5 Warnings Against Frugal Homeschooling

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Frugal homeschool can be dangerous to your child’s education!

My guest, Cindy West of Our Journey Westward blog and Shining Dawn books warns homeschool parents against using too many free materials in homeschooling.

What could be wrong with using free materials? Listen to the podcast for Cindy’s insights.

Cindy’s blog post Homeschooling Frugally: A Cautionary Tale

  • Just because a freebie is posted on an “educational” website or blog doesn’t automatically mean it has great educational value.
  • Cute doesn’t mean it has educational value.
  • New and important skills may not be taught.  Sometimes your child will just keep practicing the same (already mastered) skills over and over again.
  • Unit studies may not be full, complete or goes into enough depth.
  • Freebies may only be samples of a complete curriculum or complimentary to the real curriculum.

Thank you Cindy for your cautions!


Check out Cindy’s Natrure studies and books on homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason style at Shining Dawn Books.

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