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Teaching Kids Self-Control – MBFLP 207

This episode we deal with a perennial problem in parenting – how in the world do we teach our kids self-control? The entertainment and collegiate culture may celebrate raw emotion and thoughtless self-expression – if it’s “authentic” it’s immune from criticism – but the Bible says differently. What’s more, every parent knows that what you […]

The Kitchen Explosion

In “The Kitchen Explosion,” Episode #069, you will get an inside look at a bustling high-energy homeschooling family. Sometimes in an attempt to make history come alive, I, Meredith Curtis have gone too far. How about you? Have you stepped out with enthusiasm only to have to call the fire department? Should we play it […]

Methods of Homeschooling – Homeschool Mom’s Quiz

Methods of Homeschooling — Homeschool Mom Quiz – Episode 284 There are many methods of homeschooling. Are you ready for a homeschool mom quiz to determine the strengths you possess to educate your children? Like most of us, you may question whether you have the skill set to dive into the homeschool year, or you […]


Staycation Podcast #53 It’s Summer time!! In this podcast, we look at ways to take a vacation without leaving home! Take a STAYCATION. There are many great ways to enjoy your time off while not leaving home. A staycation is friendly on the family budget too! Explore your area and get to know your state […]

Does My Homeschool Group Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

Does your homeschool group need to protect your leaders? Sure you do, so you may consider purchasing Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance. D&O insurance is sometimes called “legal defense insurance.” It covers lawsuits filed against nonprofit board members, most which are related to employees. If your homeschool organization does not hire employees (and many do […]

3 Peaceful Parenting Phrases (For Better Communication!)

If you struggle with your child pushing back, or if you ever feel like your child just doesn’t listen, this episode is for you! Today we’re going to talk about three powerful phrases to help us communicate better and more peacefully with our children. These three phrases are tools that you’ll be able to put […]

HSHSP Ep 118: Annoying Questions for Homeschoolers: What About Socialization?

This week on HSHSP Ep 118: Annoying Questions for Homeschoolers: What About Socialization? HSHSP Ep 118: Annoying Questions for Homeschoolers: What About Socialization? This is THE most often-asked annoying question that we homeschooling parents get. Don’t worry about it, though. We’ve got some great information to equip you to handle it graciously. First off, people don’t […]

How to Make Smooth Transitions in Your Homeschool

Hey homeschoolers! Are you facing a transition this year? Do you have a new baby, a child who will start formal schooling for the first time, a new middle schooler, highschooler, or college student? Have you moved or has someone in your home had a job change? Whatever the change you’re facing, transitions can be […]

Teaching Creation Geology

Teaching Creation Geology to Your Kids! Teaching creation geology to your children is often accompanied by excited cries because rocks are so much fun! In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice Gerwitz interviews Patrick Nurre from Northwest Treasures, Geology. The Nurre’s have been longtime friends of Media Angels, Inc. and customers for many years. […]

The Damage of Disengaging

July 4th is always a favorite holiday for our family. For the past few years, one of my dearest friends on the planet shows up for coffee, long talks, and sitting by the pool. I always try and record a podcast episode during Ash-a- lee’s visit and was so excited that we were able to […]

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