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Stopping Sibling Squabbling – MBFLP 213

If your child has siblings it’s just about certain they’ll have squabbling. Sibling rivalry of one sort or another is unpleasant but normal – the question for us as parents is, “What can I do about it? How can I deal with the bickering and arguments, to make our home a place of peace and […]

Teens Speak Up About Everyday Life

My 17-year-old nephew drove over from Alabama to spend the weekend with us. I love having chatting with him and hearing his perspective about life and the struggles that come with being a teenager in 2018. I thought you might enjoy from Alex, as well. My daughter, Sarah was hanging out with us, so I […]

Replay: How To Avoid 5 Common Freshman Mistakes

Best of College Prep Genius!  How To Avoid 5 Common Freshman Mistakes This is the second of a two-part series on how to avoid common mistakes freshmen make – listed are possible thoughts your college freshman to be may have and ways to combat these possible pitfalls. Invite your teen to listen to this episode with […]

Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers – MBFLP 212

Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers We homeschooled from the very beginning, which meant that we’ve always had babies and toddlers in the mix. We’ve always had multiple ages to deal with! What’s the number one thing we wish we’d known?  That it gets easier! The struggle is real. When you have little children, the burden […]

What’s a Good Way to Handle Conflicts in a Homeschool Group?

Conflict, hurt feeling, gossip, even bullying. Does it happen in your homeschool group Probably! What can you do about it? In today’s podcast Carol Topp interviews homeschool leader Anjoli Gallo. Anjoli runs a group in southern Florida and she shares insight into dealing with conflict.  But she also shares some great tips on how she […]

Living Books and Lifeschooling – Michelle Miller Howard

Today we are talking to Michelle Miller Howard, author of TruthQuest History. For over 20 years, Michelle has been a librarian, home-education consultant, author, columnist, and speaker, specializing in top-quality living books, educational vision, and history instruction.  It began in 1985, when she pioneered, funded, and acquired a library of such rare children’s literature, which […]

Remedy Review – Benzoicum Acidum for Kidney Problems

Today we’re going to talk about an amazing remedy called benzoicum acidum. It is in the Homeopathy for Mommies book and it’s a remedy that anyone who has ever had Achilles Tendon heal pain and they don’t know why. You’re not going to think you need this remedy until you start having a lot of […]

Back to School Replay: Extracurricular Overkill

On this week’s special back to school replay with Fletch and Kendra, they talk about Extracurricular Overkill.  When is enough too much? On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, Fletch and Kendra answer a letter from a listener who is wondering how to filter extracurricular activities into your homeschool. When should you say yes? When should you say […]

HSHSP Ep 128: Scheduling Homeschool When the Holidays Are Coming

This week on HSHSP Ep 128: Scheduling  Homeschool When the Holidays Are Coming! HSHSP Ep 128: Scheduling Homeschool When the Holidays Are Coming We know you’d rather not think about it (if you’re like us) but the holidays are coming. SOOOO why not get a jump on things and do some great planning and scheduling […]

How To Pray Powerfully Over Your Homeschool

Hey homeschoolers! If you listened to last week’s podcast about getting things done in your homeschool, you’ll understand my focus on prayer this week. I recommend you listen to it first. We tend to think of homeschooling as something we do that requires God’s blessing, when the truth is we cannot do it without Him. […]

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