The Gift of Failure

The Gift of Failure

Failing hurts. Every task or project that we put effort into that fails stings of discouragement. It can wear us down and prevent us from seeing our gifts and talents. It can make us believe we do not have anything to offer. But what if we thought of failure as a gift and not an enemy? What if failure is what catapults us into real success? Let’t turn failure on its ear and see things from a different point of view.

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Teaching Your Kids to Deal With Failure – MBFLP 129

Teaching Kids to Cope with Failure

We can expect life to have disappointments, setbacks, and downright failures – even the best of lives in a fallen world! Adults usually realize they have to be able to take some bad news, learn what they can, repent where they should, and move along. But how about our kids? In their flexible, family-centered, affirming world, are they equipped to handle the realities of a hostile grown-up society? Isn’t it important that we teach them a God-honoring perspective on the inevitable bumps and hard knocks to come? This episode, we look at the importance of challenging our kids to learn from their mistakes — and even, maybe, to challenge them enough to overcome early perfectionism!

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