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HSHSP Ep 128: Scheduling Homeschool When the Holidays Are Coming

This week on HSHSP Ep 128: Scheduling  Homeschool When the Holidays Are Coming! HSHSP Ep 128: Scheduling Homeschool When the Holidays Are Coming We know you’d rather not think about it (if you’re like us) but the holidays are coming. SOOOO why not get a jump on things and do some great planning and scheduling […]

How To Pray Powerfully Over Your Homeschool

Hey homeschoolers! If you listened to last week’s podcast about getting things done in your homeschool, you’ll understand my focus on prayer this week. I recommend you listen to it first. We tend to think of homeschooling as something we do that requires God’s blessing, when the truth is we cannot do it without Him. […]

Throw a Party to Learn History

In “Throw a Party to Learn History,” episode #073, Meredith Curtis shares with teens and their parents a fun way to learn history while enjoying life and making friends. We look for any excuse to throw a party in our house. Studying history? Let’s celebrate with fun and festivities. Meredith explains how much learning goes […]

Put Me in Coach – An Interview with Mary Aldrich!

I had the privilege of being introduced to Mary Aldrich at a homeschool convention this past summer. When I heard about Mary’s coaching business, I knew I wanted to hear more. I figured if this was something I was interested in learning about, there was a good chance that you all would want to get […]

Our Morning Time Basket

Our Morning Time Basket Podcast #57 We look at using a morning time basket in our homeschool routine. What is a morning time basket? How is it used and why? We have lots of morning time pins on our Pinterest board here   Books we mentioned on our show: Piecing Together The High School Puzzle […]

How Can Your Homeschool Group Feel Like a Community?

One of the best things about being in a homeschool group is the community of support you can receive. But do you know how to build a sense of community? In today’s podcast Carol Topp interviews homeschool leader Angela Weaver. Angela runs a large group in Lynchburg, Virginia and she shares her experience on many […]

Back to School Replay: Moms and Teen Boys

Moms of teen boys, this episode was made for you! What happens to those boys when they become teenagers and why are they so hard for moms to manage? Fletch and Kendra have raised three teen boys so far and they have lived to tell the tale . . . Fletch pokes a few sticks at […]

Becoming a Peaceful Parent: The 5 Stages of Change

Becoming a Peaceful Parent: The 5 Stages of Change I have the amazing privilege of talking with many moms. Nearly all of them have different parenting styles, convictions, and goals…but one of the things that most of them have in common is that they desire to parent more peacefully. The moms I speak with want to […]

Seasonal Replay: The Flu Duo

Because the Flu Season is upon us, this week we are having a special replay of the Flu Duo Remedies for those who want to use these remedies to prevent the flu. Join Sue this week as she shares the two homeopathic remedies that she recommends to prevent and treat flu symptoms.  Sue shares her […]

iGen – Understanding the New Generation – MBFLP 211

Move over, Millennials – the new generation has arrived! Researcher Jean Twenge calls them iGen – the first generation that’s grown up with smart phone in hand. How has that shaped their thinking? What does that mean for the rest of us? How should we teach and prepare our children to interact with their generational […]

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