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Foundations of Learning

Foundations of Learning ~ Episode 401 The foundations of learning begin with bringing beauty into learning. In this episode, Felice Gerwitz and Lisa Ann Dillon discuss how the Classical education approach and Charlotte Mason can both be drawn upon when teaching children. Thanks to our sponsor, Widsom Wonder Project. Be sure to check out their […]

Virtual Labs

77: Virtual Labs with Dr Kristin Moon Our guest is Dr Kristin Moon from Kristin Moon Science . You can find her on Facebook too. Dr. Moon teaches Chemistry for show sponsor FundaFunda Academy and Biology at True North Homeschool Academy. Be sure to listen to our other interview with her where she talks about […]

How To Stay Sane With Kids Home Full-Time

Hey, homeschoolers! I have been at home with my kids full-time for 23 years. It wasn’t what I wanted at first and I’ve had my share of challenges, but now I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had. If you’re a homeschooler whose kids are now home from outside classes and activities because of sheltering […]

Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers. Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschool High Schoolers Homeschool high schoolers need a little SALT in their lives. What is SALT? Service and Leadership Teams! Join Kym and Vicki for a helpful and SALTy discussion. SALT is an acronym for Service […]

Hope Shifting and Covid19 – HIRL Episode 158

Hope Shifting and Covid19 – HIRL Episode 158 What does homeschooling look like in the face of a worldwide pandemic? How does sudden change affect the breadwinner in the home who is unexpectedly out of work? What happens when a homeschooling parent suddenly has everyone in the family home all day long? What do we […]

Restful Life Homeschool

Restful Life Homeschool Episode 398 with Kim Huitt Join us as we discuss the restful life homeschool and my special guest Kim Huitt. Kim lives in Alaska with her husband and three children and is currently a homeschool mom! She blogs on her website RestFULLLife Homeschool where she shares her reflections on faith, family and […]

Quarantine Fun Ideas

Quarantine Fun Ideas For Kids By: Samantha Anne Moss Are you ready for some quarantine fun ideas? I’m sure you are because by now you have probably tired of staying home because of the virus. Unfortunately in a lot of places you aren’t allowed to have a gathering of more than ten people, (that is […]

Healthy Families

Healthy Families with special guest, Amanda Filla – Episode 340 Most of us want healthy families, especially in this time of worry over the latest virus. It is time to meet our essential oils expert, a homeschool graduate, and homeschooling mom of eight Amanda Filla. Amanda is a podcaster at Simple Blessings & Oils Amanda […]

Closing Your Homeschool Group During COVID-19

Has COVID-19, the novel corona virus pandemic, caused your homeschool group to close, suddenly? How did you make the decision to cancel your program?

Lighthouses of Florida

Lighthouses of Florida Episode 84 Florida’s lighthouses have provided constant beacons of light to sailors for many years, bringing them home safely. Effectively helping them to navigate the treacherous and sometimes dangerous reefs and jetties that must be avoided in order to reach our coastal paradise. It is inspiring to see the lighthouses, to hear […]

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