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5 Techie Ways to Organize Your Homeschool

Episode 8: 5 Techie Ways to Organize your Homeschool 1. Google Drive Google Drive is an online filing system. Listen to episodes 2, 3 and 4 for more detail on how to use it to organize your homeschool Our sponsor, FundaFunda Academy offers 2 classes that teach about Google Drive and the associated apps. They […]

4 Perfectionist Parenting Pitfalls

Today we’re going to talk about perfectionist parenting pitfalls. If you have any perfectionistic tendencies or if you expect perfection from your kiddos, this episode is for you. Recently, I was watching an episode of Shark Tank. One young woman pitched the sharks for an investment in their company, but the potential investors noticed one […]

Biblical Geology

Biblical Creation – Episode 8 Today our special guest, Patrick Nurre discusses Biblical Creation. Patrick is the owner of Northwest Traditions with his wife, Vicki and has a wealth of information to share with us! Northwest Treasures, Geology Find them on social media here: Facebook – Geology by Northwest Treasurers  Pinterest – Geology […]

HSHSP Ep 136: Teaching Teens to Cope with Stress, Interview with Marianna Chambers

This week on HSHSP Ep 136: Teaching Teens to Cope with Stress, Interview with Marianna Chambers. HSHSP Ep 136: Teaching Teens to Cope with Stress, Interview with Marianna Chambers One things teens know about is stress. For that matter, we moms know about stress, too! Marianna Chambers joins Vicki for a discussion about helping teens (and […]

Habits of the Organized Homeschool Mom

Hey homeschoolers! This week we are discussing habits of the organized homeschool mom. If organization doesn’t come naturally to you as it doesn’t for me, I think you’ll enjoy this episode. First, if you haven’t listened to the last two episodes I did on planning, you’ll want listen to them first. Organizing didn’t come naturally […]

Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF): What You Need to Know and How Homeopathy Can Help

Electro Magnetic Frequency is becoming a huge concern in our world today. Everywhere you turn, you are exposed to EMF by Wifi devices, cell phones, computers, cell phone towers, and more. In this episode, Sue Meyer ND CCH talks about the recent studies about Electro Magnetic Frequency exposure and some ways that you can reduce […]

5 Ways To Prevent Writing Meltdowns

5 Ways To Prevent Writing Meltdowns Episode 308 Do you need 5 ways to prevent writing meltdown? This podcast provides helpful tips. Your children may not be enthusiastic about writing, but the goal of this podcast is to allow them to appreciate and understand the writing process. Kim explains why so many children don’t like […]

Gearing Up for the Holidays

If you are like me, you are freaking out a little that Thanksgiving is in two weeks. Yep, two weeks until the Turkey, Dressing, and Pumpkin Pie. I decided to chat about the rapidly approaching holidays and some of the pitfalls that moms face this time of year. Ashley Pomerory (formerly known as Ashley Smoot), […]

Reclaim Thanksgiving

Reclaim Thanksgiving Podcast #61 Where did Thanksgiving go? Too often, Thanksgiving gets skipped right over. October 31st – Halloween – November 1st Christmas! Let’s reclaim Thanksgiving and learn about what makes this holiday so special. Take time to enjoy this holiday with your family. Reclaim some of your childhood family traditions. Create some new traditions […]

Missions, Movies, and Lifeschooling (Part 2) – David Cook

On this episode of Life as a Lifeschooler, Danielle wraps up her interview with David Cook, a former MK who was homeschooled and now works in the Christian movie industry. David grew up on the mission field in Spain. A homeschool graduate, in 2001 he started working in media, both radio and television in Spain. […]

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