HSHSP Ep 74: Nuts and Bolts of Starting Homeschooling in Highschool

This week on the HSHSP Ep 74: Nuts and Bolts of Starting Homeschooling in Highschool.

HSHSP Ep 74: Nuts and Bolts of Starting Homeschooling in Highschool

HSHSP Ep 74: Nuts and Bolts of Starting Homeschooling in Highschool

More and more families are beginning the homeschool journey during the highschool years. Do you know anyone who is just starting out in one of the highschool years?

If so, let them know about this episode: Starting Homeschooling in Highschool!

Many parents feel intimidated when they start homeschooling highschool with their teens, especially if they are bringing their teens home from traditional schools. Don’t fear! 7SistersHomeschool.com’s own Sabrina, Marilyn and Kym share from years of experience the nuts and bolts of homeschooling highschool.

In this episode the Sisters share:

  • What credits do your teens need for graduation?
  • What credits do they need for college attractiveness?
  • If you’re bringing your teens home after they have already started highschool, how to transfer credits.
  • What do STEM students need for college attractiveness?
  • How to show transfer credits on the transcript.
  • Choosing which credits to cover and how to cover.
  • Will there be holes in their education?
  • How do you handle World Languages?
  • How complicated is it to choose Language Arts credits? Elective credits?

Join us for fun and encouragement in starting homeschooling in highschool!



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HSHSP Ep 74: Nuts and Bolts of Starting Homeschooling in Highschool

HSHSP Ep 65: Homeschooling in UK and US

HSHSP Ep 65: Homeschooling in UK and USHSHSP Ep 65: Homeschooling in UK and US

We’re SO excited for Episode 65! We’re talking to our friend, Kat Patrick today!

Kat has lived for 25 years and homeschooled her kids in England (United Kingdom). Her family’s recent move to Texas is quite a change for them!

She is chatting with us about the differences in homeschooling between the UK and the US! Things are quite different there but homeschooling is popular. You don’t want to miss this fun geography lesson!

Kat is a fascinating person. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Delaware, the very university where several of the HSHSP team’s homeschool graduates are going to college. She moved to England and has enjoyed 25 years there.

When her teens began homeschooling highschool, Kat found that she needed to develop her own English course for her homeschool highschoolers because she couldn’t find a best-fit course for them. That course soon became an internet program with students all over the world. You can check her program out at Dreaming Spires Home Learning.

Dr. Kat Patrick adventuring in the US. Used with permission.

Dr. Kat Patrick adventuring in the US. Used with permission.

Kat blogs at boyschooling.blogspot.com. She is a contributor to Learning Tangent homeschool magazine.

Here’s a wonderful article about Kat’s family and their homeschool that was done by a major newspaper in UK (the SAT that article refers to is more of an achievement test, not a college admissions test).

Join us for this wonderful chat about the difference between homeschooling in England and US.



How to Keep Your Homeschooled High Schoolers Happy

When your homeschooled child enters or will soon enter high school, their happiness becomes critical to ensuring the success of your homeschooling. Obviously, we can’t base all our choices on what will make our kids happy. But doing what we can to make the high school years enjoyable is an important way of expressing love for our children. Here are my top tips.

How to Keep Homeschooled High Schoolers Happy


[button link=”http://psychowith6.com/keeping-homeschoolers-happy-in-high-school” type=”big” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Read the Blog Post[/button]     [button link=”https://youtu.be/7WXdYCYMckk” type=”big” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Watch on YouTube[/button]


Lessons Learned from Homeschooling High School

7SistersHomeschool Use code SANITY for 20% off through June 6th, 2017. Check out the FB Live review and giveaway. Comment to enter until on Tuesday, June 6th.

Should you send your child to school?

Listen to the podcast episode I did on talent education

read the post Vicki Tillman wrote on high school electives

listen to the podcast episode on ADD

listen to the episode on the #1 question homeschoolers ask me

Read The Defiant Child by Dr. Douglas Riley.

Always consider hormones as a factor.

too much of a desire to play video games.

working with professionals as a homeschooler

Do you have other tips for keeping homeschoolers happy? Comment here or on Facebook.

Homeschool High School? Yes You Can!


How You Can Homeschool High School

Are you worried you won’t be able to homeschool high school even though you’d really like to? This episode will give you the courage you need.

Teaching Tip of the Week

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The Hospitality Challenge


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