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Successful Parenting ~ That Works!

Successful Parenting That Works ~ Episode 522 As parents, we want to be appreciated, but what does successful parenting look like? Are your goals met? Do you have goals, and where do you see your child in five, ten, or even fifteen years down the road? In this episode, we will look at some misconceptions […]

Boys with Pens, Special Host: Beth Purcell

Show Notes: LifeSkills101 Podcast – “Boys with Pens” with Special Host, Beth Purcell In this special episode, we welcome Beth Purcell, a renowned writing coach from True North Homeschool Academy. Beth shares her expertise on teaching writing to boys, focusing on their unique linear thinking patterns. Beth starts by explaining linear thinking. It’s a straightforward, […]

Magic Student AI Tools

271: Magic Student AI Tools This episode covers the Magic Student AI tools  from Magic School, following last week’s episode ( (Episode 270 – Magic School AI)) on the teacher tools. Magic School Features to Explore New Google Chrome extension to easily access the tools New YouTube channel explaining how the different products work Can […]

Table Talk

Table Talk- Questions to get your child thinking about the future Introduction: Charla and her husband, Matt, warmly welcome listeners back to “The It’s Not About Money Podcast,” a show designed for intentional parents. They share light banter about the podcast’s name and introduce their canine companion, Rudy, who occasionally snores during recordings, adding a […]

Robotics in Your Homeschool

Hey, homeschoolers! Have you considered learning robotics in your homeschool? I don’t have an engineering brain so I enrolled my kids in in-person and online classes. My youngest is now majoring in computer science in college. His classes had a major impact on his career direction. Today on the podcast, you’ll hear about the advantages […]

Teen Life Skill: Plan a Road Trip!

Teen Life Skill: Plan a Road Trip! In “Teen Life Skill: Plan a Road Trip!,” Episode, #208, Meredith Curtis talks to teens and parents about the benefits of teens planning the next family road trip! She gives the practicals of what to plan and how to budget for a trip. Teens can pack their suitcase, […]

Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas On The Cheap We have graduation party ideas that are wonderful ways to include the entire family and the best news? They won’t break the bank. Enjoy this replay! with Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis Episode 196 Graduation Party Ideas Here  Have you started your high school graduation party plans yet? No […]

Strategies for Kids Who Don’t Like Reading or Writing

Show Notes: LifeSkills101 Podcast – “Teaching Strategies for Kids Who Don’t Like to Read or Write” This episode addresses a common challenge: teaching kids who resist reading and writing. We explore strategies to engage these learners and foster a love for literacy. First, understand each child’s interests. Use these topics to spark their curiosity in […]

Magic School AI

270: Magic School AI In  this episode we explore a new resource called Magic School AI, which can be used by homeschoolers to help their children retain and understand concepts, and provide engaging ideas for lessons. In this episode we look at the tools for teachers (ie would be used by the homeschool parent). Next […]

10 Books To Up Your Financial Game

Financial Reads: 10 Books To Up Your Financial Game Introduction: Welcome to another engaging episode of “It’s Not About Money,” broadcasting live from the BPF Podcast Headquarters. Join your hosts, Matt and Charla, along with our beloved studio pet guest star Rudy, as we delve into the intricacies of financial literacy and parenting. Setting the […]

Find Homeschool Resources with HomeschoolHQ

This week on the Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Find Homeschool Resources with HomeschoolHQ. Homeschool HQ with Lauren Bordeaux It’s always exciting to discover new resources for homeschooling, especially ones that cater to high schoolers. It’s truly a blessing to have such a wide range of options available nowadays. One such blessing is through Lauren Bordeaux, the […]

An Interview with Kim Elia about the Introducing Homeopathy Film

This week on Homeopathy for Mommies we are thrilled to have Kim Elia as our special guest to talk about the new film coming out in April 2024, Introducing Homeopathy. 

Astronomical Events ~ Total Solar Eclipse

Astronomical Events and Homeschooling ~ Episode 521 Are you ready for an astronomical event, the total solar eclipse? Well, today (April 8, 2024) is the day if you are listening to this podcast in real time! It is a long-awaited event that has received a lot of press coverage. However, it is one among the […]

Homeschool Science: Is this the most important subject?

Show Notes: LifeSkills101 Podcast – “Why Science is the Most Important Subject in Your Homeschool” In this episode, we delve into the pivotal role of science in homeschooling. Science stands as a cornerstone of education, driving curiosity and critical thinking. First, science cultivates a sense of wonder. It encourages questions about the natural world. This […]

Teen Podcasters Share Their Journey

269: Teen Podcasters Share Their Journey   In this episode, host Meryl van der Merwe interviews Laila Alvarez and Damien Segovia, two homeschooled teen podcasters, who share their experience starting and running their own podcast called “IKR?!”. Topics Covered: What inspired Laila and Damien to start a podcast The name and focus of their podcast […]

INAM: 5 Money Lessons For Your Teen

The Big 5- Money Lessons Your Teen Needs Before They Leave Home Introduction: Welcome back to another enlightening episode of the “It’s Not About Money” podcast, where we dive deep into the realm of financial education. Joining us today are your hosts, Matt and Charla, as we embark on a journey to empower parents in […]

Teaching Social Skills In Your Homeschool

Hey, homeschoolers, we know we aren’t weird and unsocialized as a popular blog implies, but you might wonder if we are weirder than kids in public school. I was relieved when my oldest son, after having been in a public high school for a few weeks, told me that he thought that the public school […]

A Young Author’s Journey in the Writing Process

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast- Teen Publishes A Book: A Young Author’s Journey in the Writing Process. Teen Publishes A Book: A Young Author’s Journey in the Writing Process Homeschooling offers a unique opportunity for kids to explore their passions and discover hidden talents. One such talented young person is Sophia Errico, a young […]

Reimagine Teen Ministry

Reimagine Teen Ministry In “Reimagine Teen Ministry,” Episode, #207, join Meredith Curtis to reimagine family ministry in the 21st century. How can teens and their families reach this generation and build up God’s forever family? The answers take us back to Scripture, uses updated technology, and involve love that flows from knowing Christ. Reach your […]

10 Things Your Child Must Know About the Origins Debate

Equip your kids to defend their Creation Position! 10 Must Know Points. Here she goes again! If you didn’t already know, Felice has a passion for teaching kids (and their parents) about the wonders of God’s Creation…but it goes one step further. Felice’s passion turned into a book series (selected by Cathy Duffy in her […]

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