HSHSP Ep 55: What is a Master Portfolio?

HSHSP Ep 55 What is a Master Portfolio?HSHSP Ep 55: What is a Master Portfolio?

In our years helping homeschooling parents successfully document their teens’ highschool years, we regularly find ourselves suggesting: Keep a master portfolio!

Then we regularly get the question: What is a master portfolio?

Master portfolios help keep the most important work of your homeschool highschoolers safely documented in one place. This is good for:

  • Teens who may have a college interview and want to show off their awesome highschool work.
  • Teens who are not college bound, so do not plan to take a standardized test in highschool. Master portfolios help record their good work.
  • Families who like good record keeping.

What goes in a master portfolio? Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a fun and useful chat about the what and how’s of master portfolios.

How to Create a Master Portfolio


HSHSP Ep 51: Career Exploration for Teens who Don’t Have a Clue

HSHSP Ep 51: Career Exploration with Teens Who Don't Have a ClueHSHSP Ep 51: Career Exploration for Teens who Don’t Have a Clue

“SO, what are you going to do after graduation?”

That’s the dreaded question for many teens. They simply don’t have a clue what they want to do.

How do you help a teen find direction in life? How do you help them get to know themselves or get to know God’s leading?

Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for decades have been mentoring, coaching and teaching homeschool highschoolers about Career Exploration. Join them for an expert discussion on helping teens who don’t have a clue.


Case Study: Teen Doesn’t Have a Clue

HSHSP Ep 23: Career Exploration for Homeschool Highschoolers

My Next Move Career Interest Survey

Career One Stop (US Dept of Labor)



HSHSP Ep 41: Time Audits for Teens- What and Why

HSHSP Ep 41: Time Audits for Teens- What and WhyHSHSP Ep 41: Time Audits for Teens- What and Why

Know any teens that struggle with time management? (Know any adults that struggle with time management?)

Wise use of time is one of the most important life skills a young person must master. If they don’t, managing the life balances of college, career and adulthood are going to be tough!

Too much time gaming, sleeping, on social media, goofing around and next thing your teens know…they are behind on research papers, math lessons, science experiments, chores…

Step ONE of time management is a Time Audit.

How is a Time Audit done? Join Sabrina, Kym and Vicki for fun and simple how-to’s.


Character Development: Teach Your Teen to Time Audit

HSHSP Ep 40: New Years UNresolutions

HSHSP Ep 40: New Years UNresolutions

HSHSP Ep 40 New Years UNresolutions

Homeschool moms and highschoolers:

Guilt gotcha every January? About 3 weeks in the New Years resolutions gone caput?

How about UNresolutions this year?

Unresolutions are ways to start fresh, do-over, try new things without the pressure of a resolutions you know you’ll break.

Mom say things like:

*”My kids will never be behind in math this year.”

*”My house will always be organized.”

Teens say things like:

*”I will always have a good attitude.”

*”I’ll get my research paper done in 2 weeks.”

UNrealistic resolutions don’t get results! Let’s try some UNresolutions!

Join Sabrina, Kym and Vicki for some fresh ideas about fresh starts!

A New Year’s Fable About God’s Gifts


HSHSP Ep 32: 5 Ways to Earn Transcript Credits

HSHSP Ep 32: 5 Ways to Earn Transcript CreditsHomeschool highschoolers need to build a powerful and honest transcript.

They do this by accurately earning their credits!

We know that each teen needs Language Arts, Maths, Social Studies, Science, World Languages, Fine Arts, Phys Ed and Electives. How does a teen earn those transcript credits?

Whether teens are college bound or career bound they need a good transcript. What can they do to earn those great credits?

College bound homeschool highschoolers need a little competitive edge for many schools. How do those teens earn high-powered credits?

Join Sabrina and Vicki for an explanation of 5 different ways to earn highschool transcript credits.


Homeschool High School Transcript: How to Earn Credits

Homeschool High School Transcripts- the 26 Credits Needed for Graduation

HSHSP Ep 25: Highschool Literature for Bookworms or Not

HSHSP Ep 25: Highschool Literature for Bookworms or Not

HSHSP Ep 25: Highschool Literature for Bookworms or NotThere are all kinds of homeschool highschoolers and all kinds of homeschool moms:

Some are bookworms and some are not!

But all homeschool highschoolers must have literature on their transcript and all highschool moms must supervise that literature.

How do you choose lit that will be good for your teen and what if it isn’t your thing?

Or what if your teen HATES lit but you love it?

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for an idea packed episode on handling highschool literature whether you are bookworms or not!





HSHSP Ep 24: Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs

Homeschool High School Special Needs Teens Homeschool Highschool PodcastHSHSP Ep 24: Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs

All homeschool highschoolers are different. Some of them are different with the label “special needs”.

Can you homeschool highschool with a teen who has special needs? OF COURSE, you can!

Join Vicki for an interview with Patty Tillman about her son’s special highschool program.

Patty homeschooled her son from the time he was adopted at age 8 to his graduation. He is now a hardworking, responsible, God-loving, good man.

His life preparation and practical academics through highschool helped assured his success today!

She shares tips on how to understand your teen, set goals, develop resources and rejoice in the fact that God has plans for every teen!

Homeschool High School with Special Needs Learners


HSHSP Ep 21: World Languages- Fun and Practical

Homeschool highschoolers need World Language credits on the transcript. Might as well have some practical fun! Make languages meaningful!

HSHSP Ep 17: Homeschool Highschool Faves and Fails

HSHSP Ep 17: Homeschool Highschool Faves and Fails

Homeschool Highschool Faves and Fails Homeschool Highschool Podcast


Get real with the 6 Sisters of 7SistersHomeschool as they talk about their brightest moments and their biggest fails during homeschool highschool.

Between all the Sisters there have been something like 30 highschoolers (they can’t count, so they’re not sure…probably one of their fails!). With that many highschoolers there have been lots of opportunities for victory and lots of opportunities for the teens to tell stories about.

Join us on this fun episode that we recorded at our annual retreat. You will be inspired and relieved that at least it wasn’t YOU going through some of the classic fails!

BTW- Who’s the 7th Sister of 7SistersHomeschool.com? YOU are! Join us for HSHSP Ep 17: Homeschool Highschool Faves and Fails.


Homeschooling Multiple Ages – HIRL Episode 108


How does a homeschooling parent possibly educate older kids while at the same time juggling preschoolers, toddlers, and babies? Is it even realistic to think we could do a good job while spinning so many homeschool plates?

On this episode of Homeschooling in Real Life, Fletch and Kendra talk about how they’ve managed to homeschool 8 kids, how to structure a day so that schooling actually gets done, and how mom can survive and thrive during the demanding years of homeschooling multiple ages.


:50 Fluff – LOST, Father’s Day, Publishing, Summer Vacation
7:25 Homeschooling Multiple Ages, Part 1
18:16 – Homeschooling Multiple Ages, Part 2
33:35 The show is over. Goodbye!


Recommended Resources:
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