200th Episode – Best Kept Organization Secrets

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organization secrets | Welcome to the 200th Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcast! Best Kept Organization Secrets with Felice Gerwitz

Welcome to the 200th Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcast! Today I host several guests who will stop by to say, “hi” to all of you, my listeners and share some of their organization secrets with you!

I can’t believe I began podcasting on Vintage Homeschool Moms, in October of 2013 and now there are 200 episodes to keep you busy – and hopefully supplied with great resources and information for your homeschool.

A few of my guests are the podcasters from The Highschool Homeschool Podcast, Talking Mom 2 Mom, Mommy Jammies Night, Homeschool Sanity, Making Biblical Family Life Practical, and the Finish Well Podcast.



– Felice Gerwitz welcomes listeners to the 200th episode of the Vintage Homeschool Mom’s Podcast.
– She reflects on her podcasting journey that began in October 2013 and celebrates reaching 200 episodes.
– Felice expresses gratitude to her listeners for their support and mentions the goal of providing valuable homeschooling resources and information.

– Felice Gerwitz hosts several guests on this special episode, each of whom will share their organization secrets.
– The guests include podcasters from various shows, including:
– The Highschool Homeschool Podcast
– Talking Mom 2 Mom
– Mommy Jammies Night
– Homeschool Sanity
– Making Biblical Family Life Practical
– The Finish Well Podcast


– Felice Gerwitz expresses excitement about the insights and organization secrets that will be shared by her guests on this landmark 200th episode.
– She encourages listeners to stay tuned and benefit from the wealth of knowledge that will be presented.

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