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Integrity within a Family with Dr. David Nehring (Part 2)

Dr. David Nehring joins us for this episode to finish our series on Integrity. Bible Verse: Ephesians 5:21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ James 1:4 So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way. Books/ […]

Military Families: How Homeschool Leaders Can Help

Homeschool leader Melissa Robb was never in the military, but she developed a heart for homeschool military families moving to her area. Listen as she tells Carol Topp about how she helped military families with information, connections and friendship. In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast, Carol Topp will share: How to welcome a military […]

Ways teens can make money online

Episode 39: Ways teens can make money online   Be sure to join our Facebook group where we carry on the discussion about Homeschooling with Technology. Today’s guest is Abby Banks from Making Room for One More. She is also the host of the Homeschool with Moxie podcast. She will be drawing on her own […]

Deism and Modern Geology

Deism and Modern Geology – Episode 19 Deism and Geology, what does this have to do with geology? This is an important area to study if we are to understand the evolution/creation debate. The word, Deism comes from a Latin word, deus, meaning god. It was used to describe a particular belief about god that […]

HSHSP Ep 165: Teens and Legalism, Interview with Kendra Fletcher

We’re so excited to have our friend, Kendra Fletcher with us! This week on HSHSP Ep 165: Teens and Legalism, Interview with Kendra Fletcher. HSHSP Ep 165: Teens and Legalism, Interview with Kendra Fletcher Kendra is an influential author, blogger and with her husband, Andy, speaker around the country. Andy and Kendra have hosted Homeschooling […]

Peaceful Family Vacations

Peaceful Family Vacations In “Peaceful Family Vacations,” episode #091, Meredith Curtis reminds you that peaceful family vacations don’t just happen. Would you like to know how they happen? Well, Meredith is happy to give you practical tips and biblical wisdom to help you and your family enjoy rest, refreshment, and family unity on your next […]

Best Staycations For Kids

Best Staycations Just For Kids Episode 350 What are the best staycations for kids? Well, glad you asked! My twelve-year-old granddaughter wrote an article here about Staycations For Kids! I can’t wait to share with you some of her ideas, her reasons for staycations – and some kid-friendly ideas. If you want to read her […]

Homeschooling When History Gets Messy

Homeschooling When History Gets Messy Homeschooling when history gets messy. Show notes: When teaching history it’s important that we focus on truth. Truth is broader than mere facts. The Bible is full of conflicted people. We can’t avoid teaching them. True history tells the story. There are 2 types of Revisionism (Liberal & Christian). What […]

Beat Standardized Test Scores The Right Way

Beat Standardized Test Scores The Right Way Episode 78 We’ve all heard the news accounts of the illegal ways that rich parents try to beat the standardized test scores with high payouts and behind the scenes workarounds. This has caused a backlash and if you have listened to these podcasts throughout the years you realize […]

Best of Life as a Lifeschooler: Unhurried Homeschooling with Ana Willis

We hope you are enjoying your summer break!  Here’s one of our best episodes to brighten your summer day:  What a joy to chat again with my friend, Ana Willis! Ana calls herself an “unhurried homeschooler,” giving a nod to one of her (and my) homeschool mentors, Durenda Wislon. (Both Durenda and Ana will be […]

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