4 Things that Steal Your Joy in Homeschooling

4 things that steal your joy in homeschoolingThings that Steal Your Joy in Homeschooling, Episode 2

Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin

Let’s talk about four things that threaten to steal your joy in homeschooling. Lindsey and Richele will share how overscheduling ourselves, comparing our homeschools, a lack of discipline in our homes, and ridiculous expectations can lead to dissatisfaction and stomp out our joy. Join us as we discuss our experiences and victories so we can encourage you to overcome these joy stealers.

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How to Get Your Joy Back

A Homeschooler's Guide to Getting Her Joy Back: Homeschool Sanity Show Podcast

If something has has been stealing your homeschool joy, you’ll learn six steps for getting it back in this episode.

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