Roadschooling Multiple Ages Simultaneously

Think of homeschooling multiple ages as a branch in the household tree that grows a life with multiple kiddos! Unless you are a family with an only child or or a single set of multiples, there are already multiple aged activities going on in the house. From eating breakfast or navigating extracurriculars to sleep time routines, there are different seasons of your daily routines (the combination of babies, toddlers, tweens, or teens). This episode helps formulate a plan to keep your roadschool running smoothly and includes more than 10 ways to keep all ages of your kiddos on the road to a successful learning adventure.

The Road Trip Teacher talks about the things in her Ready! Set! Go! bag that is she always has on hand for learning at home or on the go. More details about this bag of tricks can be found over at Road Trip Teacher.

Join the Roadschool Moms in this episode as MB and KT share their time-tested tips for teaching across the ages in your RV (tips will also work for non-wheeled homes ūüėČ


Adding Morning Time to your Roadschool

morning-time-show-buttonMary Beth has been talking about it for weeks. She’s told us, how it’s breathed new life into her roadschool. She’s told us it brought everyone in her RV together. She’s gushed about how much her Roadschool 101 crew looks forward to it every day… but what is Morning Time?

On this episode discover, along with Kimberly, as Pam Barnhill of, shares with us the key points of Morning Time and her Morning Basket Routine.

Pam encourages that¬†by adding this intentional family time to your homeschool routine (even if you don’t do it in the morning), you can recapture the joy of learning for your whole family. Making¬†cherished memories becomes the easy part of your day. What’s in your Morning Basket?

Homeless Homeschooling – HIRL Episode 124

Free homeschool podcast about homeschooling on the road. RV homeschooler.Homeless homeschoolers? Sorry for the bait and switch, but this family is anything but homeless! This is a family who¬†decided to take the kids AND¬†the homeschool on the road!¬†Join us and our special guests Megan and Mike Knorpp from The Knorpps are¬†homeschooling parents of 9 and cross-country travelers extraordinaire. We discuss the logistics of housing 11 people in 800 square feet, the excitement of learning by doing and exploring, and how exactly they’re paying for this whole crazy adventure!¬†

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your homeschool on the road, this episode is for you.¬†


:50¬†–¬†Fluff : Book Writing and Fletch has a sore butt from driving so much.¬†
7:38¬†–¬†Interview with Mike and Megan Knorpp – Homeschooling and living in an RV
35:23¬†–¬†Goodbye! The Show Is Over!


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A Prairie Home Companion
Pre-Release for Lost and Found – Kendra’s book due in February 2017

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Holiday Roads by Lindsey Buckingham РBuy It Here on ITunes


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Are you ready to listen to Fletch and Kendra get real about homeschooling? Press the PLAY button below.

Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from Preschoolers and Peace and for the HomeschoolingIRL podcast every week as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades.

Roadschool Fall Favorites

Fall Roadschool Show ButtonAhh Fall! What a great time for roadschooling! From leaf portraits to finger print fall trees. From delicious fall treats to hearty fall recipes. In this episode, the Roadschool Moms talk all things fall and share their favorite autumn adventures.
Check out the special Pinterest board that accompanies this episode:

Recap of the FtF Colonial Times Rally and Special Guests, Trent and Siobhan Walker

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-20-08-amClick play on this episode to hear all the highlights from the 2016 Fulltime Families Colonial Times Rally that just wrapped up at Tall Pines Campground in Bainbridge, NY.

47 families,  154 kids, 4 days, 17 homemade boats, and many musically gifted families including Trent and Siobhan Walker.

Click play now to hear about upcoming events and the precious memories your family can create by attending an FtF Event.

A Dad’s Impression of Roadschooling

2014 09 21 FamilyMan Show ButtonWhat’s a dad’s role in Roadschooling? What are dads ideas about roadschooling? Tune into this episode to hear from Todd Wilson, The Family Man, to be encouraged by a dad’s eye view of roadschooling. Also, in honor of Father’s Day, we announce the winner of the 2016 Father’s Day Foto Contest and the winner of Lippert’s Waste Master.

A Night in the Life of Fred – A Conversation with Dr. Schmidt

Life of Fred Show ButtonOn this episode, Mary Beth and Kimberly chat with Dr. Stanley Schmidt, creator of Life of Fred.  Whether you are a LOF Family or never heard of it, tune in to hear how Dr. Schmidt came up with the idea for this innovative approach to teaching your children mathematics.

Is There a Mystery in Your Mailbox?

Mail Order Mystery Upload Show ButtonCatch this summer special¬†as MB flies solo for this Roadschool Mom’s episode while KT is off the grid on her 2016 Summer #ThisIsRving Adventure.

MB checks in with the latest news from KT who is enjoying a host of Jellystone Park Camp Resorts and other stops along the way inspired by RV Trader. Also in this broadcast is a live interview with Suzanne, the creator of Mail Order Mystery. Find out all the details on how this fun and engaging activity unfolds as your kids receive installments of mysterious information that reveals a storyline that everyone can enjoy.

Click play to catch the replay of this show to find out more FAQs about Mail Order Mystery and the latest news from Fulltime Families and Road Trip Teacher.

RSM: Live from FPEA!

RSM: Roadschooling Your Big Kids

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