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How to Plan Your Homeschool Year podcast

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Hey homeschoolers!

It’s a new year and a great time to formulate a new plan for our homeschools. In this episode, I’ll share three simple strategies for planning your best homeschool year ever.


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Quarterly Homeschool Planning with Trello

Have a happy homeschool week!

Homeschool Planning That Doesn’t Take All Summer

Homeschool Planning Shouldn't Take All Summer: The Homeschool Sanity Show PodcastFor so many years, I was frustrated. I needed lots and lots of time to plan my homeschool year in the summer, but I didn’t have it. My husband had other ideas for how to spend the summer and frankly so did I. I finally learned what I was doing wrong and I’ll share it with you in this episode.

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is the Planning Challenge.




two different approaches to homeschool planning on paper that my listeners can get for freeHave a happy homeschool week!

MBFLP – Planning For The New School Year

MBFLP - Planning For The New School Year


The new school year is coming … do you have your plans together yet? Or do you shudder at the thought? This episode, we talk about the need to have a plan, but not to obsess over it. You’ll find this episode both challenging and encouraging as Melanie explains her calm, positive approach to planning — with an eye to God’s providential interruption!

the Informer – with Rebecca Keliher, the Well Planned Gal

Informer Podcast WPG

On this episode of the Informer podcast, host Tara Bentley interviews Rebecca Keliher, homeschool mom, creator of The Well Planned Day, and founder of Home Educating Family Association {HEDUA}. Rebecca shares her testimony, her personal homeschooling journey, information on her daughter’s new publication for young women called Dear Magazine, and she shares about how The Well Planned Day got started.

As a second generation homeschool family, Rebecca has spent time with hundreds of homeschool moms across the country. She’s seen that many moms struggle with the same fears and doubts. Rebecca and Tara tackle topics such as struggling with organization, exhaustion, comparing yourself to other moms, and loving your child unconditionally.

This podcast captures the true passion of Rebecca, which is ministering to homeschool families and being an encouragement to individual moms. Her enthusiasm is truly contagious.


Tips para la planeación de su año escolar

Visita a para descargar unos formularios gratis o para comprar la Agenda de Escuela en Casa que menciona Katie.

Homeschool Planning Made Simple

Homeschool planning for the summer and school year really can be simple when you have a plan in place. This podcast with Susie Doeren and Kim Lopez will save your homeschool sanity!I think I’ve tried every method of homeschool planning available and never found homeschool sanity until I developed my own forms. I call them The Easiest Homeschool Record System and I still think it’s great. However, it takes me quite a bit of time to customize the forms and put them in a binder for each of my five children that I’m still homeschooling.

So when I found the customizable planners from, I was excited. I invited the owners to share how to make summer and school year planning simple with podcast listeners. You won’t be disappointed! You will learn:

  • the importance of planning for the summer months
  • where to start planning and when for the school year
  • the big mistake many homeschool moms make in planning (I’ve definitely made it!)
  • how much time to plan, and more

You’ll also learn about the unique features of the planners available at If you order a student addition through June 15, 2014, you can order the summer edition for half price. That’s just $5! I have a summer planner for each of my children and I can tell you, that’s a steal! I am not an affiliate with A Plan in Place; I’m just very enthusiastic about these planners that make life easy for homeschooling moms like me.

You can follow a Plan in Place on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What other advice do you have for homeschool planning?


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