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Take a Look Inside the Live Q&A and Mini-Trainings in the Homeopathy for Mommies Members Corner

This week we are going to do something a little different and give you a little look inside our Members Corner.  If you had not heard, our Members Corner is my new private membership website for moms, dads, grandparents … really anyone who wants to learn more about homeopathy in a private online community.  I […]

3 Tips for the Work at Home Mom | Interview with Mom Jobs Work from Home

3 Tips for the Work at Home Mom | Interview with Mom Jobs Work from Home Join Gina Glenn for an interview with a fellow VA and owner of MomJobsWorkFromHome.com Nakisha is my personal assistant and a successful wahm. I thought you’d enjoy hearing from a mom who is successfully working her business. Nakisha’s Tips […]

The Enneagram and Self-Care- with Keri Vasek

I think Keri and I could talk for thirty minutes about almost anything, but this thirty minutes was especially fun and went by super-fast. This topic is one of interest to both of us. Honestly, I barely know anything about The Enneagram, but I am passionate about self-care. Not because I do it well but […]

Converting a Homeschool Business to a Nonprofit: Nonprofit Incorporation

Sometimes a homeschool group started as a for-profit business desires to convert to a nonprofit organization for its many benefits. Can that be done? How hard is it? How costly is it? In the next 3 podcast episodes Carol Topp, CPA will explain how to convert a for-profit business into a nonprofit organization. In this […]

Teamwork: Wilderness Adventure (Part 2)

This podcast recounts a trip to the High Unitas Wilderness area Lisa Nehring took the summer before she started college. Hiking and living together with a small group of people required serious teamwork as they navigated trails, illness and adventure! Bible Verse: Two are better than one for they have a good return for their […]

Online Tools to Help Teens Study

Episode 30: Online Tools to Help Teens Study Join our Facebook Group especially for the listeners of this podcast! And visit our sponsor FundaFunda Academy to see the classes they are offering for high school credit this summer. Photography is one class that is ideal to take over the summer when there are plenty of […]

HSHSP Ep 157: What Makes 7 Sisters Homeschool Curriculum Awesome?

This week on HSHSP Ep 157: What Makes 7 Sisters Homeschool Curriculum Awesome? HSHSP Ep 157: What Makes 7 Sisters Homeschool Curriculum Awesome? Many homeschooling years ago, Sabrina, Vicki, Kym, Marilyn, Sara and Allison were in co-op together. They worked and prayed together SO much they felt like that they were sisters! They are! Sisters […]

Is It Time For Your Dream, Mom?

Hey, homeschoolers! For years I wrestled with whether or not I should pursue the dreams I have apart from homeschooling and parenting. I know that’s a struggle for many of my listeners too. That’s why I wanted Karla Marie Williams, author of the new book Mom-Spiration to join me for the podcast. Sponsor Before I […]

College Success

College Success In College Success, episode #087, Meredith Curtis talks about how to thrive, not just survive in college. Whether you are dual enrolling, commuting, or moving to another state for your college years, you will appreciate this practical, encouraging advice. You can excel academically and stay strong in your faith!         Powerline […]

Last Minute Easter Prep

Last Minute Easter Prep – Episode 341 Last minute Easter Prep made easy! If you are hosting an Easter celebration or joining one here are some things to remember to make your time memorable and fun. And, the best part it can be hassle-free and will save money and time. Easter is a time when […]

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