Losing Religion, Finding Grace – MBFLP 161


What happens when you do everything right and it turns out terribly, awfully wrong? Do you doubt God’s love? Does it shake your faith? Or does it drive you to a closer walk with your Lord and Savior?

This episode, we talk with Kendra Fletcher, the author of the new book (affiliate link!), Lost & Found: Losing Religion, Finding GraceKendra and her husband Andy Fletcher (hosts of Homeschooling IRL on this network) have seen both sides of the coin, as God brought them from a cold, rule-based religiosity, to a living faith in a living Jesus day by day. You’ll find it both challenging and encouraging as we talk about this crucially important distinction!


Losing Our Religion – HIRL Episode 45

HIRL-Episode-45On the HomeschoolingIRL podcast, we have spent 44 episodes  telling stories of other homeschooling  families. We continue to share one major theme: Live in the gospel and stop shifting your hope onto the world or religion. On this episode, we shift gears and finally share our own story of losing our religion and our recovery from “gospel amnesia.”

 From that hot summer morning in the summer of 2008, when we found our 7-week-old baby in a coma, we share the events that led to a massive overhaul in our marriage, our parenting, and ultimately, our faith in Christ. That sickly baby boy was just the beginning; there would be harder trials and far more refining ahead.

Does your own faith feels stagnant or does the Christian life seem joyless? Join us as we share what unlocked the self-made prison doors and caused us to lose our religion but find a deeper, more glorious faith in the power of the cross!

Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from Preschoolers and Peace and KendraFletcher.com) for the HomeschoolingIRL podcast every week as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades of Homeschooling In Real Life.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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