Affairs of Murray State University (Murray, KY) about what colleges are looking for in Incoming Freshmen. Dr. Duncan is the sister of’s Vicki Tillman.

Dr. Renae Duncan Associate Provost of Undergraduate Affairs Murray State University

Click image for more information about Dr. Duncan and MSU. Photo credit Murray State University.

What are large state colleges want to see?

  • SAT/ACT s
  • Strong coursework
  • Volunteer work
  • Extracurriculars
  • Application essay at most large state universities

What do regional universities look for? 

  • Strong coursework
  • Good SAT/ACT (more flexibility with scores than larger colleges)
  • Not as much emphasis on service and extracurriculars
  • Often don’t need application essay

What about community colleges?

  • What are the benefits?

PLUS! Dr. Duncan gives insider tips for success:

  • WORKAROUNDS if your homeschool highschooler doesn’t do well on SAT/ACT type testing
  • Insider tips for college success
  • Thoughts on college search and choice.
  • Small college vs larger state college
  • College prep for highschoolers: What skills do they need for college success?
  • College prep for highschoolers: The difference between difficult highschool courses and courses that challenge your teen to think.

Homeschool-Friendly College: Murray State University

Click here for more information on college attractive transcripts and tips for college admissions.

Don’t miss this episode!

HSHSP Ep 78: What are Colleges Looking for in Incoming Freshmen


HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students

This week on HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students!

HSHSP Ep 76 Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students. Insider tips for transcripts EVEN if your teen is not a transfer student

HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students

This is an episode that you’ll enjoy EVEN if your teen isn’t a transfer student: LOTS of tips for transcripts and highschool planning.

However, if you are beginning to homeschool after your teen has been in traditional school for part of highschool, here are some great ideas for homeschool transcripts for transfer students (along with LOTS of planning tips).

Join Vicki, Marilyn and Dr. Barbara Varnell for a lively hand and helpful discussion. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Recording another school’s credits on the homeschool transcript
  • Discerning what material a transfer Math or English course covered
  • Figuring out which Social Studies are left to cover for graduation
  • Why bother to plug the holes in the Maths
  • How to plug the holes in Maths
  • What do STEM transfer students need to look for
  • Which Sciences need to be emphasized if you have a STEAM teen
  • When to lean on dual enrollment opportunities

Not only that, but Dr. Varnell shares some insider tips such as: getting a syllabus BEFORE you withdraw your teen from traditional school! And success tips for college, too!

Your newly homeschooling highschooler will have the best years yet. You CAN do this!

(And our editor, Seth, gave us another blooper reel this time.)

Dr. Barb Varnell Homeschooling Gifted HighschoolersHSHSP Ep 35: Homeschooling Intellectually Gifted Teens

Here’s another great discussion with our friend, Dr. Barbara Varnell!





300 HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It!HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar: Gotta Have It!

Listen in on this useful episode!
 Attractive Transcripts- What to Include

Here’s what you need to include!

Contact Vicki at for coaching through the process of college search and application.

HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students


HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool

This week on HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool.

HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool

HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool

There are tens of thousands of homeschooling highschool in the US today. Many of them are just starting the homeschool adventure at grade 9. We get lots of questions from those parents who are just starting homeschooling highschool after their kids have been in regular school grades K-8.

What are the reasons families have from bringing teens home for highschool? We often talk to families:

  • who have a teen with a chronic illness
  • who have a teen with social anxiety or other mental illnesses
  • who have a teen who has some learning difference
  • who have a teen who is gifted and motivated
  • who have a teen who has asked to homeschool

What are some tips for handling the transition from traditional to homeschooling highschool?

  • Decide on format (we’ve got ideas for you)
  • Remember to communicate
  • Be aware of need for de-toxing from regular school
  • And more

Join Sabrina, Kym and Marilyn for helpful how-to’s and enlightening encouragement about Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool!

New Help for Homeschooling High School Parents!

How to Plan and Schedule Your Homeschool High School Year

HSHSP Ep 42: Highschool Goals and Planning

HSHSP Ep 73: Bringing Your Teen Home for Highschool


HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It!

HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It! Highschool grammar is a must!HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It!

You’d think that after 8 years of grammar through elementary and middle school, that teens wouldn’t need to study grammar any longer!

We’ve noticed in our years as homeschool advisors and homeschool moms, that teens in this generation need grammar more than ever. How about essays include lines like:

What do u think about…?

Its more then I can bare. ROFL!

In this day of texting and automatic spellchecker, some embarrassing and unprofessional things can happen in writing. Teens need the skills to edit their own work after the automated tools finish!

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Marilyn for ways to make highschool-level grammar useful, if not fun!


And if your teen is struggling about future career and college major choices, contact


Why Teens Hate Editing Papers and How to Help

4 Steps to Help Teens Learn Revising and Editing Skills


Real Talk for Real Fathers with John Finch

Real Talk for Real FathersAbout this time last year, I was introduced to John Finch on Twitter. John asked me to write an article for his encouraging dads project. You can read that here…

As I learned more about John and what he does for fathers, I knew I wanted to have him on the show. In this episode, I chat with John about what he has learned about Fatherhood on his journey. John shares about his own realization that Father Wounds have a large impact on Fatherhood and how he is overcoming the loss of losing his own father to suicide at age 11.

John recently released a documentary called The Father Effect and he shares some of the lessons he learned while creating this documentary. You can find out more about The Father Effect on his website,

The Father Effect Movie

If you need encouragement about fatherhood, check out John’s Encouraging Dad’s Project. You can read lots of great stories on his site,

Encouraging Dads

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Find a way to #sayyes today.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast and leave a review on iTunes!!!

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Build Your Summer Reading List

Build Your Summer Reading List

Podcast #28

In this episode,  Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) Chairwoman, Suzanne Nunn discusses ways to build your summer reading list.  Summer is a great time to expand your library. And what a wonderful time to spend reading some new and old favorites!

Please join us as we travel along this journey on our podcast adventure. Let’s get connected! Learn more about the Florida Parent Educator’s Association and homeschooling in the beautiful state of Florida.

Please visit to learn more about who we are


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