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Tiny Homeschool Groups: Do We Need a Bank Account?

Tiny homeschool groups have different challenges than large programs. They are limited on resources, volunteers, and activities. But they still have questions about legal status, money and taxes that the large homeschool organizations have. In this 4-part podcast series, Carol Topp, CPA answers the common questions that tiny homeschool groups face. Find all the episodes […]

Blessing the Next Generation – Pat Fenner

Have you ever wondered why we don’t take the Bible more seriously when it comes to the topic of blessing our children and what it might look like on a practical level? What a fun talk I had about this topic with Pat Fenner, author of Blessing the Next Generation, on this week’s episode!  Pat […]

Web-based Unit Studies

Episode 48: Web-based Unit Studies Web-based unit studies are NOT simply pdfs instead of physical books, but rather interactive and accessed through an online classroom. What are web-based unit studies? mini online self-paced classes make use of online resources eg videos, interactive websites, online games, audio, infographics have online projects where the students use digital […]

Rock Strata and Fossils

Rock Strata and the Fossils in Geology Episode 21 Does rock strata and the fossils in geology show anything important? Absolutely in this presentation with Patrick Nurre, he’ll share the scientific basis of this and key information. The study of rock layers in secular geology and what they mean is called stratigraphy. The study of […]

HSHSP Ep 174: Teaching About Presidents’ Wives, Interview with Jill Hummer

This week on HSHSP Ep 174: Teaching About Presidents’ Wives, Interview with Jill Hummer. HSHSP Ep 174: Teaching About Presidents’ Wives, Interview with Jill Hummer Homeschool high schoolers can really get some inspiration when they learn about American First Ladies. Our friend, Dr. Jill Hummer, of Wilson College, is a national expert on Presidents’ Wives. […]

How Homeschooling Can Be A Fulfilling Career

Hey homeschoolers! At the time of this recording, many new homeschoolers are starting this amazing journey. Some of you homeschooling moms are giving up a career, a business, or are putting your education aside to teach your children at home. In this episode, I want to talk with you about how homeschooling can be a […]

How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It

How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It In “How Sexual Predators Groom Their Victims & What to Do About It,” episode #095, Meredith Curtis talks about the cunning and manipulative process pedophiles use to target their unsuspecting victims and their parents. Grooming breaks down the natural barriers that protect children […]

Teaching Good Sportsmanship

Teaching Good Sportsmanship Episode 364 with Special Guest Andrew Layton Our goal for student-athletes is to do well in class and in sports, but what about teaching good sportsmanship? In today’s episode, Felice Gerwitz interviews Andrew Layton, podcaster at BigDreamsPodcast.com Thanks to our sponsor For many years Andrew played sports, first in school, college and […]

Best of HIRL Replay: The Working Homeschool Mom

Are you a homeschooling mom who needs to work? Are you contemplating a job alongside homeschooling? Join us for this episode of Homeschooling in Real Life as we talk with Jimmie Lanley, a mom who found the need to be employed but also wanted to continue educating her daughter at home with excellence. Jimmie is […]

Best of College Prep Genius: How To Avoid 6 Common Freshman Mistakes

How To Avoid Common Freshman Mistakes by Jean Burk Better to be safe than sorry – right? Here are some things your child may think when they leave for home, now is the time to go over some of these very common freshman mistakes. Still preparing for the SAT Test? Visit the website for test […]

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