4 Ways Challenging Yourself as a Homeschooling Mom Leads to Leveling Up Your Homeschooling Life

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Challenging Yourself as a Homeschool Mom

146: 4 Ways Challenging Yourself as a Homeschooling Mom Leads to Leveling Up Your Homeschooling Life

In this episode, guest Sarah Miller-Snyder shares 4 ways challenging yourself as a homeschool mom leads to leveling up your homeschool.

Sarah has been a guest on the podcast twice before. She has shared about Podcasts for hhomeschool families and Podcasts for kids of all ages, so be sure to listen to those if you haven’t already.

Sarah has her own podcast, The Online School Mom. I am her guest on the episode “Online electives to boost your child’s education“.

You can find the rest of what Sarah offers at Online School Mom and you can join her Facebook group Online School Mom.

Her daughter Addie talked about how she started an Etsy shop in the summer series on Techie Teens.

Listen to the episode to hear all the challenges Sarah took on this past year – most of them related to technology in some way!!

The 4 Ways These Challenges Benefited Their Family

  1. The kids copied their mom
  2. Doing less for her kids led to them helping out more
  3. They all learned to accept mistakes and ‘failure’.
  4. She gained more energy and a better ‘vibe’ which positively affected the home environment.

Main takeaway: Don’t wait until you are ready to try things or go for a goal; the only way to build confidence is to do things.

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Challenging Yourself as a Homeschool Mom

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