​Paying for College Secret—The PSAT!

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If your score sits within a certain predetermined range, you could be in the running for many amazing scholarship opportunities from many colleges.Imagine getting a $100,000 or more for scholarships before the senior year because of your PSAT score. If your score sits within a certain predetermined range, you could be in the running for many amazing scholarship opportunities from many colleges. Take this test seriously—that’s my firm advice. Then, with the right approach and timing, your efforts could reap great financial rewards!


And tuition is not the only thing your awards can pay for. If you score highly enough on your PSAT and qualify for a National Merit ranking, a full-ride might also mean room and board, unlimited laundry, cafeteria passes, study abroad stipends, honors dorms, new computer, spending cash and graduate money—now, that’s the stuff of a great many college dreams! 


Colleges love to brag about their National Merit Scholars as they represent the top one percent of the nation. They’ll often go the extra mile to compete and attract you to their school. They may even sweeten the pot and add more compelling benefits to entice you… and wave free computers or additional spending money in front of you.


You can only take the PSAT once a year, which is generally offered the third week of October, on either Wednesday or Saturday. This school year, they are administering one on January 26, 2021. For a small fee, you can sign up for the PSAT at most local high schools. 


Any preparation you do will mean you have a significant advantage over others. Did you know that the best way to prepare for the PSAT is to prep for the SAT? Both these tests rely on your skills of logic and critical thinking to answer the multiple-choice questions, which have tricky answer choices, many designed to purposely mislead you. So, practice is always time well-spent.

You need to know the PSAT—just like the SAT—is a beatable test. It doesn’t measure your IQ and doesn’t test what you’re learning at high school. You can actually learn the recurring patterns and rules found on every test and learn to answer questions in 30 seconds or less.


If you want to gain an early edge, take the PSAT 8/9 in both eighth and ninth grade and PSAT 10 in the sophomore year. Testing at these times does not count for the scholarship contest, but if you’re serious about making your future easier to afford, then the benefits outweigh the objections you might have. You get to familiarize yourself with the testing environment, gain test maturity and lessen anxiety. You may as well. Your future is going to be peppered with standardized testing instruments and they may very well determine the jobs and careers you follow, not just to get you into a tertiary institution.



Jean Burke is the host of College Prep Genius, here to teach you all the tips and tricks in which you can ace the SAT and get FREE money for college (no strings attached)! Jean Burk’s program will give you all the inside information on how to get money for college, put together a college transcript, and become a logic-based thinker. Jean will debunk myths & misconceptions, all while providing you all the information on how to stop fearing the SAT.  

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