5 Ways Homeschool Parents Can Use Trello

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5 Ways Homeschool Parents Can Use Trello

Episode 23: 5 Ways homeschool parents can use Trello with Brittany Joiner

Our guest in today’s show is Brittany Joiner. She is a self-confessed Trello enthusiast who in her spare time organizes local Trello events and blogs for Trello.

Link on Trello’s blog to Brittany and her articles

Find local meetups of Trello enthusiasts near you here.

Brittany’s Project 1440 Blog where the majority of posts are about Trello.

Brittany’s Trello Video Series (costs $39)

Brittany describes Trello as a “Digital whiteboard with sticky notes”.

    Here are 5 ways homeschool parents can use Trello

    Be sure to click through the “example” boards to see what Brittany describes in this episode. You can copy her boards and use them as a basis to create your own.

  1. A To Do list for students – Example board
  2. A To Do list for parents – Example board
  3. To organize course content (eg build a syllabus, including links to projects and games and documents, add checklists and due dates) – Example board
  4. A Way for students to organize research – Example board
  5. A family board (use it to plan meals, vacations etc) – Example board

Show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy, teaches students to use Trello in their online Computer Applications class.

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  1. I just discovered Trello and LOVE it! I had an account and did not remember it until I saw this podcast. Thanks, Meryl I am planning out so many things. It is like a big piece of paper with sticky notes you can move around!

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