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Win either $300.00 in CASH or $1500 in books and classes (digital) 

Number three cupcake

It’s our third birthday as a network and to celebrate THREE years of bringing you quality podcasts for FREE I’ve included this quick audio to tell you about our celebrations as well as a list of all the prizes! Be sure to enter many times and refer a friend!

ultimate homeschool radio network birthday

Our winners in order:

Meghan A – $300 & Shannon wins the bundle of prizes



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 Giveaway Here – 1 to 1 Makeover – Jackie! Congrats.


Details of the Giveaways – Visit our amazing sponsors!

American History AP Level Class – value $320.00

American Government & Elections Class – value $160.00

Creation Science Bundle:  $114.65
4-Study Guides
3-Activity Packs

Truth Seeker’s Mystery Series Bundle  $46.47
3- Novels
3- Literature Guides

Science Bundle:
Teaching Science & Having Fun  $16.95
An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects $8.99

Ministry Books:
A Few Minutes with God $15.95
Secret Code Time: Creating An Unbreakable Bond Between Parent & Child  $16.95

Writing Bundle:
Reach for the Stars Creating and Unbreakable Bond Between Parent & Child $18.95

Information In A Nutshell: Writing and Publishing $8.99

Information In A Nutshell: Business Tips & Taxes Between Parent & Child $15.95

Math Bundle:
Mr. D Math course. Choose 1 from a Pre-Algebra to Pre-Precalculus course $197 retail value

College Prep Genius 

One year digital SAT prep class – Get College for Free!  $99

Homeopathy for Mommies Crash Course

Ten full-length classes that teach the basics of homeopathy $99

Grammar Galaxy – Melanie Wilson

Grammar Galaxy Curriculum – $50 Value and The Organized Life – $10 Value

Hal and Melanie Young – Making Biblical Family Life Practical Podcast

Raising Real Men Boot Camp $39 – Raising Real Men Bundle

Books By Meredith Curtis

Let’s Have Our Own Medieval Banquet and Ancient History Cookbook eBook

Fulltime Families  – Kimberly Travaglino

How to Hit the Road / Journey Journal Bundle ($50 value)

Mary Beth Goff Roadschool Moms – $99

Annual Learning Shop Subscription

Israel and Brook Wayne

Full-Time Parenting Guide Book and  Parenting eBook and Audio  $33.00 Value

7-Sisers – Vicki Tillman and Sabrina Justison – The Homeschool Highschool Podcast

History and Philosophy of the Western World and Human Development for Christian Worldview  Value $65




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