100th Episode Show! What Does Homeschool CPA Do?

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100th episode show! What Does Homeschool CPA Do?For the 100th episode of the Dollars and Sense Show / HomeschoolCPA podcast I asked a few friends, “What does HomeschoolCPA do?”

There answers are usually spot on, but when asked to name a book I wrote some struggled with the titles. Enjoy this celebration podcast and learn about a few other great podcasts for homeschoolers.













Homeschool Organization Board Manual


Homeschool board  members should keep all their organization’s important papers in a safe and accessible place. Usually, a 3-ring binder works well.

Author and homeschool advisor, Carol Topp, CPA, has created a Homeschool Organization Board Manual. It is a template to create a board member binder.

But this is more than just a few cover sheets for your binder. It is also a 55-page board training manual with helpful articles on:

  • Suggested Board Meeting Topic List
  • Board Duties
  • Job Descriptions for Board of Directors
  • What Belongs in the Bylaws?
  • Compensation and Benefits for Board Members
  • and more…

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