10 Ways I am using AI in 2024

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265: 10 Ways I am using AI in 2024

 10 Ways I am using AI in 2024

I use AI like I would a personal assistant. I give clear instructions and check the results. I use it for tasks that free me up to be creative in other areas, or to help me get started on a task. Here are 10 ways I am using AI this year so far.

  1. Podcast show notes  – I use Descript to create a transcript from the audio and then ask Claude to turn it into show notes. You could do the same with any audio you want to turn into notes
  2. Gift ideas – give the interests and age and also what the person already owns
  3. Recommendation letters – I use “voice to text” to get down my ideas on Google docs. Then I take the output and give it to Claude with detailed instructions and an example of a previous recommendation letter I have written
  4. Topics to cover when creating courses – let it generate a list of topics and perhaps also suggested resources to use
  5. Assignment ideas – explain the topic and the grade level and the type of assignment
  6. Assignment questions + suggested answers – you can input a pdf or a video url
  7. Trivia night “cheat sheet” – it provides a list what happened this day in history
  8. Titles of podcast episodes and blog posts – tip: ask for 10 or 20 options so you can select or mix-and-match
  9. Travel itineraries – you can input the criteria you are looking for and ask for suggestions, or even aa detailed plan for each day
  10. Canva AI generated graphics – Canva allows you to type what you are looking for and it will create the graphic

I do all the above using free AI tools!

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