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How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It

How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It In “How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It,” episode #095, Meredith Curtis talks about the cunning and manipulative process pedophiles use to target their unsuspecting victims and their parents. Grooming breaks down the natural barriers that protect children […]

Teaching Good Sportsmanship

Teaching Good Sportsmanship Episode 364 with Special Guest Andrew Layton Our goal for student-athletes is to do well in class and in sports, but what about teaching good sportsmanship? In today’s episode, Felice Gerwitz interviews Andrew Layton, podcaster at BigDreamsPodcast.com Thanks to our sponsor For many years Andrew played sports, first in school, college and […]

Best of HIRL Replay: The Working Homeschool Mom

Are you a homeschooling mom who needs to work? Are you contemplating a job alongside homeschooling? Join us for this episode of Homeschooling in Real Life as we talk with Jimmie Lanley, a mom who found the need to be employed but also wanted to continue educating her daughter at home with excellence. Jimmie is […]

Best of College Prep Genius: How To Avoid 6 Common Freshman Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Freshman Mistakes by Jean Burk Better to be safe than sorry – right? Here are some things your child may think when they leave for home, now is the time to go over some of these very common freshman mistakes. Still preparing for the SAT Test? Visit the website for test […]

Memory Work

Memory Work Secrets – Episode 363 Is memory work necessary? In my teaching life and as a homeschooler I wasn’t positive that memory work was a must. With my first two children, it wasn’t but then with my last three homeschooling students, it became part of the fabric of our homeschooler. Join Felice with special […]

College Without Debt or Fortune – MBFLP 230

We’re on the road this week, taking our son – our fifth son, by the way – off to college. He’s not taking on a load of debt – and neither are we. And we’re not rolling in dough and writing checks to cover it, either! In fact, his four older brothers have done the same […]

Summer Replay: Put Me in Coach – An Interview with Mary Aldrich!

Special summer replay this month, Mary Aldrich now has her own podcast on a sister network of this one, the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network!  Go check her out at Fruit Pursuit podcast! I had the privilege of being introduced to Mary Aldrich at a homeschool convention this past summer. When I heard about Mary’s coaching […]

The Soft Skill of Work Ethic

In this episode we jump in to the Soft Skill of Work Ethic. I’ll cover what constitutes a good and poor work ethic, give some practical tips about how to instill work ethic in your kids and talk about some of my favorite people, including George Washington, Lillian Gilbreth and Frank Braun. Modern Hebrew  Biblical […]

Best of HIRL Replay: Facetime

Author Kristen Hatton joins us for an important discussion that encompasses the world our teen girls are growing up in. From eating disorders to the impact of social media on a young woman’s self image, Kristen’s latest book, Facetime: Your Identity in a Selfie World, is a significant guide to pointing our teenaged daughters to […]

Fanschool games – bringing the fun of fantasy sports to education

Episode 47: Fanschool – bringing the fun of fantasy sports to education with Eric Nelson Eric Nelson first created Fanschool games when he was a teacher and he played it with his classes. A few years ago he put it online – and now your family can enjoy playing too. Fanschool Games You can find […]

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