You Can Do It

You Can DO It!

You Can Do It!

Podcast #49

Do you ever get discouraged? Wonder if you can homeschool? Feeling bogged down? Not sure what you are doing? Listen in to this weeks podcast, for some encouragement and tips.

Please join us as we travel along this journey on our podcast adventure. Let’s get connected! Learn more about the Florida Parent Educator’s Association and homeschooling in the beautiful state of Florida.
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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Build Your Bundle

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If you want to maximize your savings during the Build Your Bundle sale,  you can do it in a cinch with the Ultimate Shopping Guide to Build Your Bundle.  I'm going to show you how to get $5000 worth of curriculum for $370.

If you want to maximize your savings during the Build Your Bundle sale,  you can do it in a cinch with the Ultimate Shopping Guide to Build Your Bundle.

I’m going to show you how to get $5000 worth of curriculum for $370.

You’ll need  to make 7 different (separate) transactions. The check out is super easy, so don’t stress over that!

Know that these are all digital products. You’ll need to follow the download directions at check out. It’s helpful to screenshot your purchase or make a note.

Some additional tips:

  • Create a folder on your desktop in advance of downloading called BYB2018
  • Once you’ve downloaded all the files, you can create folders based on topic or levels of homeschooling.
  • File all of your Build Your Bundle emails into one folder in your email, too!

Okay, time to shop!

Price for all bundles using the Buy 2, Get 1 free deal is $370. Sale ends 5/14, so shop today!

Save BIG at the 2018 Build Your Bundle Sale!

Here’s the breakdown:

Order #1 –

Charlotte Mason Bundle $49.00
Elementary Bundle #1 $39.00
Elementary Bundle #2 FREE

Order #2-

Elementary Bundle #3 $39.00
Upper Grades Bundle #1 $39.00
Upper Grades Bundle #2 FREE

Order #3-

Character Bundle $29.00
Early Learning Bundle #1 $29.00
Early Learning Bundle #2 FREE

Order #4-

Early Learning Bundle #3 $29.00
Parenting Bundle $29.00
Fine Arts Bundle FREE

Order #5-

Homeschool Helps Bundle #1 $19.00
Homeschool Helps Bundle #2 $19.00
Unit Studies Bundle FREE

Order #6

Homemaking Bundle $15.00
Special Needs Bundle $15.00
Brother & Sister Bundle FREE

Order #7 (remaining Bundles)

Mystery Bundle $10.00
Thematic Units Bundle $10.00


You may not have children in all the ranges the Bundles cover, and you may not have an interest in each product in the Bundle, but let’s look at each of the Bundles together. You’ll soon discover that they have such tremendous value you can pick and choose among products in each Bundle, save some product for another time, whatever your heart desires. 🙂

Early Learning Bundle #1

$225.89           $29.00

This Early Learning Bundle is full of preschool and early learning resources you will love using with your little ones.

Inside you’ll find a fun math unit, sight word practice, a full reading curriculum, Bible curriculum, a craft pack, a phonics, and penmanship curriculum, a life skills pack from Skill Trek, and much more.

Early Learning Bundle #2

$228.30           $29.00

The Early Learning Bundle #2 contains so many resources for your little ones at 87% off!

  • Sight Word Early Readers
  • Preschool Basic Skills Bundle
  • Phonics & Penmanship Curriculum
  • 2 Complete Reading Curricula
  • A full homeschool program targeting students in K3-K5
  • Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z – a full preschool curriculum
  • A math resource
  • And more!

Early Learning Bundle #3

$207.65           $29.00

If you have an early learner and you are looking for curriculum, this bundle is for you. Take a look at what’s included:

  • Animal Play – a program for 2-3-year-olds that uses colorful books, songs, games, and activities about animals to introduce the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors.
  • Fruit for Tender Hearts – a homeschool program targeting students in K3-K5.
  • Kindergarten Complete All-Inclusive Set (over $140 value alone!)
  • Other supplemental resources for teaching early learners

Elementary Bundle #1

$360.10           $39.00

This bundle for elementary students is so full of awesomeness! Inside you will find The Mystery of History, Writing Through Ancient History, a complete handwriting curriculum, Bible activity book and American history resources.

You will also get your hands on science resources, such as Ellen McHenry’s NEW geology curriculum, and the Learning About Science Collection. Math, spelling, and a full first-grade curriculum valued over $160 round out this bundle and make it a must-have at just $39!

Elementary Bundle #2

$357.47           $39.00

Our Elementary Bundles are always super popular and full of great products and this year is no exception!

Inside you will find the best-selling audiobook for The Mystery of History and a folder book to go along with it from Bright Ideas Press. You will get your hands on a full vocabulary curriculum, science resources, a full year geography curriculum, and a life skills curriculum for elementary students from Skill Trek.

Also included are grammar resources, a cursive handwriting curriculum, a devotional study for making wise choices, a complete first-grade curriculum valued at over $160 and more – all for just $39!

Elementary Bundle #3

$349.16   $39.00

The Elementary Bundle #3 is overflowing with language arts resources! Looking for a reading curriculum? Look no further. You will get 2 complete reading curriculum levels from Homeschool Complete in this bundle, along with the full Word Family Readers curriculum and other language arts products for spelling and grammar.

Your students will enjoy learning about habitats, animals, scientists, the solar system, and weather with the fun science curriculum found in this bundle.

If geography is your thing, you will love the research guide to the 50 states that’s included! And our very own Truth Seekers Mysteries with Study Guides (valued at 53.94) and Media Angels books are a Cathy Duffy Top Curriculum pick.

There is so much more to be found in this fun bundle that is priced low at just $39 – 89% off!

Charlotte Mason Bundle

$348.81           $49.00

We hope you are as excited as we are with the products contained in the Charlotte Mason Inspired Bundle!

Some of the products found in this bundle include:

  • The Mystery of History Volume III Audiobook & Folderbook
  • Primary Unit Program from Train up a Child Publishing (valued at $95 alone!)
  • Wayfarers: Revolution from Barefoot Meandering
  • BiblioPlan’s Early Modern: Remember the Days Audiobook
  • Writing Through Medieval History
  • Charlotte Mason Planners
  • High-quality copywork
  • A course on Shakespeare
  • And More!

Upper Grades Bundle #1

$352.76           $39.00

The Upper Grades Bundle #1 includes a popular worldview book from Master Books, math resources, art history curriculum and a Bible activity book.

You will also find A Wrinkle in Time Online Book Club and  Design Your Own Literature-based High School Courses from Train up a Child Publishing.

There are so many awesome resources included in this bundle for just $39, along with The College Prep Writing Curriculum: Write to Achieve! that is normally priced and $167.97!

Upper Grades Bundle #2

$342.74           $39.00

This bundle is geared toward middle school and high schoolers and contains 2 math resources, language arts, writing curriculum, and history resources.

You will also find a Bible curriculum, a devotional on making wise choices, a course on Shakespeare for 7th-12th Grades, life skills curriculum from Skill Trek, and more!

Essay Styles for High School from Train up a Child Publishing is regularly priced at over $40! Grab this bundle for just $39 and save 89%!

Unit Studies Bundle

$172.83           $19.00

The Unit Studies Bundle is full of resources you will use for years to come in your homeschool, and it’s 89% off!

Take a look at some of the features of this bundle:

  • Country study notebooking pages for almost 200 countries
  • United States study
  • BiblioPlan’s geography unit
  • History & government resources
  • Science resources
  • Artist study
  • Holiday unit studies
  • And more!

Character (Building) Bundle

$223.82           $29.00

Our Character Bundle is always a best-seller and this year it is full of high-quality Biblical resources that you can put to good use in your home.

You will find resources for:

  • Growing as a Proverbs 31 woman
  • Building a Godly marriage
  • Missionary studies for the whole family
  • Children’s Bible activities
  • Child training tools
  • Scripture reading plans
  • Prayer Selections
  • Faith Journaling Pages
  • Hymn Study Pages
  • And MUCH MORE!

Don’t miss out on this faith-building bundle that is 87% off!

Thematic Units Bundle

$207.88           $10.00

The Thematic Units Bundle contains 21 individual products for all sorts of unit study fun. The wide variety of resources in this bundle includes something for everyone.

Your children will enjoy:

  • Watching a movie and writing a report
  • Nine themed writing prompts (with 180 total writing prompts)
  • Practicing fractions using Legos®
  • Writing a book report with the Book Report Pack

In addition, you get the tools to do a country study, teach how to compare and contrast, as well as teach your children about holidays with fun lapbooks and unit studies.

Learn about famous scientists, celebrate Black History Month, and make learning fun with the language arts resources included – all for just $10…95% off!


Special Needs Bundle

$180.00           $15.00

Help equip your special needs children to excel to the best of their abilities. This Special Needs Bundle, valued at $180 includes a wealth of resources for helping your child with behavior and social skills and working memory skills.

Also included are resources for strengthening the midline and auditory and visual processing.

You cannot beat this price for just $15!

Homeschool Helps Bundle #1

$259.83           $19.00

This homeschool helps bundle is marked 93% off the total retail value and contains resources that will help you get re-focused on what’s really important.

Learn about different homeschooling methods, get questions answered, discover ideas on how to re-vamp your homeschool, find encouragement, and more! Also included are charts, graphs, templates, organizers, and homeschool planners.

Homeschool Helps Bundle #2

$272.10           $19.00

This homeschool helps bundle is a STEAL at 93% off! Chock-full of tools to help you whip your homeschool into shape – 8 ebooks and 5 e-courses:

  • Homeschool Planners
  • Organization and Scheduling Helps
  • Convention Planner & Journal
  • Encouragement for your Homeschool Journey
  • And More!

With 3 products valued over $50 each, can you afford NOT to get this bundle for just $19?

Mystery Bundle

$210.32           $10.00

This is the 3rd year we have offered a Mystery Bundle and it is better than ever before! Do you remember getting grab bags from the Dime Store when you were a kid? It was so much fun digging into the brown paper bag to find out what awaited you. The Mystery Bundle is just like that, but full of homeschooling resources!

This bundle is, well….a mystery, so we cannot tell you what’s in it – but for just $10 bucks here is a sneak peek into the contents:

  • Two history resources
  • Geography bundle
  • Themed unit study
  • A FULL reading curriculum
  • Copywork
  • Language arts supplements
  • Math products
  • 2 Homemaking resources

This bundle is geared more for elementary students with some resources suitable for early learners as well. There are no upper grades materials in this bundle.

Priced at 95% off, you will get over $200 in products for just $10 – it’s totally worth the mystery!

Brother & Sister Bundle

$154.70           $10.00

This is a fun bundle with products for both boys & girls. Help your children learn how to get along better with the Let’s All Get Along Bible study for siblings. Teach them life skills with Skill Trek (one for boys & one for girls!)

With fun unit studies, paper dolls, cookbooks, and more – your kids will be so delighted with this bundle, priced at just $10 – 94% off!

Parenting Bundle

$264.78           $29.00

The Parenting Bundle contains a wealth of resources to arm you with the tools you need for success in your parenting and child training.

Some of the features of this bundle include:

  • Parent/child Bible study on how to choose good friends and be a good friend
  • Learn how to remove daily chaos with the routine approach
  • Develop a parenting plan that takes your child’s unique needs into account
  • Use family vision boards to strengthen the family culture
  • How to deal with a difficult child
  • Train your kids to be leaders and not followers
  • And much more!

Homemaking Bundle

$274.74           $15.00

The Homemaking Bundle not only contains homemaking goodies but also work-from-home resources.

Get access to organizers, calendars, chore charts, record keeping, office organization tips, and more. Skill Trek’s homemaking set includes info on meal planning, storing leftovers, budgeting, and more. Still trying to figure out how to get your body back in shape? The Homeschool Mom Fitness Program is perfect for you.

Interested in learning more about working from home? Have you tossed around the idea of starting a blog? Yes! Homeschool moms can earn money working from home. Learn how with these helpful resources.

Get re-charged, encouraged, and motivated to be the best homemaker you can be – all for just $15!


The Takeaway

With a plan, a budget, and a philosophy of education that reflects your own family you can conquer homeschool overwhelm. A try before you buy approach to curriculum shopping, like the Build Your Bundle sale is a great way to start.


PS. Here is the FAQ for how the Build Your Bundle works. Their awesome Customer Support can be found here.


Pick your favorite shopping guide to get you started planning! Just click & go below.


Click here for shopping tools!

Click here for shopping tools!

PPS. Yes! I know, but I don’t want you to miss it….

With any purchase you’ll get the Bundle of Bonuses, chock full of freebies and discounts.

Over $300 in Freebies and Exclusive Discounts - FREE with Any Purchase!

Do I Really Need to Teach Science in My Homeschool?

Do I really need to teach science in my homeschool?

Do I Really Need to Teach Science in my Homeschool

In a word — yes! Science helps us to learn about the works of the wonderful world God has created for us to live in.

Child development experts have shown that children learn best by experiencing with all of their senses. Science is multi-sensory; that is, science incorporates all of the five sense: smelling, hearing, feeling, seeing, and (sometimes) tasting. Science incorporates tactile or hands-on learning.

Multi-sensory experiencing shouldn’t stop at kindergarten and become replaced with textbooks and workbooks!

Why Should I Waste My Precious Time Experimenting When I Teach Science?

Children of all ages very rarely understand a subject completely just by reading about it. In Jane Hoffman’s book, The Original Backyard Scientist, the forward tells the importance of experiments in relation to child development. It states: “The study of science provides the child with all the necessary ingredients needed for active learning and cognitive growth. Therefore, it is one of the best avenues through which the child can learn about the world around him.”

Granted, it would be much easier just to tell the child, “A grapefruit and vinegar are both sour,” but doing helps the child remember.

What Are Some Other Subjects That Science Encompasses?

Science encompasses reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, mathematics, history, and critical thinking. Just doing one science project or unit study can encompass all those subjects and more.

Can You Give Me an Example of a Unit Study?

Yes- here’s a thumbnail sketch of a Geology Unit we studied which demonstrates how many subjects and though processes are naturally incorporated.

  • I read aloud and we discussed books on geology.
  • The children retold the information using their own words.
  • They read books independently on the subject.
  • From the books we read, we formed a list of spelling and vocabulary words.
  • Then wee made sentences out of these words for our grammar.
  • Geography was covered as we graphed information on a world map and studied famous geologists of the past.
  • For Bible, we read Genesis 1:1-31 alongside parts of Streams of Civilization, comparing evolution and creation through historical perspective.
  • They loved classifying rocks into types and organizing a rock collection.
  • Classical music from the periods we studied helped keep an historical perspective.

Experiments in a Unit Study

From my Geology Unit, I used experiments from several sources.

Using the scientific method, the children placed drops of lemon and vinegar on different pieces of stone, then observed the results. Previous knowledge told them that vinegar and lemon are sour. The children now expanded their base of knowledge by learning that vinegar and lemon are acids. They used reasonoing and logical thinking skills to deduce the effect that acid has on rocks.

When a child does experiments, it helps build the character traits of confidence, attentiveness, perseverance, cooperation, and more.

In conclusion, teaching science in your homeschool is an important part of growing your child’s character, their knowledge of their Creator, and cooperation among their siblings. It’s well worth your time.




Media Angels Creation Bundle Membership Site


Get an entire K-12 Creation Science Curriculum for less than $70.

About Our Books:

Why should you teach your children about Creation? Because everything else they read that is remotely science related teaches evolution as FACT. Shouldn’t your children learn there is more than one side to the story? Do you want your child to be informed? We do and we consider this our mission at Media Angels.

About the Study Guides:

These study guides include a readable outline of the main points in the Creation vs. evolution discussion, the major talking points you should know and ways to educate the children in these points with hands-on activities and experiments. This series isn’t a read-it-one-time and forget it! This series will be repeated again and again and is for K-12th!

If you want a course in Creation Apologetics for kids, this is it!

Additional Resources

Activity Packs for each of the study guides which contain hands on activities you can photo copy for your family.

Creation Kids Classes: On Demand

-Six weeks worth of classes — one per week for ages K-8th grade (high school if you’ve never studied Creation).
-Audio Recordings
-Handouts and Websites to visit
-Further research
-Bonus interviews

media angels membership subscribe button

Best of HIRL: Answering Homeschool Critics


Answering Homeschool Critics

Homeschool critics seem to be everywhere and some of us have had our share of uncomfortable conversations about our choice to homeschool, how we’re going about it, whether or not we’re qualified to teach our own kids, and even what they’re learning.

Learning how to answer homeschool critics, especially those who are close to us, sometimes requires us to offer a soft answer. Other times it requires us to be very direct and set firm boundaries in our conversations or interactions with our critics. Either way, we need to remind ourselves of the gospel and remember that our identity is in Christ alone.

On this short episode of HomeschoolingIRL, Fletch and Kendra discuss gracious responses and remind us all that we only really have an audience of One. Tune in and enjoy this episode of Homeschooling In Real Life To Go!

We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor, Like Arrows!

FamilyLife’s first feature film LIKE ARROWS, explores the joys and heartaches of parenting with a story that spans over 50 years. Join us in theaters across America for a special 2 night showing of LIKE ARROWS followed by exclusive after-show content with the film-makers, including celebrated faith-based film-makers Alex and Stephen Kendrick as well as FamilyLife Today’s Dennis and Barbara Rainey and Bob Lepine. You’ll leave encouraged and equipped with powerful next steps to make Christ the center of YOUR parenting.

LIKE ARROWS will be in theaters for two nights only, MAY 1ST and 3RD. To view the trailer and find theater info, visit the link below. If you missed the movie in theatres be sure to check out the Digital, DVD and Blueray versions on the website,

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How to Enjoy History

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #062, How to Enjoy HistoryIn “How to Enjoy History” Episode #062, Meredith Curtis reveals secrets to parents and teens that will make history thrilling and fun instead of dull and dreary. She shares how to use your hobbies and interests as a way to delve into the past so that you can connect with history. She also paints a picture for you of God’s Grand Story beginning with Creation. Finally, Meredith shares tips to help you remember people, places, and events.







Powerline Productions, Inc.Bringing fun history into your homeschooling!





Show Notes:

Argh! History!

Or maybe you like history, but you find it hard to keep track of everything in your mind, it’s hard to remember stuff.

Maybe your kids love history and you don’t, but you have to teach them.

Or maybe you love history and you want your teens and kids to love it, too.

History is not just a bunch of dry, boring facts.

History is a Grand Story written by God Himself with a beginning, focal point, and an end.

Creation………the Cross……..Jesus’ Return/New Heaven and New Earth

People who enjoy history, look for the story and the stories.

Like investigative reporters they want to know Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How?

How to Connect to History

Cody hates history, but knows all the football stats from the last 50 years.

Brittany hates history, but loves dressing retro.

Nate hates history, but loves vintage cars.

Mrs. Johnson hates teaching history, but she decorates country-style.

Let me tell you a secret. All four of these people enjoy history—they just don’t know it.

Connections Explained.

What is Your Connection to the Past?

Family Heritage & Stories

Cars, trucks, boats

Sports: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, car racing

Are you a foodie?

Ways to Look at History

Focus on…

  • Fashion
  • Sports, or a Sport
  • Music
  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Wars & Battles
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Faith
  • Literature
  • Historical Fiction
  • Writing
  • Poetry
  • Science

Tips to Remember Historical People, Places, & Events

Maps & Photos


Dates we Memorize:

Circa 4000 BC (general)/Circa 4174 God Creates the World!
Circa 2500 BC (general)/Circa 2538 The Flood
Circa 2100 BC (2166) Abraham—the nation of Israel is born!
Circa 1000 BC King David of Israel
Circa 325 BC Alexander the Great conquers the entire civilized world
Circa 4 BC Jesus is Born in Bethlehem
313 Edict of Milan (Emperor Constantine makes Christianity legal in the Roman Empire)
476 Fall of the Roman Empire
1066 William of Normandy Invades England—Battle of Hastings
1215 King John of England is forced to sign the Magna Charta
1492 Columbus sails for the Indies and finds the New World
1517 Martin Luther nails the “95 Theses” to the Wittenburg Door—Reformation begins
1607 English Settlement at Jamestown
1620 Pilgrims Land at Plymouth
1624 Dutch Settle New York
1628 Massachusetts Bay Colony founded
1776 Declaration of Independence signed, declares freedom from England
1861-1865 War Between the States—Slavery is finally abolished!
1914 World War I begins
1939-1945 World War II
1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor—USA enters WWII
1969 Neil Armstrong walks on the moon


Why we chose those dates.

History Labs

Have fun

Memorize Key Dates & Place Other Dates in Reference to Them.

Life Lessons from History Podcasts:

Finish Well Radio, Podcast #059, A Hero for all TimeFinish Well Radio, Episode #48, Life Began in a GardenFinish Well Radio, Podcast #38, Don't Be a NimrodFinish Well Radio, Podcast #42, Because He Loved HerFinish Well Radio, Podcast #050 The Real Kingdom and the CounterfeitFinish Well Radio, Podcast #49, Legend of Atlantis and Bull Leaping






Resources to Learn & Teach History the Fun Way

Ancient History Cookbook by Meredith CurtisAncient History Timeline by Meredith Curtis at Powerline Productions, Inc.Let's Have Our Own Archaeological Dig by Meredith CurtisLet's Have Our Own Olympic Games

HIS Story of the 20th CenturyHIS Story of the 20th Century High School WorkbookHIS Story of the 20th Century Middle School Workbook10 Black Athletes Who Changed the World LapbookFamilies Learning Together: American History Art Appreciation by Meredith CurtisAmerican History Cookbook by Meredith CurtisAmerican History Timeline



















Special Thanks to our Network Sponsor!

We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor, The Miracle Season!

Based on the inspiring true story of West High School girl’s volleyball team. After the tragic death of the school’s star player Caroline “Line” Found, the remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hope of winning the state championship.

Visit here to learn more.

How to Enjoy History

Best of HIRL: How The Gospel Makes Us Unoffendable

How the Gospel Makes Us Unoffendable - with Homeschooling IRLWhat if someone told you that you had no right to be angry? What if you could live a life that was defined as unoffendable? What would it look like to not be offended by the things people say and do, or by the way they treat you? And what if you could smile and relax, knowing that God has covered every offense with his inexhaustible love for you?

Homeschoolers, let’s face it. We are quick to be offended. Whether it’s outsiders who watch us and don’t like our educational choices or fellow homeschoolers who challenge our methods or curriculum, we can often take offense at anyone who questions what we are doing. What would your life look like if you were unoffendable?

On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, we’re talking with radio host Brant Hansen about his new book, Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better. When the gospel gets involved, it really is your best life, forever.

Special Thanks to our Network Sponsor!


We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor, The Miracle Season!

Based on the inspiring true story of West High School girl’s volleyball team. After the tragic death of the school’s star player Caroline “Line” Found, the remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hope of winning the state championship.

Visit here to learn more.

The Best of HIRL: The Quiet Fight Between Women

Free homeschool podcast discussing the quiet fight between women with Angie Tolpin.There is a quiet fight going on under the surface in homeschooling for a long time.

“Let’s face it. The quiet fight between women in homeschooling often comes down to pride.” – Angie Tolpin

We dive back into familiar waters on this episode and tackle the issue of competition and pride that we see generally among women in the church, but specifically within the walls of homeschooling.

“You know there are greater possibilities of friendship and Christian fellowship in your life. And yet — despite your best intentions — there is something in the way, something holding you back from your spiritual growth with your sisters in Christ. But what is it? A silence. A distance with no name. A weapon of the enemy fashioned to drive us apart and stop us from creating the fellowship we need for our growth in Christ.  Something so subtle you might never understand it alone, much less be able to overcome it.” –The Quiet Fight Between Women

Fletch and Kendra sit down with author Angie Tolpin and haven an honest discussion about the reasons women have a difficult time connecting or feel as if there is an undercurrent of comparison and competition running through our relationships. Join them on this episode as they talk again about how Jesus changes our communication and frees us to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other as we seek to bring glory to God.

1:02 – Introduction
13:00 – Angie Tolpin Interview, 1
26:30 – Angie Tolpin Interview, 2
38:30 – Q and A with K and A

Music clips used on this show:

“Scheming Weasel” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Special Thanks to our Network Sponsor!


The animated feature, ‘ICE DRAGON: LEGEND OF THE BLUE DAISIES,’ blooms on big screens nationwide for a two-day family-friendly Adventure. Take an amazing journey to an enchanted world that holds a secret…where hope is in a song! In select cinemas nationwide March 24 and 26 only. If you missed the live event, purchase a copy for your home library on Blue Ray, Digital or DVD.

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Teach History by Throwing a Party


I love history!

I even pick up history textbooks and read them for fun. There! I admitted it!

However, not every child is born loving history. So, I have looked for ways to bring history alive, to make it fun. We read historical fiction, make timelines, look at maps, watch movies, make crafts, time travel in the kitchen,  create radio dramas, and write poetry.

We also throw parties to study history! We love to have fun when we homeschool.

Yes, we do!




We have had medieval banquets, archaeology digs, luaus, 1950s sock hops, Victorian teas, and Ancient Greek Olympics.

How Hard Is This?

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of work just to homeschool history? you ask.

Well, yes and no. We love parties, so I am motivated if it means people I like, good food, and lots of wholesome fun! My kids love parties, too.

Here is why we learn history when we plan an event like a sock hop or a medieval banquet. We have to research history to create an authentic experience. We dig deeper than normal to find out what they wore, what they ate, exactly what they did, where they did it, and why they did it.

When we planned our Ancient Greek Olympics, we learned that the games were a form of worship to their idol/gods. They opened each day by committing everything to one or more of the idol/gods or idol/goddesses. We decided to open our ceremonies in prayer and commit the whole event to Jesus. Then we learned about all the events and how they competed. In the process, we learned about Greek city-states and their relationships with one another. We discovered some funny stories along the way.

[Read more…]

How To Deal With Homeschool Burnout – Special Replay

Free homeschool podcast discussing how to deal with homeschool burnoutThis is our second stab at the topic of homeschool burnout. Back in Episode 39, we interviewed four homeschool moms and discussed the topic: I Love Homeschooling, But I’m Totally Burned Out.  On that episode we verified that homeschooling moms burn out often and regularly.

Our listener Anna, wrote in and asked if we would expand the topic a little more. “I’m just having a really hard time figuring out how to carve out some (consistent) space in our life for me to recharge my batteries, and I’d love to know how other moms manage to do that.”  Anna, this episode is just for you!

We decided to hit this topic alone. We are not strangers to burnout. In fact, we are in the middle of our own homeschool/homeschooling/homeschoolers burnout as we sat down to record this show. Our listeners get a front row seat as we discuss honestly how we are choosing to work through our own burnout.

Tune in as we offer practical advice to both mom and dad as we answer the question about how to deal with homeschool burnout.

1:53– Introduction
8:00 – Letter #1 – Jennifer, Binge Listener/Fluff Lover
10:37 – Letter #2 – Heather, Hope Shifting
16:00 – Homeschool Burnout – Segment 1/Practical Response
31:58 – Homeschool Burnout – Segment 2/”Me” Time
41:30 – Homeschool Burnout – Segment 3/Fletcher Burnout

Music clips used on this show:

“Slow Down'” Keb’ Mo’ (Buy It Here On iTunes)


Special Thanks to our Network Sponsor!


We’d like to thank our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network sponsor Sony and their new DVD release, The Star, the Story of the First Christmas!

Visit  here to learn more.


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