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Answering Your Questions about Homeoprophylaxis – Interview with Dr Isaac Golden – Part 1

This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer  sits down with Dr. Isaac Golden to talk about Homeoprophylaxis.

Joseph: Fatherhood Isn’t Only About Biology

On this episode of History for Christian Teens, we take a look at a humble, God-fearing adoptive father who made an eternal impact.

Apps and websites for learning Spanish

193: Apps and websites for learning Spanish with Suzette Laporte-Ayo Suzette shares apps and websites for learning Spanish that she incorporates into the online classes she teaches at FundaFunda Academy. Listen to the episode to hear her explain how she uses each one. Quizlet (website and app for K and up). Listen to episode 25 […]

How to Diagnose and Cope with a Brain Based Diagnosis

What is a Brain Based ? A brain based diagnosis is a broad category of disorders, which can vary in symptoms and can include any condition that affects your brain.

Episode #12- Military Families: How to Choose the Right Curriculum and Homeschool Successfully

On today’s episode, Crystal discusses factors to consider when making your homeschool curriculum decision and how you can successfully homeschool as a military family.

Winning Your Homeschool Week

When Friday comes, do you feel like you’ve won your homeschool week and can celebrate? Or are you thinking about all the things you didn’t do well? In this episode, I’ll share tips for winning your homeschool week through proper planning. Before we dive into the topic, I want to thank CTC Math for sponsoring […]

Handling Homeschool Fears, Interview with Homeschool Super Freak

This week on Homeschoool Highschool Podcast: Handling Homeschool Fears, Interview with Homeschool Super Freak. Handling Homeschool Fears, Interview with Homeschool Super Freak We are so excited this week to have a chance to chat with a favorite new friend from social media. Vicki has been enjoying Homeschool Super Freak’s posts on Facebook, Homeschool Super Freak […]

Special Replay: Homeschool Curriculum Buying Guide

Homeschool Curriculum Buying Guide – What to Buy & Where Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels Membership site – where you can find K-12 Science Curriculum, novels, and resources for history and writing. First of all, there is no one perfect curriculum and believe me I’ve made mistakes. When my son was five I purchased […]

Off the Shelf: Summer Mom Reads

  Off the Shelf: Summer Mom Reads Episode 101 In this episode we talk about on of our favorite things – books.  More specifically, we discuss our some of our recent and future books just for you mom! Books and Authors Mentioned on Show Sharon’s list: Christy Barritt Lynn Shannon Dani Pettrey Susan May Warren […]

Using Audiobooks in your Homeschool

Tauna Meyer from Proverbial Homemaker shares why she loves using audiobooks in her homeschool as well as her favorite places to find them. You can find more info on this post she wrote These are the resources Tauna mentions in this episode: Library (Libby, overdrive, Hoopla, CDs) Used/New CDs on Amazon, eBay, or other booksellers […]

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