Etiquette Made Easy

Etiquette Made Easy with The Etiquette FactoryDo your children have an awareness of the impact of good etiquette?  Today Dr. Jan Bedell speaks with Monica Irvine from The Etiquette Factory about how life-enhancing proper etiquette can be.

“If you are not taught, you don’t know,” is what Monica has learned from speaking with parents who have used her products. It is never too early to start your children on the road to good manners.  Monica has help for all ages.  Preschoolers to high schoolers can benefit from these life-enhancing social graces.  These lessons touch on everything from wedding and funeral etiquette to cellphone manners.  Monica has been told by many parents that their children have grown in confidence when they understand these etiquette skills.

“Children learn best when they can relate [to their environment] with the [proper] etiquette skill,”  says Monica.  Our society no longer teaches etiquette the way it has been taught in the past.  Our children need to be taught because we are sending messages to others no matter what we do.  Do we want to send a message that we are thinking of others or thinking of ourselves?  Tune in, to today’s Brain Coach Tips to learn how to teach your children how valuable it is to prefer others in social situations.

Behavior Alert – What’s the Root?

Behavior Alert - What's the Root? With Dr. Jan Bedell, the Brain Coach!Do you have a child that is constantly in trouble?  They don’t look at you when you talk to them.  They don’t follow directions.  They don’t answer when spoken to. They will not sit still and do their school work.  Guess what? This may not be defiance!

Dr. Jan has worked with clients using the NeuroDevelopmental Approach for over 20 years.  She has seen dynamic change in children after addressing the root cause of what, on the surface, seemed like poor behavior.   Of course, we are all born with a sin nature, but that is not always the sole cause of problematic conduct.  If a child skips a NeuroDevelopmental step, there may be an issue with how they see, hear, or process, which can manifest as “bad” behavior. But there is still hope! Because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we can still develop the pathways needed to complete these steps.

Dr. Jan will ask you to think differently about why your children are responding the way they are behaviorally.  She will discuss some of the root causes of behavioral issues and introduce you to what you can do to fix them.  Are you ready to have peace and harmony in your home?  Tune in to the Brain Coach Tip of the Day.




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ADD Resolved

ou do not have to watch your child struggle or be held back because of their ADD symptoms. Tune in to Brain Coach Tips for help!Do you have a child that is distracted, disorganized or impulsive?   Has someone suggested that they are ADD and they need to be put on medication to reach their full potential?   

Today Dr. Jan visits with Michelle, Little Giant Steps’ Director of Parent Support, about her encounter with the ND Approach with her two sons.  Michelle shares her family’s story, the struggles her boys were having and their triumphs!   Because of these triumphs, Michelle has continued with Little Giant Steps so that she can assist others in achieving their victories. 

There is hope. You don’t have to accept the labels. You do not have to watch your child struggle or be held back because of their ADD symptoms.  The ND approach can make these symptoms a thing of the past just as it did for Michelle and her son. 

You can visit to see documented results of ADD and ADHD students who have worked through the NeuroDevelopmental Program.  Listen in to The Brain Coach Tips today and find hope through Michelle’s story.

Don’t miss the handout with test results and discount coupons.




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We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor Sony and their new movie, The Star, the Story of the First Christmas – Coming in Theaters November 17th!

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Reading Struggles

Reading StrugglesDo you have a child that is a struggling reader?  Have you wondered if your child has dyslexia?   Once again Dr. Jan asks us to think differently and drop the thought of labels.  Labels are given when you can check off a number of present symptoms. What good is that?  The Neurodevelopmental Approach looks at what is causing the symptoms and finding solutions for those symptoms.

Common symptoms of dyslexia are difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling.  To be able to read, you need to have good visual abilities. To write, you need to know where you are spatially so that you can make your hand move across the page accurately. To spell correctly, the ability to visualize is extremely important.  Don’t know what all this means?  Listen to the podcast for a thorough explanation.

If your child has symptoms such as difficulty blending sounds into words, reversing letters, and/or reading slowly or hesitantly, don’t despair. Dr. Jan shares possible causes and solutions for these struggles.  There is hope. If you address the problems, these symptoms diminish or disappear entirely.  Once these issues are no longer troublesome, students quickly catch up to their peers.

This week’s Brain Coach Tip will start you down the path to taking the struggles out of reading.  You will also learn how you can be proactive with your preschool child to avoid reading struggles in their future.

Don’t miss the handout attached here with the symptoms of Dyslexia and the root causes that could be addressed with NeuroDevelopment.  You will also find discount codes.



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Cornerstone of Math

Cornerstone of Math with the Brain Coach, Dr. Jan BedellIs your child struggling with math? Do you have a gifted child that needs to secure a good math foundation that will let them soar? Is your 5, 9 or 15 year old having trouble remembering their math facts? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this is the podcast for you!

Dr. Jan will lead you through the foundation and cornerstone of math.

1. Rote counting – Counting CD
2. Understanding quantity – first count accurately, then be able to look at fingers, pictures on a page, and dice and be able to recognize the quantity
3. Counting from any random number to a specific number
4. Skip Counting
5. Concept of math operations:
a. What is addition, subtraction, multiplication or division?
b. Progression through the different aspects of each operation, i.e. multi-digit addition all the way through 2 and 3 digit division. This progression is made available through Visual Circle Math
(downloadable & printed copy), a way to advance quickly through understanding of concepts if a child is advanced in math. Great also for remediation if a child is struggling with math as
they can go at their own pace. Also available in: Visual Circle Math (download only)

6. Word problems – holding pieces together long enough to figure out what is important information requires good auditory processing.


Get your free Auditory Processing Test Kit at
Math Facts – Rapid Recall System be sure to choose the operation you want (addition, subtraction, etc. or get all four operations at a major discount).
See handout for special Ultimate Home School Radio discounts on all products mentioned on today’s podcast.

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We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor Sony and their new movie, The Star, the Story of the First Christmas – Coming in Theaters November 17th!

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Kindergarten Skills for Academics

Kindergarten Skills for Academics with the Brain CoachUnderlying developmental building blocks are necessary for a kindergarten child to be ready for more formal academics.  From Little Giant Steps’ perspective, kindergarten is the culmination of effective development in six areas.   When there are gaps in one or more areas of development, children can suffer from a myriad of learning challenges and even learning labels like ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, CAPD and many others.  Most people try to fix these inefficiencies with curriculum when in fact, curriculum is designed to advance an individual that already has efficient brain development.

The six areas of development (tactility, auditory, visual, manual, language, and mobility) that are the foundation to function are expanded this week.  The precise activities, described this week, can produce better function.

Not only is proper development necessary but the chemistry of our body has to be considered as well.  You can receive a free metabolic consultation after submitting your request.  See details for this and other savings in the handout. Read More!

Long Term Memory Boosters

Long Term Memory BoostersMore and more families are seeking help for their children to function better emotionally, behaviorally as well as academically.  Many are having long term memory problems where they seem to know something one day and not the next. One reason for this is the link between hand, eye and ear dominance.  You can learn more about this aspect of long term memory here and in podcast #23.

This week, the Brain Coach will also include some activities you can do to help with visualization.  This is NOT like sitting for hours visualizing world peace!  This skill is seeing in pictures which is one way the brain stores information.  The other important skill in boosting long term memory is the ability to conceptualize.  Conceptualization helps your brain store information in words.  Many people are either visualizers OR conceptualizers but are not good in both.  Just like being good at all the learning styles because information coming into the brain has a preferred sensory channel to come in through to be most efficient, the same applies to visualization and conceptualization.  There is a preferred way to store different information.  Many learning struggles and inefficiencies come from either not storing information in the correct place for easy retrieval or not storing it in the most efficient way as either a picture or in words.

Take spelling struggles for example. When you don’t think in pictures in your mind’s eye, you don’t take a “picture” of the word to store for comparison.  When you write a word that is spelled wrong, you don’t realize the mistake as there are many ways to spell certain sounds in English but only one right way to spell a word.  If you can visualize the word from a picture in your head, you are able to recognize that it is spelled incorrectly because it doesn’t match the picture in your head.  What does this mean to you as a teacher?  You don’t need another spelling curriculum.  You need to build the skill of visualization which is what Dr. Jan teaches you in this episode of Brain Coach Tips.  Building conceptualization skills is also discussed this week.

Don’t miss the handout attached here with key products to help visualization as well as discounts.

Brain Plasticity- God’s Special Gift

Brain Plasticity - God's Special Gift

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, information about how the brain functioned was based on what scientists could observe.  The general consensus was that the brain was hardwired by the time you were an adult. In other words, it was believed you were stuck with what you had if you were past 20 years old.   As technology advanced and we could see inside the brain with MRI’s and other scans, it was confirmed that the brain changes all throughout life thus confirming there really is brain plasticity.  This will totally make sense to you if you have known someone that had a stroke that included paralysis, loss of speech or other poor functional abilities.  If after a time of therapy, the person gains function, the brain has changed.  This is an example of the brain’s plasticity in action.

What science now confirms with technology is what neurodevelopmentalists have known for years.  The brain changes and grows based on the stimulation that the person’s brain receives. When the stimulation is specific and targeted, the change in function can be dramatic.

The neural pathways in the brain are like roadways on a map.  When there are more roads on the map, there are more options on how to reach a certain location. With a choice of route, you can quickly choose the fastest, easiest way.  Everyone is happier if it takes less time, less fuel and less frustration.  If the brain pathways are increased, the same type of thing happens in the brain as on a road way.  The function of the individual is more efficient, which saves both time and energy.

Listen in as the Brain Coach helps you understand the important principle of stimulation through frequency, intensity and duration.  This principle can help your loved one function better in life!



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Let’s Fix It! The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life

Let's Fix It! The Neurodevelopmental Approach for LiveBeing a mom of a child with involved developmental issues, Jan knows first-hand the feeling of wanting to “fix it.”  The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life is dynamically effective for changing the structure of the brain so individuals move through life more efficiently.

If your child has symptoms of or the documented labels of ADD or ADHD, this approach offers ways to improve the brain’s ability to function.  It can help a person to stay on task and follow directions by stopping the tactile misfiring in the brain. It is this misfiring that makes it hard for these individuals to maintain focus and not be overloaded by sensory input.

What if your child, or maybe even you, has issues similar to what you have read regarding dyslexia? The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life has the capacity to “fix” the glitches in the brain that represent the root causes of these symptoms.  Often low auditory or visual processing play a part in this label.  A large majority of these issues are also caused by mixed dominance, eye tracking and teaming challenges, and lower level brain disorganization.

When there are more severe issues like autism, OCD, PPD, all types of syndromes, developmental delays, or low IQ, The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life can still provide just as much help. Enhanced function is possible.  Often metabolic challenges are a significant part of what families are dealing with in these instances.  Jan will give you suggestions about this area as well.  There are some scientific breakthroughs you really need to know about!

This week the Brain Coach will help you to know how to get started on that road to better function through neurodevelopmental products and programs.  Discover where to start and move toward fixing the glitches that are keeping your loved ones from reaching their full potential.

Click Here for the Handout that goes with this podcast!



Navigating Special Needs Home Schooling

Navigating Special Needs HomeschoolingDo you sometimes feel alone in your quest to educate your child with special needs?  This week, you will enjoy hearing from a mom that has walked through difficult times with her two boys, each with very different special needs.  She will share how God was faithful to send her help and support along the way.

When your children struggle, the challenges of life seem magnified.  When you can share your concerns with someone that has walked in similar shoes, wisdom flows, and you can relax in the journey knowing that God is there for you.  When you have the knowledge of The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life, the thrill of progress for your children will keep you and them moving in a positive direction.  There really are answers to your questions that will assist you in helping your children. The Word says to seek and you will find.  I believe God has salvation for us in every area of our lives.

Michelle will share her journey from despairing mom of a child with pervasive developmental delays to victorious mom of the same child that has gone far beyond all prognosis given by other professionals.  Along with learning how to help her first child, she also learned how to release her second child from a teenager in the bonds of ADD medications to successful adult without meds. Her experiences make Michelle God’s perfect choice to support families on the Little Giant Steps’ programs.   You really don’t have to do it alone.

Visit our sponsor Little Giant Steps for information about

  • Free auditory processing kit – here
  • Help for math facts – here
  • Brain boosting products – here


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