HSHSP Ep 84: Homeschool Moms Making Friends

How can a homeschool mom make friends during her family’s homeschool highschool years? Why is this important? Join Sabrina and Kym for an encouraging chat.

HSHSP Ep 76: How to Decide Which Courses Highschool Transfer Students Need

In part 3 of our suite of episodes on bringing teens home from traditional school for highschool, we discuss how do decide which courses your transfer student needs for graduation.

HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students

This week on HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students!

HSHSP Ep 76 Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students. Insider tips for transcripts EVEN if your teen is not a transfer student

HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students

This is an episode that you’ll enjoy EVEN if your teen isn’t a transfer student: LOTS of tips for transcripts and highschool planning.

However, if you are beginning to homeschool after your teen has been in traditional school for part of highschool, here are some great ideas for homeschool transcripts for transfer students (along with LOTS of planning tips).

Join Vicki, Marilyn and Dr. Barbara Varnell for a lively hand and helpful discussion. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Recording another school’s credits on the homeschool transcript
  • Discerning what material a transfer Math or English course covered
  • Figuring out which Social Studies are left to cover for graduation
  • Why bother to plug the holes in the Maths
  • How to plug the holes in Maths
  • What do STEM transfer students need to look for
  • Which Sciences need to be emphasized if you have a STEAM teen
  • When to lean on dual enrollment opportunities

Not only that, but Dr. Varnell shares some insider tips such as: getting a syllabus BEFORE you withdraw your teen from traditional school! And success tips for college, too!

Your newly homeschooling highschooler will have the best years yet. You CAN do this!

(And our editor, Seth, gave us another blooper reel this time.)

Dr. Barb Varnell Homeschooling Gifted HighschoolersHSHSP Ep 35: Homeschooling Intellectually Gifted Teens

Here’s another great discussion with our friend, Dr. Barbara Varnell!





300 HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It!HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar: Gotta Have It!

Listen in on this useful episode!




http://7sistershomeschool.com/college-attractive-homeschool-transcripts-what-to-include/College Attractive Transcripts- What to Include

Here’s what you need to include!

Contact Vicki at VickiTillmanCoaching.com for coaching through the process of college search and application.

HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students


HSHSP Ep 75: Fine Arts Electives- An Interview with Dr. Duane Cottrell

A fascinating interview with Dr. Duane Cottrell, University of Delaware’s choral music professor, tells about useful Fine Arts electives.

HSHSP Ep 74: Nuts and Bolts of Bringing Teens Home for Highschool

In part 2 of our suite of episodes on bringing teens home from traditional school for highschool. Be encourage, you can do it! Listen in!

HSHSP Ep 66: Preparing Middle Schoolers for High School

How can you help a middle schooler be ready for the rigors of high school?

HSHSP Ep 63: Short Story Writing- Don’t Miss the Fun!

HSHSP Ep 63: Short Story Writing- Don’t Miss the Fun!HSHSP Ep 63: Short Story Writing- Don’t Miss the Fun!

One of my homeschool highschoolers’ favorite writing assignments was short story writing. It didn’t start out that way. At first most of my kids felt intimidated, but it didn’t last long. They learned to have fun and become skilled at this important type of writing.

Teens need lots of different kinds of writing for a good Language Arts credit. Each year they should do some kind of creative writing, even if they don’t think they are creative!

You can ease teens into the process with a progression of different kinds of stories. For instance:

9th graders can write Personal Narratives (a family story). They learn some plotline and conversation-writing skills.

10th graders can write Tall Tales. This original American superhero story helps teens get comfortable with using their imaginations and character development.

11th graders can write Myth-Fantasy. Writers like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien popularized the genre back in the 1960s, now it is everywhere. Teens can learn to follow the Myth-Fantasy genre formula and build in “old truths”.

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Marilyn for a fun, practical discussion of the how’s and why’s of short story writing for teens.


3 Surprising Reasons Homeschool Highschoolers Need Creative Writing

How and Why to Teach Short Story Writing to Teens in Homeschool Co-op




HSHSP Ep 62: Poetry- Your Teen CAN Do It!

Take our word for it: Poetry is important and your teens can do it, even if they aren’t creative geniuses. Find out why and how!

HSHSP Ep 59: Tips for Teaching Public Speaking

HSHSP Ep 59: Tips for Teaching Public SpeakingHSHSP Ep 59: Tips for Teaching Public Speaking

Homeschool highschoolers need to include Public Speaking on the their transcripts. This can be as a separate subject or included annually in the Language Arts credit.

How does a homeschooler create Public Speaking experiences?

No sweat! We’ve got you covered! Join Sabrina, Marilyn and our friend, Dr. Barbara Varnell, for Tips for Teaching Public Speaking. Barb (who we interviewed for our episode on homeschooling intellectually gifted teens) has been teaching Public Speaking to our local homeschool highschoolers for many years. She has helped them:

  • Overcome their fears of public speaking
  • Have a FUN time public speaking (no lie!)
  • Be prepared for career and college speaking experiences
  • Win awards for public speaking

Don’t miss this fun and useful episode of the Homeschool Highschool Podcast!

Your Teen Will Thank You for Speech in Homeschool Highschool

How to Teach Speech in Homeschool High School Co-op



HSHSP Ep 58: Helping Teens in Crisis Times

HSHSP Ep 58: Helping Teens in Crisis TimesHSHSP Ep 58: Helping Teens in Crisis Times

No matter what the crisis might be- an internal crisis for a teen, a death of a loved one, a friend with emotional troubles- these things hit teens hard!

Adolescents are at the age that tough times cause their brains to question or become afraid. Sometimes they get quiet, sometimes they get argumentative, but they all need a chance to be supported in loving ways.

Join Sabrina and Vicki for a heartfelt, candid chat about helping teens during a crisis. Sabrina shares from her informal status as a “go-to” mom for many teens. Vicki shares from her formal status as a mental health counselor. Together they have some encouragement for you and your teens if they are facing a crisis.

AND download this freebie from 7SistersHomeschool.com about how to truly help a friend in difficult times.

Helping Children After a Crisis


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