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Kids Taking Charge

Kids Taking Charge ~ Episode 391 By nature kids are curious and you can get your kids excited about learning, their chores, and kids taking charge of their life. This podcast is for the kids, I hope you will listen in Moms and Dads! Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc. and the books […]

Communication with Dave and Lisa Nehring (part 2)

Middle schoolers argue, it is part of what they are. But it is a teaching opportunity: To teach them in this, reframe the situation for them; Affirm their identity -state the obvious if you need to: Encourage them; But always remember to pick your battles. We are in a time of social upheaval, so identity […]

Digital to-do lists for you and your children

66: Digital to-do lists for you and your children   Although there is nothing wrong with using paper “to-do” lists, digital to-do lists can be so much more convenient and flexible. Using them can help you and your children organize your lives. Here are 3 different options to consider using: 1. Notes on your phone […]

How to Get Your Homeschool Organized, Interview with Tatiana Adurias

This week on HSHSP: How to Get Your Homeschool Organized, Interview with Tatiana Adurias. How to Get Your Homeschool Organized, Interview with Tatiana Adurias Our friend, Tatiana Adurias from Purposeful Motherhood, joins us for a discussion about teaching homeschoolers organizational skills. Tatiana is the mother of six homeschoolers ages….through college graduation. She has learned by […]

How To Trust God To Overcome Sin

Hey, homeshoolers! I hope your year is off to a good start. Mine is because I am trusting God more. This is our Trust Project episode and today we’re going to talk about sin. What a fun topic, right? But it’s huge. Maybe you trust God with your health and your kids, but it’s hard […]

Mid-Year Evaluation

Mid-Year Evaluation Have you ever completed a homeschool mid-year evaluation? It’s time to look at your yearly homeschool evaluations in the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now! Thanks to our Sponsor! Wings To Soar Online – if you have a child who learns different or is struggling, […]

Homeopathy for Back Injury? Try Tellurium Metallicum

On this week’s episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, Sue Meyer ND CCH shares about one of her favorite remedies for Back Injuries – Tellurium Metallicum.   It’s a metal occurring naturally in nature, and it’s made into an amazing homeopathic remedy.  I have used this remedy so many times for persons with backaches, that I just […]

Free Ebook: Taxes for Homeschool Business Owners

Are you a tutor, teacher or CC director of a homeschool business? You might be very confused about your taxes. Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, has a book for you! And she’s giving it away for free, but only in January 2020! The ebook is 60 pages long and contains information on: Business Start Up LLC […]

Communication with Dave and Lisa Nehring

Communication is what allows you to have a relationship. Legos Playmobile Facebook Key terms: Mirroring Negotiation Deferment of Gratification Dialectic Communication If you’re all about yourself, there can be no communication. Welcome to Soft Skills 101: Life Skills for a Digital Age, sponsored by the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and True North Homeschool Academy! My […]

Free Online Anatomy Games

65: Free Online Anatomy Games   Here are the online anatomy games mentioned in the podcast.These games were shared with me by the authors of 3 of FundaFunda Academy’s anatomy unit studies. And right now until 15th January, you can get 50% off all their regular-priced web-based unit studies with code JAN2020 Golden Hour Game […]

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