Thoughts for Dads from One Daddy’s Little Girl

Thoughts for Dad from One Daddy's Little Girl - with the Real Kathy LeeI hope all of the dads listening today had a great Father’s Day! In honor of my dad I thought I would share some thoughts on Fatherhood from a “daddy’s little girl” and mom’s perspective.

I think the most important things for dads to remember is:

  1. Be present. – There is a famous saying, the days are long but the years are short. I believe this is so true!! Don’t wish away the days.
  2. Be intentional. – Being intentional doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on a family trip to Europe. It does mean putting your phone away to have conversations, play games, attend events, and show up (emotionally and physically) for your family.
  3. Be consistent. – Kids thrive on routine. Help your family keep their routine by making family time a priority and being consistent as much as possible!
  4. Be dependable. –  Can’t say this enough. Kids need to know their parents will be there, period.
  5. Be confident. I believe most kids are born risk takers until the adults convince them that fear should be present. Try and live fearlessly in front of your kids. Confidence is contagious.

Make it Count!

I also think it is very important for dads to remember that their children don’t need you to be the world’s greatest problem solver. They mainly need you to listen to them, to know them, to love them and to honor how they feel. They need to know they are worthy of love and belonging.

In this episode I talk about the importance to facing your own childhood trauma. Research shows that we carry our trauma into our parenting. I saw a therapist to deal with my own childhood trauma and definitely believe that it has been a benefit to my children.

Dad’s, you are superheroes. Keep being strong and tender, your boys and your girls need that from you! Thank you for all you are doing for the next generation.


Find a way to #sayyes today.

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The Real Kathy Lee – Momfessions

real kathy leeLet’s Meet The Real Kathy Lee Momfessions – with Felice Gerwitz and Kathy H. Lee

Podcast 191

Meet the Real Kathy Lee “momfessions, and discuss her awesome podcast, when she joins Felice Gerwitz to discuss homeschool successes, do-overs and what she wish she had known when she started homeschooling! Kathy was involved in public education and was often in front of other educators discussing how to engage early learners. However she always knew she wanted to homeschool … and she did, all ten of her children. Learn more about Kathy, what she shares on her own podcast [Momfessions here] and how to use the great advice she shares.

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About the “Real” Kathy Lee “momfessions”- Kathy is a mom of ten children, biological and adopted. She is determined and honest, in that she made mistakes…many! She hosts a podcast on this network, “Momfessions ~ with The Real Kathy Lee.” She interviews guests and does solo podcasts weekly. Visit Kathy on her website here.

Show Notes: Meet The Real Kathy Lee Momfessions:

We discussed:

The need to savor every day. We discussed how quickly it (homeschooling) goes by! Also, that every single day isn’t critical.

Homeschool Success: According to Kathy it was the ability to allow her children to play and discover learning during play. In addition, she allowed her children to study according to their areas of interest.

I asked if she could do something over again, what would that be? Homeschool Do Over: Trust my instincts – intuition said it wasn’t best for a specific child and it wasn’

Kathy Lee’s curriculum: The Homesgrown PreSchooler 

When pre-schoolers kids say they want to do school, what this generally means:

  • I want to be big – let the children role playing – setting up pretend school – as a play station…
  • Rotate kids – older child can work with the younger, doing a sensory activity or art project
  • Do together – let the little ones sit there doing something tactile – while you do the read aloud activity with the older children.

Find many more ideas and tips in Kathy’s book as well as on her website. The links are above.

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