Boy-Friendly Homeschooling – MBFLP 179

We had six boys, one after another, and thought our family’s sort of crazy was just normal life. Then people who had girls first started asking, “How in the world do you manage to homeschool all those boys?” The fact is, they are very different from their sisters – and from the moms who teach them both. This episode, we look at some basic principles we’ve learned about creating a homeschool that works with boys as they are rather than struggling to fit them into a less boyish mold.

Boy-friendly homeschooling


Our hour-long workshop,

“Ballistic Homeschooling” 

Our book, Raising Real Men

Rough-housing, Noise, and Other Frustrations of Raising Boys – MBFLP 121

MBFLP 121 - Rough-housing H
One of the things which surprised Melanie as a young mom of boys is their natural inclination to rough-and-tumble play. It’s normal, and some researchers say it’s even helpful. As society has become more and more anxious about masculine behavior and anything which looks “physical,” boys and their families may be wrestling with this idea — so join us in this episode as we glory in the day-to-day commotion that is raising sons!


1:16 – Is this normal?
6:50 – Rough play
8:08 – The importance of play
9:49 – Ideas for managing rough-housing
17:22 – Competition
23:35 – Noise
28:59 – The challenges of raising boys


Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D, “Do Boys Need Rough-And-Tumble Play?” 6/30/15

Hal and Melanie Young, Raising Real Men. Chapter 4, “Taking Up Arms” on violent play; Chapter 6, “Racing to Win,” on games and competition (including the Puritans’ view we mentioned)

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MBFLP 102 – Family Life Q&A

QandA - V 600x900

One thing we’ve seen since we started this ministry is how often families encounter the same questions, the same problems. You’re not alone, and this episode we talk about several questions we’ve heard recently!

Show Highlights

1:31 – What do you do when fellow church members are hostile toward your parenting decisions?
5:40 – How do you manage bullying, including in your own home?
10:47 – When should you begin handing over personal responsibility to your budding adult kids?
15:24 – What should I do, now that I caught my 10-year-old watching sex on YouTube?
20:09 – What’s your decision process for extracurricular activities, especially for younger kids?
23:13 – How do you survive parenting an active little boy?

Boys, Again – HIRL Episode 67

Free homeschool podcast about boys and raising boys.Back in Episode 9, we sat down with our friends and fellow podcasters, Hal and Melanie Young from Making Biblical Family Life Practical, to discuss the topic of boys. We talked about how these rambunctious little piles of energy can completely undo the unprepared homeschool mom. From peeing on the carpet to falling from the top of the trees, we discussed how the overload of testosterone is a God-given gift to young men who need discipling and direction from both parents, especially as you prepare boys for adolescence and young adulthood.

On this second episode, we dive back into the topic of raising boys. We begin by reminding our listeners that in the midst of basic school curriculum, we need to also address basic life lessons. We also answer a listener’s question about living in a small space with boys full of energy. We finish our by discussing how to raise boys with a sense of adventure and how sometimes we need to let life teach the hard lessons to stubborn boys.

Also in this show, Fletch and Kendra share a few more of their favorite items as they throw them into the HIRLer’s Treasure Chest.


:53 – Introduction
12:52 – Part One – Smart/Dumb teenagers
28:03 – Part Two – Boys in a small space
37:53 – Part Three – Manners

46:43 – HIRLers Treasure Chest

Show Notes

HIRLer’s Treasure Chest
Fletch: Life is
Kendra: Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt In Your Mouth Cookies

The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzie – buy it here on iTunes
Boys by The Beatles – buy it here on iTunes

My Teenage Sons Are The Smartest People I Know

HomeschoolingIRL Coffee Tumblers – Check out these cool tumblers from HIRLer Cyndi Newman


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HomeschoolingIRL 067 – Boys, Again

Join Fletch and Kendra as they discuss homeschooling boys!

MBFLP – Preparing Boys To Support A Family

Preparing Boys to Support a Family

One of the responsibilities of a husband and father is to provide for his family’s needs. We want our sons to be prepared for that role when they leave our home, but it doesn’t magically happen on their 18th birthday or graduating from college — it comes from lessons learned for many years beforehand! Are you thinking long term with your sons? Are you training them to think like providers, not consumers only? Are they learning the joy of “taking care of the family” in some way? This episode, we talk about all these things on the way to preparing boys to support a family!

MBFLP – Answering Your Questions About Raising Boys

MBFLP - Answer Your QuestionsWe’re answering real questions from our friends, fans, and listeners, about the challenge and blessing of raising boys – the early summer edition!

In this episode, we deal with

– What to do about lying and dishonesty
– Peer pressure about entertainment
– A very clingy, affectionate boy
– Balancing confidence and humility



For Instruction In Righteousness by Pam Forster (

Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp (

Boot Camp 9-12 – our five-week online seminar for parents of pre-adolescent boys

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