HSHSP Ep 45: Highschool Planning and Adulting Skills

HSHSP Ep 45 Highschool Planning and Adulting SkillsHSHSP Ep 45: Highschool Planning and Adulting Skills

Highschool is time for preparation for life.

*For many teens, highschool is preparation for college.

*For many teens highschool is preparation for career.

*For all teens, highschool should include preparation for adulthood.

How do you help teens prepare for life and develop their adulting skills?

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a tips and ideas.



5 Easy and Important Steps to Goal Setting for Homeschool High School

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HSHSP Ep 44: Including Teens in Highschool Planning

HSHSP Ep 44 ncluding Teens in Highschool PlanningHSHSP Ep 44: Including Teens in Highschool Planning

Why should you include your teens in planning their highschool years? How much should you involve them in choosing courses and extracurriculars? What kinds of teens are best for getting involved with highschool planning?

One goal for many homeschooling parents is to help their teens be prepared for adulthood.

Helping in the highschool planning process is a good way to help teens get a handle on what long- and short- term goals look like.

Join Kym, Sabrina and Vicki for a fun and practical look at including teens in highschool planning.

Courses for Homeschool High School- What Needs to Be Covered


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