Best of Homeschooling IRL: What Josh Duggar Forgot

Free homeschool podcast about homeschool leaders who fall and fail to remember the gospel.For the next few weeks, we’re playing a few episodes of Our discussion on this episode comes right out of the current headlines. Homeschool graduate and reality TV star, Josh Duggar, has fallen from the spotlight due to his confessions of struggling with adultery, pornography and a history of molestation.

We jump into to discuss the frequent failures we have seen by men in the homeschooling movement. We talk openly on this episode about what happens when we forget the one thing that tethers us to the truth. If you’ve been following the Josh Duggar story, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss. Join us for an open and honest discussion about living as loved in the light of the gospel.

2:34 – Introduction
12:50 – Part One –  Just the Facts!
24:51 – Part Two – We Want A King!
28:40 – Part Three – No Safe Environment!

35:27 – Part Four – Success Stories
47:00 – What Did Josh Duggar Forget?

Show Notes

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Tax Exempt Q&A with Homeschool Leaders

Tax Exempt Q&A with Homeschool Leaders

This episode is an excerpt from the Indiana Homeschool Leaders Retreat. Carol Topp discusses tax exempt status and answers questions about self-declaring tax exempt status for your homeschool support group.


Visit Carol’s website here











The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization

Does your homeschool group need to pay taxes? Could they avoid paying taxes by being a 501c3 tax exempt organization? Do you know the pros and cons of 501c3 status? Do you know what 501c3 status could mean for your homeschool group?

I have the answers for you in my book The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization. The information I share in my book has been helpful to homeschool support groups, co-ops, music and sports groups and will help you understand:

  • The benefits of 501c3 status
  • The disadvantages too!
  • What it takes to make the IRS happy
  • What your state requires
  • Why your organization should consider becoming a nonprofit corporation
  • What is the difference between nonprofit incorporation and tax exemption
  • IRS requirements after you are tax exempt

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Political Lessons Homeschoolers Must Teach

The election, whether you’re pleased or disappointed by the results, has prompted us as homeschoolers to consider if there is anything we still need to teach our children. In this episode, I share poltical lessons I will be sure to teach my children — lessons I encourage you to teach yours as well.


Read this podcast as a blog post.

Political lessons we must teach our children: podcast




Tricia’s High School Course Planner

Riots & Protests in the United States

Logic Curricula

Homeschool Sanity Which of these political lessons do you think is most important?

Have a happy homeschool week!

No show next week

Are You Being Too Hard on Yourself?

I had another topic planned for this week’s episode when I started weeping. I knew I needed to share what was bothering me. Could you, like me, be being too hard on yourself?

How to Stop Being So Hard on Ourselves: Podcast

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variety of blog posts on the topic of negative people

a great sanity saver that I shared on the Homeschool Sanity Facebook page

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Ways to Teach Children Gratitude

Who doesn’t want grateful children? In this episode, I’ll share six powerful ways for teaching children gratitude. They have made a difference for my family.

Powerful ways to teach children gratitude: podcast


Teaching Tip of the Week

Our Journey Westward Nature Studies – use code FALL FUN for 20% off

Our Journey Westward


World Vision

YWAM Biographies

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn from 7Sisters American Literature

Feed My Starving Children

Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox ministry

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 Grammar Galaxy

Overcoming Homeschool Insecurity

Hey homeschoolers!

Homeschool insecurity can wreak havoc on your homeschooling. Whether you lack confidence in your ability to teach, your appearance, or in relationships, I think you’ll find help in this episode.

Listen on ITUNES

How to overcome homeschool insecurity: Homeschool Sanity Show podcast


Find the complete transcript at

Dragon anywhere, an app for my iPhone

Week Plan

episode on anxiety

the Renewing of the Mind Project

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The Best Homeschool Sanity Tips

I asked some of my fellow podcasters on this fantastic network to share their best tips for homeschool sanity. I know you’ll love them! I so enjoy your comments on the podcast, but if you have comments you’d like to share privately, email me at psychowith6 at


The Best Homeschool Sanity Tips from the podcasters at the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network: Homeschool Sanity Show


Grammar Galaxy curriculum

a massage pillow

TENS unit

the motivationaldoc channel

Homeschooling in Real Life

Homeschool High School

Vintage Homeschool Moms.

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Lessons Learned in Homeschooling High School

Lessons Learned Homeschooling High School: Homeschool Sanity Show Podcast

Are you thinking about homeschooling high school? Or are you looking for tips and encouragement to continue the journey? Either way you’ll enjoy this episode with Kym Smythe, Vicki Tillman, and Sabrina Justison of They’re the moms to talk to for real-life high school homeschooling advice.


The 7 Sisters wrote a guest post on Psychowith6 that you won’t want to miss on the best electives for the homeschool transcript.

Homeschool High School Podcast

For more from these wise moms, subscribe to The Homeschool High School Podcast.

Have a happy homeschool week!

How to Find Back-to-School Sanity

Back to Homeschool Sanity: The Homeschool Sanity Show Podcast

I’m starting to get really anxious about starting school again. I’ve felt this way every year. Summers always seem to go so quickly, don’t they?

I’m sharing some ideas for finding back-to-homeschool sanity this week.

Listen on iTunes


The Organized Homeschool Life 20% off the book with the code BIRTHDAY through August 7th.

I interviewed the author, Stanley Schmidt, for this podcast

You can purchase any of the excellent math books at If you use code HSSANITY you’ll get a $5 discount on one book or HSSANITY7 for a $20 discount on the set. But I am also giving away a Learn Math Fast book of your choice. See below.

The Back to School Survival Manual by Alicia Michelle.

Grammar Galaxy— the elementary language arts curriculum that will save your sanity by making teaching fast, easy, and fun.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Dads Who Homeschool – HIRL Episode 104

Free homeschool podcast about what it looks like when mom works and dad stays home to teach.On this episode of the HomeschoolingIRL podcast, we answer a question from a listener who wants to know about switching roles. What happens when circumstances dictate that mom is the primary breadwinner. What does it look like when dads choose to stay home and do the homeschooling?

Fletch and Kendra interview two homeschool dads who did just this. Listen in to Steve Wilkins and Dr. Jay Wile and hear their stories and how it worked in their families.

Also on this show we dive into a discussion about reunions, high school friends, homeschool conferences and when it is okay to publicly criticize homeschool or parenting ministries that teach legalism. Tune in for a great show.


:47 Fluff – Reunions/Homeschool Conferences/Long Weekends
5:18 Dads Who Homeschool Part 1 – Steve Wilkins
19:09 Dads Who Homeschool Part 2 – Dr. Jay Wile
34:10 Wrapping up the show – Can we call people out publicly?


Recommended Resources:
Dr. Jay Wile
Betty the Surf Dog – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website
Rasta The Chocolate Lab – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website
Fletch Twitter
Kendra Twitter

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All of them

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