5 Keys To Homeschool Success

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5 Keys to homeschool successLet’s Talk About the 5 Keys To Homeschool Success

with Felice Gerwitz

and special guests Dennis DiNoia, Vicki Tillman, Sabrina Justison, Kym Smythe, and Jan Bedell

Podcast #155

Is there such a thing as homeschool success? What does it mean, what is the solution – are there only five keys? In this podcast celebrating the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network’s birthday some special guests drop in — podcasters on this network. Dennis (aka Mr. D. Math), Vicki, Sabrina and Kym, (aka The Highschool Homeschool Podcast), Jan (Brain Coach Tips).

In this podcast we will share with what we consider our important keys to homeschool success.

Hint: There are a few more keys than just five – more like over ten!

I want to hear from you… what is YOUR top Key to Homeschool Success? Post your response here and share with all of us!

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Show Notes: 5 Keys To Homeschool Success

Felice Gerwitz – Vintage Homeschool Moms (this podcast) – for some it is food on the table, clean laundry, the perfect curriculum – that is what they consider homeschool success. For me homeschool success is relationship based. What is your relationship with God, with your spouse, with your kids? What about friends? (Yes, virtual friends count! I love my virtual friends, we’ve been through many of life challenges together.) My children and their relationships within the family will help with relationships outside. Is relationship important to you?

Mr. D. Math

Several of Dennis’s keys include: weekly review, love what you are doing, trust yourself (more on the podcast!)

The Highschool Homeschool Podcast

Several keys from the 7-Sisters – There is no one right way, lots of prayer, set goals but enjoy the journey

Brain Coach Tips

Jan Bedell explains neurodevelopment and the importance of preparing the brain for learning – more on the podcast.

Listen to the podcast here –


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