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Once A Month — Always Live!

Monthly online sessions for moms to talk about the things that really matter; family, faith and more! Share your heart with people who listen and really care! Stay up late, laugh and giggle and meet new friends and be energized and ready to face new daily challenges. Of course jammies are a must! The show airs every second Tuesday of the month – so keep those dates open! And welcome our show host, Felice Gerwitz.

Felice is a homeschool mom since 1986, and has been married to her “best-friend” Jeff Gerwitz since 1979. They have five children, three graduated. Felice is an author and publisher (Media Angels, Inc.) with eight titles sited in the book 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, and owner of this website (Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network). She took Mommy Jammies Night to a new level over three years ago, with monthly broadcasts heard by women all over the world! Felice blogs at Home For Learning 

Always encouraging to Homeschool Moms

Save the date for an AMAZING Guest this June 14th 2016

Tuesday at 6:00 PST | 7:00 MST | 8:00 CST | 9:00 EST PM right here with special guest…

Hether Bowen-MommyJammiesNightSpecial Guest -Heather Bowen 

Staying Sane Amidst the Chaos

Homeschooling While Working From Home: Staying Sane Amidst the Chaos-

You really can have a successful full-time business at home while homeschooling your children, and Heather is proof of it. Join us as Heather shares 7 tips that have helped her stay {relatively} sane while balancing her roles as wife, mother, business woman, and home educator. If she can do it, so can you! All you need is a strategy that works!

Bio: Heather Bowen is a Christian, wife, and homeschooling mother of two daughters. She resides in Lumberton, NC with her family. Three years ago, Heather left her full-time job as a Labor & Delivery nurse and became a work at home, homeschooling mom. Her blog,, is the sole source of income for her family. Heather’s passion lies in encouraging other mothers who (like herself) find themselves surrounded by chaos in the trenches of homeschooling. Heather blogs at Life of a Homeschool Mom

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Listen LIVE below – on your computer, phone or digital device on Tuesday, June 14th at 9 PM!


 Upcoming Mommy Jammies Night Speakers!
January 12 – Brook Wayne
February 16-  Felice Gerwitz
March 22 – Jean Burk
April 5 – Colleen Kessler
May 10 – LaToya Edwards
June 14- Heather Bowen
Summer Schedule Coming Soon

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6PM Pacific ~ 7 PM Mountain ~ 8 PM Central ~ 9 PM Eastern

You won’t hear any audio until five minutes before show time – be sure to click the “Play button” or refresh the page. Introduce yourself — we’d love to meet you. At the end of the broadcast, I’ll take questions. Use the Question Box at the bottom of the page to type in your questions. I’d love to answer it on the show!

Mommy Jammies Episodes

Raising Children with Good Character

Special Guest – LaToya Edwards Raising Children with Good Character Charlotte Mason said, “The habits of the child produce the character of the man.” Raising children with godly character is a very important task. It takes a lot of patience and training from parents and a lot of trial and error for the kids. LaToya […]

How Do You Nurture Creativity

How Do You Nurture Creativity? Glad you asked… Colleen Kessler ~ Nurturing & Celebrating Creativity  Raising creative kids means giving your children the tools they need to be innovative problem solvers — equipping them to tackle anything that comes their way throughout life. Let’s explore strategies together Tuesday night, and build a toolkit to help nurture […]

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener – It Is Still Grass

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener It Is Still Grass ~ Welcome our Mommy Jammies Night Speaker – Jean Burk Enter contest – here to win a college prep course $250+ Marriage is forever, right? Until it isn’t. Jean is our special guest for Mommy Jammies Night! The Grass isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side-It’s […]

Hearing God’s Voice

A Special Mommy Jammies Night presentation with featured speaker: Felice Gerwitz Topic: Hearing God’s Voice – Podcast #29 Yes, I live a very dangerous, on the edge of the cliff kind of life – and you probably agree with a topic like, “Hearing God’s Voice.” How can you know for sure it is God’s voice? […]

Overcoming The Fear of Not Being Good Enough with Brook Wayne

Overcoming The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough with Brook Wayne Mommy Jammies Night – with Brook Wayne! Homeschooling our youngsters has its ups and downs, especial when the lesson plans don’t pan out, the children aren’t interested, or when we’re distracted and discouraged. On those “down days” when nothing seems to go right, it […]

Zan Tyler – The Secret to Christ-Focused Holidays

Zan Tyler – The Secret to Christ-Focused Holidays   Author, speaker, director of Apologia Press & graduated homeschool mom, Zan Tyler The Christmas season should be joyous, Christ-focused and peaceful, right? For many of us it is a far cry from the ideal as portrayed on the made-for-TV movies. In this session, Zan Tyler shares her […]

Too Blessed To Be Stressed with Melanie Wilson

Too Blessed To Be Stressed with Melanie Wilson! If you’re stressed out, you don’t need to hear one more thing you need to do to manage it. Dr. Melanie Wilson isn’t going to share the basic advice we’ve all heard: get enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. Instead, she will share a whole new way […]

Mary or Martha?

Which are you? Mary? or Martha? with Featured Speaker – Linda Lancour Hobar   Mary and Martha Decide to Homeschool – a Workshop for Mary’s Let’s pretend that Mary and Martha decide to homeschool. Following their character, Martha would probably have all her plans in place (and be frustrated), and Mary would probably be at […]

Forgiveness Is A Choice

Struggling to Forgive? Forgiveness Is A Choice! Some people get all the blessings and I get … well, never mind! In this special Mommy Jammies Night, author and speaker, Meredith Curtis explains how forgiveness can bring freedom to our life replacing frustration, bitterness, and pain. If your heart is hurting from unresolved hurts and broken […]

Back to School When You Feel Like a Homeschool Failure!

  Mommy Jammies Night! with Melanie Young! It’s time for school … but what if you feel like a failure? Can’t get anything done? Is your life overwhelming? You came to the right place. Get that encouragement you need — with our special speaker Melanie Young, wife, mother, homeschool mom, author and speaker. Maybe you’ve […]

Delightful Planning

Delightful Planning with special guest Marcy Crabtree Delightful Planning For the Young and Young At Heart! Dorothy Parker said, “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There’s no cure for curiosity.” Marcy Crabtree believes that the key to successful homeschooling begins with using the curiosity of a child as the jumping off point, preventing boredom and encouraging a […]

Help For Homeschool Moms – Special Guest Stacy Farrell – Episode 21

DON’T RUN FROM THE MIRROR! Help for Homeschool Moms When families first consider homeschooling, they often feel ill-equipped for the challenge. Quality resources abound today, but there is a critical element necessary for success that can’t be purchased for any price. We need courage to face the truth about ourselves as we see our weaknesses […]

Let It Go

Let’s Talk … Let it Go! Joanne Calderwood! Let it go is the refraining theme of Joanne’s life as she has experienced the ups and downs of devastating life experiences — and now shares her triumphs, and what the Lord continues to teach! From a married homeschool mom to now, a single mom of eight, […]

Homeschool Successfully – Overcoming Obstacles

Homeschool Successfully! Overcoming Life’s Obstacles! with Special Guest – Amy Blevins Listen to the audio here: Show Notes : In the podcast, Amy shares her personal story of living with Ideopathic Tracheal Stenosis and how God has shaped her homeschool and her family over the last nine years through this disease. She also shares ways she has […]

Mommy On

broadcasts heard by women all over the world! Felice blogs at Home For Learning  Keep Calm & Mommy On! with Jube Dankworth “Can We Talk?” …come gather around the computer for a great evening of Mom talk with Jube.  Refreshing, uplifting and funny, and we all can use some humor.  So put the little ones to bed, […]

Where Is God In The Everyday?

Sandra Lovelance – Where is God in my Everyday Life? What’s the longest period of time you’ve ever spent being certain God is real yet wondering where He was? What are the similarities and differences in these two experiences? How do we figure out these details in the busy-ness of every day life? Sandra Allen Lovelace […]

Mommy Jammies Night – You Can Do It! When Life Throws You Curve Balls

  Show Notes: Link to Handout: Handout_FeliceGerwitz_YouCANDOIt When life throws you a curve ball! You can do more than survive you can THRIVE – In this episode of Mommy Jammies Night, Felice Gerwitz shares her struggles over the last year and how she learned that she could do it and You Can Do It too! She […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Realizing Your Dreams

Realizing Your Dreams! Have you ever considered the possibility of Realizing Your Dreams? Well, Mary Beth Goff and Kimberly Travaglino did by selling their homes and taking to the road with their families. They share their passion for the “road” and “roadschooling” as well as the prayers and planning that turned their dreams into a […]

Mommy Jammies Night ~ Connie Albers

When Saying No is Really Saying Yes to Your Family These days there are many distractions and opportunities that can pull our focus away from our family. That chance to be a part of that ministry at church, teaching at the homeschool co-op, or that once and a lifetime job opportunity outside the home. It […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Jeannie Fulbright

 “Imparting a Biblical Worldview” What is a Biblical Worldview? How does our worldview affect the quality of our lives? How does it shape our words, our actions and choices? Armed with a Biblical Worldview, our children will be more equipped to walk with the Lord as adults. We don’t have to be perfect parents or […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Sherri Seligson

“Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling” Sherri shares 10 things that she wished she knew when she started homeschooling: Don’t have to do school at home. Don’t stress over the gaps.  Don’t fall into the comparison trap. And More! Get ready for some encouragement and practical tips on homeschooling […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Heidi St. John

“Keeping Christ the Center of Your Homeschool” When was the last time that you were undone by your thirst for God?  Staying connected to God and being in the word with our children is so vital for homeschooling and disciplining our children. Heidi shares her heart and passion to encourage families to dig into the […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Connie Hughes

“Having the Courage to Allow God to do Amazing Things in Your Life” Taking a leap of faith takes courage. Whether you are thinking of homeschooling, becoming a stay at home mom, or beginning any new endeavor, be encouraged! If you are in God’s will, He is with you! Listen as Connie reminds us of […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Brooke McGlothlin

“How to Control Your Emotions, So They Don’t Control You” Imagine what your life would be like if you could keep your emotions from spiraling out of control? What kind of changes would that bring in your home, to your job, to your relationships? If having more peace in your relationship with God, your children, co-workers, […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Shirley Solis

“Why You Were Told Being a SuperMom is a Myth and Why They Lied to You” Moms are often told they are not supermom…as if being a supermom is a myth! Really???!!! You mean it’s not super to not get any sleep through the night and still get up early to feed your family breakfast, […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Kim Sorgius

“Parenting in a Broken World: Finding HIM Faithful” It’s been said that your kids are only as healthy as you are. In a sense, that is true. What will you do with the unthinkable? In a world full of brokenness, heartache and trials, we must find God faithful if we are to survive. It’s what […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Felice Gerwitz

“Lemonade from Lemons, Mommy Style” As Felice was praying about her topic for Mommy Jammies Night, she asked her husband and he gave her the title! This has been a topic on her heart for years — seeing many marriages fail, homes lost and inter-family struggles Felice knows that many families have problems. How we […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Crystal Paine

Mommy Jammies Night with Crystal Paine – you may know her as the “Money Saving Mom” at her wildly popular website: — but did you know that Crystal struggled with balance and became overwhelmed. In this session Crystal shares a simple guide line that will impact your life with these encouraging words. Mommy Jammies […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Carlie Kercheval

“The Challenge of Speaking Life-giving Words Over Your Family” Carlie explains the impact of life-giving words from a Biblical perspective, with a plan for taking accountability as well as a plan for keeping our mouths in check! This is a wonderful episode and encouraging for families everywhere! The Challenge of Speaking Life Giving Words Over […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Leslie Nunnery

Join us to chat about motherhood – childbirth and all issues with raising families large and small. “That’s Why I’m Here.” Visit Leslie at Teach Them Diligently As busy moms, we wear many hats– wife, mother, housekeeper, chef, educator, taxi driver, and so much more. The demands on our time are endless. Do you ever […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Kendra Fletcher

Mommy Jammies Night with Kendra Fletcher – homeschooling under crisis. Just about every possible nightmare that could happen to a couple, happened to Kendra and Andy Fletcher. In this audio, Kendra shares her story as well as hope, that “God’s got this!” HomeschoolinginCrisisHandout_KendraFletcher from Kendra. Kendra is co-host of Homeschooling IRL with her husband, Fletch […]

Mommy Jammies Night – Angie Tolpin

Special Guest Speaker — Angie Tolpin. Redeeming Childbirth & Leaving a New Legacy Together How do we as homeschooling mothers engage the childbearing years, which can be physically, spiritually, and emotionally draining, with grace and joy? What legacy are we as the church leaving with regard to our view of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood? Since […]

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