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How To Deal With A Homeschool Dawdler

Hey homeschoolers! I frequently hear from homeschooling parents about  a dawdling student who takes all of their time because he or she won’t finish schoolwork. I’m going to give you my response to this problem in just a minute. Grammar Galaxy is Perfect for Dawdlers But first I would love to have you try Grammar […]

Make Your Home the Teen Hangout

Make Your Home the Teen Hangout In “Make Your Home the Teen Hangout,” #093, Meredith Curtis shares how she and her husband, a former teen pastor, created an atmosphere of welcome so that their house could be the teen hangout. Would you like to welcome your teens’ friends and get to know them? The Curtis […]

Is a Virtual Assistant Business Right for a Homeschool Mom?

Back to Homeschool Decisions (and a Giveaway!) It’s that time of year, Back to Homeschool season. Along with an incredible giveaway (see below), many current homeschool moms are looking for a way to make extra income to afford the homeschooling lifestyle. You might be a mom curious about homeschooling and hoping you can find a […]

Flexibility and Adaptability: Part II of Interview with Ali Thomas of NiHao Chinese

In this episode we talk about foreign language, scholarships and Chinese in particular with Ali Thomas of NiHao Chinese. Be sure and check out part 1 of this interview here if you missed it! Colleges may no longer expect foreign language for admittance, but proficiency in a foreign language can equal scholarship money and international […]

Tap Into Your Child’s Learning Potential

Tap Into Your Learning Potential – Episode 354 Did you know you can tap into your learning potential by understanding how the brain works? Felice Gerwitz and Jessica Parnell, CEO of Bridgeway Academy explain how a parent can benefit from this information. Thanks to our sponsor! Bridgeway Academy, your solution to online education and help for […]

Spiritual Doubts and Your Kids – MBFLP 228

“Mom, I think I’m an atheist.” That was the chilling announcement from the back of the van, from our nine-year-old child. Spiritual doubts may arise at any time, especially with young teens, and this episode we’re talking about some practical things you can do to help shepherd your young person through this stormy time.   […]

Best of College Prep Genius: College Selection Checklist

College Selection Checklist with Jean Burke and Felice Gerwitz Jean Burke explains the importance and gives a detailed college selection checklist for students looking for the ideal college. She explains the college search, the type of school to consider, where to look, large vs. small school and criteria to consider. This college selection checlist also […]

5 Apps All Parents Should Know – Best of Homeschooling IRL

Apps! Mobile phones! iPads! Technology! It all moves so fast and changes seemingly overnight. How do we keep up with what our kids are asking to use or are being exposed to, even if we are trying to keep it all in balance? Join us on this highly informative episode of Homeschooling in Real Life […]

Tiny Homeschool Groups: Are We a Nonprofit?

Tiny homeschool groups have different challenges than large programs. They are limited on resources, volunteers, and activities. But they still have questions about legal status, money and taxes that the large homeschool organizations have. In this 4-part podcast series, Carol Topp, CPA answers the common questions that tiny homeschool groups face. Find all the episodes […]

Florida Keys

Florida Keys –  Episode 75 Join Florida Parent Educators Association’s (FPEA) Chairwoman, Suzanne Nunn  and Sharon Rice to talk about the Florida Keys. Do you think the Keys is just for adults? We shed light on why the Keys is the perfect family destination.  FPEA just returned from our 2nd Fun in the Sun Field […]

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