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Homeopathy for Loss of Taste and Smell

This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue shares about Homeopathic remedies for loss of taste and smell. Remedies mentioned in this podcast: Amygdalus Persica Anacardium Antimonium Tart Chloroformum Croton tiglium Hepar sulph Hyoscamus Justica Kali bich Lemna minor Magnesium Muraticum Lycopodium Natrum Muraticum Natrum Sulphurica Phosphorus Pulsatilla Rhodium Silicea Sticta Teucrium   Full notes and […]

Techie Gifts for Your Children

209: Techie Gifts for Your Children Here is a list of techie gifts for your children you can use as inspiration this Christmas. 3d pen – Listen to a previous episode (199) on 3D printing and visit the 3D printing tab here headphones Kindle / tablet / Gabb watch (listen to our recent episode), drawing […]

History for Christian Teens, Interview with Crystal Niehoff

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: History for Christian Teens, Interview with Crystal Niehoff.  History for Christian Teens, Interview with Crystal Niehoff We have a new fellow podcaster on the ultimate homeschool Podcast Network. We are going to talk about the new podcast, History for Christian Teens, and about homeschooling for their family with Crystal […]

Why You’ve Fallen Behind In Your Homeschool Plan

Have you fallen behind in your homeschool plan? Do you want to avoid looking at your lesson planner because it’s so depressing? If that’s you, I have good news. This is The Homeschool Sanity Show, the episode where we’ll get back on track. Sponsor: 5000 Blankets Movie It’s incredible what can happen when you transform […]

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World In “Christmas Around the World,” Episode, #175, Meredith Curtis introduces you to Christmas celebrations & traditions from Germany, Mexico, England, Bethlehem, South Korea, and the Philippines. Learn about each nation, make a flag ornament or banner, and try out one Christmas tradition from each country.         Powerline Productions, […]

Special Replay | Best of HIRL Christmas Series: Jesus vs. Santa

Does Santa have any place in the celebration of Christmas? If you listen to some homeschoolers talk about it, event the mention of Santa Claus associated with Christmas will land you in the “loner’s corner” of your co-op. Yet, others celebrate good ol’ jolly Santa Claus right next to the baby Jesus. There is also […]

Surviving the Break with Your College Students – MBFLP 287

The holidays are upon us and we are looking forward to having our college students home again! But to be realistic, there’s always a transition to bringing our young adults back into the household – and often both the student and the family ends up frustrated. This episode we’re talking about things you can do […]

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Last Minute Christmas Gifts ~ Episode 483 hat do you do for that hard to buy for person? How about some great last minute Christmas gifts? Over the years I have a list of great things to help you without much planning or spending lots of money! I have found that personal gifts are difficult […]

Challenge your kids to code

208: Challenge your kids to code There is no better time to challenge your kids to code! Computer Science Education week is December 5 – 11, 2022 but the free resources I talk about in this episode are available year-round Mentioned in this episode: Hour of Code – in the episode, I explain how to […]

Encouragement for Moms Homeschooling through Military Deployment

For the military spouse who is trying to hold the family together on the homefront, deployments are challenging, to say the least. Add homeschooling to the mix, and it can be positively overwhelming. On this episode, Crystal shares encouragement and advice from milspouses who have been there for the mom who is homeschooling while her […]

Why is Capitalism more Christian than Socialism

Why is Capitalism more Christian than Socialism In this episode, Director of True North Homeschool Academy, Lisa Nehring talks with Ethan Nehring, who teaches Latin, History and Writing about the difference between socialism and capitalism and why capitalism is a more Christian system than socialism. Good government provides freedom, equity and justice. Capitalism has to […]

How To Get A College Degree Debt-Free

If your student wants to attend college but doesn’t want to be loaded down with debt, I have a treat for you. This is The Homeschool Sanity Show, the episode where guest Kara Walker shares uncommon but practical tips for saving money on a college education. Hey, homeschoolers! I absolutely love chatting with homeschoolers. That’s […]

Career Exploration for Non-College-Bound Teens

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Career Exploration for Non-College-Bound Teens. Career Exploration for Non-College-Bound Teens Not all teens should go to college! That’s a fact. So, for teens who are career bound, how do they handle career exploration? There are so many choices and directions they could go. Vicki shares the guidance she gives […]

Special Reaplay | Ultimate Holiday Checklist Advice

Ultimate Holiday Checklist Advice & Homeschooling Episode 379 with Janice Campbell Are you ready for the holidays? Here is holiday checklist advice from two homeschool veterans, Felice Gerwitz and Janice Campbell. Both have homeschooled during the holidays for many years and have much to share with you! Visit my special guest’s website! Get to know […]

Introduction to Natural Family Planning – Interview with Jill Uphus

This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue interview Jill Uphus MS, RCEP who teaches couples about Natural Family Planning. If you haven’t heard of it, natural family planning is scientific, natural and moral methods of family planning that can help married couples either achieve or postpone pregnancies. If you have been looking for a way […]

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