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Bonus Episode: This Winter’s Illnesses, Coronavirus, and Members Corner Updates

Enjoy this Bonus episode with Sue Meyer and her assistant Joy Rhodes, done this week on Facebook in the Moms Using Homeopathy group.  Sue talks about this winter’s illnesses, her thoughts on the coronavirus and gives us an update on how things are going in her Members Corner, which is open now! Join here: homeopathyformommies.com/members […]

Communicating with our Kids about Internet Pornography with Hal and Melanie Young

This week on Soft Skills 101 Podcast, we talk about Communicating with our Kids about Internet Pornography with Hal and Melanie Young.

When It’s Time They Were Moving Out – MBFLP 242

“What ever happened to growing up and moving out?” someone asked. The fact is, a growing number of young adults are living at home with their parents. Is this a problem? Well, sometimes yes, but sometimes not at all. This episode, we’re talking about how to work through the young adults leaving Mom and Dad’s […]

Special Replay: College Selection Checklist

Special Replay:  Jean Burke explains the importance and gives a detailed college selection checklist for students looking for the ideal college. She explains the college search, the type of school to consider, where to look, large vs. small school and criteria to consider. This college selection checklist also contains a list to some amazing website […]

Set Up Homeschool Family as a Charity

Carol Topp, the Homeschool CPA is sometimes asked if a homeschool family can be a charity.  Sometimes a homeschool spouse wants to set up a business and hire their spouse to homeschool their children. Can this be done? Are there tax breaks for doing this? R.A. writes, “I would like some preliminary information on setting […]

Virtual Field Trips

72: Virtual Field Trips In this episode, I talk to Jayda Justus, aka The History Mom about virtual field trips. Jayda is a writer and blogger at The History Mom, where she reviews historical sites and experiences for families. These reviews provide helpful tips and reading lists to enhance visits for children and families and […]

Leadership Skills for Introverts and Extroverts

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Leadership Skills for Introverts and Extroverts. Leadership Skills for Introverts and Extroverts Sabrina, Vicki and Kym are together again for a rousing talk about leadership. Everyone becomes a leader somewhere in life! Whether teens are introverts or extroverts somewhere in life: Creating a welcoming culture in any setting (check […]

7 Steps to Create High School Classes with Living Books

7 Steps to Create Your Own High School Classes with Living Books In “7 Steps to Create Your Own High School Classes with Living Books” episode #107, Meredith Curtis shares how she created all of her children’s high school classes. She began the process by listing all the books she wanted her daughter to read. […]

Family Date Nights

Family Date Nights ~ Episode 393 with Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira So many times we are not making memories we are getting by! Family date nights are a great way to create those lasting memories with our kids! Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira in this fun episode. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, […]

Emphasizing Relationships with Your Teens, Interview with Connie Albers

We are so excited this week to be joined by a special friend, Connie Albers. Connie is a homeschool mom and leader, guest on Focus on the Family and author of a parenting book that we love: Parenting Beyond the Rules: Raising Teens with Confidence and Joy.

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