MBFLP 100 – Halloween and Reformation

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Among the secular holidays, Halloween probably is the most controversial … with good reason. Is it just a festival of candy for children in costume, or a throwback to Druidic rites and demonic celebration, or something in between? This episode we talk about how we’ve chosen to mark the season, and its connection with the Reformation that swept Europe in the 1500’s – with effects to this day.

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  1. S. Slayter says:

    I am a little disappointed with your interpretation of this (in respect to Catholic teaching). The Catholic church believes that all believers become saints and we only hold up those we believe to be good examples and honor them. They are not considered any more a saint than those we do not recognize. There are no “super” saints as you put it. However, some people do live a life worth honoring , celebrating, and more to the point, emulating. All saints and All Souls Day is our faith’s way of honoring all people who have passed. It is a day of solemn prayer that we honor God’s mercy, love and sacrifice. Because it is a day of solemnity, we have a fun celebration before; Halloween. It has no religious significance other than, a fun and joyful day before two holy days of remembrance. It is not a time to glorify anything evil, gore, or violence. It is however a fun time to share with friends and neighbors.

    As I am a convert, I know that there are many misconceptions on both sides of the reformation divide. Please be careful of your characterizations of other faiths. I I think we will find as Christians, we have way more in common than we sometimes like to admit. God Bless and thank you.

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