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How do you do it? How can you get it all done? I could NEVER do that!

No, homeschoolers are not from another planet although I would consider myself part of a special breed. We are specially created by God and we intent to follow Him, His Word and His Truth. And along the way bring some of you with us.

The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show is comprised of interviews with the hosts of this very special network, as well as authors, speakers and guests of interest to you. Listen in, get to know them, their hearts and some wisdom of your own.

Shows are recorded and uploaded here for you to listen right HERE & Right now!


And best of all – SPONSOR BONUSES! Yes, right here – special audios contain sponsored interviews with great offers for homeschoolers.



Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show Episodes

FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn

Featured Spotlight on FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn  & Podcast Host on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network What is FPEA and what will you hear on FPEA Connects? We are here to tell you! Felice Gerwitz, founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network interviews Suzanne Nunn, current Chairman of the FPEA (Florida Parent Educator’s Association) and […]

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