15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions

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15 healthy recipe substitutions | When I started to look at my favorite recipes I was shocked to see that most of them contained "bad-for-you" items. 15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions & Alternatives

Episode 226

When I started to look at my favorite recipes I was shocked to see that most of them contained “bad-for-you” items.  I found 15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions after I began looking and testing alternative substitutes. I had two goals and one was health and the second is that it would make my recipes taste the same if not better. In this episode, I explore some of these substitutes with an explanation of what works and why some choices are better than others.

Show Notes: 15 Healthy Recipe Substitutions and Alternatives

  1. Coconut Oil in place of shortening
    • Here are some great food conversions you can try with your recipes. The first and the greatest is coconut oil – I found a wonderful oil that is flavor free and you can substitute it for anything that calls for shortening. It really imparts no flavor and gives cookies that chewy texture we love! Discount if you sign up for the ezine: Wilderness – Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil here.
    • unsweetened organic applesauce instead of oil in recipes, you can substitute (1:1 ratio of sugar)
  2. Egg substitute:
    • Flaxseed – ground and you add water. 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed (grind it fresh –don’t use the ground variety) and add 2.5 tablespoons of water. You can use this for pancakes, muffins or some baked goods – doesn’t bind as well as eggs.
    • Chia seeds. Add 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds with 1 cup of water – let it sit for 15 minutes
  3. Unbleached white, organic flour with flax seed (whole not ground).
    • Whole wheat flour milled at home with organic wheat
  4. Dark leafy greens instead of lettuce (or mix it in – have the kids do this and it looks pretty!)
  5. Zucchini for pasta – this may be a hard sell for your kids, but I love it! (spaghetti squash for pasta – not my favorite but some people love this!)
  6. Corn tortillas instead of flour for gluten-free diets – but look for non-GMO and organic
  7. Quinoa instead of couscous – or even oatmeal – but that is a hard sell for some –I love quinoa and kale – it is yummy
  8. Lettuce wraps – my kids love them. We make chicken Caesar wraps on tortilla shells or romaine lettuce leaves – yum!
  9. Ground chickpeas – makes hummus – who knew! If you add some fresh crushed garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper to taste even your pickiest eaters – and you can use fresh veggies to dip into the hummus instead of chips.
  10. Sugar substitutes:
    • Stevia for sugar. It is way sweeter than sugar so a little bit goes a long way, and there is an aftertaste – so use it sparingly. You can use liquid stevia – not cheap!
    • Vanilla extract: cut the sugar in half and add 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. You can use this in pancakes, muffins, cookies. You may need to play with the exact ration depending on your recipe.
    • Unsweetened organic applesauce instead of sugar. You can substitute (1:1 ratio of sugar) the applesauce, but cut the liquid in your recipe down by ¼ a cup
  11. Plain yogurt instead of sour cream. Works great in all recipes and even dips and baked potatoes. My kids never noticed.
  12. Potatoes:
    • Sweet potatoes instead of baked potatoes or fries
    • Kale chips – wash, lightly toss with olive oil, salt, pepper paprika (chili powder – if you want a kick) and bake in the oven. Watch it – burns easily.
  13. Sliced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce on pizza – it is delicious! My kids love it on focaccia bread.
  14. Grate cauliflower instead of rice – delicious with black beans
  15. Greek yogurt instead of mayo add a splash of lemon juice – also there is avocado mayo that is yummy




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