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VintageHSMomsShowPageJust for homeschool moms. Vintage Homeschool Moms preserves the best of the past while blessing future generations with the fruit that comes from putting God first and using experience as a teacher. Your host, Felice Gerwitz, is a Christian wife, mother, and educator-turned-homeschool-mom in 1986. She began homeschooling as a trial and never looked back. Her guests, including co-host Meredith Curtis (the first Monday every Month), and other guests, on occasion. Felice’s topics range from home education, child rearing, enterprising moms , SAHM (Stay at Home Moms), WAHM (Work at Home Moms), and so much more. Best yet, design your own show! Drop Felice a note and let her know what you’d like to hear. Connect on our Facebook group here:

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Vintage Homeschool Moms Episodes

15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions

15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions & Alternatives Episode 226 When I started to look at my favorite recipes I was shocked to see that most of them contained “bad-for-you” items.  I found 15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions after I began looking and testing alternative substitutes. I had two goals and one was health and the second is that […]

Cooking With Kids

Cooking With Kids with Felice Gerwitz Podcast # 224 Do you realize all the reading, math, science and advanced thinking skills are involved when cooking with kids? In this podcast, Felice discusses the long history of cooking in her family long before “farm to table” was fashionable. With a large family, cooking is something we do […]

Healthy Snacks

20 Healthy Snacks For Kids (or anyone!) with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #223 Snacks are not going away, so it’s time to begin eating healthy snacks. In this episode Felice shares some of her family favorites as well as her passion which is helping her children reach adulthood with a good basis in healthy eating. Eating healthy […]

Kids Eating Healthy

Kids Eating Healthy with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #222 Are your kid eating healthy? Most kids don’t and many parents believe that eating healthy is one of the hardest parts of parenting. Even those who only serve healthy foods find their kids gravitating to the sweets tables at birthday parties. What is a mom and dad […]

Erin Odom Author

Erin Odom, Author an interview with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #221 Today Felice Gerwitz interviews Erin Odom, author, and homeschool mom. She shares her family’s personal struggle.  Erin brings a unique message to bring hope to financially frustrated families in her new book. Erin Odom, author of Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the […]

Refreshment For Moms

Refreshment For Moms with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Refreshment for Moms? Is that possible? If you are you a mom-this show is for you! In this episode, Meredith and Felice discuss their take on refreshments for moms. Each shares several points on how to live a balanced life, to look at each crisis as […]

Authority, Discipline and Respect

Authority, Discipline, and Respect Podcast #219 Do you have authority to discipline your children and earn their respect? How can we successfully parent when our kids are not respectful and won’t follow our directions? That is a struggle many families confront no matter what time of the year. In this podcast episode, Felice Gerwitz tackles […]

Wellness Products 4 Life

Wellness Products 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and interview with special guest, Nate Kievman Episode #218 I dislike taking any medication. Until I was introduced to wellness products from 4 Life. I feel great, energetic, and my health has never been better. In this episode we discuss protein shakes that are great for before and […]

Feel Better 4 Life

Feel Better 4 Life with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Nate Kievman Podcast #217 Are you tired of feeling tired and sick? Do supplements work? It is time to feel better and I want to introduce you to 4 Life. It is hard to believe that about four years ago I was often so sick […]

Begin Your Homeschool With A Bang

Begin Your Homeschool Year with A Bang! with Felice Gerwitz Episode #216 It appears that as parents we have competition with the back to school crowd, you know your kids may have friends who are shopping for new clothes, back packs, lunch boxes and school supplies that their schools require. I know I’ve been asked […]

Essential Oils For Fitness

Essential Oils for Fitness with Felice Gerwitz Episode #215 Essential oils are important for fitness results. I am a perfect example, because of the increased benefits I’ve received. While exercise is a new addition on my to-do list, essential oils have enhanced my life and well-being for several years. It is amazing to think of […]

Best Homeschool Planning Tips

Best Homeschool Planning Tips Episode #214 The best homeschool planning tips are the ones we often forget. With this simple outline your year will begin with a great start! Often, what we do is we get laser focused on school and forget we have a life. We are so excited we have our books – […]

Best Last Minute Summer DIY Tips

The Absolute BEST Last Minute Summer DIY Tips with Felice Gerwitz What are the best last minute summer DIY Tips? In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice Gerwitz shares her passion for all things DIY and some quick gift ideas to make for the holidays that are just around the corner. Use recyclables you have […]

Exercise and Joy

Exercise and Joy with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #212 What does exercise have to do with joy? Being joyful is a result of exercise and can help our mood and stamina. In this episode, Felice explains her findings – what has worked for her and what she still struggles with in her exercise routine. Many of […]

Cure For Bragging Kids

Cure For BraggKids by Felice Gerwitz Podcast #211 Bragging. It is one of those things parents often find alarming. There is a cure for bragging kids, but the solutions are not always easy. Kids can say the darndest things and when they are little we may laugh and think it is cute. Fast forward a […]

Get Organized-Fast!

Get Organized–Fast by Dejunking Your Home with Felice Gerwitz I’m on a mission – to get organized fast and I did this by dejunking my home. Is your home neat, everything in its place? Well, congrats–but if you are like most of us, we can always use some helpful tips. Join me as I discuss how […]

Missing Key To Weight Loss

Missing Key To Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz Podcast # 209 Do you exercise and struggle with weight loss? Are you looking for the missing key? Have you wondered how some marathon runners are still packing on the extra pounds? Maybe this is you – you work out and try really hard to watch the […]

Playtime Develops Young Minds

Playtime Does playtime develop young minds? with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #208 Playtime allows children time to discover and explore. Sometimes we provide the latest and greatest toys or schedule every second of our kids lives with sports, camps, and lessons. Kids need time to think and to thrive on having time to figure things out […]

Best Summer Reading For Kids

Best Summer Reading For Children with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Podcast #207 Please visit our sponsors –   Meredith Curtis – Show Notes: Best Summer Reading For Children Visit Meredith’s extensive book list on her website – Podcasts about reading: Summer Reading List Best Way To Teach Reading Build Your Summer Reading List […]

DIY Crafts For Kids

 Do It Yourself Crafts With Kids  – Felice Gerwitz Are you a do-it-yourself type of person? Or are you looking for DIY crafts for kids? This podcast features some great ideas to get even those who dislike crafts into the swing of things! Felice loves doing crafts with kids and she shares some of her […]

Summer Activities For Kids

Summer Activities For Kids with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #206 Summer is here and these summer activities are for kids no matter what the time of the year – with these ideas and suggestions you can enjoy hours of fun, create memories and best of all learn. (What else would a homeschool mom say?) Enjoy! Show […]

Exercise Apps That Work

 Let’s Talk About Exercise Apps That Work – with Felice Gerwitz and Sue Gross Podcast 205 Do you use an exercise app? Do you want to know which exercise apps work? In this episode, we discuss exercise apps and exercise equipment that helps you stay on track with your health and keep off the weight. […]

Bored kids

Let’s Talk About Bored Kids with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #204 Are your kids bored? Do they say…Mom, I’m bored! The word “bored” is on my “banned word list,” and my kids know it. But, what about kids who need some direction? In this podcast, Felice tackles the question head on with ideas and solutions. Show […]

Weddings On The Cheap

Let’s Talk About Weddings On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Summertime Exercise & Weight Loss

Exercise and Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz It isn’t every day that I’m excited to report my exercise and weight loss progress but today I am so excited! I hit a personal goal and my personal best – in fact, it was exceeded! And now I’ll share some ways you too can focus on the […]

Family Celebrations

Family Celebrations on The Cheap  with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 201 It is time to have a family celebration! Whether it is Veterans’ Day – Memorial Day – or the 4th of July there is always time to enjoy parties with the family on the cheap! In this episode, I’ll discuss including academics, the history of […]

200th Episode – Best Kept Organization Secrets

Best Kept Organization Secrets with Felice Gerwitz Welcome to the 200th Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcast! Today I host several guests who will stop by to say, “hi” to all of you, my listeners and share some of their organization secrets with you! I can’t believe I began podcasting on Vintage Homeschool Moms, in October of […]

Curriculum On The Cheap

Let’s Talk About Curriculum Ideas On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Special Guest, Gina Glenn Podcast 199 Do you know the best place to buy curriculum on the cheap? In this podcast, Felice and Gina discuss the basic ideas behind curriculum and how to find wonderful ways to purchase great curriculum without breaking the […]

Best Things Meet Richele and Lindsey

Best Things Meet Richele and Lindsey with your host, Felice Gerwitz What are the best things in your life. In my travels, as a homeschool mom, and entrepreneur I’ve met some amazing friends–and here I will introduce you to two very special people. Both of these ladies are wives, mothers, homeschool moms, and work-at-home mothers. […]

Home School Tips from Jan Bedell

Let’s Meet Jan Bedell –  with Felice Gerwitz Are you ready to meet the “Brain Coach” – she is my special guest and ready to share some great homeschool tips with you. Dr. Jan is a mom who had a child with extreme difficulties and rather than listen to the experts, Jan decided to do […]

Graduation On The Cheap

Let’s Talk About Graduation On The Cheap with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Podcast 196 We have graduation on the cheap ideas – are you ready? Have you started your high school graduation party plans yet? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Inexpensive graduation ideas are our specialty. Meredith has graduated five children and Felice […]

Wow Science Experiments

Wow Science Experiments – with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #195 As an enthusiast of teaching the children a hands-on science approach, Felice will discuss “wow” science experiments to get your kids excited but more importantly, the goal which is encouraging children to love learning and explore science on their own. Over the years I have taught […]

Fun Activities Teach

Fun Activities Teach!  with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 194 Fun activities teach, right? Or do you believe that learning does not have to be fun to be effective? A little fun can often spark the creativity in your child and lead to learning that happens spontaneously. In this episode, Felice discusses some fun activities that teach […]

Appreciating Classical Music

Let’s Talk About Appreciating Classical Music with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #193 Is appreciating classical music a priority in your homeschool? Our family has enjoyed many wonderful unit studies surrounding this topic, the children learned how to identify the sounds of the instrument and many of the composers. This has not only expanded their minds but […]

Best Exercises

Let’s Talk About The Best Exercises For You and Exercises That Work with Felice Gerwitz What is the BEST Exercise for you? There are exercises that work and exercises that don’t – and in this podcast, Felice discusses the absolute best exercises when trying to maintain your weight loss as well as some great tips […]

The Real Kathy Lee – Momfessions

Let’s Meet The Real Kathy Lee Momfessions – with Felice Gerwitz and Kathy H. Lee Podcast 191 Meet the Real Kathy Lee “momfessions, and discuss her awesome podcast, when she joins Felice Gerwitz to discuss homeschool successes, do-overs and what she wish she had known when she started homeschooling! Kathy was involved in public education […]

Yearly Evaluations

Let’s Talk About Yearly Evaluations with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #190 Do you worry about yearly homeschool evaluations? Each year homeschoolers are required by law to provide evidence of an increase of knowledge. Depending on several factors including location (where you live) and legalities – your state’s policy or homeschool support or “umbrella school,” requirements your […]

Empower Kids To Learn

Let’s Talk About… Empower Your Kids To Learn with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Jodie Oare Podcast #189 Have you thought about ways to empower your kids to learn? Join us as I interview Jodie Oare, a successful volunteer, child advocate, and teacher. She wears many hats, mainly that of mom, girl scout leader, preschool […]

Music 101 In The Homeschool

Let’s Talk About … Music 101 In The Homeschool with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Is music 101 the focus in the homeschool? Do you use music in your homeschool? Do you realize the mathematical, emotional and focus as a musician? In this podcast, Felice and Meredith focus on several points to introduce you to […]

Diet 101 Eat Well Lose Weight

Let’s Talk About – Diet 101: Eat Well and Lose Weight with Felice Gerwitz Episode 187 Everyone needs to lose a few pounds from time to time but it is never fun. Or is it? How about eating well and still losing weight? Yes, it can be done. In this podcast, Felice shares her weight […]

When Words Are Not Enough

When Words Are Not Enough…with Felice Gerwitz Episode #186 Discussing non-verbal communication, especially when words are not enough! In this day and age we have graphics that can depict so much of what we feel, more so than we every could convey with words. In this podcast we’ll discuss what happens when words are not […]

Teaching Children To Speak Kindly

Teaching Children to Speak Kindly with Felice Gerwitz Episode #184 How difficult is it to teach your children to speak kindly? In this episode, Felice discusses struggles with her own children and ways she found to teach them to speak kindly and with love. Sponsor is Media Angels, Inc –visit for more information. Homeschooling […]

Say What You Mean With Love

Say What You Mean with Love with Felice Gerwitz Podcast # 184 It is easy to say what you mean, but not so much when you say what you mean with love. Your relationships and conversations are an important part of your family life, yet often it falls apart when other factors come into play. […]

New Trend To Unfriend

The New Trend Is To Unfriend with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Episode #183 Show Notes: New Trend To Unfriend: Have you noticed the epidemic of “unfriending” people on Facebook? I’ve talked to many friends who have decided it is easier to unfriend than to discuss differences with people who opposite in opinion. And while […]

Homeschool Help 101

Let’s Talk About Homeschool Help 101 with Felice Gerwitz Do you need homeschooling help? What about homeschooling help 101 – the nuts of bolts of what to do when you don’t know what to do? Some people decide to tackle homeschooling on a whim, or for others, it may take days of research, weeks or […]

Exercise Equals Weight Loss

Let’s Talk About Exercise Equals Weight Loss with Felice Gerwitz – Podcast #181 The question? Does exercise equal weight loss? Well, there is good news and there is bad news. Let’s start with the good. How good exercise if for you? Exercise has tremendous health both physical and mental health Benefits. Visit our special sponsor […]

Loving The UnLovable

Loving the Unlovable with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #180 From time to time we’ve all struggled with loving the unlovable. At times if we admit it, I’m sure we’ve been unlovable to someone else. In this podcast we discover ways to love when there is no reason to love and the best ways to serve others […]

Rekindle Your Romance

Let’s Talk ~ Rekindle Your Romance with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #179 Rekindle your romance no matter how long you’ve been married! Felice shares some tips for keeping the romance alive after thirty-seven years of marriage, five children and busy schedules. Taking time for each other and private jokes, remembering happy moments in the past is […]

Exercise Basics

Let’s Talk About Exercise Basics with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #178 Yes I still dislike exercising, and no–I still don’t have time to exercise, however, I’m sticking to this plan. Podcast, keep you up to date and encourage you to continue on with me! Show Notes: Exercise Basics Handouts from the Creation Anatomy Book:   Creation […]

Saving Your Heart For True Love

Let’s Talk About Saving Your Heart for True Love with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis  – podcast 177 What is true love? How can you teach your children the importance of saving your heart for true love? In this episode, Meredith and Felice each share three ways to equip your children with some great resources authored […]

Making Money From Home

Let’s Talk About Making Money At Home with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #176 Making money at home has never been easier…or harder. The options can be overwhelming. Do you know your passion? What is the right business for you? In this podcast, we discuss options and ideas for starting your own part-time job, from home. Visit […]

Gain More Time In Your Day

Let’s Talk… and Gain More Time In Your Day with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #175 We all struggle! In this podcast Felice will share how YOU can gain more time in your day with this one bit of advice that is sure to help. So if you are under a mountain of to-do’s that can’t get […]


Let’s Talk About Exercise – It is Not a 4 Letter Word! with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 174 – Vintage Homeschool Moms ShortCuts I never liked exercise and I don’t like it now… but I hope after I throw out this challenge, my dislike of exercise changes! In an effort to get healthy and avoid the […]

Elephant Learning Math Matters

Math Matters with Elephant Learning Early Learning Learning begins at an early age. We are bombarded with early learning programs for our children and as homeschool parents, we are rightly very wary of the predicted results. In college I majored in Education and “Early Childhood Education” was an extra certification to my degree. I loved […]

Math Equals Success – Elephant Learning

Let’s Talk About How Math Equals Success  – Felice Gerwitz interviews Dr. Aditya Nagrath Podcast # 173 As a long time homeschool mom, it takes a very special program to impress me – and this one impressed me enough to interview the CEO of Elephant Learning, Dr. Nagrath, who holds a PhD in Math and […]

More Love, Joy Peace and Exercise

Let’s Talk About: More Love, Joy, Peace and Exercise Let’s Talk! IT’s time to get down to basics – we all want more love, joy, and peace – but what about exercise. That is a hard one for me, exercise is the last thing on the list for me. I’m surrounded by family members that do […]

No Time For Mom

Let’s Talk About You! No Time For Mom with Felice Gerwitz We are busy. We homeschool, we run errands, manage a household, take care of kids and of course, that is only what we do by day! Our list can grow when we add volunteering, field trips, caring for elderly parents and more. In this […]

How Will Your Life Improve

How Will Your Life Improve with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis We can always learn and grow, right? Now it’s time to look at how you will improve your life this year. It’s a new year and now we look forward to a brand new to list – work, homeschool, and so much more! In this podcast […]

Holiday Let Down

Let’s Talk About Holiday Let Down with Felice Gerwitz The holidays are over and now what? After all the rushing before Christmas, and now it’s over — the day after and time to analyze what to do next. Is it time to return presents, write thank-you notes or just breathe a sigh of relief and […]

Depression During The Holiday

Depression During The Holiday with Felice Gerwitz #168 The holidays are not always full of fun and cheer – especially for those struggling with illness or loss of a loved one. The holidays can bring back memories that are difficult for families to face. In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice discusses ways to […]

Holiday Prayer Journal

Let’s Talk About Creating A Holiday Prayer Journal with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 167 During the holidays there is plenty of rushing around, so this mini-prayer journal is one you can take with you and keeps your prayer intentions and scriptures available at a glance. One sheet of paper folded in grids and stored in your […]

Gift’s You Can’t Unwrap

Gifts You Can’t Unwrap – Preparing Your Heart For Christmas with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Everyone loves gifts purchasing and opening them, but the most precious gifts are the ones you can’t unwrap. When I was presented with a wonderful gift from an unselfish friend, it recalled the thought that the gifts I cherish […]

Ready Set Go Holiday Rush

–> Ready, Set, Go! Holiday Rush with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 165 With the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers still in the frig, most of us have launched into the next adventure – preparation for Christmas! Now is the time to keep it simple and focus on getting our hearts ready for the celebration of the birth of […]

Hope and Thanksgiving

Let’s Talk About Hope and Thanksgiving with Felice Gerwitz Have you felt like things were hopeless? Is there a time when you felt like the Lord was asking you to thank Him and praise Him even when there was no hope? In this episode, Felice shares this time with you – and it took place some […]

Grace Filled Every Day

Let’s Talk About Having A Grace Filled Day Every Day – with Felice Gerwitz and Co-Host, Meredith Curtis Just in time for the holidays, it’s time to have a grace filled day, every day! How can you have a day that is focused and gives all glory to God when you are stressed, have a […]

Best Kept Holiday Prep Secrets

Let’s Talk About The Best Kept Holiday Prep Secrets with Felice Gerwitz The holidays are around the corner, and ready or not it is time to learn about the best kept holiday prep secrets. We are celebrating all the time – whether it is the biggies like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter – or the other […]

Why I Continue To Homeschool

Why I Continue to Homeschool Podcast #159 with Felice Gerwitz and Special Guests – Sue Meyer with the Homeopathy For Mommies Podcast and Kendra and Andy Fletcher with the HomeschoolingIRL podcast It has been many years. How many? Since the dinosaurs roamed the earth – I began homeschooling in 1986 and in this podcast I […]

Don’t Throw Your Vote Away

Don’t Throw Your Vote Away – With Felice Gerwitz and Heidi St. John, Special Guest Good men can no longer do nothing! Are you sick of this election cycle? Are you ready for it to be over? Are you sure that one candidate is going to win? Do you want to stay home or maybe […]

What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling

What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling What I wish I had known about homeschooling would fill a book! There are so many misconceptions I held and so many mistakes I made through the year – sometimes my bank account suffered, I spent so much money on the “right” curriculum or the “right” […]

Best Ways To Nurture Relationships With Your Child

Let’s Talk About Best Ways To Nurture Relationships With Your Child Podcast # 157 The experts are in the house! We will learn about the best ways to nurture relationships with your child! Special guests to help celebrate our podcast’s third birthday are here to discuss nurturing your relationship with your child. Whether you have one […]

Homeschool Hacks

Let’s Talk About Homeschool Hacks with Felice Gerwitz Podcast # 156 and Special Guests… Melanie Wilson from The Homeschool Sanity Show and Mary Beth Goff and Kimberly Travaglino with The Roadschool Moms podcast Do you need some shortcuts? Some things that really work in your homeschool? How about while on the road, or with many kids? In […]

5 Keys To Homeschool Success

Let’s Talk About the 5 Keys To Homeschool Success with Felice Gerwitz and special guests Dennis DiNoia, Vicki Tillman, Sabrina Justison, Kym Smythe, and Jan Bedell Podcast #155 Is there such a thing as homeschool success? What does it mean, what is the solution – are there only five keys? In this podcast celebrating the […]

Audio Adventures

Audio Adventures – An Interview with Bill Heid with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #153 Please note – the coupon code only works on the BUNDLE set – visit the link here to learn more. Use the code VINTAGE for an amazing discount on these audio adventures by Heirloom Audios visit   It isn’t every day […]

Sneak Peak! Birthday Celebration

Our Awesome Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network Third Birthday Celebration Every October our Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network has another birthday celebration – and this time we turn three! What does that mean? Lots of prizes and excitement as well as some super-fun-bundle gifts for you.   Visit our sponsors: – Visit the free online school here […]

Teaching Kids To Think

Teaching Kids To Think with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 152 Teaching Kids To Think and Make Good Decisions…  Teaching kids to think can be one of the easiest or hardest things you ever do, this topic is one I care passionately about. In this episode, I deal with laying a foundation and ways to encourage your […]

Combat Homeschool Chaos

Combat Homeschool Chaos with Felice Gerwitz Episode 151 How can you combat homeschool chaos when your life is so full and so busy? Is your homeschool out of control – did you have a really bad day and were ready to retreat? If you’ve homeschooled more than one day – you know what I’m talking about. In […]

Homeschool Answers

Let’s Talk – Homeschool Answers! with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Podcast #150 What are your most pressing questions about homeschooling? Do you need some homeschool answers? In this podcast veteran homeschool moms, Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis address your questions with some recommended books and wonderful resources you should not miss. If you are […]

Memorization Works

Let’s Talk About Why Memorization Works with Felice Gerwitz Podcast 149 Don’t tell me – you have some preconceived ideas of what this podcast is all about – truthfully, I hated the idea of memorization and never required my children to do any memorization. But, memorization works! The first two children did plenty of hands-on […]

Discipline Success

Let’s Talk About Discipline Success with Felice Gerwitz Do your children know what you expect? Do you have discipline success in your home? Do your children know how to answer and when to come? Having children who are obedient and follow your lead is very important, but following these seven simple steps can be very […]

7 Ways To Be In Control This Year

Let’s Talk About 7 Ways To Be In Control of Your Homeschool This Year Podcast #147 By Felice Gerwitz Okay – let’s face it, being in control means giving your control over to God. However, God gives us free will and the ability to make our own decisions – so let’s decide to have a […]

The Best Homeschool Year Ever

Let’s Talk About making this The Best Homeschool Year Ever! Lunch with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz Don’t forget to click the subscribe button and follow on iTunes or download your copy today!  Thanks to our sponsors for allowing us to bring you this show as well as others on this network to you, absolutely […]

Celebrating God’s Goodness

Let’s Talk About Celebrating God’s Goodness with Felice Gerwitz Episode 145 There are so many things happening in our lives that sometimes it is hard to stop and celebrate the things that really matter. In this episode of Celebrating God’s Goodness, Felice explores some things to remember and some things to ask – no matter […]


  Let’s Talk About Geocaching with Felice Gerwitz Have you ever wanted to learn more about geocaching? Maybe you’ve never heard about it? Geocaching has been around for about ten years and it is a way for people to use GPS technology to discover…”treasures” … however, I will caution you. Treasure is in the eyes […]

Weight Loss on Vacation

  Let’s Talk about Weight Loss On Vacation! with Felice Gerwitz Of all the things you could lose on vacation, weight may not be one of them … however, in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice shares some ways she has come back five and even ten pounds lighter. You won’t want to miss […]

Butterfly Watching With Kids

Let’s Talk About Butterfly Watching With Kids with Felice Gerwitz Did you know there is a day in June for butterfly watchers? Did you know that butterfly watching has grown popular with good reason? One is because you need very little to get started — just a pair of binoculars, a patience, and maybe a […]

Bird Watching With Kids

Let’s Talk About Bird Watching With Kids with Felice Gerwitz Bird Watching with Kids – Did you know that other than the amazing statistics that over 47 million people in the US that are bird watchers (Source: US Fish and Wildlife Service), you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy this pastime and hobby […]

Family Reunions On The Cheap

Let’s Talk About Family Reunions On The Cheap! Podcast 140 Are you planning a family reunion? How about your plans to attend one? How do you pull this off without spending a small fortune? In this podcast, Felice shares some tips on pulling off a party that your guests won’t soon forget as well as […]

Family Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank

Let’s Talk About Family Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank with Felice Gerwitz Podcast Episode 139 Have you considered taking a vacation that won’t break the bank? In this episode, Felice discusses ways her family has saved money on family trips, shorter than longer trips as well as setting up alerts for great last minute […]

Birthday Celebrations Never Too Old

Let’s Talk About Birthday Celebrations Never Too Old!  with Felice Gerwitz Podcast Episode 138 Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday or enjoying the day with friends and family you can make each day special no matter what your age! Who said birthdays end at age 18? You are never too old for birthday celebrations! In […]

Super Mom

Let’s Talk About Being A Super Mom with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis What is a super mom? And, are you one? Do you think being a super mom is the pressure to do everything well and all at once? Do you think that keeping the house clean, meals prepared (of course from scratch), and […]

Winning Science Fair Ideas

Let’s Talk About Winning Science Fair Ideas with Felice Gerwitz Episode #136 Where do you find a great science fair idea? Do not say the library or the internet! It is an amazingly easy place and it all begins with (hint-hint) your child! If you hit on this your child will have a blast and […]

Winning Science Fair Projects

Let’s Talk About Winning Science Fair Projects with Felice Gerwitz Episode #135 From the author of An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects, Felice Gerwitz shares her insider’s tips for winning science fair projects with all of you! , Felice Gerwitz shares her love of science fairs with you! As a past judge and mom of […]

Top 10 Reasons to Homeschool Middle to Highschool

Let’s Talk About the Top 10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Middle to Highschool Student with Felice Gerwitz So, you think middle schoolers are a handful or what about your highschooler? Are you ready to help them pack to leave home? If you are a homeschool family that isn’t often the case. Yes, homeschooling does not always […]

Top 10 Reasons To Homeschool K-6

Let’s Talk About The Top 10 Reasons to Homeschool with Felice Gerwitz – Podcast 133 When considering your homeschool vs. public/private school options it may seem like an overwhelming decision. Add to that the issues of a reluctant child or one that is more enthusiastic than you are – wouldn’t that be nice? In this […]

Celebrating Mom

Let’s Talk About Celebrating Mom  with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz – Podcast 132 Don’t forget to click the subscribe button and follow on iTunes or download your copy today!  Mom’s take heart! Today we are celebrating mom and what this means is a very special show that focuses on the blessings that come with being […]

Homeschooling High School 101

Let’s Talk About Homeschooling Highschool 101 with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz – Podcast 131 Don’t forget to click the subscribe button and follow on iTunes or download your copy today!  Please visit our show sponsors, these shows are brought to you free – and by visiting our show sponsors, we can continue to provide […]

Homeschooling Middle School

Thanks to our Our special sponsor Second Harvest Curriculum Homeschooling Middle School Podcast 130 with Felice Gerwitz So, how do you homeschool in the middle school years? It’s easy with some well laid plans! In this podcast Felice shares some mistakes she made and what she terms “a disservice” to her children. In order to avoid […]

Homeschooling 101 Elementary Years

Thanks to our Our special sponsor Second Harvest Curriculum Homeschooling 101 Elementry Years Podcast 129 with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis So, how do you homeschool in the elementary years? In this podcast, Homeschooling 101 Elementary Years, Felice and Meredith, two homeschool moms who have more than twenty years of experience share their advice with you. […]

Homeschooling 101 Pre-K to Kindergarten

Let’s Talk About Homeschooling 101 Pre-K to Kindergarten with Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz So, you are a homeschooler or you are thinking about homeschooling. Well, welcome to homeschooling 101 – today we are going to delve into the BEST advice for homeschoolers. Don’t get bogged down on the methods such as Charlotte Mason or […]

Discipline That Makes Sense And Works

Let’s Talk About Discipline That Makes Sense And Works with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #127 What do you do when discipline doesn’t work – or what about discipline methods that are unfair. What about just being your kid’s friend? Yes, there are all kinds of different types of advice about discipline but in this podcast Felice […]

Raising Moral Kids In An Immoral Society

Let’s Talk About Raising Moral Kids In An Immoral Society with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #126 Help! I want to raise moral kids, but this is such a hard time to do so, right? It depends. In every society, there was moral decay and while I will be the first to agree that the moral climate […]

Easter Faith Filled Family Activities

Let’s Talk About: Easter Faith-Filled Family Activities Podcast #125 with your host, Felice Gerwitz I like activities that teach and in this episode I will discuss some fun ways to teach deeper theological concepts to very small children, all while making memories that last a lifetime. Many links provided below from other blogs with printables! Visit […]

Easter Celebrations With Children

Let’s Talk about Easter Celebrations with Children – #124 with co-hosts, Felice Gerwitz & Meredith Curtis Easter can be all bunnies and eggs, but how can we share the real reason for Easter with our children? No matter what your kids ages they will enjoy these suggestions for making Easter memorable and fun. More podcasts […]

Loving The Difficult Child

Let’s Talk About Loving The Difficult Child with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #123 We have set ourselves up for failures as parents by expecting a life that only happens in fiction. In this podcast, Felice explores the difference bettween our ideal and real life. She offers practical advice for following God’s command to love, explaining the […]

Preventing Marriage Problems

Let’s Talk About: Preventing Marriage Problems – Podcast #122 Heading down the slippery slopes of marriage problems happens to many but only those who are proactive seem to escape the dire consequences that doing nothing entails! In this podcast, we discuss some preventative measures for keeping problems at bay and the everlasting happiness we all […]

Loving Your Spouse

Let’s Talk About: Loving Your Spouse – Podcast #121 How do you love your spouse when you don’t feel like it or you don’t want to? For some, it does not come easily. My husband once told me, very early on in our marriage that he could never make me happy, and that true happiness only […]

True Love and How To Find It

Let’s talk about: True Love And How To Find It – Podcast # 120 What is love? What is true love? With the hype over what real love is – many have made a fortune. We only have to look at the cable channels that focus on love stories, the novels which are a billion a […]

What Is God’s Love?

Let’s Talk – What is God’s Love? with Felice Gerwitz & Meredith Curtis Podcast # 119 There are so many definitions of love – but what is true love and what does love mean to you? In this podcast, Meredith and Felice explore what love means, especially as demonstrated to us in the Bible and […]

Finding God In The Little Things

A Few Minutes With God, Finding God In The Little Things with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #118 A project I’ve been working on for two years is finally done. And it all began with that simple question, “Mom, how do you hear God?” – in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice will discuss finding God […]

Help! I Want To Change My Curriculum

Let’s Talk About… “Help! I Want To Change My Curriculum” with Felice Gerwitz  – Podcast #117 Do you want a change? A change in curriculum? In this podcast, veteran homeschool mom, Felice Gerwitz gives you the tools you need to select the best curriculum you can for you and your family. Please visit our sponsor […]

Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method

Let’s Talk About… “Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method” with Felice Gerwitz  – Podcast #116 Are you unhappy with your homeschool methods? Do you want a change? A change in the way you teach your children?  In this podcast, veteran homeschool mom, Felice Gerwitz gives you the tools you need to understand the most […]

Changing The World Begins At Home

Let’s Talk About Changing The World! (Begins at Home) with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis!  Podcast #115 Show Notes for changing the world begins at home: Felice’s List Begin with Prayer – what does HE want you to do Change isn’t comfortable – takes time and requires prayer and patience. Change begins one person at […]

Goals and Solutions For A Really Happy New Year

Let’s Talk About Your Goals and Solutions For A Really Happy New Year with your host, Felice Gerwitz Podcast 114 Goals and Solutions For a Really Happy New Year – Show Notes: Your personal goals Family goals Household goals Goals for change Goals for growth Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

The Greatest Gift

Let’s Talk About The Greatest Gift Is You! Podcast 113 With your host, Felice Gerwitz The ultimate gift of all is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – but what is the greatest gift God has given us? It is life … in essence, you! Most of us don’t think we are a gift …let […]

The Greatest Gift A Family Activity

Let’s Talk About The Greatest Gift – A Family Activity with your show host, Felice Gerwitz Our focus should be on Christ, His birth, coming into the world to set us free … but then the decorations, the gifts and the parties and food seem to switch the focus. How do we get back to […]

Jesus is the Real Reason For the Season

Jesus is the Real Reason For The Season with Felice and Meredith They are back! Join Felice and Meredith for lunch – or breakfast, depending upon your time zone. In this episode, they tackle the reason for the Christmas season – and no, it’s not to spend a ton of money and be exhausted! Each […]

Stress-Free Holiday Short Cuts

Let’s Talk About Stress-Free Holiday Short Cuts with Felice Gerwitz Felice analyzes what causes her stress and then she devised a plan to short-cut those holiday preparations. So even if you are out of time or have plenty of time ahead of you, you can use these ideas and tips! Show Notes: Order or buy […]

Stress-Free Holidays With Children

Let’s Talk About Stress-Free Holidays with Children ~ Felice Gerwitz What do you do when you have a party planned that you are hosting or attending and you have children? Felice shares some tried and true ways to have fun during the holidays, at parties and with your kids. Show notes: Be prepared Help your […]

Stress Free Holiday Tips with Kendra and Fletch

Special Guests! Stress-Free Holiday Tips with Kendra & Fletch You are in for a treat! Special guests who are joining Felice are Kendra and Fletch – show hosts of the HomeschoolingIRL  On this episode we get real about the holidays, about that “crazy” Uncle Larry, getting the relatives out and into their cars without falling […]

Six Stress Busters For The Holidays

Let’s Talk About: Six Stress Busters for the Holidays with show hosts – Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Do you look at the holidays with dismay ~ or great expectations? In this episode, we hope to shed some light ways to bust the stress with these six stress buster ideas! Meredith’s Tips: Map out your […]

5 Things Every Mom Should Know To Be Stress Free!

***Please Subscribe To This Podcast! Click the subscribe button on iTunes or Google Play or even on this website. Let’s Talk About….5- Things Every Mom Should Know To Be Stress-Free Let’s face it, the holidays are right around the corner. We have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas all around the corner. Does your throat tighten […]

Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Let’s Talk About – Halloween… “Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween” with Felice Gerwitz Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. Celebrations from Easter to Thanksgiving to Christmas … and then there is Halloween. This podcast discusses some important points to consider. Show Notes: The deeper meaning Heart convictions Jesus focused? Or service focused? You can’t […]

Homeschooling With Proverbs

Let’s Talk About Homeschooling With Proverbs with Felice Gerwitz Have you considered studying the Book of Proverbs with your entire family as a year-long course? In this session Felice shares how she began to use Proverbs, read it and meditate on the meaning. She was able to translate this love of the words into a […]

What Do You Believe?

Let’s Talk About – What Do You Believe? with Felice Gerwitz In this podcast episode, Felice continues to explore faith, but this time on a personal level. Do you know what you believe and why? Would you die for your faith? Have you shared your faith with your children … and just as importantly do you […]

Killing Christians

Killing Christians – What Would You Do? with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis   Felice and Meredith tackle the hard topic of the recent killing of Christians here, in American and abroad. The targeting of a specific nationality or faith is nothing new – but each time it becomes more and more horrific. As we […]

Friends & Family Keeping the Peace

Let’s Talk about: Friends & Family Keeping the Peace – Podcast #101 with Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Dr. Sue Ellen Nolan Felice is joined by long time friend and past homeschool mom, Sue Ellen Nolan, EeD – Sue Ellen shares great information about communicating with friends, with extended family and even with your spouse. […]

Communicating Love And Kindness To Your Kids

Let’s Discuss Communicating Love and Kindness To Your Kids Yes – there is hope! With a combination of communicating with your children and discipline because the two to hand-in-hand. Disciplining our children because we LOVE them – is vital, and especially IF you want your children to grow up to become responsible adults. Show Notes: Realize […]

Marriage Fighting Fair

Marriage Fighting Fair with Felice Gerwitz Show Notes How can polar opposites still be married after 36 years of marriage? A snapshot of my marriage. He likes the outdoors – I like to view the outdoors while comfortably sitting indoors I like to read – he likes cliff notes or to tell him what the […]

Save Our Families

 Let’s Talk About How We Can … Save Our Families with Effective Communication! Podcast #98 Join Felice and Meredith as they discuss ways to save our families by communicating well, with your spouse, your children, friends and even online. Are you having difficulty in this area? We are here to help you. In this episode, […]

Household, Meals, Shopping and Bill Lists

Let’s Talk About Household, Meals, Shopping and Bill Lists with Felice Gerwitz Organization is pivotal to a well-rounded home, and planning is important – however, without a to-do list, most are often lost! In this episode, Felice breaks done shopping and bill paying in zones – household, meals, shopping and bill paying. When to do this […]

Back To Homeschool Lists

 Let’s Talk About: Back to Homeschool Lists with Felice Gerwitz  Can you successfully homeschool easier with back to homeschool lists? Of course you can! Listen as Felice shares her aversion with lists, her New Year’s Resolution to make lists and USE them, and how it has helped her formulate a plan for going back to school with […]

Organize Your Life – 2

Let’s Talk About Organizing Your Life – Continued in Part Two with Felice Gerwitz Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Organize Your Life

Let’s Talk About Organizing Your Life! Podcast 94 Here we go – let’s tackle the tough topics! What is your family scripture verse? Do you have a life goal? A plan? “A life without a plan is one that is navigated poorly!” ~ Felice Gerwitz Show Notes: Begin with a good calendar Three Focus Topics – […]

Organize Your Home and Homeschool Year

About….Organize Your Home Before School Begins Episode 93 Grab your lunch and listen to Meredith and Felice as they discuss getting your home and homeschool year organized before school begins. What you do by way of preparing will go a long way in helping you when the school year begins. Do you know where everything […]

My Kid Wants to Play College Sports

Let’s Talk About….Sports! My Kid Wants to Play College Sports! So, your kid wants to play college sports – wow, now what? Did you know there are great opportunities out there to be recognized? I didn’t and so I went about it the hard way. I learned that the people who I thought would be the most […]

Help My Kid Wants To Play Sports!

Let’s Talk About….Playing Sports… Help My Kid Wants to Play Sports So, your kid wants to play sports — no problem right? You sign them up at the local Little League field and they play. End of story. Well… that is just the beginning of the story. I went from a reluctant sports mom to […]

Thrive, Don’t Just Survive!

Are you like most of us, on survival mode? In this audio recorded live at the Finish Well Conference, in Sanford, Florida, Felice Gerwitz delivers an inspirational audio to encourage families to be who God designed them to be. Extras and handouts here Thrive, Don’t Just Survive! Things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes life […]

What Is A Normal Family?

Let’s Talk About….What is a normal family! Is your family normal in an abnormal world? Join Meredith and Felice as they share the NEW normal is not the OLD normal. Do you desire having a happy, healthy family relationship? We hope using some of these suggestions and tips will help – as well as listening […]

Writing Great Fiction

This week – with Felice Gerwitz  Let’s Talk About Writing Great Fiction! Recorded. Join me as I share a presentation at a homeschool conference – in real life! This seminar is about writing great fiction. Do you know the difference between a good fiction and a GREAT fiction? Do you know the elements necessary to hold a story […]

Mini-Vacations & Day Trips

 Mini-Vacations and Day Trips What is the most fun you can have in a summer? Anything that makes a memory! Family vacations, short day-trips and other activities that cost little or no money are the most fun when we are with our families and those we love.   Show Notes – Mini Vacations and Day Trips […]

Fun Summer Projects

Let’s Talk About FUN Summer Learning! I know, I know, summer is here and the kids need down time to relax and have fun. I agree, giving kids time to explore their loves and interests is very important to me … and to them, but for how long? Summers sometimes drag on after the initial […]

Must Read Books – Episode 85

All Time Favorite Must Read Books – with Meredith & Felice  Let’s Talk About Must Read Books! Here they are some wonderful book suggestions from Meredith Curtis & Felice Gerwitz – today they share their favorite books with you and explain why these books hold a special place in their hearts! What makes a must read […]

Summer Reading List – Episode 84

Let’s Talk About Summer Reading Lists Most schools public and private assign reading lists for upper elementary OR middle-high school years — but we, as homeschoolers were never known to be the norm. Right? Right! We beat to a different drummer and in this broadcast Felice shares her love of books, when that came about and […]

Best Family Memories – Episode 83

Let’s Talk About Creating the Best Family Memories One of my uncles has 14 siblings and whenever he showed me photos, aging and in black-and-white from the “old country” Italy, I always strained to find him mother in the group. She looked young, happy and so engaged! He always said, they were poor but they had […]

Best Graduation Gifts – Episode 82

Let’s Talk About The Best Graduation Gifts that Teens Really Want! With five children and a group of friends with many children I’ve participated in my fair share of graduation celebrations in recent years. However, it was after really thinking about my own graduation and those of my children that I realized what children really desire […]

Living Books Library – Episode 81

Let’s Talk About Living Books Library Are you interested in collecting living books? Have you wondered how to set up a living books library in your area, or where you can find the nearest one? Michelle Miller is today’s special guest and she shares her years of experience with you. Michelle is a “pioneer” in […]

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Began Homeschooling – Episode 80

Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz have years of homeschool experience and in this podcast they share some of the things they wish someone had told them when they started their homeschool journey. Today’s Topic: What I Wish I Had Known Before I Began Homeschooling Listen in as they share some much needed information. Meredith Curtis co-hosts the […]

Homeschooling After Public School – Episode 79

Let’s Talk About – Homeschooling After Public School Transitioning to Homeschool  Show Notes: 1. A little about yourself and why (briefly) you decided to bring your child home for school. 2. Biggest obstacle that you overcame. 3. Getting kids to quit comparing you to their teacher – how do you deal with this? 4. Family […]

Stop Bullying – Episode 78

Let’s Talk About Bullying. Stop Bullying! Yes – I know what you think, “Bullying NEVER happens to homeschoolers”. Think again. Bullying happens everywhere, at home, in groups and eventually in the workplace — and the cycle repeats. It can happen to kids and to adults. It can even happen to those you love and want […]

Living Books – Episode 77

Let’s Talk About Living Books with Michelle Miller of Truth Quest History What are living books? Do you use them in your curriculum? Michelle Miller has an amazing story, not only is she a homeschool mom but she is the author of the Truth Quest History Curriculum. She collects books, and has an extensive knowledge […]

Help! Will Homeschooling Ruin My Children? Episode 76

Will Homeschooling Ruin My Children? At a homeschool conference long ago one mom shared with me that she was concerned that she could ruin her children. What did she mean? Was it due to academics, socialization, or was she just an insecure person? I have my thoughts, which I will share with you in this […]

Episode 75- Ideas to Organize Your Homeschool

  Let’s Talk about Great Ideas to Organize Your HomeSchool with your host Felice Gerwitz and Christina (Gerwitz) Moss So, true confessions time – I am not organized. There. I said it! My excuse? I’m an idea person – I’m in the midst of one project after another.  What to do? Pull in the troops – […]

74- Encouraging Your Child’s Great Idea

Let’s Talk about Encouraging Your Child with Felice Gerwitz Encouraging Your Child – it begins with positive words and a surprise element … Let me ask, does your child become excited when talking about an invention or figuring out how to repair a tool for the first time? What about the child who wants to take everything […]

73 – Five Great Homeschooling Ideas

Let’s Talk about Five Great Homeschooling Ideas! with your host Felice Gerwitz After homeschooling for many years there are some things that work great – and others, well…not so great. I know that many of you have great ideas as well! Hope you will share it with all of us as well! These are five great homeschool […]

Episode 72- Great Homeschooling Ideas

Let’s Talk about GREAT Homeschooling Ideas with your host Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis! Secrets – Secrets – Secrets – How do these homeschool moms who have homeschooled for YEARS do it? Let Felice and Meredith share some of their GREAT homeschooling ideas with all of you – you’ll be happy to hear we’ve all made mistakes, […]

Developing Great Ideas

Let’s Talk about – Developing Great Ideas! with your host Felice Gerwitz  So, you have an idea and you wonder how to go about taking it from inception to creation … join Felice Gerwitz (serial entrepreneur) as she shares some successes as well as failures – in addition she shares her insights, tips and the nine steps she […]

A Baptism, A Wedding and A Funeral

A Baptism, A Wedding and a Funeral Let’s Talk about Life: The UPs and The Downs with your host Felice Gerwitz  In the past months I’ve run the gamut of life by attending a baptisma, a wedding and a funeral. While I’m sure the Lord has a plan for each of us, and no one knows […]

Pros and Cons of College for Homeschoolers

What are the Pros and Cons of College for Homeschoolers? As a homeschool parent with a college degree, I worried about being unbiased about the pros and cons of college for homeschoolers – as my children excelled in the home environment. Did they really need to go to college? I thought they did. Out of […]

Moms Who Work AT Home

Let’s Talk about Work at Home – Homeschool Moms with your host Felice Gerwitz  Are you considering the idea of become a work at home mom? Or are you currently a work at home mom? (WAHM)? In this broadcast you will learn ways to make the transition easier and Felice shares the things she wishes she had […]

True Love

  What is true love? Is it racey like in the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”? The prince on the stead or is it more like the love of two elderly grey-haired people walking hand-in-hand? Whatever you think true love is, I invite you to tune in to today’s episode of Vintage Homeschool Mom’s, Lunch […]

Yearly Homeschool Evaluations – Middle of the Year Check Up

Let’s Talk About Your Yearly Homeschool Evaluation with A Middle of the Year Check-Up We go to the doctor’s office for yearly evaluation, but never consider looking at your yearly homeschool evaluations at the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now! One year I was so upset that my […]

Getting Published – Publishing 101 What You Need to Know

Let’s Talk about Getting Published – Publishing 101 – What You Need To Know with your host Felice Gerwitz Today we discuss the next step after you write a manuscript. Publishing 101 – what you need to get started. How do you get a book in print? When is it ready? How do you sell it? These […]

The Sociable Homeschooler – Vivienne McNeny

Ready? Meet The Sociable Homeschooler – Vivienne McNeny Have you ever wondered how people just like you manage to homeschool their children and apparently love every moment of it?  Are you ready to give up the formative years of your children’s lives to a stranger?  Do you think homeschoolers are weird?  Does the word, homeschool, […]

Help! I Want To Change My Homeschool Teaching Method

Let’s Talk — Help! I Want To Change My Homeschool Teaching Method Podcast 116 with Felice Gerwitz Changing how you homeschool is never easy. The question to ask is, “Are you happy with status quo or do you like to change, improve and grow in your skills as a homeschool mom?” In this episode, Felice […]

Small Changes to Create an Everlasting Impact on Your Family

Let’s Talk about Getting a Head Start on the New Year  – Small Changes that Impact Your Family in an Everlasting and positive way! with your host Felice Gerwitz and co-host, Meredith Curits Did you know that New Year’s resolutions typically last three whole days! Why is that? What can you do to make those changes […]

The Greatest Gift

Have you wondered about the greatest gift? How about the gift of self?  Felice Gerwitz shares the real meaning of giving and that is the gift of giving or yourself – with the use of the acronym  S.E.L.F. she explains how she has found joy in the service to others. Many people think the greatest gift is […]

Tricia Goyer – Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s Night Out with Special Guest, Tricia Goyer. Felice Gerwitz is your host as she interviews Tricia Goyer, a mom of six, married for 25 years and an author of the novelization of the movie “Mom’s Night Out.” Tricia shares how she juggles a busy schedule as well as how she prays before big projects. […]

Parties with Kids

Tips To Enjoy the Holiday No Matter Your Child’s Age Planning or attending parties can be difficult enough, however planning parties for kids — little kids, can be unnerving for some. Well, not for Felice who has had over thirty-five years of hosting parties with little ones underfoot! Her inspiration was her mother, who always […]

Gift Giving That Won’t Break the Bank

Let’s Talk About Holiday Planning: Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank with your host Felice Gerwitz & Meredith Curtis With a large immediate family and huge, beyond huge extended family buying for the holidays can easily cause extreme debt! What to do? Join Felice and Meredith as they share some of their best ever gift ideas […]

Holiday Planning: Decorating

Let’s Talk About : Holiday Planning and Decorating Ideas & Crafts with your host Felice Gerwitz I love to decorate for the holidays. During the fall I have fall leaves up in decorations on the mantle, with tiny white lights and in many small wall hangings (even in the bathrooms!). I love to celebrate the leaves changing […]

Holiday Planning and Baking Ahead

Let’s Talk About Holiday Planning: Bake Ahead! with your host Felice Gerwitz Let’s get going and plan ahead with baking. So, what is your menu? When will you begin? Will you prepare side dishes ahead? Listen to this audio as Felice shares her baking tips with you! Felice typically hosts between 15-35+ people for the holidays […]

VHM – Holiday Planning: Homeschooling

Let’s Talk About Holiday Planning: Homeschooling November 10th at Noon – Recorded with your host Felice Gerwitz Once the calendar turns to November and you see houses with Christmas lights and stores with decorations as well it is hard to focus on the task at hand – namely school. And never mind the schedule – it […]

Fun Holiday Tips

Let’s Talk About The Holidays – Fun Holiday Tips!  with your host Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis So, before you blinked it is November with Thanksgiving around the corner, and with the holidays comes family, friends and fun. Join your hosts Meredith and Felice – to get a head start on holiday planning as well as some […]

Best Marriage Tips

Let’s Talk About Marriage – Best Marriage Tips!   with your host Felice Gerwitz Oh, great! Another know-it-all podcaster trying to tell you how to make your marriage work! Well, I have 35 years under my belt – I’m no expert, but I’m a hard-headed, first generation Italian, New Yorker, married to a German-Irish-American! It […]

The Holidays Are Coming. 5-Tips to Keep You Sane

Let’s Talk About the Holidays … Don’t Freak Out!  with your host Felice Gerwitz Did you know that I planned my daughter’s wedding (Engaged in March married in August of the same year), while homeschool three children, managing my publishing company, helping my husband with his construction company and starting a brand new business for him […]

Unlock the Einstein in Your Child

Let’s Talk About : Unlocking the Einstein in Your Child with your host Felice Gerwitz So your kid struggles with academics? Join the club – I’ve had kids at every end of the learning curve spectrum and have found a great way to improve upon cognitive skills and it’s as easy as playing a game! […]

Time Expanders for Busy Homeschool Moms

Let’s Talk About Time! Increasing Your Time Daily with your host Felice Gerwitz & Meredith Curtis So, how do you DO IT ALL? This question is asked to both Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz at least once weekly … both are incredibly busy people and surprisingly, happy! How do they deal with large families, a […]

Vintage HS Moms – Time Boosters

Let’s Talk About Time! Time Boosters to Increase Your Time Daily with Felice Gerwitz with your host Felice Gerwitz Everyone lives under the impression that there is not enough time to complete all the things you want to do each day, and I know, because I’ve lived with this concept for years. However, with the time […]

Vintage HS Moms – Homeschool Teaching Checklist

Let’s Talk About Your Teaching Checklist! with your host Felice Gerwitz It’s time to get personal. How are you doing. But, you may be saying, “Hold on! We just started school.” And, that’s why this podcast is soooooo important. Before the year gets away from you and you waste an entire years, let’s look at […]

Vintage HS Moms: Time + Child = Passion

Let’s Talk About Giving Your Kids Time to Discover Their Passion! with your host Felice Gerwitz Podcast #48 Years ago I discovered an amazing thing – if you give your kids time, they will either A: get in trouble B: create trouble for others or C: discover their passion. In this audio I explain ways to […]

Vintage HS Moms – Teaching History

TeachingHistory-VintageHomeschoolMoms Let’s Talk About Teaching History with your co-hosts, Felice Gerwitz & Meredith Curtis History is about a bunch dead people and stuff that happened long ago or so I thought when I was a kid. As a homeschool parent I found that history is actually “HIS” story and when it is revealed we find […]

Vintage HS Moms – Dual Enrollment

Let’s Talk About Dual Enrollment for Homeschoolers  with special guest Marie-Claire Moreau & your host, Felice Gerwitz What is dual enrollment? Is it something that can benefit our family? Join Felice and her special guest, Marie-Claire to learn more! About our guest: Marie-Claire Moreau is a long-time homeschooler and recognized advisor, coach, and mentor to homeschooling families across the […]

Vintage HS Moms – Attitude

Let’s Talk About Attitude – Yours? Theirs? Ours? with your host, Felice Gerwitz Have you dealt with bad attitudes? Have you wondered HOW you are ever going to continue homeschooling because the kids argue constantly, don’t want to do their school work, lose books and worse! And then there is your husband — he has an […]

Vintage HS Moms – Start the Year Right – Keys to Homeschool Success

Let’s Talk About Starting the Year Right! – Keys to Success. Lunch with Meredith & Felice Meredith and Felice have many homeschool years of experience between them, but with different personalities and styles it is interesting to see how they begin school with their children each year. Meredith and Felice each share three points with […]

Vintage HS Moms – Cleaning with Kids

  Cleaning with Kids!  with host Felice Gerwitz  This is the time to BEGIN cleaning with  your kids if you don’t already! Felice shares her story … self-taught to cleaning lady, to back at it again! It is always and adventure and while the “saying” Cleanliness is next to godliness is a myth (it is […]

Vintage HS Moms – WAHM with Leah Nieman

Let’s Talk About Working from Home Trial, Triumphs & Truth with Leah Nieman and Felice Gerwitz, you host! Leah began a idea with a friend, around 2005 and never guessed her group would grow from 12 to 250 to over 200,000 today! Currclick is known throughout the homeschool world as a place to purchase eBooks from curriculum providers […]

Vintage HS Moms – Creation Camp

  Create a Creation Camp at Home!  with host Felice Gerwitz  Special OFFER – Creation Camp Download on Sale – ONE week only Summer is here and now is the time to create your own, personal, in-house Creation Camp … and better yet, invite over a few of your kids friends! Creation is the study […]

Vintage HS Moms – De-Junking & Homeschool Organization

Let’s Talk About DeJunking & Organizing for the New School Year with Felice Gerwitz & Meredith Curtis  You will so love this! Felice and Meredith share years of experience in homeschooling and now, they discuss great tips for getting your life organized and not losing those precious treasures or important documents. Don’t miss this session […]

Vintage HS Moms – Games That Teach Part Two

Let’s Talk About Games that Teach – Part 2 with Felice Gerwitz & Tara Jenner Stretch those brain cells and those of your kids with these fun board games! Felice Gerwitz hosts Tara Jenner , for this part two session, who is a cognitive trainer and has great ideas for using fun activities to train […]

Vintage HS Moms – Games That Teach Part One

Let’s Talk About Games that Teach with Felice Gerwitz & Tara Jenner This is part one of a two part series… Felice Gerwitz hosts Tara Jenner who is a cognitive trainer and has great ideas for using fun activities to train the brain to its highest potiential and this helps with remediation as well! Take […]

Vintage HS Moms – The Brainy Bunch

 The Brainy Bunch – Co-Author  with special guest Mona Lisa Harding & host Felice Gerwitz Join us right here for this special session So, you homeschool – or maybe you are interested in homechooling however are concerned about how to school multi-aged, encouraging your children to succeed, curriculum choices and, well… worry no longer! With […]

Vintage HS Moms – Help! My Child Wants to Write

Kids & Writing with Felice Gerwitz It happened when she was 12. After setting the example and becoming a published author, my daughter said, “Mom — I want to write and get published, too!” Okay! Right…I’ll get right on that. Well, as it turned out I did – and Christina and I published a series […]

Lunch w/Meredith & Felice – Growing Up & Moving On!

  Let’s Talk About Keeping Your Kids Christian! Lunch with Meredith and Felice Let’s Talk Kids Growing UP and Moving On Meredith and Felice have homeschooled in the double-digits in terms of years – and they have the experience to share what works and what does not! We love to know about curriculum, and organization […]

Vintage Moms – Teaching Art

Let’s Talk About Teaching Art   Felice Gerwitz & Sharon Jeffus   Listen Now!    Would you like some quick tips on teaching art with techiniques from a Master Artist, Sharon Jeffus? Felice and Sharon have been long-time friends. They met when Felice asked her husband to do the art work on a book she […]

Vintage HS Moms – Homeschool Foundation

Let’s Talk About Becoming an Ambassador Special Guest – Ricci Black As an Ambassador Felice has a special place in her heart for the amazing work the foundation does to help homeschool families. Are you in need or want to pay it forward. Listen in. How great is it to have an organization that helps […]

Vintage HS Moms – Becoming An Author

Let’s Talk About Becoming a Published Author with Felice Gerwitz  Writing for pleasure or for profit? Okay, so it was my dream to become an author for ten years before I published my first book. And then it was not the fiction bestseller I dreamed about but a non-fiction-how-to for homeschoolers. How did that happen? […]

Vintage HS Moms – Help! I’m Going to a Convention

Let’s Talk About Homeschooling Conferences with Felice Gerwitz & Medith Curtis  Conference Help for the Overwhelmed … Whether you are new to homeschooling, are a veteran homeschooler or are thinking about maybe homeschooling some day this session will help you with the undaunting task of going to a homeschool conference and not being overwhelmed! Meredith […]

Vintage HS Moms – End of the Homeschool Journey

Let’s Talk About Homeschooling Highschool with special guest Sherri Seligson  Oh, you are in for a great show! My friend Sherri is an author, a science geek, and just one of the nicest people I know! I enjoyed having lunch with her at the Teach them Diligently Marketplace convention in Ft. Myers last August and […]

Vintage HS Moms – Putting Liberty First – KrisAnne Hall

Let’s Talk About Liberty & Homeschooling Listen Now!  Liberty First with special guest KrisAnne Hall So you believe in the liberty of the US – right? KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. KrisAnne will connect the dots for […]

Vintage HS Moms – When Mom Suffers

Let’s Talk About Parent-Child Relationships Listen Now!  Let’s Talk About Suffering Moms Everyone goes through a hard time and when it hits are your prepared? There is only so much you can do when you are under stress, whether it is financial, emotional or physical and then there is homeschooling! What do you do? Join […]

Lunch with Meredith & Felice – Curriculum Help

Let’s Talk About Keeping Your Kids Christian! Lunch with Meredith and Felice Let’s Talk About Selecting Curriculum! Meredith and Felice have homeschooled in the double-digits in terms of years – and they have the experience to share what works and what does not! Want to teach in a way that stirs your children’s imagination or […]

Vintage HS Moms – Parent Child Bond

Let’s Talk About Parent-Child Relationships Listen Now!  So, Felice wears many hats around here – she is a podcast host, she is a podcast moderator, she interviews brands on her show here … and she is an author/publisher. And, this book was one of those aha moments in her life! You see Felice was teaching […]

Teaching Science Outside of the Box Hints & Tips

Let’s Talk About Teaching Science Outside of the Box! Listen Here! Felice Gerwitz shunned the subject of science as a child – ewww… as an educator, and as a homeschool parent until her children’s love of all things that creep, crawled or slithered had her pushing up her sleeves and delving in… well, almost! From […]

Vintage HS Moms – Auditory Processing

Let’s Talk About Auditory Processing with Tara Jenner! Tara is a homeschool mom who is an amazing resource for cognitive training! She is the owner of The Brain Trainers & her brand new site Brain Trainers Connection Tara recommends theraphy that works and she has used! Tweet: Learning struggles? #special needs Listen to this […]

Vintage HS Moms – Copyright-Attorney-Mom

Let’s Talk About Homeschool Copyright with Attorney Susan L. Spann! Susan is a homeschool mom (graduate), an attorney, and a lady I call friend! She is my go-to person for any business question I have on copyright or trademark. Today she will discuss several things: 1. Being a homeschool mom and having a career as […]

10 Things Your Child Must Know About the Origins Debate

Equip your kids to defend their Creation Position! 10 Must Know Points. #CreationScience #HSRadioNetwork (Tweet This! or share with your friends!!) Did you miss the live show? Listen to this audio to learn how to retrieve the free eBook “10 Things Your Kids Must Know About Origins Debate.” Click the play button below! And – […]

Vintage HS Moms – Keeping Kids Christian

Let’s Talk About Keeping Your Kids Christian! Lunch with Meredith and Felice You raise your kids and pray for the best that when they grow up and leave your home they will love and serve the Lord, right? Wrong. Join Felice and Meredith as they discuss key points to keeping kids Christian – real life […]

When Life Crashes In

 Let’s face it – none of us live perfect lives – at least Meredith Curtis and I (Felice Gerwitz) will admit we don’t! So what do you do when Life Crashes IN? How do you handle stress and what is the first thing you should do? Listen to this broadcast from two women who have […]

Friendships, Growth, Challenge, & Accountability

  Friendships, Growth, Challenge, & Accountability Felice Gerwitz shares her girlfriends! Maggie Hogan, Kim Kautzer, and Mary Jo Tate share a behind-the-scenes look at life, work, and homeschooling. Three years together in a mastermind group have taught them the value of friendship and accountability. They make a point of meeting annually to share the ups […]

Vintage HS Moms – Electives

Vintage Homeschool Moms Radio Show with Felice Gerwitz High school parents and teens are focused upon what credits are necessary for graduation, but what about the most important key to homeschooling through highschool? Learn ways Felice encouraged her teens to seek what the Lord has called them to do, try different apprenticeships as well as […]

Tried & True Science Labs

Science Labs on a Shoestring Budget Author and publisher, Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels, Inc. discusses the ways to incorporate science labs within the home – this presentation is taken from her book, Teaching Science and Having Fun. Felice offers a $10 off discount on the book – only $2.95 with the coupon code. Listen […]

Vintage HS Moms – New Year New Focus

Meredith Curtis & Felice Gerwitz Join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz monthly for Lunch with Meredith and Felice the first Monday of each month. This month Meredith and Felice cover three important goals each have set for their well-being. If you are a Christian wife, mother and a homeschooler you will benefit from this session. […]

TRUE Love of Christ for Mom

   Felice Gerwitz Shares a story she wrote especially for you, the busy and weary mom. Felice writes a tale of a woman you can probably identify with at some point of your journey as a wife and mother. She writes about the transformation that takes place when this woman places herself totally into the […]

Hassle Free Holiday Strategy

  Marnie Swedberg & Felice Gerwitz Marnie is the queen of getting things done in small spaces of time! This is one lady that is a dear friend and I can NOT wait until you meet her. Marnie was a homeschool mom and her kids are grown up! She is a Christian keynote speaker anywhere […]

Jesus IS the Reason for the Season

Meredith Curtis & Felice Gerwitz Keeping Christ the center and focus of a holiday celebration can be very difficult in this commercial and media saturated society. However, Meredith and Felice share ways they celebrate Christmas keeping Christ in the center. Lots of great ideas and ways to keep your family joyous without breaking the bank! […]

Christ Centered – with Judy Dudich

Special guest, Judy Dudich How do you hear the gentle still voice of the Lord? What if you have a thriving online blog and a much sought after book, do you close it down if you hear the Lord calling you home? Listen to this session (guilt free for SAHM or WAHM) as Judy Dudich […]

Holidays + Stress-free = Possible

Short Cuts – Hints & Holiday Tips by Felice Gerwitz How does Felice Gerwitz tirelessly entertain 20+ guests of all ages, use real dishes, cloth tablecloths & napkins with home-made napkin rings, and still remain sane after the last guests have left? With some careful planning, cooking ahead and getting some amazing deals and after […]

Tips for Reluctant Writers | WriteShop

Are you ready for REAL help to motivate your reluctant writer and fabulous tips from author and publisher, Kim Kautzer with Kim shares her five tips of why students are reluctant to write as well as real help to overcome those obstacles. This was a conversation I enjoyed having and know you’ll enjoy listening […]

Guarantee to Being Thanksful – It is Possible

Vintage Homeschool Moms Radio Show Lunch with Meredith & Felice! Okay so the holidays are coming our way with Thanksgiving around the corner and with a flip of the calendar Christmas quickly following. Are you ready? Is your home and more importantly your heart ready … and how do you homeschool during the bustle of […]

Dr. Daisy Sutherland – Dr. Mommy

Vintage Homeschool Moms Radio Show with Special Guest – Daisy Sutherland Balance without Chaos!   Can balance be truly achieved? Dr. Mommy says it can be “Balance for each individual has a different meaning” … can you find yours? Join us for this episode and learn some useful tips – how to deal with OCD […]

Curriculum & Learning Styles – Cathy Duffy

Listen as your host, Felice Gerwitz interviews her special guest, Cathy Duffy. They discuss everything for why Cathy began homeschooling her three boys, now adults, to the difference between learning styles and modalities. Cathy tackles the hard questions in regard to Common Core standards and how homeschoolers perceive this pointing out a very interesting fact […]

Conflict & Grace

Felice Gerwitz discusses ways to identify and minimize conflict in our lives, especially as homeschoolers, with help for guarding the way we react and the key to resolving problems especially among children. This episode includes a two page printable. Handout HERE Join Felice weekly at noon eastern time on the “Listen Live” page. Play […]

Vintage HS Moms – Joyful Homeschooling

Meredith & Felice share tips for joyful homeschooling. Pointers are given to help you instill joy in your school day. Tough topics such as special needs, chronic illness and kids who are unhappy no matter what mom does. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Homeschool LifeStyle

What does homeschooling mean to you? I’m not talking about method or curriculum. I’m talking about the deeper meaning, the reason you get out of bed in the morning and instead of packing the kids off to a traditional school, gather them around the table for breakfast. Join your speaker, Felice Gerwitz, a homeschool mom […]

Vintage Homeschool Moms Introduction

What is the Vintage Homeschool Show about? Join your host, Felice Gerwitz as she shares details about upcoming episodes. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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