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Special Replay: Teen Consequences

Teen Consequences – Special Replay with Jean Burk In this episode, Jean explains teen consequences and the importance of communicating, cultivating and choices! Teen consequences can be life changing or life shattering – we want teens that are successful, happy and make good choices. How do we encourage our children to do that? They are […]

Homeopathy vs. Antibiotics

In this podcast, Sue Meyer ND CCH shares about how homeopathy works to heal the body versus antibiotics.  Sue has had a lot of emails about antibiotic use recently, and she just wanted to share a bit about natural healing to ease the fears of families when it comes to illness.   Illness is not […]

Critical Thinking with Lisa Nehring

Critical Thinking skills are “An ability to use reason to move beyond the acquisition of facts to uncover deep meaning,” according to Robert Weissberg.   In this episode we’ll define Critical Thinking skills, examine why they are necessary and begin to talk about how to teach them.   Word Study: Critical Thinking Skills come from […]

Top 10 Tips for Homeschool Leaders: Board Duties

Top 10 Tips for Homeschool Leaders: Board duties What does it take to be a board member of a homeschool group? Is it just attending meetings? Carol Topp, the Homeschool CPA explains the 4 duties of nonprofit board members: Duty of Care, Loyalty, Compliance and Management.   This is the first part of a 5-part […]

How to Raise Children Who Love God

It’s easy to slip into the thinking that if we just homeschool, all will turn out fine. Our children will grow up to love God; they will be well-educated and spiritually mature, always following the Lord and living godly lives. Wrong. A quick search of the internet will prove this is simply not the case. […]

Using Technology to Eat Healthy

Episode 52: Using Technology to Eat Healthy with Debbie Hanyon In this episode, Debbie Hanyon from Homeschooling Dietitian Mom, joins us to share how she uses technology to eat healthy. Debbie is a homeschool mom and she has a number of resources on her website other homeschool moms will find helpful. Take a special look […]

HSHSP Ep 178: What’s Good and Bad about Tech for Teens, Interview with Leah Nieman

This week on HSHSP Ep 178: What’s Good and Bad about Tech for Teens, Interview with Leah Nieman.   HSHSP Ep 178: What’s Good and Bad about Tech for Teens, Interview with Leah Nieman Many of us homeschool moms are *digital immigrants*, we were around in the days before the internet and always feel like […]

How & Why You Should Teach Your Homeschooler Entrepreneurship

Hey, homeschoolers! Entrepreneurship is like a continuation of homeschooling. Our kids can continue to enjoy freedom in doing what they love to do. That’s what I’m talking about in this week’s episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show. But first, I would love to have you tell someone about this podcast. There are sharing buttons no […]

Healing From Sexual Abuse

Healing From Sexual Abuse In “Healing from Sexual Abuse,” episode #097, Meredith Curtis examines a horrible side of life in the 21stCentury with honesty, compassion, and truth. She offers hope from the Word of God to define sexual abuse and to process what has happened to you. She also explains why certain lies are often […]

Techie Advice For High Schoolers

Techie Advice For High Schoolers ~ Episode 372 Are you interested in techie advice that is most important to learn, especially for kids before they leave home? What should your high schooler know before they graduate? Today we discuss Techie advice with our resident expert, Meryl van der Merwe the podcaster at HomeschoolingwithTechnology.com Thanks to […]

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