Remedy Spotlight: Arsenicum Album

Homeopathic Remedy Spotlight: Arsenicum Album -- with Sue Meyer from Homeopathy for MommiesJoin Sue for a look into the world of a most popular homeopathic remedy! Arsenicum Album is popular as an acute treatment remedy or as a very deep acting chronic condition remedy. Learn more by joining us in this podcast.

From the Homeopathy for Mommies eBook on Arsenicum Album:

This should be the first remedy that you reach for when illness of an unknown nature is coming through the house. In today’s world, we are constantly being exposed to external gas, toxins or other harmful elements. Arsenicum Album will quickly speak to the body’s unique defense system and trigger its “Poison Incoming” Alarm!    *Suits Well: Full blooded, nervous persons.
~Effects of: Ill effects of food poisoning. Eating ice. Poor diet, watery fruits, tobacco, drugs, sea bathing, traveling. Care, grief, fright, Sewer/swamp gas poising. Toxic exposure. Financial loss, poverty, poisoned wounds.


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