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Flexibility and Adaptability: Interview with Vicki Tillman, of Seven Sisters

In this show Vicki Tillman, of Seven Sisters, shares insight into flexibility and adaptability. “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” G.K.Cheserton Resiliency- the ability to jump back when disappointments and failure hit. Failure is not an end point- we need to teach our kids to get back up and try again. Often failure ends […]

When Homeschoolers Judge – Best of Homeschooling IRL

Homeschooling is a choice born out of the freedom to choose what we feel to be the best educational option for our children. It should follow, then that if a family who has made the choice to homeschool then decides to put a child into a traditional school setting, fellow homeschoolers will support that freedom to choose, […]

Unplugged Coding

Episode 43: Unplugged Coding with Sandra Balisky   Be sure to join our Facebook group where we carry on the discussion about Homeschooling with Technology. Sandra Balisky from Real World Learners is our guest today. She has a background as a math and English teacher and is now homeschooling her own children and working on […]

Seasonal Allergies got you down? Try Homeopathy!

There’s hardly any of us that aren’t affected by seasonal allergies.  If we don’t, someone we love does! Allergies are things we have a sensitivity to – but why do we have allergies? In this podcast, we’re going to talk about seasonal allergies, what it is and what causes it in this podcast and a […]

Emotions Affect Learning

Do you realize a person’s emotions affect learning? Stay tuned to this special episode with Jessica Parnell, CEO of Bridgeway Academy. Emotions Affect Learning – Episode 355 Today we will focus on home emotions affect learning. Do you realize that negative emotions can impair the ability of your child to learn? Today, our expert guest, […]

HSHSP Ep 169: How to Handle When You Finish Homeschooling, Interview with Stacey Lane

This week on HSHSP Ep 169: How to Handle When You Finish Homeschooling, Interview with Stacey Lane. HSHSP Ep 169: How to Handle When You Finish Homeschooling, Interview with Stacey Lane One of these days, your youngest will graduate from homeschool high school. What happens then you finish homeschool? Does the world come to an […]

How To Deal With A Homeschool Dawdler

Hey homeschoolers! I frequently hear from homeschooling parents about  a dawdling student who takes all of their time because he or she won’t finish schoolwork. I’m going to give you my response to this problem in just a minute. Grammar Galaxy is Perfect for Dawdlers But first I would love to have you try Grammar […]

Make Your Home the Teen Hangout

Make Your Home the Teen Hangout In “Make Your Home the Teen Hangout,” #093, Meredith Curtis shares how she and her husband, a former teen pastor, created an atmosphere of welcome so that their house could be the teen hangout. Would you like to welcome your teens’ friends and get to know them? The Curtis […]

Is a Virtual Assistant Business Right for a Homeschool Mom?

Back to Homeschool Decisions (and a Giveaway!) It’s that time of year, Back to Homeschool season. Along with an incredible giveaway (see below), many current homeschool moms are looking for a way to make extra income to afford the homeschooling lifestyle. You might be a mom curious about homeschooling and hoping you can find a […]

Flexibility and Adaptability: Part II of Interview with Ali Thomas of NiHao Chinese

In this episode we talk about foreign language, scholarships and Chinese in particular with Ali Thomas of NiHao Chinese. Be sure and check out part 1 of this interview here if you missed it! Colleges may no longer expect foreign language for admittance, but proficiency in a foreign language can equal scholarship money and international […]

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