The Informer – 13 Lessons From the End of the Road

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Informer Podcast 13 lessons roadAt the end of their family’s homeschool journey, Tara Bentley shares 13 Lessons from the End of the Road.

After graduating their youngest daughter from high school, veteran homeschool mom Tara presents a mix of regrets and tips for new moms.

Tara Bentley is the Managing Editor for The Informer Magazine and has served on the Board of Directors for the IAHE since 2013. She has also been a homeschool blogger and curriculum reviewer since 2009.

Taken from a live presentation to a local support group, this podcast will encourage you and remind you that God created us each as individuals. We are not created to look alike or school our children in identical ways.

But, we can still come together in moments of fellowship, celebrate our differences, and learn from each other along the way.

Too often moms isolate themselves based on the belief that they aren’t good enough.

We listen to our fears… instead of focusing on what God has called us to with our children.

  • Do you know who is watching out for you?
  • Are you burdened by unrealistic expectations for yourself?
  • Do you compare yourself to the other moms around you?
  • Do you feel compelled to complete every book you start?

Take some time for yourself, recharge, and release the doubts that you’ve allowed to hold you back in your own homeschooling journey.

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  1. Tammy Hierholzer says

    Tara, I was at the kickoff and was really encouraged. So glad you put this on Podcast so others could hear and be encouraged. I’m going to send out a note to my home school group to make sure they listen to this. So many have the “perfect” idea of home educating and feel like they are failing. thank you for putting it all in a nut shell. Thanks for all you do with IAHE. May God continue to bless you and Mark as you continue to serve. Tammy Hierholzer

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