Bigs, Middles, and Littles – Homeschool Children Across The Ages

Bigs, Littles, and Middles - us how we homeschool children across the ages

Jamie, Arlene, and I had so much fun recording our podcast for last week, we decided to keep the party going and record a second one. At every conference people ask us how we homeschool children across the ages. We figured it might be something the podcast world would want us to talk about as well, so we did.

Every homeschooling family is unique. Some people homeschool year round, some 3 days a week, some 8-12 everyday. It is hard to tell others exactly HOW to homeschool, but we all agreed on the following for those homeschooling different ages at the same time.

  1. Find the rhythm for YOUR family, don’t compare.
  2. Make sure your youngest gets some quality time by creating an engaging environment for them.
  3. Partner children up to work together. For example, while you are working with the middle child, have the oldest and youngest work together. While you work with the oldest, have the middle and youngest work together, etc…
  4. Don’t be afraid to seek the help of tutors, enroll some children in a hybrid, or partner up with other homeschooling families to meet the needs of your children.
  5. Take advantage of early mornings and naptime. Be willing to change your schedule and remember this is just a season. Flexibility is KEY.



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HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One

This week on the HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One.

HSHSP Ep 69 Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts

HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One

Until you’ve started your own homeschool highschool co-ops you might have NO idea all the details that go into it!

Co-ops are lots of fun but lots of work. They work much more smoothly if you handle the details up front during your planning. What are the many things you need to think about?

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Marilyn for an amusing chat (and “we’re ditzes” bloopers). We we’re discussing the nuts and bolts for starting a homeschool highschool co-op such as:

  • How to do signups
  • How to decide fees
  • How to organize age groups
  • How to handle who teaches what and when
  • How to handle weekly setup
  • How to organize cleanups
  • How to handle absences and sicknesses
  • How to arrange for substitute teachers
  • How to use syllabii
  • How to adapt for teens with disabilities
  • How to handle bad-weather days
  • How to plan for special events
  • How to handle grading

Help your homeschool highschoolers have a great educational year, make some great friends and have lots of fun by planning for the details as you set up your co-op!

Homeschool Co-op: How to Use College Application Essay Writing Guide

7 Engaging Activities for Financial Literacy in Homeschool Co-op

And when you or your teen need some wise guidance for the next steps in life, visit Vicki’s life and career coaching site for great information and personal coaching.

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HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Nuts and Bolts for Starting One

HSHSP Ep 69: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Pt 2

Join us for practical tips for success with homeschool highschool co-ops!

HSHSP Ep 68: Homeschool Highschool Co-ops Pt 1

Homeschool co-ops can be a valuable part of your teens’ highschool experience. Let us tell you why and how. Then join us for Pt 2 when we will share you practical tips on creating a great highschool co-op.

HSHSP Ep 66: Preparing Middle Schoolers for High School


This week on HSHSP Ep 66: Preparing Middle Schoolers for High School.

HSHSP Ep 66: Preparing Middle Schoolers for High School What life and study skills do middle schoolers need in preparing for highschool?

Preparing Middle Schoolers for High School

Are you preparing middle schoolers for high school? Are they ready for the rigors of high-school level studies? Feeling stressed about it?

Never fear! HSHSP is here to help. With years of homeschooling middle school AND high school we have discovered a few REALLY helpful tips!

Some parents get SO stressed out about the high school years. They fearfully ask themselves: Can our tween do high-school level academics? Should we make our tween jump ahead to high-school level textbooks?

You know what we tell those parents? WHEN your tween is a teen and is IN high school, they will be developmentally ready for high school academics. While some middle schoolers are advanced academically, most are not. Why push an average-level tween to do super difficult academics? That’s a recipe for burnout!

Rather than push your middle schooler before they are ready for high-school academics, think about this:

One of the surprising things we’ve learned is that high schoolers need life skills and study skills that are a bit more complex than they needed in middle school. If they begin working on those during middle school, they won’t need to play catch up while they are trying to keep up with their academics.

THAT’S important stuff middle schoolers can do to prepare for high school.

Join Sabrina and Marilyn for an important episode on life skills and study skills that middle schoolers need when preparing for high school!

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HSHSP Ep 66: Preparing Middle Schoolers for High School

How can you help a middle schooler be ready for the rigors of high school?

HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It!

HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It! Highschool grammar is a must!HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It!

You’d think that after 8 years of grammar through elementary and middle school, that teens wouldn’t need to study grammar any longer!

We’ve noticed in our years as homeschool advisors and homeschool moms, that teens in this generation need grammar more than ever. How about essays include lines like:

What do u think about…?

Its more then I can bare. ROFL!

In this day of texting and automatic spellchecker, some embarrassing and unprofessional things can happen in writing. Teens need the skills to edit their own work after the automated tools finish!

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Marilyn for ways to make highschool-level grammar useful, if not fun!


And if your teen is struggling about future career and college major choices, contact


Why Teens Hate Editing Papers and How to Help

4 Steps to Help Teens Learn Revising and Editing Skills


HSHSP Ep 64: Gotta Have Grammar

Homeschool highschoolers need good grammar more than ever. Can we make that fun? Yes, we can!

HSHSP Ep 63: Short Story Writing- Don’t Miss the Fun!

Short story writing is an important part of the high school writing experience- for skills and fun! Join us for practical and creative how-to’s.

HSHSP Ep 62: Poetry- Your Teen CAN Do It!

Take our word for it: Poetry is important and your teens can do it, even if they aren’t creative geniuses. Find out why and how!

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