100 Free Digital Resources for Homeschool Families

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100 Free digital resources for homeschool families

Episode 100: 100 Free Digital Resources for Homeschool Families

This is the 100th episode of the podcast and to celebrate I created a document that lists 100 free digital resources for homeschool families.

Some of the items on the list have paid versions as well as free, but the free version is enough to be useful.

All of the resources have multiple uses or will take a while to play through if it is just one game. Many have been featured in previous shows.

In this episode, I highlight a few of the items that haven’t yet been mentioned here.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to bookmark this list!

You can find show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy’s online classes and web-based unit studies here. And look for their free resource in the list above!

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