Surviving Teaching Math – MBFLP 157


Math is fundamental to so many things, but it causes a lot of worry and distress among homeschool parents who have to teach it. The truth is, most of us won’t need calculus, but most of us use algebra frequently and never even realize it! How can you get over your own hesitation, calm your students’ fears (as well as your own), and see God’s hand in the beautiful order of mathematics? Join us for this episode when we talk about surviving the challenge of teaching math!


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  1. Thank you, this was a wonderful help. I have been struggling with Math and my kids for a long time, you help me see where I have missed, and the team brain is so true. I never knew this but as you guys talked about it it was an aha moment! And the light bulb went on lol. These ideas are simple and easy to use and no need for changing curriculum for the 5th time, lol so thank you

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