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Teens and Moms

Teens and Moms Communicating Episode 329 I love my teens! Teens and moms have a sacred relationship – or we should! Our babies are growing up! While it is exciting to watch our children grow and mature, it is also a scary thought. If you have little kids please do not skip this episode. I […]

Keep Meetings to a Minimum

Does your homeschool group have a hard time getting volunteers? Maybe you need to keep meetings to a minimum since homeschoolers are busy people. Homeschool leader Michele Gross shares some great tips on keeping meetings to a minimum but still staying in communication. Michele has been a homeschool leader for 15 years and currently is […]

Co-ops: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What makes homeschool co-ops good? And what makes them bad or downright ugly? Are there certain things that we should look for when we try to find a co-op? On this episode, veteran homeschooler Christi Deason and I tackle the issue of homeschool co-ops and try to answer these questions. When Christi was homeschooling her children, […]

Free Graphic Creation Tools

Episode 21: Free Graphic Creation Tools The free tools mentioned in this episode are: Canva (Hear the story of how this software came about on How I Built this with Guy Raz) Adobe Spark Google Drawings Pixlr (photo editor) Easel.ly (infographics) Find free icons to use in your graphics projects at The Noun Project. Show […]

The Fall

The Fall ~ The Four Great Global Events of Genesis The book of Genesis outlines four great global events, The Fall is the second. The first event, the Creation,  was meant to reveal from where all mankind originated, and his purpose. The second great global event has been called the Fall. This word captures the […]

Love in a Time of Sickness – MBFLP 221 (repeat!)

HARRRCH! Greetings from our bronchitis ward! With the whole family, including your hosts, suffering from all sorts of respiratory unpleasantness … we’re going to bring back our show about navigating the challenges of sickness in your family. We hope to be healthy and “back in the saddle” soon! ~ Hal and Melanie The traditional wedding […]

HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake

This week on HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake. HSHSP Ep 148: Coding for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Paul Drake Paul Drake of Code Apprentice joins Vicki for a discussion on ways to introduce your homeschool high schoolers to coding, and to bring them to expertise level. Paul […]

Three Homeschool Curriculum Essentials

Three Homeschool Curriculum Essentials with Tyler Hogan Episode 328 It is a fact that every homeschool needs curriculum essentials and in this podcast, we will discuss some books that will help you with your homeschool! Tyler Hogan is a homeschool graduate, homeschool dad and now President of Bright Ideas Press. Today, Tyler joins Felice Gerwitz […]

Best of The Real Kathy Lee: Let’s Get Organized!

This week, the second top podcast episode of all time!  Let’s Get Organized:  Things don’t always work out as planned, but I have learned that it is usually for a good reason. Hoping that is the case with this week’s episode. I was scheduled to talk to my good friend, Mary Ann Kohl (author and […]

Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love ~ Episode 327 Love that is everlasting is something we all crave. In family life, we sometimes miss the forest because the trees get in the way. In this podcast, we cover ways to have a family that is filled with grace and love! Thanks to our sponsor The Christian Standard Bible! Check […]

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