Why We Go Through The Hard Times

Prayers from the bathroom floor: Why We Go Through the Hard Times | Btoken to Blessings Podcast

Many nights I can remember sitting on the floor in my bathroom {with the exhaust on so my boys couldn’t hear me) crying my eyes out. Life was more than I thought I could handle: single parenting, homeschooling, having a special needs child, etc. For years I wondered “Why me?” One day when my oldest son found himself locked in a park bathroom I got an answer. If you are going through a hard time and wonder why or what good can come of it take a 15 minutes to listen to what I learned about my prayers from the bathroom floor.


  1. Dear LaToya,
    Just listened to your podcast. We met several months ago on linked in. I appreciate your words and God’s grace in your life. May He continue to bless you as you raise your sons for Him. So glad you received the positive affirmation of God’s work in your son–his confidence in calling on God to answer his prayer. What a blessing. : )

    In Christ,

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