The Real Kathy Lee


The REAL Kathy Lee is an honest podcast for REAL moms.

It didn’t take me long as a mom to realize that I make a lot of mistakes and can pretty much be summed up as a hot mess most days. I have lost shoes, let children eat Twizzlers for breakfast, forgotten birthday parties, and flat out pitched my own temper tantrums. Luckily, that isn’t the entire story. My journey has also included sweet connecting moments, learning some valuable lessons and making some outstanding memories along the way. Honestly, I have been all over the place during my twenty plus years as a mom. The most important thing I have learned is that grace is a beautiful thing. I even had the words FEARLESS GRACE tattooed on my arm so I would always remember that this mom is to fearlessly lead with grace.

We are going to get REAL during our times together. We are going to talk about real life… real motherhood. Topics will include helicopter parenting, how to really connect with your children, how to find your joy in motherhood, why every mom needs an “all by herself” vacation, how to refrain from jumping in the car and just driving away, and why saying YES is the most powerful response to a young child’s requests.

As a mother of many (both biological and adopted), I know that this mothering gig isn’t for whimps. Grab a cup of coffee (or other preferred beverage) and get ready to laugh, maybe cry, and hopefully be incredibly encouraged on this beautiful journey of motherhood.

Always remember that if this hot mess can rock motherhood, so can YOU!

You’ve got this!


“Kathy Lee is one of the most loving and encouraging people I know. She is passionate about helping moms succeed, without ignoring the hardships that come along with the choice to homeschool. We admire and respect the openness with which she lives as well as the humor and encouragement that she brings into the messiness of the life we all live!

Kathy has gained much wisdom from her experience and she shares it willingly. Along with her wisdom, she thoughtfully shares the principles behind what she believes is most helpful when creating a wonderful home and family. From those principles she helps you decide what you should prioritize for your specific family and how to accomplish those goals. Kathy doesn’t give you a list of rules to follow, but instead she comes alongside you and helps you follow God’s leading for your family.  

Kathy is a wonderful teacher who will help you as you travel this parenting journey! We trust that you will come away from her teaching more encouraged and eager to continue on this path God has called you to. Enjoy!” — Michael and Jessica Somerville – Tapestry of Grace

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