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Yes, you read that correctly. College Prep Genius is here to teach you all the tips and tricks in which you can ace the SAT and get FREE money for college (no strings attached)! Jean Burk’s program will give you all the inside information on how to get money for college, put together a college transcript, and become a logic-based thinker. Jean will debunk myths & misconceptions, all while providing you all the information on how to stop fearing the SAT. We’ve helped THOUSANDS ease the worry of having to figure out a way to get free college and we can help you too! Tune in as we help guide you with how to ace the SAT, build an amazing college transcript, and charting your course for high school success and beyond.





cpgbannerjean300x300Free College Can Happen To You– who we are and what you can learn during our journey together. Stay tuned, it’ll be a fun ride! Second Episode:  Don’t Fear the new SAT– the Common Core changes have everyone wondering what is going to happen and not to worry- we’ve got you covered!

New Format! Moderated by Felice Gerwitz with Host: Jean Burke! Brought to you twice a month full length sessions to help you ace the tests, prepare for college and select the best college to help you with your future plans and goals!






College Prep Genius

How To Ace The ACT

How to Ace the ACT Podcast 63 Did you know that College Prep Genius teaches you how to ace the ACT? Truthfully, test anxiety is half the battle. Changing your mindset is important. In this podcast, Jean Burk discusses information about the ACT and how to ace this important college entrance test to gain valuable […]

FAFSA 12 Best kept secrets

FAFSA – 12 Best Kept Secrets Application Tips with Jean Burk Episode 62 Here are the FAFSA 12 Best Kept Secrets. Did you know that 80-90% of families make mistakes on the FAFSA that cost them tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money? This information is timely before October 1 – so please listen […]

FAFSA Equals Free Money

FAFSA Equals Free Money with Jean Burk Episode 61   Did you know that FAFSA equals free money to students? Now is the time, especially if you are a rising senior –it is crucial to pay attention to apply to you right now! Don’t fall for those places that say they will help you fill […]

PSAT Crash Course

PSAT Crash Course with Jean Burk Episode #60 Are you ready for a PSAT crash course? Are you a junior? Now is the time to get ready to take the PSAT – it is given in the middle of October. In many places, you need to sign up in person (call school first). It can […]

Secrets Uncovered SAT and ACT

Secrets Uncovered SAT and ACT with Jean Burk Podcast #59 Did you know some deep down, low and dirty secrets to the SAT and ACT that the test makers don’t want you to know? In this episode, Jean Burk continues to reveal information that will help you gain a higher score on the tests used […]

Six Secrets Hidden By SAT & ACT Test Makers

Six Secrets Hidden By SAT and ACT Test Makers by Jean Burk Podcast #58 Do you want to know six secrets that the test makers don’t want you to know? In this episode, Jean Burk shares her insights after years of successful teaching the SAT and ACT test prep to thousands of students. Her techniques […]

Six SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed

Six SAT and ACT Secrets Revealed Episode # 57 with Jean Burk Here we go another fast-paced series. When completed there will be 23 total. Be sure to We have an insider’s perspective to the truth about the SAT and ACT, popular belief is that it tests what you know. However, Jean Burk debunks this […]

5 Secret Revealed – SAT and ACT

5 Insider’s Top Secret Tips About the SAT and ACT College Prep – #56 with Jean Burk Are you ready for a series of podcasts that crack wide open the SAT and ACT myth. No, these tests do not evaluate what you know, they are standardized LOGIC tests. Do you understand what to look for? […]

Test Taking Encouragement

Test Taking Encouragement with Jean Burk What is the best news? A great score on a test! In this podcast Jean discusses test taking encouragement that YOU can do it! Success is around the corner and with Jean’s tips your student will benefit tremendously. Episode 55 Visit today’s sponsor – College Prep Genius Jean Burk […]

Must Know College Checklist

Must Know College Checklist with Jean Burk When you are ready to visit a college do you know what to look for?  Here is the must know college checklist of important information to find the very best college for your child. Celebrate with us! Jean Burk is a Fox News Contributor – she was recently […]

All About Mandatory Testing

Mandatory Testing — Episode 52 with Jean Burk Want to know all about mandatory testing? Or is testing even mandatory? Want to know all about mandatory testing? Or is testing even mandatory? In this podcast with author, Jean Burk you’ll learn what is expected for college entrance and the standard – as of now, that yes, testing is […]

College Selection Checklist

College Selection Checklist with Jean Burk and Felice Gerwitz Podcast #53 Jean Burk explains the importance and gives a detailed college selection checklist for students looking for the ideal college. She explains the college search, the type of school to consider, where to look, large vs. small school and criteria to consider. This college selection […]

The Perfect College For You Is…

The Perfect College For You is.. with Jean Burk Podcast #51 There are nearly 5K colleges across our nation and there are so many to choose from. Which college is right for you? What is the best fit for you? Jean Burk explores this question. Visit today’s sponsor – College Prep Genius   The best […]

Is College Right For You

Is College Right For You? And Lame Excuses That Keep You From Going Episode #50 Is college right for you? Often many students have reasons or excuses for not going. In this podcast, Jean Burk explains how some of these excuses can be overcome with some serious thought. Visit today’s sponsor – College Prep Genius […]

Caution – Career Path Ahead

After High School-Caution, Career Path Ahead with Jean Burk Podcast #49 It’s time to think about college and now is the time to think about the different career paths. While there are many different paths, the main ones will be covered in this podcast with Jean Burk – “Caution – Career Path Ahead.” Visit today’s […]

SAT vs. ACT Real Truth

SAT vs. ACT Real Truth with Jean Burk Podcast #48 Which test should your take, the SAT or the ACT? What is the real truth? Learn how to ace the SAT – since colleges are ranked nationally based upon the student’s SAT scores. 85% of colleges give money based on test on like the SAT […]

Checklist For College – Car and Personal

Checklist Before College – Car and Personal with Jean Burk Do you need a check list for college prep? Have you considered what you need for your car or personal items that are necessary to make your life easier away from home? This is a great broadcast for teens and parents approaching those college years. […]

Checklist Before College – Dorm Life

Checklist Before College – Dorm Life with Jean Burk #46 College dorm life can be scary and exciting at the same time. In this podcast Jean Burk shares her long list of things to bring and not forget. Still preparing for the SAT Test? Visit the website for test prep info – on your phone […]

How To Avoid 5 Common Freshman Mistakes

How To Avoid 5 Common Freshman Mistakes This is the second of a two-part series on how to avoid common mistakes freshmen make – listed are possible thoughts your college freshman to be may have and ways to combat these possible pitfalls. Invite your teen to listen to this episode with you – the most important […]

How To Avoid 6 Common Freshman Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Freshman Mistakes by Jean Burk Podcast #44 Better to be safe than sorry – right? Here are some things your child may think when they leave for home, now is the time to go over some of these very common freshman mistakes. Still preparing for the SAT Test? Visit the website […]

College – You’re Accepted Now What?

You’re Accepted Into College – Now What? with Jean Burk You’ve gotten the letters, you’ve made the choice – and now it’s countdown until the big day – the first day of college. How do you prepare? What do you take with you, what do you do now? In this podcast, Jean Burk shares a […]

New SAT – Writing and the Essay

New SAT All About The Writing Section and The Essay with Jean Burk  What are the thirteen most common grammar errors? What are the patterns and how can you find the correct answers? In this episode of College Prep Genius Podcast the New SAT writing portion and essay are discussed along with tips to ace […]

SAT Test – All About Math

SAT Test – All About Math with Jean Burk Podcast 41 Did you know that every test on the math portion of the SAT test can be answered in thirty seconds or less? Did you know that on one portion you can not use a calculator? Did you know certain calculators are banned? In this […]

SAT Test – All About Reading

All About Reading on the SAT TEST with Jean Burk What is the new SAT reading section about? How much changed? What type of questions are on the test. In this podcast In this episode it is all about reading on the SAT test — Jean shares some of her best tips with you – […]

Teen Success

Teen Success – Podcast 39 with Jean Burk Jean explains the how to have real Teen Success – by explaining how to connect, be in communion, and bring about change in your teens. Do your kids make great choices? In this episode Jean gives so many great tips on encouraging your teens to succeed. – […]

Teen Consequences

Teen Consequences – Podcast 38 with Jean Burk In this episode, Jean explains teen consequences and the importance of communicating, cultivating and choices! Teen consequences can be life changing or life shattering – we want teens that are successful, happy and make good choices. How do we encourage our children to do that? They are […]

Teens Making Great Choices

Teens Making Great Choices Podcast 37 with Jean Burk Podcast 36- How To Raise Competent Teens Podcast 38- Teen Consequences Podcast 39 – Teen Success  – Great Teens Yes, This Means You Jean is the award-winning author of college prep genius – the no-brainer way to get free college. She is a FOX News contributor as […]

Raise Competent Teens

Raise Competent Teens – Podcast 36 by Jean Burk Do you know how to raise competent teens? In this podcast Jean explains how to “capture,” and teach our children “competence,” and how to turn this into competence for our teens? Teaching and encouraging your children to succeed is the topic in this series of podcasts! […]

Vocabulary Skills The Key To Your Future

The Key To Your Future Vocabulary Skills with Jean Burk and your host, Felice Gerwitz Your future job may depend on your vocabulary skills. Over simplistic? Not at all – listen to this podcast with Jean Burk and learn the importance of vocabulary for the business and professional world. You can never waste your vocabulary […]

Limited Language Limited Mind

Limited Language Limited Mind with Jean Burk and your host, Felice Gerwitz What is the importance of a good vocabulary? How can you increase your vocabulary? What is a fifty-cents word? Or what about communicating effectively? The English language is dying and in this episode Jean shares how her children participated in writing books that […]

Keep Your Job 7 Important Soft Skills

Keep Your Job 7 Important Soft Skills with Jean Burk Episode #31 Do you have what it takes to get and keep a job? In this episode, Jean shares seven important soft skills that will help you get the job and keep it! Did you know that employers are very interested in these seven things, more […]

Soft Skills Pay The Bills

Soft Skills Pay The Bills with Jean Burk Episode #30  Are you confused about the difference between soft skills and hard skills? After getting a job because you are qualified can you keep it? Are you irreplaceable? Do you have integrity? Are you a time management whiz? Are you Resourceful a problem solver or an […]

Why Standardized Tests Are Here To Stay

Why STANDARDIZED TESTS HERE TO STAY with Jean Burk Find More information about Jean here Show Notes: Why standardized tests are here to stay: 1. 1. There have been articles about colleges now become test-optional, is this the trend and is the SAT going away anytime soon? 2. Why do these tests even exist? 3. […]

Freaking Out About The New SAT and ACT

Let’s Talks with Jean Burke About: Freaking Out About the New SAT and ACT Changes Jean Burke is an award-winning author and creator of College Prep Genius Find More information about Jean here Catch Jean on NBC! A commercial for tomorrow's show. Posted by Jean Carter Burk on Thursday, March 3, 2016 Show Notes: 1. […]

ABC’s of SAT Test Scores

The ABC’s of SAT Test Scores with Jean Burke Podcast #27 Are you ready to cut through the red tape and get to the bottom of what all those SAT test scores mean? What is a good SAT or PSAT test score? When do you need to retake the SAT test? What do you do […]

The Truth About The NEW SAT

What is The Truth About The New SAT? with Jean Burk Podcast #26 There is so much misinformation about the new SAT with programs that unrolled and were available before the test was even available for review. In this episode Jean Burk explains spending hours analyzing the test and what she can tell you and […]

ABC’s of Finding Money For College

Let’s Talk about Finding Money for College with Jean Burk Podcast 25 Where is the money for college? Many times scholarships, grants or special available gifts are unclaimed because …well, no one knows about them! In this podcast Jean explains the right and the wrong way to go about finding this extra money for college […]

ABC’s of College Financial Aid

The ABC’s of College Financial Aid with Jean Burke Podcast # 24 Did you know that the real cost of college varies depending on the institution or the things you need to do to avoid costly mistakes when filling out the financial aid packet? In this podcast Jean gives timely information you will not want […]

An Overview Of The NEW SAT

An Overview of the New SAT with author and speaker, Jean Burke What is and isn’t in the new SAT test and is it time to be worried that it contains so much common core content your kids are bound to fail? No worries, Jean is on top of this and shares several key aspects. […]

Is The New SAT About Common Core And Other FAQ

Is the New SAT About The Common Core and Other FAQ with Jean Burke Don’t miss this episode, we’ll be covering many questions that Jean receives frequently and answer many more. Listen to this episode from award-winning author and speaker, Jean Burke with moderator, Felice Gerwitz. Jean Burke is an award winning author and creator […]

Are Smart Phones Good For Your Kids

Let’s Talk to Jean Burke — Are Smart Phones Good For Your Kids Podcast #21 Do Smart Phones Dumb our Kids Down? Jean Burke shares the surprising statistics of smart phone use and our kids. Not only are smart phones not good for your kids, but continued use can cause a host of problems. Jean Burke […]

Secrets to Finding Scholarships

Let’s Talk to Jean Burke — Secrets to Finding Scholarships Podcast #20 How to Do More Than Searching on Google for Scholarships Jean Burke has a proven history of helping students from all over the world get high SAT scores but not only that, she explains where to look for scholarships. Finding those little known places to look […]

Ten Secrets To Scholarship Preparation

Let’s Talk to Jean Burke about Ten Secrets to Scholarship Preparation  #19 How to Get Organized Before You Apply for Scholarships  Did you realize a good foundation is important before you get started with the college scholarship search. Jean Burke is such an expert at this – and she shares her important secrets with us. If […]

No More SAT Tests

Let’s Talk to Jean Burke about “No More SAT Tests!” Podcast #18 What’s this? No More SAT Tests? Did you hear this right? I ask Jean Burke, the author and founder of College Prep Genius if she believes the SAT is a test of the past. Come listen to what she has to say. Learn […]

Transcripts Your Key To Free College – 2

Podcast Episode 17 Transcripts Your Key To Free College Part Two with Jean Burke High school classes tend to be alphabet soup – there is the AP, then here is the CLEP and Dual Enrollment. What does it all mean? And, how do you record these classes or test results on your transcripts for college? Getting it […]

Transcripts Your Key To Free College

Podcast 16 Transcripts! Your Key To Free College with author, and speaker Jean Burke In this podcast Jean tackles the difficult topic of transcripts and getting them right the first time. Your transcript can become your key to free college with some very important information from this podcast. You don’t need fancy transcripts or expensive […]

Say Goodbye To Test Anxiety And Say Hello To Free College – 2

Episode 15 Overcoming Test Anxiety with Jean Burke with … Say Goodbye to Test Taking Anxiety and Say Hello To Free College Part Two Today we focus on the math portion of the SAT and PSAT test and how to overcome test anxiety. And, Jean answers a listener’s questions – thanks so much for sending […]

Say Goodbye To Test Anxiety And Say Hello To Free College

Free College? Yes! It Can Happen to you when you –>> Say Goodbye to Test Taking Anxiety and Hello to Free College Episode 13 Have you looked at all the parts of the SAT test with great advice for acing it? Well, pull up a chair, grab your kids and gather around. Listen to this episode […]

PSAT Test Myths – Episode 12

Test Taking Myths – Episode 12 PSAT Test Myths: PSAT The Life Changing Test Taking the PSAT is optional right? Not if you want free college! I know, you don’t think you are smart, or maybe you’ve been told that YOU as a parent didn’t receive the National Merit Scholarship – so don’t waste your […]

SAT and Athletic Scholarships

Let’s Talk About the SAT and Athletic Scholarships with Jean Burk Episode 13 Raise Your Hand …if you are interested in your athlete getting a scholarship! Really? SAT and Athletic Scholarships going hand-in-hand? So, your child is interested in playing sports on the college level. What’s a parent to do? Full scholarships are available but […]

SAT Myths! Episode 11

SAT Myths Many times what people think about the SAT will surprise you – like, “The SAT is an old test, no colleges take it any more.” or “SAT is not as good as the ACT” … what do you think about the SAT? Join Jean Burk the author of College Prep Genius as she […]

Acing The SAT Essay – Episode 10

  Let’s Talk About Acing the SAT Essay Are you interested in learning more about the ESSAY Portion of the SAT? Here you go – a new update on great advice for taking the SAT – Essay portion, how it is graded as well as up-to-date info on the “New’ SAT  essay portion for 2016. […]

Knowledge to College Admissions Part Two : Episode 9

College Prep Genius – Knowledge to College Admissions –  Part Two with Moderator Felice Gerwitz and Show Host – Jean Burke A new format! Felice moderates this session with international speaker, Jean Burke the author of the award winning program College Prep Genius. In this episode the keys to exploring the right study resources as well as additional […]

Knowledge to College

Knowledge to College Part One with Moderator Felice Gerwitz and Show Host – Jean Burke A new format! Felice moderates this session with international speaker, Jean Burke the author of the award winning program College Prep Genius. In this episode the keys to exploring the right college for you are uncovered. Show Notes: Knowledge to […]

Build An Amazing Homeschool Transcript

Build An Amazing Homeschool Transcript Impress even Harvard with an incredible transcript! Download the notes at: There is only ONE secret ingredient to giving credibility to a homeschool transcript. If you don’t know it, author Jean Burk will share the answer in this incredible lecture on how to build an amazing homeschool transcript. Discover the insider criteria that Harvard […]

Free College At Your Fingertips

Free College At Your Fingertips The holiday season is here and nothing sounds better than FREE. First thing to do is to download the notes at: and let us guide you on this journey to discovering what every parent needs to do to ensure free college is not only a possibility but only fingertips away! Learn […]

Ace the SAT!

Ace the SAT! It’s time to ACE THE SAT! Download the notes at: and follow along as we unveil top secret strategies that have helped so many students earn free college and relieve themselves of the worry and confusion in the SAT test! So much information is available at your fingertips and all your ears need to […]

The Best Kept Secret to Free College: The PSAT!

Discover what the PSAT can do for you! The Best Kept Secret Free College – PSAT! Download the notes at and follow along as we take you on a journey of misguided information and how we can clue you in to what you can do RIGHT NOW to help your student not only ace the PSAT […]

Don’t Fear the new SAT!

Don’t fear the new SAT! No need to fear, College Prep Genius is here! The recently announced changes with the Common Core have created confusion, panic, and fear. We understand that a few of the unknown is something everyone goes through and until we see all sides of the story, are we truly comfortable in […]

College Prep Genius Introduction

We are excited to be here! We have so much information for you that not only will give you the inside scoop but has the potential to change your life! How do we know? It’s worked for THOUSANDS of students and we’re confident it can work for you, too! In our first episode, you’ll get […]

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