Family Reunions On The Cheap

family reunions on the cheapLet’s Talk About Family Reunions On The Cheap!

Podcast 140

Are you planning a family reunion? How about your plans to attend one? How do you pull this off without spending a small fortune? In this podcast, Felice shares some tips on pulling off a party that your guests won’t soon forget as well as making it special for all involved. Everything from planning to invitations to food. Don’t forget, deciding on a budget is half the battle, and secondly who is paying for the bulk of the reunion fun? Whether you are planning a family reunion for a handful of people or a bus load you can do it under budget and still walk away with family memories to last a lifetime!

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Show Notes: Family Reunions on the Cheap:

Family Reunions on the Cheap

Decide on:

  1. Who is the Planning Committee
    1. How will you communicate
    2. Will you use social media
  2. A Budget
    1. What is the most you want to spend?
    2. What is the cost per person?
  3. Invitations
    1. Each main family member invites their own tribe
    2. Send out printed invitations – homemade
    3. Mail out and print invitations professionally
    4. Use social media to invite people
    5. Use eVite online to invite family members
  4. Location
    1. Park or Public Facility
    2. Church
    3. Home
  5. Invitations
  6. Food
    1. Simple is best
      1. Decide on a menu
      2. Decide on who is doing what
    2. Kid food vs. adult food
    3. Catering
      1. Delivery
      2. Pick-up
    4. Schedule
      1. Set up
      2. Day of the party
      3. Clean up
    5. Decorations
      1. Homemade/ computer generated
      2. Store bought
    6. Frills
      1. Photographer
      2. Party Favors
      3. Activities for the kids


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