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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and your Homeschool

279: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and your homeschool   This episode discusses how we are living in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by technologies like AI, nanotech, blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.  and how this affects our homeschool The 4th Industrial Revolution started around 2011 and is characterized by AI, IoT, nanotech […]

8 Benefits of a Part-Time Job

8 Benefits of a Part-Time Job In this episode, Matt and Charla discuss the numerous benefits of part-time jobs for teenagers. They share personal anecdotes, insights, and practical advice on how part-time work can help teens develop essential life skills, financial independence, and a strong work ethic. **Family Dynamics and Part-Time Jobs:** – Discussion on […]

Fun Financial Literacy – Interview With Mindy Muller

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Fun Financial Literacy – Interview With Mindy Muller. Fun Financial Literacy – Interview With Mindy Muller Are you looking for innovative ways to make financial literacy fun and engaging for teens? Our special guest, Mindy Muller from Wealthy and Rad, is a homeschool mom who turned the challenge of […]

Reading Adds Joy to Life

Reading Adds Joy to Life In “Reading Adds Joy to Life,” Episode, #212, join Meredith Curtis for inspiration for parents and teens to read books for pure enjoyment! Reading excellent literature for fun works out your brain, stretches your vocabulary, increases your attention span, cultivates compassion, and builds character. Plus when you read for fun, […]

50 Summer Projects For Kids | Just for Kids Podcast

Here are so many fun ideas for summer, but what about 50 summer projects for kids? Summertime is a chance to learn new things.

Fertility, Faith, and Homeopathy: A Case Taking Testimonial

In this episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue interviews Catherine, a listener and member of Sue’s Members Corner, who shares her profound journey through fertility struggles and her recent successes with classical homeopathy. Catherine recounts her experiences with conventional medicine and naturopathy, which left her physically and emotionally drained. Discovering homeopathy through a local event, […]

Learning with Micro:bit

278: Learning with Micro:bit Guest Joseph Lemke shares with us how he is learning with Micro:bit and why this is a great way for students to explore coding. What is a Micro:bit? programmable microcontroller, like a tiny computer has built in sensors like temperature, gyroscope, compass, microphone, speaker, touch button, blue tooth antennae to talk […]

Use AI to Find Your Path

How to Use AI to Find Your Path In this episode, Matt and Charla delve into the practical ways parents can utilize artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, to help their teens explore potential career paths. Whether your child is college-bound or looking into trades, this episode offers valuable insights on leveraging AI to navigate the often […]

Embrace the Magic of Seasons in Your Homeschool

Podcast Title: LifeSkills101: Final Farewell Episode Title: Seasons in Homeschooling Host: Lisa Nehring Duration: 23 minutes Episode Summary: In this heartfelt final episode of LifeSkills101, Lisa Nehring takes listeners on a reflective journey through the different seasons of homeschooling and life. Using the changing seasons as an analogy, Lisa beautifully illustrates the ebb and flow […]

Job Hunting Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers- Special Replay

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Job Hunting Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers- Special Replay. Job Hunting Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers It can be really stressful for teens to look for their first jobs. They are stressed because they have never done this before and often do not know where to start! And face […]

Helping Children Who Feel Different

Hey, homeschoolers! I am excited about today’s episode, not only because of the topic that I think addresses a real need we have as parents, but also about my guest. I experienced the pain of feeling different as a child and so did my kids. There’s different good and different bad, right? But kids don’t […]

Host Your Own Creation Camp at Home!

Are you ready for an adventure through God’s amazing Creation? 🌍✨ With our Creation Camp, you can explore the wonders of the world right from your home! Each day, you’ll dive into a new day of Creation with fun activities, experiments, and art projects. Let’s explore what you’ll learn (scroll to bottom for details)  and […]

Co-ops: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | Replay

What makes homeschool co-ops good? And what makes them bad or downright ugly? Are there certain things that we should look for when we try to find a co-op? On this episode, veteran homeschooler Christi Deason and I tackle the issue of homeschool co-ops and try to answer these questions. When Christi was homeschooling her children, […]

Homeschool Grades | Replay

Homeschool Grades: How to Assign and Track Your Learner’s Progress   In this episode, Crystal discusses the ins and outs of homeschool grades. And hopefully, by the end of the show, you’ll better understand how to grade your homeschooler and come away with a few tips to keep it all organized. How to Assign and […]

Evolution Taught To Kids | Replay

Evolution Taught To Kids As Truth ~ Episode I’ve heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid’s faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older. There are many excuses given for how […]

Everyday Peacemakers

EverydayPeacemaker Are you a peacemaker? Recently I’ve been convicted that I need to aim toward that goal, in a focused way. As parents it is not always easy to have peace or to facilitate peace among our children or even our spouse. In this podcast, we explore the elements of peacemaking and show your children […]

Ultimate Staycation Planner for Kids

Summer is a great time to relax, enjoy some downtime, and have a whole lot of fun! Whether you’re going on a vacation or having a staycation at home, there are so many ways to help your family recharge and relax.  A Staycation? Yep. With a few hints, your kids will find ways to entertain […]

Finding and Using Online Classes for Homeschooling Effectively

277: Finding and Using Online Classes for Homeschooling Effectively In this episode we look at  the importance of finding and using online classes as part of homeschooling effectively. Choosing the Right Online Class: Determine your goals and what’s best for your children. Consider your children’s learning styles and your budget. Decide on the level of […]

Top Skills for College

Top Skills for College Introduction: Welcome back to the “It’s Not About Money” podcast, The Money Podcast for intentional parents, featuring hosts Matt and Charla. In this episode, Matt & Charla delve into a crucial topic: “Top Skills for College Success.” Their engaging banter sets the stage for a discussion filled with practical insights and […]

How To Have A Better Homeschool Year

Summary In this conversation, Melanie Wilson shares a life-changing strategy for homeschoolers to have a better homeschool year. She introduces the ‘What’s Better’ strategy and explains its benefits for self-image, mood, and behavior. She provides examples of how to implement the strategy and offers tips for dealing with negative experiences. Melanie also discusses using the […]

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