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Best Staycations For Kids

Best Staycations Just For Kids Episode 350 What are the best staycations for kids? Well, glad you asked! My twelve-year-old granddaughter wrote an article here about Staycations For Kids! I can’t wait to share with you some of her ideas, her reasons for staycations – and some kid-friendly ideas. If you want to read her […]

Homeschooling When History Gets Messy

Homeschooling When History Gets Messy Homeschooling when history gets messy. Show notes: When teaching history it’s important that we focus on truth. Truth is broader than mere facts. The Bible is full of conflicted people. We can’t avoid teaching them. True history tells the story. There are 2 types of Revisionism (Liberal & Christian). What […]

Beat Standardized Test Scores The Right Way

Beat Standardized Test Scores The Right Way Episode 78 We’ve all heard the news accounts of the illegal ways that rich parents try to beat the standardized test scores with high payouts and behind the scenes workarounds. This has caused a backlash and if you have listened to these podcasts throughout the years you realize […]

Integrity with Dr. David Nehring

Dr. David Nehring joins us for this episode, focusing on Integrity.   Integrity is about God. Most importantly it is about ME in relationship to a living, Holy God.  Who are “we”? – “We” as people of the Book. Q: What is the value system of the Book? A: Holiness, Kinship & Purity: the good, the […]

Geocaching – Technology meets nature

Episode 38: Geocaching – Technology meets nature   Be sure to join our Facebook group where we carry on the discussion about Homeschooling with Technology. Geocaching is a fun “treasure” hunt in nature to find hidden caches using GPS and your eyes 🙂 Go to the official Geocaching website and there you will find links […]

HSHSP Ep 164: How and Why to Use Literature Study Guides

This week on HSHSP Ep 164: How and Why to Use Literature Study Guides. HSHSP Ep 164: How and Why to Use Literature Study Guides Sabrina and Vicki LOVE Literature! In this episode we are recording in Vicki’s office, not very fancy for recording: just a chair draped with a blanket for best sound production! […]

How to Trust God With Your Kids

If you have been engaged in the Trust Project with me, you’ll love this month’s focus: kids. I made a mistake and said that marriage was our focus for June and it’s not. That will be our focus for July. I am so thankful for the grace you give me for all of my foibles. […]

Staycation Planning

Staycation Planning Episode 349 If you are not sure how to plan a staycation, stay tuned – this episode is just for you! We will learn how to plan your staycation and enjoy the time with family and friends. Be sure to take the time off. Indulge – reading, events, food. Make a plan for […]

Integrity: The Role of a Parent with Rabbi Pesach Wolicki

This week on Soft Skills 101 podcast, we are joined by Rabbi Pesach Wolicki for the next episode in our integrity series. The main topic of this podcast is the role of the parent. Here is a brief outline of what we discussed: Bible Verse: Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 11:19 Role of the Parent – teaching […]

Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist Episode 73 Join Florida Parent Educators Association’s (FPEA) Chairwoman, Suzanne Nunn  and Sharon Rice to talk about our Summer Playlist. What? Music?? No, not that kind of playlist. Although, music is often involved. In this episode, we talk about being intentional with fun during the summer. We discuss some of our favorite things […]

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